Just like the real-deal, a paintball sniper requires precision, accuracy, and ease of handling in a rifle. Paintball enthusiasts need a paintball sniper rifle that provides expert marksmanship qualities. At the same time, they have to maneuver their way around an assortment of staged arenas. Therefore, players need to have a lot of trust in their paintball gear.

Misfires, poor action or loading malfunctions are unacceptable during a good game. Here are some guidelines and types of markers to help you choose the best paintball sniper rifle.

Features of a Quality Paintball Sniper Rifle


Since the accuracy of a paintball sniper rifle can change the whole outcome of the paintball stage, owning one that won’t fail you is essential. Novice players may claim that paintballs don’t even fly straight anyhow. Therefore, there isn’t a need for accuracy. However, it won’t take long to hear the chuckle of an experienced paintball expert.

Players who have had the unfortunate experience of using a poor quality rifle clearly understand why owning a weapon that shoots accurately is critical. When a shooter’s aim is compromised by faulty equipment, even the most skilled players are vulnerable. That makes accuracy the priority feature you need to look for in a paintball sniper rifle.

Shooting Distance

While accuracy is the highest priority, shooting distance is a close second. A rifle that only has consistent accuracy from a short distance damages a large part of a player’s strategy. When you have to get too close to your opponent to make a mark, you expose yourself to being the first one marked.

When a sniper rifle restricts your shooting range, it defeats the purpose of playing paintball. This is why it is safe to consider a rifle that maintains a high level of accuracy and covers greater distances as part of top class.

Comfort and Handling

Handling and adaptability are the other aspects to look for when searching for a quality paintball marker. Quick changing a barrel length can give you better maneuverability in cliff-hanging situations. A sturdy but collapsible stock allows you to shift gears and swiftly move through obstacles.

Keep in mind that comfort and handling are not as important as accuracy and distance. Nonetheless, the best paintball gun for you has to incorporate all these four features. Keeping these critical features of a good sniper rifle in mind, here are three excellent options.

1. Tippmann A5 Sniper

Tippmann A-5 Sniper Paintball Gun with Red Dot

There are two big features that earned the A5 a spot on our list. It is an extremely reliable weapon, that’s easy to disassemble. It has a quick-change 20-inch tactical barrel that amplifies accuracy and adds distance. The stock collapses and straightens very easily, which makes the gun easy to maneuver and adaptable.

This Tippmann A5 paintball sniper is an industry favorite. That’s because it uses a reliable red dot sight. Red dot is more dependable for accuracy than a standard scope. With a collapsible stock, interchangeable barrels, and deadly accuracy, the A5 is a worthy sniper option.

There are new versions straight out of the package. On the other hand, you can often do some research and find a well maintained second-hand model at a low price.

2. US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker

US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Sniper Set

If you really want to go all commando on the competition, consider the level of expert marksmanship that users boast about with the Project Salvo marker. The US Army Project Salvo Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Sniper Set softens the sound of the shooting effect. This way, it allows players to sneak through brush for ambush attacks on their competition.

This marker has a collapsible stock and a folding gas line made of stainless steel. With possibly the longest range of any sniper gun, it will give the ability to hit a target before they can mark you. The US Army Project Salvo has a high-performance, in-line bolt action for rapid fire and reload. Paintball fanatics who want to perform like a tactical military trained sniper should consider the Project Salvo.

3. Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun

tippman phenom x7 paintball sniper

While the Tippmann Phenom X7 doesn’t list on sites with paintball guns for sale as a sniper rifle, putting one in your hands will immediately prove it is. The X7 prices out a little higher than the previous two models. Nonetheless, the product makes up for it with extra features. Shooters can use either manual or electronic firing mode, stamping the X7 at the pinnacle of versatility in paintball sniper rifles.

While paintball marker efficiency is often overlooked as an important quality for a gun, when you have it at your fingertips it makes a difference. The X7 can fire over 1,400 shots with a standard tank firing at 4500 PSI. Our Tippmann X7 Phenom review concluded that this product is worth your investment. 

When games grow towards an intense point when a lot of shots have been fired, the X7 Phenom will be the last one with firepower left. When your competition is all out of paintballs, with the extra ammo in your X7, you’ll be proudly walking up to the winner’s stand to claim your victory hardware.

Final Word

If you want to go cheap on your paintball sniper rifle, beware. You end up with what you pay for. When accuracy, distance, adaptability, and handling are compromised for price, so too will your performance in a paintball competition. If you opt for any of these three options, you’ll be the one doing the marking with sniper-like accuracy.