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Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun Review

Empire has a reputation of building excellent guns. They’re extremely popular in the paintball community because they’re reliable, high-performing and an affordable cost. Everybody looks for something different when shopping for a paintball gun. If you’re looking for an incredibly well performing gun at an awesome price, the Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun should be at the top of your list.

With the popularity of the Empire paintball guns, you might be wondering why in the world they released this model if they already had a good thing going? As with anything, there with things that people didn’t like about the original Axe gun.

So basically, Empire built a new gun to fix the things that people didn’t like. There’s no huge, dramatic changes but they’re significant enough to set this gun a notch above the other guns. It’s nice to see a company listening to their customers’ feedback and really seeking to implement those changes and create a better product.

There are a few major changes in the gun and a few minor ones. None of them are earth-shattering or changing the paintball game but a lot of people are loving this gun and it’s easy to see why.

empire axe pro

What’s New in the Empire Axe Pro

The overall design and ergonomics of this gun have been updated and tweaked to make it easier to use and more powerful. Some people had complained that they felt like the Empire guns weren’t easy enough to use and were distracting during a game. The company has worked to make the gun smoother and simpler in order to keep you undistracted.

One of the big updates that Empire made to the Empire Axe Pro is improved waterproofing and a better functioning trigger.

Another major improvement Some people were complaining that the foregrip was too short in older models. The Empire Axe Pro has a better fitting grip. They’ve extended it and made it easier and more comfortable for people to hold for longer periods of time. The gun is much easier to hold on to when you’re running, shooting and diving behind barricades.

empire axe pro

An additional change Empire made is the bolt is much more easily adjustable. This makes cleaning the gun so much easier, extending the life of your marker and making it much more enjoyable to use!

Something that was included in Limited Edition models of the Empire Axe is now included in the Empire Axe Pro. They added the Redline OLED board. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it makes changing your rate of fire, monitoring battery levels and moving to different modes so much easier. Everything is clearly displayed and easy to understand on the screen which gives you more play time and less time trying to figure out the gun.

Value vs. Price

When you think about the product you’re getting in comparison to the price point, this gun blows it out of the water. The Empire Axe Pro is an incredible value. It’s so fun to use and really keeps you in the moment of the game. You’re not distracted by uncomfortable features, difficult to understand modes, etc. It’s clean, easy to use and lets you play for hours.

While this gun will run you a bit more than other guns, the features far outweigh the price point. This gun is a really great price if you’re on a tight budget but still want to be able to play on a team in tournaments. Most tournament guns of similar quality will cost over $1000-1500. This gun is under $600.00 so you really can’t beat that. Congratulations on finding a gun that gives you everything you need and leaves some spare change in your wallet for more!

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Empire Axe Marker Review

Empire Paintball’s Empire Axe marker is a high-quality paintball gun that retails for around $450. It is similar to other high-end markers like the Reflex, Ego, Etek, Geo, and FX. Nonetheless, it is superior to these markers in several aspects. Let’s take an in-depth look at the specifics of the Empire Axe marker.

Accurate Gun with Multiple Firing Styles

When analyzing the Empire Axe, it is best to start with its shooting performance. The Axe fires easily and accurately. Shots can be rattled off in smooth sequences without any unnecessary delays. The gun’s operating pressure is extra low. On top of that, it has special anti-chop style eyes that empower ballers to shoot fragile balls of paint.

Players have reported going through 5,000 plus paintballs with the Empire Axe and not breaking a single one in mid-air. Empire manufactures one of the best paintball hopper selections on the market as well.

The Axe has several different firing styles like Millenium ramping, PSP ramping, and semi. This wide range of shooting modes is more than most players will need, considering that the majority of fields permit only semi-auto. To put it simply, the Empire Axe marker is an extremely fun gun to shoot.

Shots with No Delays, Comfortable Grip

In terms of consistency, the gun offers between +-3 and +-5 on the chrono. Since it is incredibly consistent, players will be able to bring it out onto the field with peace of mind.

Even its trigger is superior to many other markers. It empowers ballers to fire off shots at fast rates of speed without any pauses. It is especially easy to fire off rapid shots while utilizing the ramping and semi shooting modes.

There is ample space between the fore grip and the trigger guard, making shooting a simple process. When the marker is in semi mode, the player can put two fingers beneath the trigger guard and “walk the trigger” with ease.

In fact, three fingers can be placed beneath while the index finger rests on the trigger. The trigger can be adjusted to four different positions, and it also has a micro-switch activation point.

All in all, the Empire Axe marker is going to function at a high level on a regular basis. This is a reliable marker.

How the Empire Sniper Feels in Your Hand

The marker feels amazing in the baller’s hands. The Axe is easy to hold as it is very light. On top of that, the paintball gun has a special frame to accommodate any hand size.

Players will be able to run around for hours and hold the gun without their arms or hands becoming fatigued. This is an incredible advantage as paintball is oftentimes a competition of endurance and speed.

You can jump, crawl, dive and slide in confidence. That’s because the Axe’s loader will not slip off. It has a feedneck that clamps securely. This way, the loader is always staying firmly in its designated spot. On top of that, considering that Empire was found to be one of the best paintball gun brands on the market, it is safe to put your trust in this company.

The Empire Axe Marker Style

The marker has a nice, smooth finish. This design reassures the player that their $450 constituted a good investment. Most paintball players will admit that the gun’s look doesn’t matter much. Still, the fact that the Axe has an esteemed, refreshing look helps to justify its high cost.

The marker’s frame has well-crafted wrap around style grips to ensure that the player has a solid hold on it at all times. Plenty of other paintball marker manufacturers rely on flat panel style grips that are more economical yet less reliable.

The Empire Axe marker is a hoseless marker. This means that the player doesn’t have to concern himself with a hose malfunctioning. While plenty of other paintball players spend time and energy worrying about the possibility of broken or leaky hoses and their eventual repair, Axe owners will be able to shoot in confidence with the marker’s grip air transfer design.

Disassembly and Maintenance

Empire Paintball Axe Marker


In terms of maintenance, the Empire Axe is simple to clean. The engine is accessible with the mere press of a button on the marker’s side. When the release button is pressed, a ball bearing is depressed, and the engine can be accessed from the back. The engine is basically one hefty piece with several o-rings on it.

This simplicity of the marker’s design will please its owners. They will be able to re-assemble the marker with confidence. That’s because its design is so straightforward. There is no way that they’ll be able to block any air transfer holes or place the engine in upside down.


To remove the marker bottle, there is a nifty feature built into the Axe called the Relay ASA. This utilizes a lever that initiates air flow to facilitate a quick and easy removal of the marker’s bottle. The marker’s bolt front has a small soft piece of rubber. The bolt can be returned to its position with the help of the marker’s conical spring.

Empire really stepped its game up and provided a small tool kit along with the Axe marker. In the tool kit, ballers will find lube, screws, extra detents, o-rings, and Allen keys to open the marker. The extra screws are especially handy, considering that most players end up stripping their marker’s original screws over time.


Overall, the Empire Axe marker is a very comfortable marker to hold. The gun shoots with ease, speed, and accuracy. It fires quiet shots at a rapid pace without any mechanical hassles. As long as the o-rings that touch the bolt seat and bolt are consistently lubed, this gun will shoot with little recoil. Empire has gone to great lengths to ensure that the Axe works well. In the end, the marker is absolutely worth the $450+ price tag.

Finding The Best Paintball Gun Brand From Our List of 7

When shopping for paintball gear, it can be hard to find the best paintball gun brands on the market. There are plenty of great choices mixed up with cheaper alternatives that should be avoided. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best brands on the market today to purchase from.

By focusing your purchasing decisions on these brands, you’ll get the best possible experience. In each review, we will discuss the types of products they sell, why they are an excellent choice, and give you an idea of the typical cost of their products.

*The following brands were listed in no particular order.

The Best Brands Right Now

It’s important that you only purchase paintball guns, gear, and accessories from a brand that you can trust. Otherwise, you could risk spending your money on equipment that isn’t safe to operate. But don’t panic, because we’ve scoured the Internet for the best gun brands you can trust, and thrown in some recommended products to purchase from each brand, too. Let’s take a look.

