Semi-automatic paintball guns are operated either mechanically or electromagnetically. Mechanical paintball markers operate by solely mechanical means. They don’t use electro-pneumatic solenoids for operation. There are five main methods for mechanical operation of these guns. There are advantages to using both. In electromagnetic designs, triggers are not mechanically linked to marker action. It’s a simple activation of micro-switch. There are also magnetic or optical sensors attached to newer designs of paintball guns. Control circuitry controls a computer operated solenoid valve. This valve is capable of opening and closing at a rapid rate with great accuracy. This allows gas to circulate in and out of the pressure chambers within the marker while causing the bolt and fire of the paintball.

Electronic Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns

Electronically operated models possess a dramatically increased rate-of-fire in comparison to the fully mechanical guns. The solenoid-controlled gas valve provides another functional advantage when out on the field. Due to lack of machinery present on the electromagnetic guns, the weight of internal parts is reduced lightens overall weight also reducing the time to fire one single paintball.


Mechanical paintball markers do not use this technology. One of the most important parts of these paint ball guns is the tank. Due to the compressed gas within the tank, paintballs can be propelled through a marker barrel towards targets. It is filled with carbon dioxide that is highly compressed. This compression is responsible for the high-pressure propelling paintballs at high speeds. Everyone has felt the power of paintball at one point. It hurts to get by automatic paintball guns.

High pressure air

The high pressure air component which also exists within the tank is 78% nitrogen. . Carbon dioxide is inherently unstable so high pressure air tanks are required for consistent velocity. Propane or electro-mechanically operated spring-plunger combinations are also used to create high propulsion. However, many models make use of Carbon dioxide. HPA tanks are usually more expensive due to their accommodation of high pressures. These tanks are manufactured as steel, carbon fiber tanks and aluminum. Carbon fiber tanks are the most expensive due to their functionality and lightweight construction.


Most players with electronic markers for sale are extremely popular for this reason. Newer paintball guns are being developed using different ratios of high pressure gases. Innovation in the research and develop stage of paintball guns may present future models with an even harder hit due to stronger pressurization. It is also important to understand the bore. The bore is the diameter inside the barrel. It is extremely important for the bore to match the type of paint being fired.

Semi-automatic paintball guns vs automatic paintball guns

There is a definite difference between a semi-automatic paintball gun and automatic paintball guns. The markers of automatics will fire continually. Automatics do not require a user to pull the trigger when the trigger is pressed, a rapid release of paintballs is triggered through the automatic guns. The Tippmann SMG 60 among the most famed of these paintball marker models. Non-automatics will sometimes integrate the features of both mechanical and electronic models. In fact, most electro-pneumatic paintball guns feature an automatic mode. When guns are in the automatic mode users have the potential to customize certain settings through the installation of a certain logic board. While this is an especially handy feature for tournament players, these guns can be problematic to regulate in the occasion of firing limits. This article describes the advantages in these guns in comparison the automatic paintball guns.


Markers can use burst modes to increase rate of fire. Burst modes give players the advantage of getting more accurate and rapid shots. Burst mode is no popularly used in tournaments. Semi-automatics can also be ramped while firing. Another method of increasing rate-of-fire is through ramping. Ramping allows semi automatics to fire as if they were automatic. Similar to burst mode, users are simply accelerating their firing modes. On models in which pump action is required, similar to the pump action in shot guns, paintball guns must be manually re-cocked after every fire. These models are not ideal for tournaments or competitive sports unless a customization feature is added.

The design

Semi automatic markers use a variety of designs to automate a cycle of bolts. Subsequent to loading a new paintball into the chamber and upon each trigger pull. Not only does this allow the player freedom from manual control of the marker, which can dramatically lower the chances of defense within a match. This is done by giving the user an increase in paintball rates of fire and also related to an increased durability in the trigger. Unlike mechanical trigger frames, electronic trigger frames offer greater durability. This is because of decreased space between the pressure point and the trigger.

In addition to giving the user a higher rate of fire, this will also allow the player an advantage as this feature makes firing much easier, decreasing potential strain on user’s hands. This feature makes allows rapid fire similar to automatic paintball guns. Such frames are commonly available as upgrades to mechanical markers and also integrated in electronic models. Paintball guns automatic in firing capability are usually preferable for shot training, but can be dangerous in a recreational situation.

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Is one better than the other?

These models are preferred for different reasons with electronic models being a favored model for tournament level professionals. Fully automatic guns are harder to use within tournaments as the fire rates are very high. The electronic trigger frames work so efficiently that tournament leagues place specific limits on the maximum fire rate of electronic markers. All electronic markers used within events must be gauged according to the guidelines of organizers because some firing rates are so high-impact at such great velocities that there is a likely risk of injury to players. This is news to the semi-automatic paintball manufacturing industry as they must call into question their own limits on the maximum rate of fire, thereby changing the design of the models. The maximum rates of fire will influence the overall model. These limits, called caps will generally allow 12 – 15 balls per second.

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If you’re in the market for a semi-automatic paintball or a regular automatic paintball gun, we hope this guide was helping in choosing which you want!

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