The Valken Proton paintball gun is built in the image of the uber popular Mokal Aura. While many consider the Valken Proton to be an entry level marker, it is extremely accurate, sturdily built and easy to hold. It sells for around $325 (see lowest price), a fairly low cost for a high quality paintball marker. Most agree that the Valken Proton outperforms this price range. Both novices and pros gravitate toward the Valken Proton for good reason.

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Valken Proton First Impressions

When you first open the Valken Proton, you’ll notice that it is secured in a styrofoam cutout within an unremarkable cardboard box. At first glance, the sight of a plain cardboard box is a bit concerning but one should never judge a book by its cover. Don’t let your first impression influence your opinion of this high quality marker. Amidst the box’s foam cutouts you’ll find the marker, a manual and a series of helpful extra parts including extra detents, springs and O-rings.

How The Valken Proton Shoots

When you take the Valken Proton out for your first practice shots, you’ll likely notice its new and fairly unique recurve trigger design. It is built to roll along dual bearings for easy pulls and can be adjusted in four different manners. It doesn’t wiggle from side to side in the slightest.  To describe the Valken Proton’s trigger as firm is an understatement. If you like a trigger on the stiffer side, you’ll love this one. Those who want more of a loose feel will be tempted to disassemble the marker and snip some of the trigger’s spring coils for a better feel. All players will love the ample space between the fore grip and the trigger frame.  The Valken Proton has five firing modes, four tournament modes and there’s very little recoil thanks to its spool valve design. You can configure the Valken Proton for either full automatic firing or rapid fire with ease.

The Valken Proton Design

The marker’s body is made of aluminum and has an ergonomic feel. It is noticeably short and thin compared to other markers. Loading is fast and accurate thanks to its break beam sensor. The Valken Proton also comes with an air tank adapter that can be twisted on and off with ease. The ASA is the standard on/off and isn’t anything to write home about. It attaches through a dove tail style rail rather than the usual bolt. The board is quite plain and isn’t difficult to program when you reference the marker’s manual. It is quite convenient to merely press a single button to change modes on the run.

When you’re holding the Valken Proton, you’ll immediately notice that it is markedly lighter than other paintball guns. Even when you add the air tank and the paintballs, it is still quite easy to carry. You can thank Valken’s engineering team for the marker’s light weight and ergonomic design. They build each Valken Proton body with the same aluminum that is used to build aircrafts.

The marker’s break beam sensor prevents it from firing until a paintball is firmly resting in the chamber. This improves the playing experience and saves time and money as well. You’ll never experience a misfire with the Valken Proton. This means that you’ll keep cleanings to the bare minimum as paintballs won’t explode inside of the chamber.

Valken Proton Care

If you ever need to take the Valken Proton apart, you won’t endure a frustrating experience. It can be quickly disassembled without any tools. All you need to do is spread oil on the marker’s O-rings, especially the three that move. It is also advisable to sprinkle a bit of oil in the ASA and rattle off some dry shots for lubing purposes. Since the marker only has three moving O rings, it will require little attention and likely have a long life span with minimal maintenance required.

Valken Proton Negatives

In terms of criticisms, the Valken Proton’s shot is louder than most. While some think that the recoil is minimal, others have complained of a light “slamming” feeling after each shot. There are no upgrades available for the marker yet many will argue that it is fine in its off the shelf form.


All in all, the Valken Proton offers a smooth shot and is a pleasure to carry. It is a nice upgrade from the Mokal Aura and its $325 price tag is more than reasonable.

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