One of the most important rules of paintball is making sure that you have the proper gun. However, if you are just a casual enthusiast or a pure beginner to the sport, knowing what kind to get can be quite confusing. You may buy a gun that is too expensive and complicated to use. On the other hand, it is just as possible that you purchase one that is too cheap and end up wasting your money. Fortunately, the Tippmann Gryphon was studied for this comprehensive review in order to give you some perspective.TippmannGryphon

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The Bottom Line

The Tippmann Gryphon is a paintball gun, or marker, designed for beginners and casual players who like to play with friends. This gun sports a decent price tag and is relatively easy to use and maintain.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Internal gas line
  • Great for any field whether it be woodsball or speedball
  • Backed by the Tippmann name
  • Easily upgraded
  • Great starter gun
  • Lightweight


  • Long trigger pull causes slow fire speed
  • Hard to take apart
  • Needs a few improvements to the stock barrel


  • Inline blowback marker
  • Runs on compressed air or CO2
  • Standard look
  • Ergonomically designed front grip
  • High composite body

Tippmann Gryphon Review


The Tippmann Gryphon is a good looking and lightweight inline blowback marker, whose design is based on the simple, yet classic, Model 98; except for the top cocking bolt. It has a high composite body and a two finger blade trigger. The .45 grip is comfortable and the fore-grip sits in front of the trigger frame. This marker comes standard with a locking vertical feed where you can place your hopper; although the hopper is basic but it gets the job done. Its design is great for casual players or those just getting into the sport. Additionally, the Gryphon is the first entry-level marker that has an internal gas line which gives it a sleeker look.


Paintball is a tactical game that teaches you how to think, plan, communicate, and act strategically; all on the fly. Therefore, beginners must learn how to move, locate threats, and be cool under pressure. Having a gun that will perform like it’s supposed to adds to that confidence.

Overall, the Gryphon’s performance was impressive. Although, the trigger pull is a little short, it was still stiff enough to use two fingers to shoot. The trigger pull’s weight factored a little in performance but the Gryphon was still able to deliver over 8 balls per second with a gravity fed hopper. The kick is somewhat noticeable when dry firing but improves drastically when firing paintballs. Another impressive feature of the Gryphon was how well it handled even the brittle paint; there were no breaks. There was a slight problem with consistency when firing shots quickly. However, it is important to note, that the speed change was less noticeable when shots were being fired at the normal rate.

Tippmann is known for making durable and reliable guns that are easy to use and have decent accuracy. The Gryphon is no exception; this marker will work whether its caked in mud or dropped in a pond.


With many starter guns, beginners are sometimes at a loss as to how they should properly maintain their markers. Thankfully, this new Tippmann style is quite nice because it contains fewer moving parts, O-rings, and other parts that will wear and tear; Tippmann markers are known for requiring minimal amounts of maintenance. Therefore, the Gryphon is a lot less likely to get leaks and have other problems that may need to be repaired. Besides oiling one drop in the ASA, it requires virtually no maintenance and doesn’t need to be taken apart.


Many A5 threaded barrels can be used with the Gryphon and this marker has limitless mods and upgrades; its even possible to make it look like an M16 rifle. However, if you are more interested in tactics, than aesthetics, consider a longer barrel or a bigger CO2 tank for better accuracy, range, and firepower.


Tippmann is known for making reliable and durable guns; the Gryphon is no different. Although, this is a starter gun and relatively inexpensive, it performed rather well when put to the test on the field. It was quite impressive that it kept firing, even after being dropped in muck and falling in the water. It was clear to see that this marker will work regardless of the abuse and neglect it deals with from owner.


With the Tippmann Gryphon, there is no need for a beginner or casual player to buy an expensive gun. Beginners need to get out on the field and learn from experience and this is a great starter gun to do just that. It runs effectively and efficiently and also carries a lot of bang for the buck. Overall, this marker, with upgrades, is perfect for any player.

The Tippmann Gryphon is relatively easy to use, nearly indestructible, lightweight, efficient, upgradable, and affordable. It is solid gun for beginners and, with a few improvements to the stock barrel, this gun makes a great candidate for an excellent all around gun.

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