1: Ninja Paintball

best paintball gun brand

This company is often considered one of the best high-quality gun brands in the world. The company typically produces a variety of top-notch gear. Nonetheless, they’ve been known to make a few guns as well from time to time.


Ninja Paintball has been in business for over 20 years producing regulators, fill stations and HPA tanks. Their fill stations are considered the industry standard and are the most common type found at amateur and professional paintball games.

One of Their Top Products

One of the top-rated products by Ninja Paintball is the Ninja Air Aluminium HPA N2 Paintball Tank. Constructed out of high-quality sturdy aluminum, this tank is designed to last a long time and be durable for each use. The tank itself is engineered in such a way that it’s adjustable and user-friendly. If you want to adjust the pressure to low, medium or high, you can do so in a timely manner and quickly. This paintball tank is most suitable for using a pistol or gun as it comes with a remote line for easy refills.

The full-sized tank will typically provide you with 200-400 shots, which is a great amount for a thorough session of paintball. We’ve also found that this is a suitable paintball tank if you have shorter arms and tend to struggle with accessing and a tank. While using this tank, you’ll be impressed that it comfortably maintains your chosen pressure, even when handling heavy use.

It’s designed for an entry-level paintball player who has a small budget. Presenting itself in four different sizes, each tank has a pressure of 3000 psi, making it ideal for any type of paintball play. The main effort of this tank has gone into the creation of the product rather than the design of the tank. As a result, its design is minimalist, though not to be flawed. The bottle is black and any essential information is stated in a bold, red text. The regulator is also an ideal size and the gauge is big and easy to read.


  • Lengthy business operation time.
  • High-quality equipment and products.
  • Direct shipping to the customer.


  • Produces relatively few guns.
  • Some clients might find this brand a bit pricey.

Price Range: $24.95 to $229.99.

2: Kingman/Spyder

best paintball gun brand

There’s a strong chance that most paintball participants have experience with Kingman. It is one of the best-known, most popular, and successful of all the paintball brands available for creating paintball guns for an array of skill sets.


Spyder is one of the best paintball gun companies because they focus on a balance of quality and fair pricing. This pricing model makes them an excellent choice for beginning players just getting into the sport.

One of Their Top Products

The Spyder Xtra is a semi-automatic mechanical gun which is great for beginner players. It’s clear that an immense amount of research, time and effort has gone into the design of this paintball gun as it’s essentially an upgraded version of the Kingman’s Classic Series of guns. The Spyder Xtra comes with a double trigger, standard ASA, and vertical feed tube along with an upgraded expansion chamber and a small drop forward to easy use. You also have numerous color choices because Kingman appreciates that you should enjoy how your paintball gun looks and feels, and not just how it operates.

Above everything, what makes this paintball gun one of the top products by Kingman is its high-quality performance. It fires out fast, but it has a long trigger pull so you shouldn’t expect it to shoot as soon as you pull the trigger. However, this paintball gun does shoot extremely accurately, especially when trying to target an opponent at 40 feet away.

We love that this paintball gun is easy to operate, making it perfect for beginners, as it’s a very basic product. If you properly maintain the gun, it won’t let you down and should comfortably work for several years. Regularly clean the gun after each session and we also recommend changing the oil after each use. Thankfully, the quick-release bolt makes cleaning the chamber an easy job so there’s no messing around.


  • Produces many incredible gun models.
  • Guns are typically priced fairly.
  • Usually quite easy to find.


  • Some guns are fairly flimsy.
  • Complaints of loading issues are common.

Price Range: $99 to $209.

3: Dye Precision

best paintball gun brand dye precision

Dye Precision is an international company that builds a wide range of items. Their paintball division is just part of their operation. However, their skilled manufacturing abilities make them one of the top-rated brands on the market.


What makes Dye Precision stand out is its dedication to high-quality products built out of the best possible materials. They also produce a broad range of items, including safety gear, guns, and much more.

One of Their Top Products

Dye Precision is dedicated to ensuring that you have hours of fun while playing paintball, but also that you’re safe during each session. For example, the i5 paintball mask has numerous features that will protect your face if you get hit in paintballing. First, its anti-fog thermal lens provides both vertical and horizontal vision while the soft-touch foam provides one of their most comfortable fits. The GSR Pro-Strap is padded, so not only will it protect you and ensure your mask remains on your head, but it won’t dig into your skin.

The i5 paintball mask is impressive and futuristic. Featuring eVOKE compatibility, it can electronically enhance your game and is ready to go wireless at any time. Just plug in the kit and you’ll have instant communication with another i5 or M2 paintball mask. This helps to sync your play to another individual on your team while making the game more visually exciting and thrilling.

Hearing is just as important as seeing when you’re on the field. This is why Dye Precision features an audio clarity setting which is designed to reduce any loud impacts on your ears. Also, with precision-shaped hole patterns, these allow the sound to flow through the ear guard without any distortion so you can hear what your teammates are communicating with you. Finally, the mask also features extra venting so you can comfortably breathe while wearing it without any breath fogging the inside of the mask. Although the mask is strong and sturdy, it’s also lightweight so you can wear it for hours at a time without it weighing you down.


  • An extensive range of available gear.
  • Reputation for manufacturing precision.
  • High-quality gun designs.


  • Quite costly when compared to other brands.
  • Products are sometimes hard to find.

Price Range: $29.95 to $249.99.

4: Custom Products

best paintball gun brand custom products

In spite of a somewhat generic name, Custom Products’s specialty lies in creating parts of guns for replacement use.


Custom Products produces high-quality barrels, feed necks, triggers, and ASA parts for your paintball guns. Each product is custom-built to create a unique product.

One of Their Top Products

The Tank Regulator Tool by Custom Products allows you to securely remove, install or operate any regulator on your paintball marker. Using this tool is easy too, as you just attach it to your workbench with two screws or use a vise to clamp it down. Without this intelligent tool, it’d be difficult to operate your maintenance checks to use your paintball gun.


  • High-quality machining process.
  • Fairly-priced replacement cost.
  • A diverse array of products.


  • Don’t produce whole guns.

Price Range: $12.95 to $24.95.

5: Empire

best paintball gun brand empire


Empire produces high-quality guns and gear. This company is quickly becoming known as one of the most reliable and best paintball gun companies available today.


Empire is renowned for the Empire Axe Marker. As a result, it is often considered one of the top 10 most established paintball guns on the market today. They are also respected for their high-quality goggles.

One of Their Top Products

The Empire EVS Mask is one of this brand’s top products for numerous reasons. This mask is designed with more than safety in mind, but it takes into considerations players’ enjoyment of paintball, too. The EVS mask completely summarizes Empire as a brand and how it takes technology and creativity to a whole other level. For example, this mask provides HUD visuals and shows all paintball-related information. So it won’t display distance, pace, and speed, but where your teammates are located, the number of ammunition counts and a map of the field. This information is valuable to your participation in the game and helps you to perform to the best of your ability.

At the bottom of the mask is an LCD display on a 14-inch screen. This technology connects using WiFi or Bluetooth and it also features a GPS tracker so you’re constantly aware of your location. Although the mask has a huge emphasis on technology and experience, it hasn’t neglected the basics of being able to properly see. For example, you still have a 270-degree field of vision with a distortion-free spherical lens. This mask also provides maximum eye protection so that your safety is the number one priority on the field.  

The mask can also be worn purely for protective purposes and you don’t need to be intimidated by some of its most advanced features. For example, the scratch-resistance and anti-reflective lens block out 100 percent of harmful UV radiation, so not only are you protecting your eyes from being targeted but from the sun, too. Finally, the silicone head strap offers a non-slip, secure fit for everyone that can be adjusted to fit all head shapes.


  • Produces top-line gun models.
  • A wide selection of accessories.
  • Great choice of paintballs.


  • Pricey when compared to other manufacturers.

Price Range: $64.75 to $379.99.

6: Planet Eclipse

best paintball gun brand planet eclipse

For those who want higher-end products, Planet Eclipse is a great choice. Many paintball players consider Planet Eclipse to be one of the best paintball gun brands due to their focus on high-quality detail work.


Planet Eclipse produces high-quality guns, part kits, safety equipment, and much more. Its products also feature as one of the best paintball gloves on the market. Their customer service is renowned as a professional service in the business. On top of that, their manufacturing skills aren’t far behind.

