The Kingman Fenix Spyder paintball gun is best described as affordable and reliable. It sells for around $150, making it one of the cheaper paintball guns on today’s market. Below, we delve into the marker’s specifics to determine whether it is worth purchasing.


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Fire Away With the Spyder Fenix

The Spyder Fenix’s valve system really separates it from other markers in its price range. The gun has a special Eko valve system with a highly unique technology that is only available on Spyder markers. The valve empowers the marker to rip off upwards of 1,600 shots with a 20 oz CO tank. This is about double the shot capacity of the average tank. The Spyder Fenix’s impressive shot total is made possible by the low pressure dual source air system that creates an expanded capacity without sacrificing power. The masterminds at Spyder like to refer to this bit of magic as the “synergy of engineering”.

The marker has an electronic trigger frame that allows the player to change between semi-automatic quick ramping (either Ramp PSP or Ramp Millenium) in an efficient manner. This is the type of marker flexibility that every paintball player deserves. Its clamping feedneck allows it to rip off 25 balls per second. It is worth pointing out that some players have complained about the 3 way response magnetic response trigger not being as responsive as desired. Just about everyone agrees that the marker is much too loud when fired.

There’s also a Break Beam Eye technology that functions as an anti-chop system. This prevents the gun from firing paintballs until they are properly settled into the chamber. It really does stop the balls from chopping and enhances the marker’s cleanliness. Other features include a color access mode display, dual textured panels, a vertical adapter, a velocity adjuster and an adjustable inline regulator that permits quick charges.

The Spyder Fenix Feel

The Spyder Fenix is made of sturdy materials yet it is not excessively heavy. It is actually 25 percent lighter and 15 percent shorter than its previous incarnation. The new design facilitates quick play, empowering players to avoid the time consuming management required of complicated features.

The marker’s grip has more girth than most competing markers, especially those in the Spyder Fenix’s low price range. While it would be a gross mischaracterization to label this grip as uncomfortable, players with slight hands might find its thickness to be troublesome. You should definitely hold the marker in your hands before plunking down the $150 that it costs.

You can use this marker right out of the box without much fiddling. However, it is important to point out one caveat. The Spyder Fenix requires some breaking in. It will not provide elite performance during the first use. Head on out and rattle off a few thousand test paintballs to allow the Spyder Fenix to hit its stride.

The Power Behind the Spyder Fenix

The Spyder Fenix has an LEP circuit board that supports its Break Beam Eye technology and an array of other features. There is also a 9 volt alkaline battery that helps the marker function as designed. Unfortunately, the charge does not last nearly as long as the average paintball player desires. Yet the Spyder Fenix can be loaded with a 9.6 volt rechargeable battery for extra power. It is prudent to have a second battery on hand so that a quick switch can be made in the mix of battle.

Spyder Fenix Maintenance

The Spyder Fenix is very easy to clean. Such a statement might seem rather unimportant but in the world of paintball markers, it holds ample weight. Anyone who has attempted to disassemble a paintball gun and give it a good cleaning knows that all guns are not created equal. Plenty of expensive high end markers are annoyingly difficult to clean. Remember, if you can’t keep the marker clean, it will not operate as designed.

The Spyder Fenix has a top cocking bolt engineered with a quick strip functionality. It hardly takes any time at all to remove the bolt and clean out the marker’s inner parts. Also, the rear plug is tool free. This means that maintenance procedures can be handled in mere minutes. If you ever have trouble with your Spyder Fenix all you have to do is dial up Kingman’s customer service line. Kingman is revered for its top notch commitment to high quality customer service. The company has been in the paintball business since 1992. Its customer service representatives really know their stuff.  They go to great lengths to troubleshoot marker issues in an attempt to solve your problem and earn your continued loyalty.

Other Spyder Fenix Faults

There are plenty more criticisms of the Spyder Fenix aside from the aforementioned battery issues and noise pollution. Players have complained about the marker’s Spyder style threads, its odd air source fittings, the lack of an on/off ASA, the absence of a quick release on the macro line fittings and the fact that they can’t change the programmed firing modes. Many fault Kingman for equipping the Spyder Fenix with macroline which is not found on the company’s other markers. The macroline is the line of air that extends from the ASA all the way to the regulator. Players have expressed frustration with having to use a wrench to remove it.

Spyder Fenix Wrap-Up

While the Spyder Fenix’s bargain basement price will attract paintball newbies, you will also see veteran players rocking the marker as well. It brings just enough to the table in terms of features, reliability and overall value to attract players of varying skill levels. The marker has its flaws but it is one of Kingman’s best sellers for good reason. It looks good, shoots with respectable accuracy and does not bust a player’s budget.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Spyder paintball guns any good?

Yes, Spyder is actually one of the leading brands in the entire paintball market, especially when it comes to paintball markers. Their offerings are affordable, easy to use, very upgradable, and thus make a great first gun for the beginner player. Newcomers will be pleased with what they have to offer, especially given the fact that their initial investment won’t. be that high until they can get a handle on the game itself.

Is the Spyder Fenix electronic?

Yes, the Spyder Fenix is electronic, and it is capable of a rip-off upwards of 1,600 shots with a 20 oz CO tank. You can say that it’s quite fast for a beginner paintball marker, but it compensates by being lightweight and easy to handle.

Can a Spyder Victor use compressed air?

The Spyder Victor is compatible with both CO2 and Compressed Air. We suggest a 48/3000 Compressed Air tank for the marker as Compressed Air is much better overall for the marker and will be more readily available at fields.

What size paintballs does a Spyder Victor use?

The Victor uses the standard .68 caliber paintballs, making it easy to find paintballs for it at your local paintball park or sporting goods store. It’s also great for beginners, much like the Spyder Fenix, with which it shares many similarities but also a couple of notable differences.

The Bottom Line

The Spyder Fenix is a great paintball marker for beginners and a truly affordable one for veterans. Even when compared to offerings from the same brand, such as the Spyder Victor, it manages to stand out through timeless design, speed, and accessibility. Furthermore, it’s also a great paintball marker for practicing due to its easy carrying capacity and overall impeccable frame. We wholeheartedly recommend this brand and its numerous offerings.