Those changing to a magazine-fed gun have to be wary of a few things when making that all-important decision. Luckily, the Tippmann TMC is one of the best on the market, and indeed has all of the features you could wish for on a top class paintball gun. Notably, it also has remarkable durability and can probably outshoot the majority of markers in the same class. Pick this gun if you’re looking into mag-fed paintball – it’s one of the best options. However, don’t just take our word for it. 

Down below we’ve outlined some of the reasons why we think the Tippmann is a great purchase.

Tippmann TMC Magfed Paintball Gun and Kits Review

Construction of the Tippmann TMC

The way Tippmann TMC built makes it nigh on indestructible. Its construction has made of metal, including the frame, bolt, inner gears and the trigger assembly.

What this means is that parts of the gun made from polymer won’t have an effect on its performance. This polymer itself is a high-quality material that is tough and long-lasting, shooting under any condition without fault. In fact, the TMC is as reliable as the AR15.

It’s also notable that the TMC is a pneumatic marker – so there are no electric components. So while you can only fire it in semi-automatic, it lasts markedly longer than its electrical counterparts.

Design of the Tippmann TMC

The TMC is designed primarily for the real AR15. It goes to show you how tactical the TMC was.

This design includes a Picatinny railing system that can fit a wide variety of different accessories. The stock on the TMC can be adjusted. Users of the TMC can collapse into one of five different positions.

The TMC also uses an internal gas system, prevents gas lines from affecting the appearance of the weapon. Simultaneously, this lets the marker be completely operational.

The tank of CO2 is attached to the bottom of the grip. It does have a tiny effect on how the weapon is fired, but after being used a few times, it’s easy to use.

The TMC features a rubber grip that snugly fits natural curvature of the hand. The gun’s safety switch and the mag release are both easy to activate.

Here's a Video of The Tippmann in Action:

Dual-Feed Option of the Tippmann TMC

One of the most appealing things about the Tippmann TMC, it can switch from a hopper to a magazine in pretty much no time at all.

The mag-fed options pose one of the best advantages you can have when playing high-tier games – shaped projectiles that are much more accurate than their round counterparts. However, shaped projectiles are more expensive compared to normal paintballs.

Great Flexibility

The best way to use a marker with a magazine is by loading the rounds into the magazines, allowing you to put normal paintballs in the hopper. This allows for great flexibility when laying cover fire or letting a lot of paint across the field.

If you’re going for accuracy (such as sniping), you can use the projectiles within the magazine to nail your target.

The TMC holds 20 rounds within each mag. Bearing that in mind, extra magazines are also available and are not only fairly priced but well-built too. In testing, the magazines had fewer issues when only 19 rounds were loaded inside of them – this enabled more reliable feeding with less dimpling on the balls as they were loaded in.

Having the choice to dual-feed separates the TMC from many other paintball guns currently on the market.

Authentic Work and Feel of the Tippmann TMC

The TMC’s authenticity goes past the aesthetics of the marker – it even works like an AR15 too.

The TMC has a charging handle that is completely operational – most paintball guns have this only as a cosmetic feature.

The blowback you’ll find on the TMC is what really sets it apart, giving it an inimitable experience on the field, accurately emulating the recoil of its real counterpart!

The Tippmann TMC Doesn’t Chop or Break Paint

Tippmann has been using a signature bolt system on their most recent markets, and the TMC is no exception. This inline system gives the TMC the ability to shoot consistently.

It also lessens the chances of the gun causing damage to the paint before leaving the barrel, which is great for preventing chopped paint.

Throughout testing, there were thousands of rounds put through this paintball marker. Tests included both mag-fed and hopper-based systems – and amazingly, not one shot was misfired or broken! The test is even more notable for using cheap, low-quality paint in a bid to see how effective the Tippmann system really is. The only thing affected was the accuracy of shots.

The Accuracy of the Tippmann TMC

The accuracy Tippmann have blessed this marker with makes it one of the best on the market. Its level of accuracy is simply outstanding – even using regular projectiles, the TMC is incredibly accurate.

The 12-inch barrel achieves a range of 150 feet or more using round paint. However, switching to shaped projectiles doubles your accuracy.