One of Their Top Products

The CS2 paintball gun by Planet Eclipse took the Internet by storm when it was released. Many paintballers were impressed by this high-end paintball marker that is best-suited for intermediate and advanced players. If you consider yourself a competitive player, then this will make a great paintballer marker for you. Just from a glance, it’s evident that this gun came to win and stand out from the crowd. It carries an impact and has a light body that is ergonomic and comfortable to hold. The frame is robust to take away some of the shocks so that you’re the one in control.

Another reason why this gun is one of Planet Eclipse’s top-rated protects it for its design and engineering. The markers grip system means that you can use this gun outdoors, even if it’s raining, and not have to worry about it slipping and falling on the floor. You can easily access the board should you wish to thoroughly clean the gun after each session or fit any replacement parts. Merely move the switch and open the grips to do this.

This paintball marker helps to deliver a smooth and accurate shot and it works at an operating pressure of 110 psi, which is much lower than other competitor products. This low pressure helps to delivery efficiency with every shot so that you’ll never waste a fire ever again. Finally, with a long barrel, you can shoot your opponents from a farther distance than other paintball markers, making it a great purchase for competitive sessions.


  • Friendly and easy company to work with.
  • Detailed products that are hard to top.
  • A broad range of available items.


  • More expensive than other items.
  • Their products are harder to find in physical stores.

Price Range: $33.95 to $399.99.

7: Tippmann

best paintball gun brand tippmann

Last, but not least, is this well-known paintball gun company. Tippmann Sports is among the most respected and well-distributed companies in the world, making it one of the most recognized paintball gun companies around.


One can consider Tippmann products as a budget line for beginning players. While their products may not be quite as solid as those by a company like Empire, they are a great alternative to those on a budget. This brand even appears on lists of useful gear such as best paintball barrel choices on the market.

One of Their Top Products

Tippman have a range of paintball products, but we’re most impressed with the TIPX pistol, which is available in several colors. This easy-to-use paintball gun is ideal for beginner to intermediate players. The trigger is made out of aluminum that ensures that the gun will last a long time, but this feature also helps the paintballs to fire out and never jam up inside. It’s a highly accurate and reliable paintball marker that will hit almost anything you aim it at after you get used to operating your new gun.

Getting set-up and started is a smooth and painless process. The gun cuts down recoil which not every semi-automatic paintball gun features. This helps to launch the paintball from the chamber to the spot you’re aiming it at. Compared to some other paintball guns, its fire is accurate and always thinking one step ahead.

The TIPX pistol looks appealing and exciting and actually resembles the features of a real pistol. You can also add any accessories you like to this gun to enhance its appearance and customize to your liking. Although this won’t make a huge difference to the gun’s performance, it does help you to fall in love with the gun over and over again.


  • Fair pricing on most items.
  • It is typically easy to find in stores.
  • The company provides a diverse array of guns.


  • Products may lack the detail found in higher-end brands.

Price Range: $39.99 to $299.99.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of great paintball gun establishments that you can choose from. Your personal paintball brand selection will depend on the type of products they make. For example, many people love Kingsman/Spyder thanks to their high-quality protective gear.

Others tend to shop at Custom Products when buying gun barrels. Whichever company you choose, you can be comfortable knowing that they are on the short list of the best paintball gun businesses on the market. You really can’t go wrong shopping with any of these great companies.

Do you have any other brands you trust that we haven’t shared above? If so, we’d love to hear your recommendations and feedback, so feel free to share any suggestions in the comments.

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What is the Best Paintball Gun?

For those familiar with the sport, this question may seem ridiculous. Picking the “best” paintball gun out of the hundreds available is daunting, to say the least, and determining which is superior to the rest seems like it is completely up to the user. However, it’s not hard to see differences in the many markers out there, and, with the help from this buyers guide, you can hopefully find the best paintball gun for you.

Below is a table that includes a selection of paintball guns that span all the price ranges and play styles and many of the common factors that are used to judge a paintball marker, as well as some that can only come with experience in the sport.

How to Choose the Best Paintball Gun For You


First, what’s your budget? Paintball is expensive, and, understandably, most people don’t want to spend all their cash on a gun only to be left with nothing left for paint or gear.  So carefully set a limit on how much you’re willing to spend, and look for a gun that fits under it. Also, never rule out buying a used or older model, as gun prices decrease significantly as you move back in model years.

Game Play

Next, what kind of paintball do you play? Are you a “rec-baller” who goes out into their backyard to play with friends, maybe going to a field every once in a while? Or are you an aspiring tournament player who demands the absolute best from their gun, and plays and practices every week? This decision is as important as the price, because you don’t want to be stuck on a speedball field with a long, mil-sim marker, and you don’t want your $1400 trophy gun out in the mud.

Look and Feel

Which gun fits you? There are two parts to this: the look and the feel. It may sound vain to pick a gun based on looks, and indeed, many players could not care less, but the marker has to make you happy. You have to smile when you look at it, or else it’ll end up in the closet collecting dust. Then, it has to feel right in your hands. Different people have different tastes in guns, whether it’s the length, width, trigger size, etc. This means it’s important to hold the gun physically you plan on purchasing beforehand, so you know if it’s a good fit for you.

Take all these points into consideration, with one final bit of advice; choose the gun that you like, and don’t simply buy a gun because you saw another player using it. On that second point, play style, there is room for an explanation to help you further define what paintball gun you need, not just want.

The Different Types of Paintball Markers


Pump paintball guns are the original type of paintball marker and operate in a similar way to a shotgun. When paintball was first invented, pump guns were the best paintball guns available, and quite often, the only type you could get your hands on. But as technology increased and people have become more serious about their paintball game, electronic guns have overcrowded them. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that some people are no longer interested in pump paintball guns.

For anyone new to this type of gun, you should understand that they work like an old single-action revolver by manually cocking the gun for each round. They often use CO2 cartridges to operate them. You can’t use the same tactics and strategies with a pump paintball gun as you can with a speedball, for example, because a pump marker won’t fire quickly. As a result, this means a slower-paced paintball game, which can then alter the pace of the game.

Mechanically-Operated Markers

This type of paintball gun is the most popular kind of paintball gun and typically used in commercial paintball venues. They’re easy to use and maintain and can still operate well in wind and rain. Mechanically-operated, these are great for a long firing range.

Mechanically-operated paintball guns are sometimes called a “point and shoot camera” because they’re suitable for most people to play a game with, even beginners. Many of these types of guns have a semi-automatic setting so you can fire the gun without having to pull the trigger each time. These type of guns are the most affordable, tough and diverse options for paintball players and they’re definitely a great choice if you’re looking for the best paintball guns.

Electropneumatic Markers

This type of paintball gun offers one of the fastest firing rates compared to other paintball games. However, one important factor to consider is that they’re more difficult to operate, and as such, aren’t suitable for beginners. Not only are these more complex to operate, but require a large amount of maintenance to ensure the paintball gun is at its best standard.

Electropneumatic markers are designed for quicker operation so that the communication from the trigger to the electronic switch is much smoother and more responsive. Many people describe the action of pulling the trigger on one of these paintball guns as clicking a computer mouse, because they don’t require much force or strength, and you can rapidly repeat the action.

Many electropneumatic markers also allow you to programme your standard rate of fire. But, to make these guns fair to other paintball players, there is typically a limit to how many rates of fire you can produce. Finally, if you consider yourself a competitive person, electropneumatic guns are a great option for you, and although they’re one of the most expensive types of paintball guns, their prices have decreased in the past few years.

The Different Shapes and Styles of the Best Paintball Guns


These are pretty self-explanatory. Woodsball is paintball played in the woods, or more specifically, anywhere but an organized or speedball field. There are boundaries, obviously, but the fields tend to be large, several acres on average, and any cover is either natural (trees, rocks, and such) or is made of plywood, sticks, or dirt. This type of play is asymmetrical and requires teamwork to get around the field.

Good woodsball guns are big, simple, and mechanical. They have good efficiency and accuracy for long play times and long shots and can stand up to any conditions. Tippmann has been the go-to woodsball gun manufacturer since 1986, but any solidly built gun will do the job.


