There’s no game like paintball. It’s fast-paced, adrenaline driven, and very exciting to play. But great as it is, for you to enjoy it to the max you need to play it safe. Because if paintball safety is not a priority, it can turn out to be a dangerous sport. And casualties will literally become casualties that will need medical assistance.

Let’s take a look at some of the paintball safety rules and gear that keep the game of paintball safety and enjoyable.

Paintball Safety Gear – Keeping You Safe

Paintball Safety Gear

Paintballs can be quite harmful as they are shot out at high velocities. They are not as soft as they look and feel when stationery, in fact, they are known to rip holes in light clothing and inflicting some painful injuries. This is why it’s important that you gear up properly when playing paintball. Some of the paintball gear that is a must include the basic ones I’ve listed below.


Head and Neck Protection - Paintball Masks

Paintball Mask

Never go on the field without a paintball mask. Your head is a very sensitive part of the body and needs the best protection. When it comes to paintball masks, make sure you get a very sturdy one that can provide as much protection as possible while affording you proper vision and great ventilation.

If your paintball mask doesn’t protect the neck, make sure to find something to protect it. A turtleneck sweater can give you adequate protection but purchasing a neck guard is the best.


Body Protection – Padded Clothing

cammo Full body protection padded top

Paintballs travel at high velocities that can be equated to 200 miles an hour. No matter how soft a projectile may be, as long as it travels at high speeds, it will definitely hurt when it comes in contact with your body.

This is why you need to cover your whole body with proper clothes, and padded is always best. Arms and legs must always be covered, shorts and short sleeved shirts are definitely out of the question. And it’s advisable that you layer up your clothes as well.


 Hand and Feet Safety

reebow army military paintball gloves

Gloves are another must when playing paintball. The hands are the most exposed part of your body during a paintball match as you will keep them in the forefront to keep your gun at the ready. Receiving a hit on an exposed hand is very painful and will adversely affect your performance for some time after. That’s why a good pair of gloves should be a part of your paintball gear.

As for the feet, be sure to keep them well protected with a good pair of sturdy boots or sneakers. Never wear exposed shoes. Make sure the shoes you wear offer your ankles reinforcement as paintball involves a lot of running and jumping on undulating terrain and this can lead to sprained ankles if you are not wearing proper shoes.

Paintball Safety Rules – Playing it Safe

To keep everyone safe, including officials and spectators, paintball safety rules are paramount – they must be known and obeyed. Here are a few basic ones to get you started.

1. Never fire your paintball gun when you or anyone near you is not wearing proper protection.

2. Never remove your goggles in the field or in the elimination zone.

3. Always keep your marker’s safety in the safe position. If your gun has a power feed, keep it in      the OFF position when you’re not using your marker.

4. Don’t fire your paintball marker unless you are firing at a target. Blind firing or firing without           looking could lead you to accidentally shooting referees, spectators or players leaving the            field.

5. Make sure to use a barrel plug when not using your marker.

6. When storing your maker, make sure it’s uncharged and unloaded.

7. Only pressurize your paintball gun only when you're ready to use it.

8. Never service or use a paintball gun while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

9. When preparing your paintball marker for use, always remember to set your velocity to under 300 FPS. This is the safe level for paintball markers. You can check the shooting speed using a paintball chronograph.

10. Always observe and obey close range rules and never fire at anyone within 10 feet of you. Give them the option and chance of surrendering.

Paintball Safety – For the Good of the Game

Paintball safety can never be stressed enough. As exciting as the game is, never get so carried away that you neglect to observe the rules and regulations that govern play and safety. It’s all for the good of the game.

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