Adding optics as many players do is a great way to tune the accuracy of the marker to make up for loss when targeting using paint. These optics are easily added to the TMC’s rail system, allowing for a staggering consistency at lengths of four to five hundred feet.

Aside from additional optics, the TMC’s own front and rear adjustable sights are great for close-quarter frays and occasionally long distance targets.

Easy to Load Mags with the Tippmann TMC

In comparison to other mag-fed markers, the magazines loaded into the TMC are much easier than you might expect.

Using typical mags, it would be normal to load the paintballs and compress the spring simultaneously.

However, the TMC allows you to turn a knob on the side of the magazine, compressing the spring, making reloading when you need to quick and simple.

The Tippmann TMC Is Easily Customizable

Aside from being able to add accessories to the TMC, you can also customise or upgrade the TMC to your liking.

The interior parts of the marker work in the same fashion as the Tippmann 98 – this means any barrel using 98-style threads is good to go.

Upgrades, when regarding the trigger or other internal parts, are simple to implement.

How Mag-Fed Paintball Markers Work

doesn't chop or break paint

Mag-fed paintball provides the most realistic real-world simulation around. Mag-fed markers are evolutions of the first pump paintball guns and provide a similar playstyle.

When shooting using a magazine, you cannot simply fire and hope. Since you have a limit to how many shots you can let off before reloading, so you must make sure every shot counts.

The biggest advantage of mag-fed paintball is how immersive gameplay is. Appearance is everything here. They manage in a similar manner and seem like real assault rifles. This produces great realism.

People who enjoy this type of play have said that it emulates the feel of being in the military. Shooting from a magazine also speeds up gameplay by making it much easier to reload.


  • Doesn't Chop or Break Paint
  • Looks Like a Real Rilfe 
  • It has Front and Rear Camera


  • For Games only

Reviews of the Tippmann TMC

Below are some of the reviews of the Tippmann TMC – as you’ll able to see below, the name this marker has gained for itself shows the fantastic craftsmanship and attention to detail that has casual and pro players alike vouching for it.

Review I

“First I must say, congratulations to Tippmann for making such a fantastic marker. Not only it's excellent, but the magazines and dummy mag are great for whatever type of paint you want to shoot.

Personally, having swapped to shaped projectiles, I don’t think I could go back to paintballs.

This gun is also really light – I own a salvo, and that was a monster to carry around, even though I loved it. This gun has made me fall in love for real! I had a few cool bits that I was able to attach to the Tippmann as well, such as an apex barrel.

It’s quite sturdy too, and the rail, although plastic, looks durable enough to take quite a beating. The grip is fantastic.

After I put my barrel on the Tippmann, I was shooting so straight that I couldn’t believe it.”

Review II

“Honestly, I had no idea what I was going to get by buying a $200 marker. I have quite a few high-end paintball guns, but this has to be my firm favorite.

It’s also lightweight. The threaded barrel gives options for upgrading, and the rail system is amazing. The included mags and dummy mag for hoppers are good too. I like the feel of the stock; it’s well built and doesn’t move about like some stocks I’ve encountered before. Overall, the whole gun is remarkably sturdy. Being a Tippmann, it’s about as reliable as a real-world AK-47.

The stock barrel is very accurate up to say, 40ft before the balls’ trajectory begins to change. A co2 line is perfect for this model.

Overall, this gun is bound to make you happy. And at such low prices, I can’t recommend it enough!”



Our Rating



What We Think of the Tippmann TMC

All in all, we believe the Tippmann TMC to be a brilliant choice for players that want to try out the fanfare of mag-fed markers.

Although it can be more complex when taking the gun apart, it’s excellent for those seeking a realistic, yet fun experience.

Reading the manual, however, is very important.

In doing so, it is unlikely you will run into any issues regarding how the Tippmann works. It will, however, take someone to get used to the weapon’s operational capabilities.

As mentioned before, the Tippmann comes with two magazines in the box, although you can always buy more if you so desire. The Tippmann TMC has the stamp of approval for quality and build that would very much expect from this legacy brand.

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