These two categories are often used interchangeably, as scenario games often require a degree of military-esque flavor to make them interesting. The name comes from the team-based objectives, or scenarios, that are often part of the game mechanics (capture control points, secure a hostage, “destroy” an enemy HQ, etc.). Famous examples are the Oklahoma D-Day game and CPX Sports’ Living Legends. Scenario games can last days, even up to a week, with set play times, and rest periods before and after. These often include thousands of players and can be both exhilarating and frightening to the inexperienced.

At scenario games, you’ll see a wide range of guns, but die-hard mil-sim players will choose guns that resemble real military weapons but function as reliably as woodsball markers. Tippmann’s A-5 and X7, Dye’s DAM, most Tiberius Arms guns, and Empire’s Battle Tested (BT) line are good choices for this game style. 


Speedball lives up to its name as games are fast-paced, rarely extending over three minutes. That’s not to say nothing happens in them, of course. During speedball games, players move quickly up a symmetrical field, trying to get angles on their opponents behind inflatable bunkers. Thousands of paintballs are shot during a single round, and it’s common to see over ten points played in under ten minutes.

Speedball guns must be as fast as possible. This is where most of your top-of-the-line guns are found. Planet Eclipse, Empire, DLX, Machine, Dye, MacDev, and Bob Long all make guns specifically designed for speedball, but the choice of which one is best should be left up to you; serious speedball players use guns they love, not guns they like.

What’s the difference between Mechanical and Electro-Pneumatic?

Mechanical Guns

A mechanical firing-style marker uses no electronics, and each shot is controlled directly from the trigger. Each time you pull it, there will be one, and only one shot. This group includes pump guns, as the cocking mechanism is the player pulling the pump handle back and forth. Mechanical markers are usually very simple, cheap, and easy to maintain, and they make good beginner guns.

Electro-Pneumatic Guns

Electro-pneumatic guns, on the other hand, rely on electricity flowing through a solenoid to fire. They almost always include some basic programming, usually fire mode (semi-auto, burst, ramping, etc.) and balls-per-second, and will need some battery, either a built-in rechargeable or a standard 9-volt.

These guns are inherently complex (notice their higher prices) and need more care and maintenance than their mechanical cousins. However, they provide more options, and are much, much faster and smaller than standard mechanical markers.

What about CO2 and HPA?

Let’s make something clear right from the start here; any gun can use HPA (compressed air), but only mechanical guns can (or more accurately, should) use CO2. Here’s why:

Carbon dioxide and compressed air are, obviously, different gases, and, therefore, behave differently under various conditions. At low temperatures, CO2’s consistency drops considerably, with accuracy and efficiency differing per shot. However, at normal temperatures, CO2 stabilizes.

Another problem is that CO2 is stored as a liquid, which can leak into the internals of the marker, collecting dirt and paint, and causing later malfunctions and lower accuracy.

This is one reason why mechanical guns can use it. Their large, simple, and open bodies allow for a higher tolerance of grime on the inside, and they are easy to clean out before it becomes a problem. Electro-pneumatic guns, on the other hand, are meant to have small profiles and be thin and precise on the inside. They need a propellant that works consistently at all temperatures is clean and can support a high rate-of-fire.

Another point to consider is the price and how common each source is. CO2 is cheap, all around. The tanks, usually 12oz., 20oz., or 9-gram for some pump guns, are all cheaper than HPA tanks, and the cost to fill one is between $5-$10. Also, every field, and even some sporting goods stores will have the ability to fill your CO2 tanks, allowing you to keep playing all day.

HPA, on the other hand, is more expensive. Due to the expense of compressors (~$10,000), some fields do not support compressed air. The tanks that hold it are also much more expensive and can cost as much as $150. However, if you plan on using any high or mid-range electric gun, HPA is far more cost-effective, as the price of modifying your electric marker to work on CO2 is about the same as just buying an HPA air system.

Just remember; mechanical guns can handle any propellant, while electro-pneumatic are mainly HPA.

The Best Paintball Guns on The Market Right Now

Marker Name
Price RangeMarket EndMarker
Play Style
Tippmann 98 CustomCheapLowMechanicalRecreational
HighBeginnerThe 98 is legendary, renowned for its reliability, ease-of-use, and simplicity. The classic beginner's marker, you really can't go wrong starting with this. Mods for this gun are easy to find, making the 98 Custom a real contender. Full review.
Tippmann X7 PhenomMedium
HighIntermediateThis is a solid marker for any woodsball or scenario game. Easy field-stripping pins make this gun a breeze to maintain, and there are hundreds of customizations to make your X7 look just the way you like. Full review.
GOG eNMEyCheapLowElectro-PneumaticRecreational
LowBeginnerAn ideal entry-level speedball gun for those who want to compete in faster-paced paintball games without shelling out hundreds. Easy to clean, and includes several features present on high-end markers. Full review.
Dangerous Power G5MediumMiddleElectro-PneumaticSpeedballLowBeginner
A great choice for those just entering the world of competitive, ranked paintball. Reliable, compact, and cheap, it's a good starting point for any tournament player. Full review.
Dye Precision Proto RizeMediumMiddleElectro-PneumaticSpeedballMediumIntermediateAn entry-level Dye gun, with excellent control and value, another awesome gun for tournament beginners or those who want an edge over any rental gun out there. Full review.
Empire SniperMediumMiddleMechanical
A mid-range price tag with high-end performance! The Sniper gives you classic pump excitement with modern precision and feel. Includes an auto trigger as well as a three-piece bored barrel kit for a closer fit on your paint. Full review.
Empire AxeMediumMiddleElectro-PneumaticSpeedballHighIntermediateUsed by pros and beginners alike, the Empire Axe is an awesome choice for speedball on any level. The Axe sports high reliability and accuracy, and has many aftermarket parts available to upgrade it. Full review.
Tiberius Arms T15 Gun RifleMediumMiddle
A more 'military' model of paintball marker, the Tiberius T9.1 is perfect for those who love the art of stalking and striking from afar. Multiple mods and a high degree of accuracy make this gun a sniper's first choice.
DLX Luxe 2.0Very ExpensiveVery HighElectro-PneumaticSpeedballMedium
AdvancedThe Luxe is a pinnacle in paintball marker technology, and that high price tag is justified the moment you use one. Smooth cycling, high reliability, easy programming, and prestige are all included with this astonishing gun. Its' newest edition is the Luxe OLED, which includes a LED control screen on the grip for even easier programming.
Dye DAMVery ExpensiveHighElectro-PneumaticScenario
HighAdvancedOne of the most advanced Mil-Sim guns out there, The DAM's innovative feed-switching system allows you to switch between magazine-fed and traditional hopper feeding at any time. This is the gun that paintball generals carry into battle.
Dye DM15ExpensiveVery HighElectro-PneumaticSpeedballLowAdvancedThe Dye Matrix (DM) line of markers has been around for years, and is famous for their extremely smooth and quiet operation. This latest model is truly a masterpiece of and a real engineering feat, easy to maintain, program, and shoot. You'll be the envy of the field with this marker.
Empire VanquishVery ExpensiveVery HighElectro-PneumaticSpeedballMediumAdvancedEmpire's attempt at a high-end tournament marker has become a resounding success. Comfortable, accurate, and sleek, the Vanquish will help you dominate any field you step onto.

Let’s take a moment to acknowledge three guns from the chart above that excel at their given price point. These markers will give you, quite literally, the best bang for your buck, and are truly special paintball guns.

Gun: Tippmann 98 Custom

best paintball guns

Price: $119.00

You really can’t get more famous than the good ol’ 98. This gun, originally introduced in 1998, has been the go-to rental and beginner’s gun for over ten years. Visit any local field, and it’s guaranteed there will be at least one 98 still kicking. While it doesn’t have the highest accuracy or efficiency, this workhorse will keep going through mud, snow, and paint alike, and will always put a smile on your face. With Tippmann’s commitment to customization, the 98 Custom can be modified with everything from electronic triggers to collapsable stocks and barrel kits.

It’s one of the best paintball guns for its shooting aim. Once you get comfortable with this design, particularly if you’re a beginner, you’ll be amazed at how accurately the trigger shoots, and it’s also the perfect size to properly aim. The best paintball gun should fire numerous shots per second, and we’re excited that the Tippmann 98 Custom unit does exactly that. With up to eight shots per second, this gun’s speed will accommodate most gamers. An interesting fact about this unit is that it uses little air compared to many of its competitors, which means it lasts longer before requiring a new air refill.

