As the HR manager of your company, you are responsible for keeping your staff motivated and productive. One of the most effective ways to boost employee morale is to arrange for team building games where employees interact with their colleagues and superiors in a social, out-of-the-office environment.

Thankfully, there are many fun ways to foster employer-employee relationships through team building events.

10 Team Building Games to Make Your Corporate Team Cohesive

Some of the top activities you can arrange to promote unity and the spirit of cooperation at your workplace include:

1. Paintballing

team building games

Huge workloads and short deadlines can make the workplace environment quite stressful to be around day in and day out. If you want to get the pressure off your team in a fun-filled way, paintballing would be the way to go. Nothing gets the mind off things better than getting in full combat mode and firing at opponents in a version of fantasy warfare or a game of “capture the flag.”

The best part is that the sport is totally safe, as there are no direct physical fights between competitors – fighting is sole via the use of a harmless paintball gun.
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2. Assembling Pieces of a Jigsaw Puzzle

Building a puzzle as a team building game

This team building event involves dividing the entire team into a few sub-teams and then providing each sub-team with a bag containing pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

The idea is to make the sub-teams believe that each bag contains all the pieces required to assemble the jigsaw puzzle completely, while in reality, the contents of each bag are simply part of the pieces required to fully assemble one puzzle.

In other words, ultimately all of the sub-teams will have to work together to complete one big puzzle. This type of team building event can be carried out indoors or outdoors.

3. Soccer Matches
soccer as a great team building game

If you have a team of 15-30 people, you can arrange for a soccer match on the field. You don’t have to form a complete team, play in a big stadium, or play for the entire 90 minutes. You can play any way you and your co-workers want!

4. Running Events
one of the greatest team building games is a people running in a group

If the weather outside is good, you can also schedule for running races on a track, in a public park, or some other fun outdoor venue. To make the races competitive, you could have prizes for the winning categories.

You can even arrange for evening training sessions to help your team prepare for the main event.

5. Yoga
Group of people doing yoga as a team building game

Not everyone may feel excited about getting involved in track and field events. That’s why you should consider organizing yoga sessions. Yoga is a great way to get your team relaxed and feeling great. The best part is that you can have yoga sessions right in the office.

Apart from helping participants relax, yoga is also a great way to fight fatigue and improve staff concentration and focus at the workplace.

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6. Tug of War

team building games

Engaging your team in a physically tiring game of tug of war is another superb way to maximize the fun during team building.

The group that pulls the rope farthest away from the center mark wins the game. To make it more of a challenge, you could have everyone standing on a slippery surface or put mud in the middle – the losing team is the one that falls!

7. Rock Climbing

team of people rock climbing

Another good way to create rapport with and among your staff is by going rock climbing. Rock climbing is an excellent way to foster teamwork. The mental and physical challenges associated with the event provide the stimuli needed for team members to work together.

If you do not have a particular outdoor rock climbing venue in mind, you don’t need to worry. These days, there are numerous indoor facilities you can visit for a rock climbing session.

8. Lunch

coworkers having lunch together

Catering lunch at the company is a smart way to bring employees working in different department together. Your employees will appreciate the free meal and the opportunity to know each other better.

9. Community Service

community service as a team building activity

As part of the corporate social responsibility, every company has a duty to give back to the society. Involving employees in activities such as donating items to local charities and doing general cleaning around the neighborhood can go a long way in improving work relations.

10. Trekking

A team hiking together

Trekking is simply exploring nature by walking. If you want your team to be able to get out and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine this is a very effective way to achieve your goal.

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Enhance Teamwork with These Awesome Team Building Games

The best way to ensure your team won’t hate the activities you come up with is to consult them ahead of time – maybe even take a vote. Team building is all about getting everyone on board from start to finish and having a great time all around.

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