If you are looking for a new paintball gun or even a used one, the Tiberius T8.1 Pistol is an interesting prospect. This paintball marker is quite popular thanks to its chic aesthetic and pinpoint accuracy on close range shots. Compared to other paintball guns, the T8.1 Pistol is quite diminutive. Considering the marker’s small size, one would think that it would cost about $100. It retails for around $200 and most players think that it is worth the money. Let’s take a look at what the Tiberius T8.1 Pistol is all about.


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The Tiberius T8.1 Pistol Shot

You can fire off rounds from the T8.1 between 20 and 30 feet with impeccable accuracy. Yet when you step up the firing distance to targets that are over 30 feet away, the T8.1’s accuracy significantly declines. Thankfully, it does not break any balls even if you take super hard dives. You can load First Strike rounds without any modification, which should not come as a surprise as Tiberius produces First Strike.

You’ll love the light trigger pull that makes the time between shots as short as possible. Some have expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the uber-light trigger is supported by a mere spindly lever spring. If the spring breaks in the middle of a game, the marker won’t be able to function. The marker requires considerable maintenance including a generous oiling to prevent a scenario like the one described above from arising.

In terms of firing physics, the marker’s power is provided by way of 12 gram CO2 cartridges within the magazines. Just screw in a cartridge, input the mag and you are ready to go. A single cartridge will last for upwards of 28 rounds, a far superior amount compared to most other paintball pistols.

The Tiberius T8.1 Pistol Build

Go ahead and crawl, jump, dive and barrel roll with the T8.1. Browse the web for information on this marker and you will find a few stories about how it has been ran over by ATVs, stepped on and dropped without suffering any damage. You can do just about to this marker and it will stay intact. While you can modify the marker with the addition of a stock and barrel, it looks and functions quite nicely straight out of the box. The top section of the T8.1 is built with aluminum and firmly fitted to a polymer bottom. Players should be aware that the T8.1 looks like a standard issue pistol so it should not be taken into a non-paintball public setting. The average person will not know that it is a paintball gun.

In terms of design criticisms, some have complained that the marker’s mag holder is a little bit too big. The mags are comparatively expensive as well. It is also worth noting that some players consider the marker’s case to be rather cheaply made as there is no foam found on the inside.

Many have expressed their dissatisfaction with the marker’s design as ejecting a magazine causes it to emit CO2. This is a waste of precious CO2 that could result in fewer shots being available toward the end of your match. Players have also noted that since each magazine is basically a self-contained system, determining the amount of remaining gas within a magazine is an onerous challenge. Finally, there is no threaded barrel stock. This shortcoming might seem minor to some but it has rubbed a good number of experienced players the wrong way.

The Tiberius T8.1 Pistol Feel

While the T8.1 is quite small, it is surprisingly heavy. The marker weighs two times as much as the TIPX, coming in at four pounds. The marker has a bulky magazine that results in a large grip. This design was necessary to accommodate the CO2 cartridge. You’ll have to hold onto the T8.1 with both hands even though it is one of the smaller markers on today’s market. It really needs a high quality foregrip to further steady the aim. Fortunately, the marker’s even weight distribution provides it with a nice balance. It is weighted a bit toward the back end, which is exactly what the majority of paintballers desire.

Tiberius T8.1 Pistol Maintenance

If the marker has a weak point, it is its maintenance requirements. This is a gun that you have to keep clean at all times. It does not function well with any internal grime buildup. Clean it religiously and you’ll have a marker that stands the test of time. The disassembly process begins with the removal of three screws from the bottom of the marker. However, the upper section can’t be easily removed from the bottom section as an arm that joins the gas assembly with the trigger is in the way. You’ll have to use a hammer and a small nail to strike out the trigger-pin to disconnect each half. It’s yet another design flaw that plagues the T8.1.

Reassembling the marker is even more of a challenge that will require up to half an hour of tinkering. Just be sure that each channel is perfectly aligned and you’ll be on the path back to the playing field. While the marker is a pain to clean, it does come with some helpful tools.  Open up your T8.1 box and you’ll find the marker plus Allen keys, an instruction manual, a plastic carrying case, a parts kit, a tactical holster, a Tiberius barrel stock and a spare magazine along with a carry pouch.

A Fun Little Marker With Mass Appeal

While the Tiberius T8.1 Pistol has its fair share of flaws, it is still plenty of fun to play with. The bottom line is that we play paintball for amusement and that is exactly why the T8.1 is worthy of a purchase. It looks awesome, withstands abuse, has impressive accuracy for close combat and rarely cracks a paintball. If you aren’t short on money and want to incorporate a stylish paintball pistol into your arsenal, the Tiberius T8.1 is a good choice.

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