The Tippman 98 Custom is made of a high-quality metal that keeps the unit durable and long-lasting. Even after playing paintball for hours, it’s still light and soft enough to carry without causing any discomfort. Designed with smooth edges throughout, this gun won’t blister or irritate your hands. The gun also features a hinged elbow so that you can disassemble the gun in a few seconds. Should you wish to adjust the internal mechanics, these are easy to access and view. Just make sure that you properly connect all of the parts before reconnecting the gun.

Gun: Empire Axe

best paintball guns

Price: $459.95*

With a price tag that sits neatly in between high-end guns and beginners’ choices, the Empire Axe will fit most budgets. On top of that, it’s a spectacular gun, suited to any level of speedball, or even woodsball if you so choose. With break-beam “eyes” in the chamber and a hybrid spool/poppet bolt providing smooth cycling and high efficiency, the Axe will leave you satisfied, and yet it delivers even more! As well as easy access to all internal parts, there are dozens of aftermarket manufacturers that make different body kits, bolts, triggers, and feed necks for the Axe, so you can feel free to soup yours up way past stock!

The Empire Axe is a reliable and robust paintball gun that won’t let you down during your games. Designed from aluminum, it’s engineered for hours of play, while remaining durable enough to withstand a few falls. As it’s made from a high-grade material, this paintball gun only weights 3 and a half pounds, so it’s lightweight enough to carry around. Sometimes, even the best paintball guns can weigh you down, which means you can’t travel as fast.

The sequence of the shots this gun produces are smooth without any delays. This gun also offers multiple modes of firing to give you as many options as possible, although you won’t always need to use these. But, knowing you can switch up your game at any point is enough to make paintballing more fun. This gun’s trigger is incredible and won’t ever let you down. When using the ramping mode, it’s easier to perform rapid fire. But when you’re in the semi-shooting mode, you can place your two fingers below the trigger guard so you’re always prepared for an enemy. Finally, with a choice of four positions to adjust the trigger, there are plenty of ways to activate shots.

Gun: DLX Luxe OLED

best paintball guns

Price: $1375.00*

First off, just to be clear, choosing the best high-end gun is nearly impossible. Players will always defend their own choice, no matter the manufacturer. That being said, the Luxe is an amazing marker. Even beginners can use this gun as the market requires very little training. Tool-less core removal, a highly programmable board (that speaks!), hundreds of color options, excellent customer service, buttery-smooth and whisper quiet spoolie action, and extreme reliability are just some of the services this gun brings to you. And this gun really is a service; in the right hands, it dominates any scenario.

One of the best experiences of firing a gun in paintball is how the gun feels in your hands. Thankfully, the DLX bolts has a minimum weight so that there’s less moving on the inside to create an as little impact on you as possible. With its accurate aim, this is one of the best paintball guns to offer a super smooth target so you can hit your opponents every time. With this gun, you’re in control, and you call the shots.

Gun: Planet Eclipse Etha 2

best paintball guns

Price: $419.00

For the more serious paintball players, the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is a unit you can enjoy for the entire day. This gun offers excellent grip spacing so that you can hold the marker more efficiently. You can also fire the gun quickly as the trigger is incredibly responsive when pulled. With an average rate of 5 to 6 shots each second, the Planet Eclipse Etha 2 is a sure way to help you and your team win. But, most importantly, it’s one of the best paintball guns for comfort. Designed with the user in mind, this gun has a free and natural feel with every shot you make.

The Etha 2 is an ideal weight that is both light and comfortable, as it’s engineered with numerous materials. Thanks to being covered in an aluminum body, the gun is great for long or outdoor games and it won’t ever ache your arm. It’s also possible to change the pressure and power behind each shot via the SL3 regulator, which can handle many tank pressures.

If you’re looking for a reliable paintball gun, then don’t look away from the Etha 2 unit as it’s constructed with expert engineering and creativity in mind. Its high-quality regulator ensures that the gun has the utmost reliability while remaining attractive to look at. The gun’s grip frame is able to withstand all kinds of strong impacts, and it’s also fitted with internal pressure sensors to improve the usability for all players. Finally, one factor to consider with this unit is its loud noise. Although the gun isn’t so loud that it’ll disrupt your game, it is one of the loudest units on the market within this price range.

Gun: T4E Unmarex Paintball Pistol

best paintball guns

Price: $184

If you don’t want to spend much money on a paintball gun, but still want to receive a true experience of what it’s like to play the activity, then the T4E Unmarex is an ideal choice for you. It’s one of the top paintball guns within this low price range, and you receive exactly what you pay for. The most credible factor to this unit is its accuracy. But, users are also a huge fan of how lightweight, small, and compact its design is. Sometimes paintball guns can be so robust and heavy that it takes the fun out of the activity.

Playing paintball isn’t just for kids and your pistol shouldn’t shoot like it’s made for youngsters either. The T4E’s recoil is realistic and provides similar accuracy to a real pistol, although there’s not as much noise (which is definitely a positive thing!). This gun can hold up to 43 paintballs at one time, with a range of dust balls and rubber balls; not all guns on the market can offer such great versatility. This gun is definitely designed to be the star of the show, and it’ll increase your enjoyment of playing paintball. The T4E Unmarex also offers incredible accuracy, and the trigger resembles a double-action trigger. Therefore, you should expect the sensation of a pull.

Tips to Improve Your Gameplay

Once you’ve chosen the best paintball gun for your needs, you’ll likely want to improve your performance in the game so you can be the best of the best. This adrenaline-inspired game is great for people of all ages and the key to achieving victory is knowing how to be the best individual to play. Below are our top tips.

Create a Plan

You and your team should devise a plan before jumping straight into the deep end. When everyone works together, you’ll receive better results and have a greater chance of winning. Create a thought-out plan that utilizes everyone’s skills so that no-one feels anxious or uncomfortable about what’s expected of them.

Remain Positive and Have Fun

If you’ve ever been forced to engage in an activity that doesn’t interest you, your motivation will have dropped while performing that task. But the most important factor in winning paintball is genuinely enjoying the game and having fun. Maintaining a positive spirit will not only boost your own self-esteem and strengths but your teams too. If you walk around like you have no care in the world, your energy levels will brush off onto everyone else, too.

Always Use Cover

Standing out in the open increases your chances of getting shot and makes you more of a target to your opponents. Instead, always be on the lookout for barricades and trees to find cover. Don’t expose yourself in an open space where someone can see you. Even if you’re confident that the opposite team hasn’t spotted you, always remain in cover and then fire to avoid losing.

Fool People into Thinking You Still Have Pellets

If you run out of pellets in the game, don’t let your opponents know that via physical or verbal communications as this makes you more vulnerable. When you run out of pellets, you won’t be able to shoot anyone which can make you more susceptible to losing. But, you can always draw fire for your team players to score more points. You might even be able to get your opponents to surrender if you trick them into thinking that you still have pellets left.

Confuse Your Opponents

A popular trick for paintball is to fool your opponents into thinking that you’re out of the game by casually walking up to them when you’re ready to fire. Most people will think that you’re walking away from the game because it’s the end for you, and then casually ignore you. But once you’re up close to them, you can either shoot them or pick up their flag and take it to your base. So long as you haven’t declared that you’re out of the game or hold your gun up in the game, this is technically allowed and no-one can grumble at you for it.

Always Check Yourself When You’ve Been Shot

Sometimes a pellet can hit you and not break or mark you. On some occasions, it can bounce right off of you. If this happens, you don’t have to walk off the game because you’re not out. However, bear in mind that once you’ve declared you’re out of the game, there’s no turning back.

Choosing One From Our Selection of the Best Paintball Guns

So there you go! Hopefully, this guide helps you choose a gun to conquer the field and bring you joy every time you pick it up. Remember, there are hundreds of guns out there, and this guide only covers a fraction of them. If we had to limit this article to just one of the best paintball guns, we’d choose the Empire Axe unit for numerous reasons. Although it isn’t designed to be your first paintball gun, it’s easy to use and you’ll quickly get the hang of operating the trigger.

