A line under the manufacturer Kingman, Spyder has been a fixture in the paintball scene for decades and is a popular choice among players of all skill levels. Spyder paintball guns are easy to use and available at every price range. They are also highly customizable, so players can set up their guns exactly how they want. Here are some of the best Spyder paintball guns currently on the market, along with a gun review of each that goes over their strengths and weaknesses.

Kingman Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

Model Number: SVSPM-3
The Victor is Spyder’s entry level gun, and it’s an excellent choice for beginners. It has a simple design, so it doesn’t take long to learn how to use it, and it’s not hard to find these guns for sale at most shops. One feature that’s common to all Spyder paintball guns, including this one, is an Eko Valve which provides excellent air efficiency. While standard paintball guns average 800 shots to one 20-ounce C02 tank, Spyder guns with the Eko Valve average 1,600, saving money and helping the environment. The entire gun is mechanical without any electronics to worry about, and it has a blowback design. This also makes cleaning the gun quick and simple.

While this gun is great for its price range, it can’t match the performance of more expensive paintball guns. The gun uses all low-end parts, so its accuracy is average at best. It can chop paint at times, particularly with cheaper paintballs, and the fitting that holds the hopper sometimes detaches.

Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker

Model Number: SFEPM-1
The Fenix is another entry level gun, but in this case, it’s Spyder’s entry level e marker. Players can switch the firing mode on the gun’s electronic trigger. At its fastest, this gun can deliver 25 paintballs per second, so it’s great for laying down suitable cover fire and keeping opponents pinned in position. Another useful feature is this gun’s Break Beam Eye technology, which only allows the gun to fire when paintballs are settled in the chamber. This prevents the gun from chopping paintballs, which is crucial when rapid firing. The trigger has a magnetic reset which some players don’t find very responsive.

Like other Spyder paintball guns, the Fenix is easy to clean and use. It’s an affordable gun for what you get, and it’s a good weight, not too heavy that it weighs you down but also not too light that you have trouble keeping it under control. The gun is sturdy and feels well built. This is a loud gun, which isn’t a major issue, but it may blow your cover in woods ball.

Spyder MR100 PRO Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

Model Number: SMPSM-4
A military style paintball gun, the MR100 PRO is a step up from the Victor. This gun combines a light weight design with very little recoil, making it easy to shoot. Accuracy is a hallmark of this gun, as it’s great at putting shots on the target with its 12-inch barrel. Despite its light weight, the MR100 PRO has the durability to handle intense games. It includes a Picatinny rail mounting system, so you can add accessories without any difficulties.

One thing to keep in mind with the MR100 PRO is that it’s common for the screws to come loose. Check them every time before you use the gun to prevent any issues. While the gun is effective right out of the box, it does have a fairly basic design. It takes some additional gun parts to get high level performance out of this gun. The trigger on this gun has a double finger design with a nice, smooth pull.

Spyder Xtra Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

Model Number: SXSPM-2
A mid-tier gun, the Xtra performs well right away, featuring good stock parts at a low gun price. This gun is reliable and durable, allowing it to hold up to heavy use. Maintaining it is a breeze as well, because stripping and cleaning the gun are both fairly simple processes.

While accuracy isn’t bad out of the box, it only has a 10-inch barrel, so upgrading to a 14 or 16-inch barrel drastically improves the accuracy. This gun does have a strong recoil which may require a bit of an adjustment period. The trigger pull is also about an inch, which is a bit long compared to other paintball guns. Despite that, it’s still possible to shoot this gun fairly quickly, as players with exceptional trigger fingers can reach about 10 paintballs per second.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it illegal to own a paintball gun?

If you live in the US, there are currently no laws stricly prohibiting the ownership of a paintball gun. However, there are a few regulations that tell you how to carry and use one, depending on which jurisdiction you live in. Some states require you purchase a license before purchasing a paintball gun. This website is not represented by a law firm, nor do we claim to have extensive knowledge about laws. It’s up to you to research the laws in your area and act upon them accordingly.

Most states consider paintball guns the same as airsoft guns, so the regulations are more similar to the ones applied to those types of guns. In many cases, you might need to complete a Firearms Safety Awareness or Training Course and pay a permit fee. You also need to be aware that in most jurisdictions you can’t carry your paintball gun as is, and you’ll need to carry it disassembled inside a metal box. Again, it’s up to you to research the laws in your state.

Is the Spyder Fenix electronic?

Yes, the Spyder Fenix is a fully electronic paintball gun that allows for a fast rate of fire, with anti chop eyes preventing the marker from firing until a paintball is fully chambered.

Can a Spyder Victor use compressed air?

Yes, the Spyder Victor can use compressed air as well as CO2 depending on your preferences. However, the manufacturer recommends a 48/3000 compressed air for the marker if you want the best possible performance.

Can a paintball gun shoot ball bearings?

No, paintball guns aren’t designed to shoot ball bearings, marbles, or pebbles, and we don’t recommend doing so either. You can end up significantly damaging the paintball gun and you can inflict lots of pain on your adversaries as well. You could shoot a BB or pellet gun instead if you want to use ball bearings, pebbles, or marbles.

Final Thoughts

With its wide range of paintball guns, Spyder truly offers something for everyone. Players who purchase Spyder paintball guns can expect good performance right out of the box and plenty of upgrade options to make their guns their own. All the company’s guns are well-made and reliable. When issues do occur, they tend to be minor and easily fixed. With Spyder, players can design the paintball gun of their dreams.