If you are looking for a new paintball gun, the D3fy D3s is worth your consideration. It sells for around $249 at most retailers and most who’ve fired the marker agree that this is a decent deal. The marker shoots nicely but it has some flaws. Let’s take a look at all the D3fy D3s details.

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The D3fy D3s Style

The D3fy D3s is available in a variety of colors from “mixed” to metallic. Many of the available colors are very light so this marker stands out a bit in the field. Players will know it is you out there just by catching a glimpse of your D3fy D3s. That’s not exactly a good thing though it does provide the flare that style conscious players desire. It has a nice 2 piece barrel that looks like it is a bit out of place on this affordable marker.

The D3fy D3s Construction


The D3fy D3s is built to withstand the rigors of paintball play. It is made of aluminum along with a polyvinyl chloride “Rhyno skin” body shell cover. The D3fy D3s is built with an F2 Bolt engine that uses a spool-bolt and regulator together in one piece for low operating pressures of 150-160 psi. It has a 14 inch two piece barrel, a barrel bore size of .689, a total length of 20.5 inches and a weight of 2.1 pounds. So, it is light and fairly small.

The marker’s Micro SQ board is built for easy operation. It boasts a diminutive square design that allows a 9 volt battery to comfortably reside in the trigger frame. It has ACROS eyes, a break beam laser optic, that really do prevent balls from chopping within the chamber.

The marker features special air ports situated in strategic places to cut down on the amount of air that is needed to shoot paintballs. You’ll find that this allows you to stay on the playing field more consistently. The on/off ASA’s smooth profile allows air to rise from the tank to the regulator without any hoses or fittings. There’s also a nifty beveled knob that provides a sturdy grip so that you can switch from on to off with ease. It is worth noting that some players have complained that the hopper comes loose and can actually spin around while playing.

The D3fy D3s Feel

The gun feels unremarkable in your hands. The only major qualm that players have is that the grips aren’t the most comfortable around.

The D3fy D3s Performance

The D3fy D3s shoots nice and smooth but does have some kick. The typical paintball player won’t mind the bounce back but more demanding players might not be satisfied. In terms of accuracy, the marker shoots where you aim it. Players have complained about the trigger feel. Yet some players have reported that they’ve put DP G5 triggers onto the D3fy D3s without a problem. Many have noted that once they’ve adjusted the trigger to their specific desires, it feels much improved. Still, numerous players have stated that the trigger makes it difficult to keep a rope going.

A ver 2 board is available for free once you register your D3fy D3s marker but this does not empower you to program modes. Many have complained about this as a significant limitation. You can shoot with four different modes: 3 shot burst, Full Auto, PSP Ramp and Semi Auto. It is worth noting that many players consider the D3fy D3s to be a “battery hog”. The 9 volt battery fits nicely into the trigger frame but its functionality with the marker isn’t up to par.

D3fy D3s Conclusion

The D3fy D3s is an affordable entry level marker with some disappointing idiosyncrasies. Experienced paintball players will likely be let down but most novice to intermediate players will argue that the marker is sufficient. While D3fy Sports likes to claim that the D3s is a high end marker that doesn’t carry a high end price tag, most players who try it out will argue that defining it as high end is a bit of a stretch. It is far from perfect, yet entry level players aren’t exactly expecting a flawless gun. In short, the D3fy D3s serves its purpose.

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