Its foregrip is comfortable and spacious, thanks to the hard plastic coating. By offering numerous style of firing modes, you become in control of the gun and can cater the gun to suit your needs and style of play. We’re also highly impressed by its push-button bolt removal. You can easily maintain and clean this paintball gun so that it lasts for years. Just press the release button on the side and you’ll have access to the ball bearing. There’s also virtually no way that you can mess up putting the gun back together as it’s so simple and convenient to do so.

With many other paintball guns to choose from, we’re satisfied that the Empire Axe is one of the best paintball guns for a variety of players and people with different budgets.  So, get out there and talk to the store owners and players who use these markers every day, and do your research before every purchase! A good gun will last you a lifetime, so make it count!

What are your thoughts on our choices of the best paintball guns? Have you owned any of the above products, or do you have some additional recommendations? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

9 of the Best Automatic Paintball Guns to Ravage Your Opponents

Looking to dominate your opponents on the paintball field? No matter how good your skill level, without the right gun by your side you will be dead meat when under attack. In order to quickly eliminate the competition and solidify your reputation as a dominant force on the paintball field, you have to choose a weapon that is fast, reliable, and accurate.

In your quest to dominate, here is a list of the 9 best automatic paintball guns to ravage your opponent;

1. The Planet Eclipse Geo-3

Planet Eclipse Geo-3 Paintball Gun

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Some of the reasons that the Vanquish is one of the top automatic paintball guns is because it is durable, a breeze to keep clean, has top-level performance, and is extremely lightweight. Now you can pace yourself on the field and take accurate shots without wearing yourself out carrying a heavier gun. Save time cleaning your gun and have it ready for the next battle in the blink of an eye.

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2. The Empire Axe

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

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With the Empire Axe Paintball Gun, you get the bigger brother of the Invert Mini. However, this version is easier to handle and packed with impressive features.

The Axe can be quickly cleaned without using any tools, all you have to do is push a button, and the gun does the rest. Rated high as one of the best automatic paintball guns as it features a power switch for the air tank that allows you to easily release the gas without struggling to replace tanks.

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3. The Dye Assault Matrix

The Dye Assault Matrix paintball marker

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Looking for a paintball gun that looks as impressive as it functions? The Dye Assault Matrix Paintball Gun feels great in the hands, looks like an assault rifle, and fires amazingly fast.

Depending on the conditions on the paintball field, a player can quickly and easily switch from hopper fed to magazine fed by simply sliding the switch. This allows players to mix up a regular paintball in the hopper and then place more powerful First Strike rounds in magazines.

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4. The Empire BT TM15 Marker

Empire BT TM15 Marker

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Looking to shred your opponents more easily without being exposed to their fire? The Empire BT TM15 Marker is considered one of the best automatic paintball guns for a few reasons.

The gun is extremely lightweight. As a result, you will last longer during a game without fatigue. The TM15 uses the same internals as the top guns in the paintball world, so you get higher quality for less.

This paintball gun also has a number of different firing modes. You can quickly access them by flipping the thumb switch. Camouflage colors blend in with your gear so you can be a ninja out on the field.

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5. The Empire Vanquish

Empire Vanquish GT Paintball Gun Marker

No products found.

The reason the Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun is on so many automatic paintball guns best lists, id that it has everything and more that you will need to crush your opponents every time you play. One cool feature is that it comes with a key that gives you the ability to take the entire gun apart.

Despite all the features, this is one of the lightest guns you will be carrying. Comes with tool-less cleaning system, simple to use screen for settings changing. The gun is even equipped with a full barrel kit. The carrying case that comes with the Vanquish even has a small little parts kit.

No products found.

6. The Spyder Fenix

Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker

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We did not forget the beginner players when we compiled this list of the top 9 best automatic paintball guns. The Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun is the perfect entry-level automatic paint gun, excellent price combined with stellar performance.

The Fenix has a number of firing modes, easy to clean, and is lightweight. Users have expressed that beginners should use compressed air instead of CO2 because it is better on the internal o-rings. Quick firing and easy on the arms, beginners will quickly get acclimated to the fast-pace of the action on the field with the Fenix.

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7. The Luxe Ice 2.0

Luxe Ice 2.0 paintball marker gun

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On the higher-end of the automatic paintball guns, we find the Luxe Ice 2.0 Paintball Gun sitting all alone. This is the gun that will take your game to a completely new level. The gun not only speaks to you, but it also comes programmed in different languages.

The tool-less firing system, the stunning color combinations, and the durability of the Luxe Ice make it the paintball gun even the best want to own. Packed with plenty of features, this is the electronic paintball gun that separates the men from the boys.

No products found.

8. The Invert Mini

Invert Mini Paintball Gun

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Players of all skill level have been raging about the Invert Mini for over five years now. This is a dependable automatic paintball gun that is built to last and get the job done right the first time. The Invert Mini Paintball Gun has exceptional performance, easy to clean, and is one of the more lighter guns on the market.

Mind you, this is not for the player with gorilla hands. On the contrary, it is crafted for the players with average size hands. This is the gun that will allow you to switch up your play dependent on what your opponents throw at you.

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9. The Proto Reflex

proto reflex paintball marker

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Although the Proto Reflex Paintball Marker is on the more expensive side, you are getting a durable weapon that will last for years, even under the most extreme use. Rather than having to replace your weapon, the Reflex is built to last and will easily pay for itself in short order.

In addition to the high-quality parts used to manufacture this paintball gun, you will notice instantly how it performs better than most other weapons. If accuracy and dependability are high on your list for a weapon on the field, you can not go wrong with the performance of the Proto Reflex.

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Final Word

Any one of these automatic paintball guns will help improve your game and crush your opponents. These weapons are durable, lightweight, and simple to keep clean too.

If you are already feared on the paintball field, share your choices for the best automatic paintball guns here so we can share it with our audience.

Review: Planet Eclipse Etha

The Planet Eclipse Etha runs about $349 at most retailers. It is somewhat similar to the Geo marker but its design and functionality are unique. If you’ve seen or used Planet Eclipse’s E-tek marker, you’ll find that the Etha is fairly similar. Let’s take a look at what the Etha is all about.


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The Etha makes use of a spring return to send the bolt back into position after paint balls are fired. This engineering approach makes the pneumatic operation of the gun quite simple. Just like the Etek, the Etha makes use of durable nylon composite materials for its grip frame, eye covers and feed neck. Experienced paintball players will hesitate to take the leap of faith with a marker made of composite plastic. It seems like an inferior material compared to metal markers. Yet those who use the Etha understand just how strong this material really is.

The Shot

In terms of performance, the Etha is another fantastic marker in a long line of extraordinary Planet Eclipse products. The marker comes with an SL 3 regulator just like all the other high end Planet Eclipse guns. The regulator is flexible to handle a variety of tank output pressures. It is reliable and really serves to boost the gun’s performance. It doesn’t matter if your tank’s pressure is high or low, the regulator will still function as designed. The Etha’s two piece barrel lets you fire in several different modes including PSP and semi. There are capped and uncapped modes within semiautomatic. As soon as you fire the Etha, you’ll notice that it has very little kick back. While it is a bit on the loud side, it isn’t loud enough to constitute an annoyance. The noise that it produces is likely due to its barrel tip’s lack of ample porting holes.

The marker’s trigger feels pretty crisp but many have criticized it for using a spring return instead of magnets. Players who have grown accustomed to magnetic adjustable triggers might dislike the Etha’s trigger design. Some have also stated that competing markers like the Drone and Axe fire a bit better as they don’t have as much of a vibration or ping as the Etha. Yet the Etha fires quite accurately and it feels nice and smooth as you rip off consecutive shots. It fires up to a thousand paint balls with a 4,000 psi fill before any drop off is noticed. Only those with the highest standards will complain after shooting the Etha.

The Feel

Overall, the Etha is quite light and comfortable. It has an aluminum body and barrel and weighs just over 2 pounds. The shaft is 14.5 inches in length. Some players have complained that they don’t like the limited space between the trigger guard and the reg. Yet most feel that the marker’s contoured dual density panel grips (156mm pitch) are quite comfortable. When it is in your hands, it feels good. It feels just like the top end tournament markers but comes at a much more affordable price.

