When it comes to the sport of paintball, pump paintball is a more specialized method of playing the game. Regular paintball with automatic guns is a more fast-paced game requiring less strategy, patience, and accuracy. You can rely on the speed of your gun to shoot paintballs quickly and with relative accuracy in order to take down your opponent. In pump paintball, you have to cock the gun every time, requiring more time and accuracy when you shoot. Every shot counts, so you have to make sure you’ve thought through your moves and your strategy for the game so as to maximize your time and ammunition usage. Whether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned player, it’s important to own pump paintball guns that will be a great fit for you and your playing style.


Best Pump Paintball Guns

Azodin Paintball Pump Gun

The Azodin KP3 Kaos Pump 3 Paintball Marker is an awesome choice for a beginner player looking for pump paintball guns. Sporting dual pump arms, ball detens, and low pressure operation, you get pretty much everything you need in a pump paintball gun without the large price tag.

One of the best features of this marker is that is runs at a very low pressure, which keeps it quiet, efficient and gentle on the paintballs. You don’t have to worry about using expensive paintballs in this gun. You can save a few bucks and use more brittle paint used in tournaments, etc.

This pump gun is lightweight, extremely easy to use, and a dream to clean. If you’re looking for a gun that offers lots of fun features, is customizable with color and has clean lines and a reliable build, this is the gun for you!

Kingman Spyder Hammer Pump Action Paintball Marker

The Kingman Spyder Hammer Pump Action Paintball Marker is a solid choice for a more experienced pump paintball player. If you’re new to the game or a younger person, you might want to hold off on purchasing this gun, as you might tire when trying to operate the pump, as the pump stroke is fairly stiff.

This gun includes a magazine which holds 9 rounds, an automatic trigger, and is capable of shooting .68 caliber and First Strike paintballs. It operates on compressed air or CO2, which is great that you have the flexibility. Some paintball guns don’t allow this, so this is a great feature!

The gun weighs 3.5 pounds making it easy to carry around the paintball field. A lot of pump paintball players love this gun because it’s customizable and easy to add other features, tools, and options to the gun beyond what it comes with from the factory. At $79.99 you really can’t beat the price for as reliable and easy-to-use as this gun is!


Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker

If you’re a tournament player, this is one of the best pump paintball guns you can get! It’s built for tournament level performance, and will support you in your tournament pursuits from the beginning to the end.

The Empire Paintball Sniper Pump Marker features low pressure operation, an aluminum 2-piece 14″ barrel, and an auto-trigger for quick firing in the heat of the battle!

This gun is modeled after the original design of pump paintball guns, which were the first paintball guns developed back in the day. Obviously, they’ve advanced the technology to be state-of-the-art, but the classic design and functionality has not been lost.

The Empire shoots with incredible accuracy which is vitally important in pump paintball. You’ll also save a ton of money on ammunition due to the pump operation, as opposed to automatic guns.

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, there’s a lot of great pump paintball guns out there for you to use to play! We hope this guide was helpful as you begin your search for the best gun.

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