Paintball is a tough sport, which means you need to have tough gear that is able to handle it. There are many accessories that go along with your gun, and one of the most important (not to mention most necessary) are goggles.

Goggles are a must-have in paintball to protect your face. However, you typically want something that will go above and beyond simple protection. Of course, it is important to make sure you don't have any unfortunate accidents, but why settle for the basics?

Virtue Vio Paintball Goggles, which will be covered in this guide, are much more advanced than normal goggles in many ways. You get the awesome protection and dependability that the brand is known for, in addition to a range of upgrades that help give you the best outings possible.

The Virtue Vio Contour Goggle

The first style of No products found. on our list is the Contour. This mask is one of the most comfortable on the market, which means it is never going to feel too tight or get too stuffy. Running around with an uncomfortable mask can cause stress to your head and neck, and the Contour sits in a way that actively prevents such issues.

The Contour also comes with soft dual layer foams that are put in all the right places. One example of that is the ear pads, which allow sound to pass through while still giving you great protection. You can even change them out for ones that better shape or fit to your head.

The Innovative Fog-Resistant Thermal Lens

Virtue is a company focused on constantly making their products better. That is on full display with the Contour, as shown through its quick change, fog-resistant thermal lens and innovative, one-of-a-kind design.

These goggles come with a large lens that helps you get an extremely wide field of view. Paintball masks often cloud or block vision, making it difficult for you to see as you play or move around. Furthermore, fog or sweat can obstruct view and impact your ability to play at a top level. Not only does the wide lens help with that issue, the dual thermal pane actively prevents fogging to keep your vision as clear as possible.


  • Excellent High-End Mask
  • Great design-excellent unit
  • Very comfortable, and it fits well over my glasses


  • No easy way to affix a removable goPro mount on the side.
  • Strap is tight and narrow 

Another aspect of the lens is that is comes with a special anti-scratch coating to help prolong its life. It can also be changed out in seconds, a feature that helps you adapt to different scenarios or environments. You can choose between different types, including smoke, high contrast, or chromatic.

That quick change is due to the patented Hinge Lock, a feature that is on full display throughout all parts of this mask. All you need to do is unplug the Goggle Strap to unlock the hinge and then rotate it inward to remove the lens. That process can be done by anyone, and creates one of the easiest and fastest lens changes in paintball.



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Creating the Right Goggles for You

Though all of the Virtue Vio Contour's incredible features are useful, the most unique aspect is that everything is fully removable. This makes them the most customizable goggles of all time. The flexible elastomer face mask is fully removable, as is the eye foam, goggle strap, and lens frame.

Taking out the face mask helps it become fully and tightly streamlined without sacrificing any protection, and the lower mask comes with a ton of different choices and upgrades.

Wash and Clean Your Contour

The Contour's eye foam also easily clips into place, and it is easy to wash and clean. That helps you keep it in a "like new" no matter how much you use it.

Finally, you can freely change the goggle strap in and out as you please. Virtue offers various replacement straps in addition to team and personal customization programs that help you further customize your Contour so that it looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

An Excellent Combination of Useful Features

The Vio Contour goggles are some of the most unique and useful brands on the market. Their lightweight and streamlined design keeps them compact and comfortable while also protecting your ears, eyes, and face.

The Contour has a range of upgradable and customizable features, but its great traits don't stop there. The goggles promote a massive amount of airflow, which helps you breathe more easily. It also vents condensation at an extremely fast rate. Such advancements help you speak louder and more clearly.

Your choice of Fully Customizable Lens Frame

The wide goggles also work to increase your hearing and stop the echoing heard in other goggles. They also have a fully customizable lens frame that is available in a wide range of colors that act as a base to help accent the thousands of different configurations Virtue offers. It is not just about protection or features, it also helps if your mask looks good while you're wearing it.

Virtue Vio Ascend Goggle

As good as the Contour goggle is, Virtue has a lot of other fantastic options to choose from. Another great product is the Vio Ascend, which offers the high performance the company is known for at an extremely reasonable cost. This mask was designed to create a more affordable goggle without sacrificing any quality, and the company definitely hit that mark.

The Ascend gives consumers high-end performance and premium upgrades at a great price. The model is a single-piece goggle molded with dual materials to create a wonderful combination of comfort, flexibility, and protection. Though it does not have the fully modular frame the Contour does, it utilizes the same technology to make sure you're always satisfied.


  • Great visibility
  • Very breathable
  • Thermal lens. Looks great.


  • No foam soft ears. (The ears are rubber.)
  • Fewer color options than Virtues higher end masks.
  • One piece body similar to the VForce Grill

This product stands out because it comes with many of the trademark advancements Virtue is known for. You get quick change, a fog resistant thermal lens, a fully upgradable strap, as well as replacement foam, a stealth visor, and a fan. As a result, you do not need to worry about the lower price point. With the ascend, you aren't missing out on anything.