Planet Eclipse Etha Upgrades

The Etha has a proprietary grip so there are no aftermarket grips for the marker. You can upgrade the marker with a new feedneck yet the standard feedneck is serviceable. You can also upgrade the barrel, ASA and trigger. There are several different triggers available from Violent Products. There’s also a highly popular APE rampage LED board for the Etha as well. It has an array of software and hardware features like switch on the fly firing mode control, manual eye on/off control, bright multicolored LEDs and a 3 stage battery level indicator. Or, you can go with the Virtue OLED board. This 10 million operations per second processor has an organic display screen, an OLED board maintenance monitor to track bolt cycles with the marker’s eyes and a lube monitor that lets you know when the marker needs lubrication.

The Techt MRT bolt for the Etha optimizes the marker’s efficiency. It comes with a high flow, soft face tip, a super soft spring and a tough aluminum body that is very light. All in all, Techt claims that this upgrade can cut down the bolt’s weight by nearly 60 percent. It also adds between 20 and 25 fps. It even comes with a full lifetime warranty. An EMC tactical body kit is also available for the Etha. It encases the marker without modifying it. The kit is super light but made with sturdy glass reinforced nylon. There are three 7/8″ tactical rails on the body so that all sorts of lasers, sights and other accessories can be accommodated. The back of the body can function with Tippmann 98/BT-4 shoulder stocks. This kit really empowers players with the flexibility that they need to adjust to a side array of play scenarios.


Eclipse markers are famous for their autonomy. You don’t have to perform much maintenance to keep this gun operating at peak efficiency. You’ll have to lube it up after every 3 to 5 cases but you could probably go much longer without performing any maintenance. Every now and then, you’ll have to wipe down the bolt, apply a swab to the breach and lube the o-rings on the back part of the bolt assembly.

Some have complained about the poppet spring issue yet Eclipse has sent out free springless poppets to those who purchased new Ethas. Still, this is something to be aware of if you purchase a used Etha. The move is characteristic of the brand’s reputation for going out of its way to please paintball players. Fans of the Planet Eclipse brand rave about the company’s elite customer service.


The Planet Eclipse Etha is a fun marker for paintball players of all levels. It really has mass appeal no matter how experienced you are. It shoots with excellent accuracy, is quite light and has a fantastic user experience design. Best of all, it is fairly cheap compared to other top flight paintball markers.

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7 Best Woodsball Paintball Guns in the market today

Woodsball is a type of paintball played outside in areas like the woods and grassy fields. Paintball guns that might work well in speedball don’t necessarily give you an edge in woodsball. Common features in a good woodsball paintball gun include a milsim (military simulation) design and multiple firing modes. Below we have listed seven of the best woodsball paintball gun choices. We ranked the products based on quality, reliability, and customer ratings.

1. Empire Paintball Axe Marker

Empire Paintball Axe Marker, best woodsball paintball gun

A woodsball paintball gun suitable for tournament players is the Empire Paintball Axe Marker. It unloads paint fast and has several firing modes, including PSP ramping, semi, millennium ramping, and NXL. This paintball gun also has an extended grip frame making it comfortable to use.


  • Multiple firing modes.
  • E-trigger system.
  • Push button removal system.
  • Extended grip frame.


    • You can use different firing modes.
    • Fast.
    • Accurate.
    • Versatile.
    • Premium brand.
  • Ideal for tournament and advanced players.


    • Not good for beginners.
    • Price.

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2. Dye Assault Matrix

Dye Paintball DAM CQB Paintball Marker

The Dye Assault Matrix is the best woodsball paintball gun with an OTF (on the fly system). You can switch between magazine fed loading and hopper fed loading quickly. It also has several firing modes you can alternate between, such as automatic, three-round burst, and semi.


  • Multiple firing modes.
  • Picatinny rails.
  • OTF switch.
  • Competition style trigger frame.
  • Two extra magazines.
  • Repair kit.
  • Compression-formed hard case.


  • You can choose between several firing modes.
  • You can customize it.
  • Versatile.


  • Price.

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3. Empire BT Defender

Empire BT DFender Paintball Gun

Made of magnesium shell, the Empire BT Defender is lightweight and durable. It has five firing modes: full auto, semi, burst, ramping, and select fire. You can add accessories via the Picatinny rails. The Empire BT Defender doesn’t have the hopper in your field of view to hasten your snapshot.


  • Self-calibrating loader speed sensor.
  • Five firing modes.
  • Picatinny rails.
  • Magnesium shell.


  • Lightweight.
  • Versatile.
  • Durable.
  • You can customize it.


  • Price.

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4. Dye Proto Rize MaXXed

Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball Marker

The Dye Proto Rail MaXXed is the best woodsball paintball gun choice for intermediate players. It’s equipped with an e-trigger to save air while you play. The paintball gun also features reduced recoil that results in better accuracy and decreased noise.


  • 14″ barrel.
  • Fires 15 balls per second.
  • E-trigger.
  • Fuse bolt technology.
  • Color coded o-rings.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Adjustable trigger.


  • Quiet.
  • Accurate.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Good for intermediate players.
  • Ergonomic.


  • Not ideal for beginners.

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5. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

The Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker is suitable for intermediate to advanced woodsball players. You can keep it on you for close quarter situations or as a backup weapon. The Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker features an electronic trigger system, two-handle design, and a pressure gauge.


  • Electronic trigger system.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes.
  • Pressure controlled poppet engine.
  • Two-handle design.
  • Wrap-around fore grip.


  • Effective in close quarter situations.
  • You can shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger.
  • Empire is a high end brand in paintball.
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • Price

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6. Tippmann 98 Custom

Tippmann 98 Custom Ultra basic Platinum Series .68 Caliber Paintball...

The Tippmann 98 Custom is the best woodsball paintball gun for beginners. You can upgrade it once you become comfortable with the paintball gun. Some advanced players keep the 98 Custom as a backup gun in paintball fights.


  • Picatinny rail system.
  • Self-sealing/locking gas line.
  • 20 oz CO2 tank with pin valve.
  • 140 round heavy duty tubes.


  • Reliable.
  • Easy to use.
  • You can add upgrades.
  • Plenty of accessory options.


  • Although it’s good for woodsball, it’s not ideal for speedball

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7. Spyder MR100 – $99.95

Spyder MR100 PRO Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

The Spyder MR100 is good for both woodsball and speedball as well as beginner to intermediate players. It has a default double tap trigger. The paintball gun also features an air efficient EKO valve system, Picatinny rail mounts, and a one piece velocity adjuster.


  • Air efficient EKO valve system.
  • Default double tap trigger.
  • Picatinny rail mounts.
  • One piece velocity adjuster.
  • High impact polymer vertical fore grip.


  • You can customize it via the Picatinny rail mounts.
  • Shoots up to 1,500 shots with a 20 oz CO2 tank.
  • Good for beginner to intermediate players.
  • Price.


  • Although the barrel is long, some other models have longer barrels.

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Wrapping Up

The seven paintball guns listed above are the best choices. If you’re on a small budget, then the Spyder M100 is your best option. It has Picatinny rail mounts that allow the possibility of customizing the weapon. And it’s good for beginner to intermediate players. Overall, we think the Empire Paintball Axe Marker is the best Woodsball paintball gun because it’s used in tournaments. Which do you think is best for woodsball and why?

Top 7 Paintball Mask Anti Fog Products on the Market

The worst thing that can happen to a paintball player during a serious match is a fogged up pair of goggles. It can make it nearly impossible for them to see. This situation will likely cause them to lose the game. Thankfully, there are many paintball mask anti fog choices on the market today. Each of these masks has been designed to prevent or limit the spread of fog on their surface.

In each mini-review in this article, we will discuss the features, pros, and cons of each paintball mask anti fog choice. By the end of the article, you should have a pretty good idea about which paintball mask anti fog item is the best for your needs.

1. HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask

HK Army Paintball KLR Thermal Anti-Fog Mask

This set of paintball mask anti fog items can be easily customized to fit on a broad variety of face sizes. It uses a dual-density face shield to protect your eyes and face from the impact of paintballs. It also has a quick-change lens retention system that makes it easier to swap cracked lenses.

