If there is one name that is synonymous with paintball markers, it’s DLX. The DLX Luxe to be exact. Now in its 5th generation as the DLX Luxe ICE, the hype around it has not waned a bit. When the first Luxe, the Luxe 1.0 was released, it was met with a lot of excitement as DLX had used ground-breaking electronics technology to create a paintball marker that was quiet, efficient, and fun to shoot – the Luxe experience.

5 generations later, DLX is still breaking new ground and mesmerizing paintballers all over the world with its innovative technology. Taking over from the 4th generation Luxe, the OLED, which in itself is a marvelous marker, the Luxe ICE has definitely undergone some serious upgrades that are with its $1500.00 price tag.

And as usual, some of the features in the Luxe ICE are peculiar to this marker, as DLX has a habit of going where other paintball marker makers dare not go – until they realize it’s possible, thanks to DLX. The Luxe ICE is the perfect example of DLX breaking the norm and breaking barriers by creating a marker unlike any other on the market.

The DLX Luxe ICE – Main Features to Note


Below are some of the features of the Luxe ICE so as to give you a taste of what this sweet marker is made of.

  • The Luxe ICE has a new bolt system which reduces the gun’s pressure by 40psi. The new bolt system makes the gun softer than ever on paint as well as more efficient than anyone could have possibly imagined.
  • Air Efficiency has been increased by roughly 20%. Previous generation Luxe markers get roughly 1200-1300 shots off a cold 68/4500 air fill. The Luxe ICE can give you roughly 1500 shots from the same tank in the same conditions.
  • The core has been optimized to last longer and give you better air efficiency by utilizing high-quality urethane O-rings on all dynamic locations. Another improvement to the core comes in the form of an “Internal Ceramic Elastomer” coating from which the Luxe derives its I.C.E name from. This coating drastically reduces friction in the system, allowing the marker to perform consistently in all conditions.
  • Maintenance has also been made easier with the new regulator design. All you need to carry out a complete maintenance of the regulator is one single Allen key.
  • The new low profile air source adaptor (ASA) is one of the best things to happen to the Luxe as it makes the Luxe ICE virtually problem free and extremely easy to maintain.
  • The Luxe ICE also comes with an overhaul of its circuitry that has been made simpler to understand and difficult to mess up if you want to disconnect any of the plugs on the board. This makes dismantling and assembling easier and less of a “stepping on eggshells” experience.
  • The final enhancements to note about the Luxe are the body and frame itself. True, the Luxe has always been a stunner to look at, but the new streamlined design makes the Luxe ICE drop dead gorgeous. A paintball marker has never looked this good. The Luxe ICE is truly hot.

Wow! Just looking at the new features of the DLX Luxe ICE makes me want to get out there and fire a few rounds in excitement. But before I take my marker out for another spin, let’s take a closer and more detailed look at this game-changing marker.

The DLX Luxe ICE – A Detailed Review

luxe review

I know basic features won’t suffice to show you the Luxe ICE’s abilities and flaws so let me indulge you and show you in detail what you can expect from this epic marker.

  • Ergonomics and Build Quality

Come on, this is a Luxe we a talking about here. One of the best high-end paintball markers, and as such, build quality is guaranteed to be a cut above the rest (as should be seeing the price of the marker). Made from quality durable materials, the Luxe ICE is one marker that will definitely outlive any marker on the market.

Ergonomically speaking, Luxes have always been known to be very ergonomic, and the Luxe ICE has seen a number of improvements that take it to a whole new level. The Luxe ICE is now more comfortable to handle, thus improving your performance in battle. For one, the grip angle of the front grip/regulator has been increased, giving your hands more room to maneuver and handle the front grip in a more effective manner when it comes to placing a shot.

Another improvement in the ergonomics and design of the Luxe ICE is the ASA which is now easier to use as it is a flip lever and not a screw on ASA. This makes it easier to grip as the knob is now out of the way and there is more room for you to handle the gun at the lower end of the grip. Pitting the Luxe ICE against its closest rivals, M2 or CS1, the Luxe ICE feels more comfortable and natural in your hands.

The Luxe ICE truly outshines every paintball marker in this aspect and earns its right to the price tag it dons.

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  • Performance – In a Class of its Own

When it comes to performance, the Luxe ICE definitely won’t disappoint you. The classic smooth and quiet firing that all Luxe models are famous for has been improved on. So much so that firing a Luxe ICE has been compared many a time to cutting through butter with a hot knife. That’s just how smooth the Luxe ICE is. Even your opponents will be caught unawares as you fire at them because the Luxe ICE gives you the element of surprise that gives you an advantage in battle.

Although some may complain of a lack of feedback, the Luxe ICE gives just enough feedback for you to know it is firing. The smooth firing eliminates muzzle rise, thereby increasing accuracy and it actually saves your body from fatigue, especially in drawn-out matches.

Because of the I.C.E coated core, the Luxe ICE's shot quality is actually amazing and very consistent. The consistency makes it easier for you to place your shots accurately as there is little or no drop off – even in cold weather. The bolt system has also been improved to give you a more reliable and efficient marker that not only fires smoothly, but quieter, and more importantly more accurately.

The Luxe ICE retains the use of a spring assisted balanced spool valve that was first introduced in the DLX Luxe 2.0. The spool uses spring tension to move the bolt forward during the firing sequence, helping to eliminate first shot drop off. This was an issue that plagued the Luxe 1.0.

The optimized airflow has also contributed to increased performance in the Luxe ICE as you can now get more shots from your tank, meaning you can stay in the much game longer before having to refill or change tanks.

Overall, the DLX Luxe ICE is one of the best paintball markers you can get, even better than some heavy hitters like the CS1, Lv1, M2, or any other gun you can think of. Its superb performance will definitely give you a great advantage over your opponents. The combination of you, the best shooter in paintball, and the Luxe ICE, the best hardware in paintball, will definitely is definitely a winning recipe.

  • The Electronics – Out of this World

One other area in which Luxe always outshines other markers is in the way to pulls of clever tricks in terms of the electronics in the markers. The Luxe ICE comes with a simple but truly innovative board that takes care of all its functions efficiently. Couple that to the OLED technology borrowed from the Luxe OLED and the voice that walks you through your settings and gives you reminders when they are needed and you have a marker that is from another galaxy.

Although some of the fancy electronics are debatable as to whether they are really necessary or not, one thing is for sure – DLX is really out to give you a Luxe experience. And the Luxe experience is something you definitely have to give a shot if you are truly a paintball enthusiast – even if it is just once in your life. Be warned though, once you try it out, you’ll certainly keep coming for more.

 The Luxe ice is one of the most technologically advanced markers you will find anywhere. And that technology is not just for the sake of making it a gimmicky marker, but to make it a lethal weapon on the battlefield.

The DLX Luxe ICE – Setting a Hard Pace to Follow

DLX has done a great job with their line of markers. In fact, they are so good they are fast becoming the standard by which other markers are judged. And one thing is sure about the standards set by the Luxe ICE – they are a hard act to follow. And so will you as you wield its awesome power.

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