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Goggles That Stand Out from the Crowd

As with all Vio masks, the Ascend comes with customizable lens technology to provide you the best optical performance possible. Such versatility allows you to choose your exact look. You can pick between numerous color and Chromatic coating options.

The Ascend also helps you breathe more easily than other brands, which is extremely necessary in the tiring and rapid world of paintball. This line comes with a ton of airflow to help reduce condensation and ensure you never get caught up not being able to see.

Replaceable Foam

That feature is then perfectly complemented by the replaceable foam, which helps this mark always stay fresh. Virtue is known for versatility and customization. Being able to quickly and easy replace the foam helps the Ascend stay fresh for long periods of time.

These goggles check all of the boxes you could ever want in protective eye wear. They help you see more, use dual layer foam for maximum comfort, and allow better speaking and hearing. They also come with distortion free optical clarity, hard scratch-resistant coating, and 100 percent UV protection. It is rare to find so many upgrades in one package, especially one at such an affordable price.

Customization and Great Lens Technology

Though it is not fully customizable in the same way as the Contour, the Virtue Vio Ascend does allow for some tweaking to better fit your individual style. The goggles and mask can be upgraded with a range of different accessories, including 18 different lenses, 35 straps and 16 visors. That gives you the exact look and feel you want. You can choose between different replaceable foams and the stealth visor fan as well.

Virtue Vio Extend Goggle

No products found.

No products found.

Our final goggle on this list is the Virtue Vio Extend, which is another fully customizable option that is a great choice for people who want to branch out from the Contour. This is similar to the above options in many ways, but differs in both fit and style. As with so many Virtue goggles, this pair is incredibly comfortable.

You get all of the upgrades you would normally expect with this one, including better speaking, clearer hearing, and easier breathing. There is also a great field of view that allows you constantly scan surroundings. However, there are some key differences as well.


  • Very comfortable 
  • They offer great protection,
  •  High quality goggles


  • Strap was tight
  • No easy way to affix a removable goPro mount on the side.



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What Sets the Extend Apart from other Models

When looking at the Extend, there are a few noticeable traits that stand out. The first is its larger size. Though the above two models are compact, the Extend branches out with a longer fit that creates more room around the mouth and jaw line.

However, do not worry about that getting in the way. The goggles are still specifically streamlined to help provide great comfort, sight, and protection. You won't even notice they're there.

The Most Flexible Fit

Another great addition here is that the Extend is crafted entirely from elastomer, which means it provides one of the most flexible fits on the market. If you want goggles with a bit of extra give, this is definitely the option for you.

As the name suggests, the Extend also sits away from your face. That may seem like a small feature, but it helps increase airflow. In fact, it gives so much room that this is likely Virtue's best mask when it comes to ventilation. The Extend is a great choice for anyone who finds other models a bit to stuffy or tight.

Advanced Optics and Incredibly Reliable Lenses

Every single Virtue mask has an impressive range of features, and the Ascend is no exception. These goggles come with a large, durable thermal lens that provides you with an excellent field of view. It is also great at protecting your face from both paintball and UV rays on sunny or hot days.

The thermal lens can be easily removed with the same Hinge Lock technology noted in the Contour, which is always useful for customization. These also don't fog, thanks to the thermal pane lens and special unique anti-fog coatings.

The Advanced Chromatic Lens

The advanced Chromatic lens gives one of the best performances on the market. It is scratch resistant (which is always useful while out playing) and will last you quite some time. Most chrome plated lenses distort your vision or flake at the first impact. However, the metallic scratch resistant technology imbued into the Extend's Chromatic lenses maximizes goggle durability without distorting the view or altering the color balance.

The lenses, as you would expect, are also quick to change and have a removable eye foam insert. The Hinge Lock makes shifting them in and out a breeze. There is also a fully removable and customizable goggle strap as well as soft foam ear pads to help make sure you never get too uncomfortable while using the Extend.

Some of the Best Goggles Around

Virtue is a reliable brand, and the three above goggle options all show why. The Vio Virtue line has many different options, which sit at different price points. Even so, there is no doubt that you are getting your money's worth no matter what you choose.

Each of the above models focuses on creating the best paintball experience possible, and they all succeed. Whether you're looking for new goggles or trying to find something to replace your current brand, you can't go wrong with the Ascend, Extend, or Contour.

For your Face Protection

Goggles are great at keeping your face protected, but you want ones that go the extra mile. The Ascend does that through its tested Vio lens technology. This advancement comes from decades of careful research and creates some of the strongest goggles around.

The model also comes with advanced chromatic lenses that are both multi-layer and scratch resistant. As a result, you get the maximum amount of eye comfort without affecting color appearance. There is no reason to purchase goggles that are only going to work for a few months. The Ascend lasts quite a while.

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