These advantages help make it an excellent choice for paintball enthusiasts. The one complaint regularly lodged against this paintball mask anti fog product is that it blocks the ears. As a result, some users have stated that it is hard to hear while wearing this mask.

Product Features:

2. DYE i5 Paintball Goggles

DYE i5 Paintball Goggles

The main benefit of this paintball mask anti fog product is the 290-degree anti-fog thermal lens. This lens will create a nearly fog-free view that makes paintball easier for fans to enjoy. On top of that, it also sports a multi-layer foam design held together with a GSR Pro-Strap. As a result, it is usually easy to be comfortable and relaxed when playing with this mask on.

One downside to this mask is its substantial price. Paintball players may be hesitant to pay nearly $200 for a pair of goggles. Another common complaint is that the lens may fog in extremely wet weather. However, the second charge is a familiar complaint with just about any mask. While most paintball mask anti fog items will prevent a majority of phenomena, few can prevent all instances of it.

Product Features:

3. Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask

Invert Helix Thermal Paintball Goggles Mask

This budget-priced paintball mask anti fog choice is good for people who are just getting into the sport. While it may lack some of the memory foam and adjustment ability other models on our list offer, the lens does fight fog effectively. As a result, they may be a good pair of training goggles or a pair that children or young players can enjoy.

However, the lack of easy adjustment may throw off some users. Swapping out lenses is reported as being difficult with this pair of goggles as well. That said, their low price does make them an attractive option for the right person.

Product Features:

4. V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

V-Force Grill Paintball Mask

V-Force goggles use a unique system that makes it easy to change and swap out anti-fog lenses. As a result, these are usually easy to wear and adjust while on the fly. It is built out of a soft plastic that is pretty easy on the face. Unfortunately, it does lack the memory foam that adds comfort to similar paintball mask anti fog products.

Another common complaint concerns the ear inserts. Some reviewers stated that it was hard to insert the foam into these parts of the mask. They also found it annoying to remove the lens to take off the protective plastic film. These minor complaints were usually found in otherwise positive reviews.

Product Features:

5. Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask

Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask

Those who want a large field of view and an easy airflow may choose this paintball mask anti fog item. It has wider venting than similar models. This feature makes it easier to breathe and talk. It also has a variety of customization options, including the ability to swap lenses and adjust the holding straps. You can also choose between multiple color options.

Even better, these goggles are available at a fairly reasonable price. The only concern that some users have expressed is a discomfort around the ears when wearing them too tightly. However, they can usually be adjusted to keep this problem from becoming too serious.

Product Features:

6. Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System

This limited-edition skull paintball mask anti fog item comes with two different lens types. The first is a clear lens that makes it easier to see during the day. However, it also has a ninja lens that creates a darker and stealthier look. Combined with a simple lens-exchange system and a hypo-allergenic design, this pair is a good choice for people who want adaptability with their goggles.

One downside to these goggles is the confusing adjustment method. Some users found that the straps would “slip” and lose their sizing. This inconvenient made it difficult to fit these goggles on their face consistently. However, this minor problem was offset by the advantages they offered.

Product Features:

7. JT Spectra Flex 8 Thermal

JT Spectra Flex 8 Thermal

Last, but not least, is this pair of goggles by JT Spectra. They have an anti-fog design that gives you a 260-degree field of vision. As a result, players can see large parts of the field quite easily. It also comes with a venting system that makes it easy for players to breathe and play. Many reviewers graded this paintball mask anti fog item as the easiest to wear.

One downside that was often mentioned by reviewers is the difficulty involved in removing the visor. While it isn’t impossible, it does require a little bit of tedious work. However, the price is pretty reasonable for this pair of goggles. This low-cost option may make them an attractive choice for some players.

Product Features:

In Conclusion

Have you decided which of these paintball mask anti fog products is right for you? Perhaps you like the strong and customized power of the HK Army Paintball KLR. Or maybe you want to save a little money with the JT Spectra Flex 8 Thermal set. Whatever choice you make, you are picking a great set of paintball mask anti fog goggles.

If you have any experience with any of these paintball mask anti fog items, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. We love to hear from our experienced readers. Also feel free to post tips on selecting goggles or your own choices for the best paintball mask anti fog goggles.

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Top 7 Best Pump Paintball Gun Choices to Consider Today

Anyone looking for the best pump paintball gun on the market has many possible high-quality picks. We've compiled the best seven we could find in the market today. You simply can't go wrong with any of the models on this list.

*The following paintball guns are listed by price, from the most affordable to the most expensive one.

Those looking for a pistol paintball gun should consider this JT ER2 model. It is truly one of the best pump paintball gun choices available today.


The .68 caliber of this pistol makes it one of the largest and most accurate paintball pistols on the market. It also includes a smooth firing pump handle for easier use.


It is portable and fun to use.

It comes with a great sidearm choice.

Provides a top-loading action.


This paintball gun is slightly less accurate than other guns.

Feels a little flimsy.

Azodin is celebrated for their design choices, and the brand's KP3.5 Kaos model is truly one of the best pump paintball gun choices available on the market today.


Some of the most attractive features of this gun include a two-piece 14-inch barrel and a high-quality Delrin pump handle that is sturdy and reliable.


It has an incredible 230 PSI operating pressure.

Comes with high-quality dual pump rods.

It has an attractive half-block design.


Double pumping may break paintballs.

Some complaints about ASA leakage.

Another great option is this high-quality Empire Paintball Sniper model that takes inspiration from the classic Auto cocker design.


This pump marker is designed with a two-piece, 14-inch barrel and auto-trigger for rapid firing on the go. It’s built to work with low-pressure tanks and includes three different barrel inserts to accommodate a range of your favorite paintball products.


The barrel inserts for a range of projectiles.

Two-piece barrel for easy storage.

Auto-trigger for rapid firing.


Shorter lifespan than some competitors.

Another great choice from the Azodin brand is their KPC Rugged model. This paintball gun comes in a range of stylish colors and comes in just behind the KP3.5 in performance and features.


The one-piece, .685 barrel features milling that adds texture and catches the light for a little extra style and flair. You can easily attach pretty much any feed loader to this gun. Plus, the feather regulator works great with both CO2 and HPA systems.


Attractive range of colors.

Adaptable feed neck and feather regulator.

Steel pump rods and arm for smooth action.


More expensive than some other models.

Sometimes has issues with double-feeding.

The Black Phantom gun is a high-quality pump paintball tool. It is often considered the best in its class. It has many great features and benefits that make it worth your consideration.


Those looking for the best pump paintball gun often choose this model because it has a removable barrel, a comfortable grip, and a precision internal hammer that never misfires.


The lightweight build is easy to handle.

Included scope is very accurate.

Easy-to-use velocity rod.


The backward hose may get in the way.

The design may be awkward for some users.

If you’re looking for an airless pump-action paintball gun, the Valken Gotcha model might be just what you’re looking for.


While this paintball gun doesn’t compare to some of the heavy-weights listed above, it is the perfect product for beginners or those looking for a light and versatile pump-action model. The Valken Gotcha fires 50-caliber paintballs with zero air and a simple pump action.


Lightweight body makes it easy to handle

Built-in sight rail.

Low-impact and reliable pump mechanism.


Maxes out at 140 FPS.

Loader sold separately.

Another simple but effective pump-action paintball gun is the JT SplatMaster Z200 Shotgun. With no need for CO2 or batteries, you can truly take this paintball marker anywhere you please.


The SplatMaster Z200 combines satisfying pump-action operation with distances up to 100 feet and precision accuracy from up to 50 feet. Despite its power, this paintball marker is durable and safe for even young paintball enthusiasts.


Great accuracy at up to 50 feet.

Easy-to-use pump action.

Affordable and lightweight.


Some users were disappointed with the power.

Only holds 15 rounds of ammo at once.

Final Thoughts

So, which of these are the best pump paintball gun for your needs? That all depends on the kind of features that you look for in a weapon. While these guns are very similar in many ways, they do differ in small details. For example, some weigh close to 10 pounds while others are a lighter four pounds.

In the end, it all depends on your preference. We suggest a portable pump paintball gun that is light, easy to handle, and which feels right in your hands. Comfort shouldn't be ignored when choosing the best pump paintball gun for your needs.

Featured image by bedrck via Pixabay.