Paintball brings the simulation of war into a safe and controlled environment. As such, what makes the battle interesting is the paintball obstacles that you use while trying to achieve victory.

But, before delving into the best paintball obstacles to add to your favorite course, you need to understand the psychology behind paintball. What's the appeal? Why do people even participate in this crazy sport in the first place?

Why Paintball?

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Some answers to the appeal of this game are simple, while others may surprise you.

Burning calories

Chance to be social

Gets the adrenaline going

Chance to upgrade


What Are Paintball Obstacles?

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Paintball obstacles are the large shapes you see on various paintball courses. They provide cover and add a sense of ambiance. If you're going for a scary theme, then scary obstacles are the way to go.

If you're looking for a military theme, you'll be pleased to know there are all kinds of options. Obstacles come in many shapes and sizes, and each piece makes your paintball course that much better.

How We Reviewed the Best Paintball Obstacles

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Many paintball obstacles are available for purchase, and they come in many different forms. Some look like real objects, such as crates, castles, and tanks. Others are generic shapes that add variety to the battlefield and provide cover for the players.

The paintball obstacles listed in this article add a unique treat to the course. Each one has multiple options for use, so you have some choice. These paintball obstacles are of the best material, and their prices are suitable for the quality products you receive.

The Best Paintball Obstacles for Adding Appeal to Your Favorite Course

The paintball obstacles listed below are some of the best you can find. Each one is unique and brings a different element to your favorite course. They each have a reasonable price point and are well worth the cash. Read on to find the best paintball obstacles for adding appeal to your favorite course.

MP Paintball Air Bunker - Dorito - Medium (6' H) (MP-SB-1015)
  • Made from commercial grade, 23oz gauge, mesh reinforced, double side coated PVC.
  • Equipped with PATENTED Smart-Valve for easy handling of over inflation and auto pressure release, exclusively from...
  • Warranty - 12 month limited warranty

Playing paintball combines a variety of skill sets. Not only do you utilize speed and agility on the physical side, but strategic maneuvering around the battlefield is vital as well. Knowing how to utilize the paintball obstacles you run into gives you a leg up on the competition. And understanding how the Dorito Inflatable Air Bunker works gives you the keys to success.

The Dorito air bunker is a triangle. That means there are sharp corners you have the option to peer around. Also, the top comes to a point, so lobbing paintball grenades isn't the best option and helps keep you protected from them.

Another aspect of the Dorito paintball obstacle that you may overlook is the fact that you can interlock it with other Doritos. Placing one by itself works, but think what happens if you interlock the gaps together to create a small wall of Doritos!

The Dorito allows for creativity and spices up the battlefield. You just have to stop and think about how to utilize it fully. Handling this paintball obstacle is easy since the product comes with a patented Smart Valve. The Smart Valve protects you from over inflation and ensures your paintball experience is the best it can be.

A happy customer commented on the well-built design as a pro and that they had a blast using it. There were no cons listed in the reviews.

MP Tombstone Shape Inflatable Air Bunker, Medium
  • MP inflatable air bunker- tombstone shape - medium
  • Dimensions: 6' H
  • Made from commercial grade, 23oz gauge, mesh reinforced, double side coated PVC

The best paintball obstacles come in a variety of shapes and add a bit of strategy to the battlefield. While the Tombstone Inflatable Air Bunker design isn't the most complex, it makes this list because of the shape itself. This tombstone design fits almost anywhere on the battlefield and is versatile.

One thing that paintball obstacles have going for them is the fact that most of them are just two colors. For instance, most are either decked out in yellow and blue or red and blue. If you choose, take advantage of these colors and paint the obstacles.

Create some outstanding works of art on these paintball obstacles and make it your own. Perhaps you paint the tombstone obstacle to look like a real tombstone? Since you have the option to put this anywhere, its value goes up, and its users agree.

However, they did state a con in that the Tombstone bunker requires sandbags to keep it in place. Otherwise, as the obstacle sits in a mid-range price, the Tombstone fills in your battlefield nicely.

MP Elbow Shape Inflatable Air Bunker, Big
  • MP inflatable air bunker - elbow shape - big
  • Dimensions: 5X5'
  • Made from commercial grade, 23oz gauge, mesh reinforced, double side coated PVC

Cover becomes quite the necessity when it comes to wars on the paintball field. If you walk around in the open, you're almost guaranteed to get hit. In certain situations, small paintball obstacles are better than big ones. However, when you need a wide barrier, then this Elbow Inflatable Air Bunker is for you.

Like the Dorito-shaped inflatable bunker listed above, the Elbow inflatable air bunker allows for some creative use when it comes to its placement and combination with other types of inflatable air bunkers.

One of the many positive things about the Elbow inflatable air bunker relies on the fact that the elbow can be used to create new and exciting patterns. For example, connecting three or four of these large Elbow inflatable air bunkers crates a small maze for your players to wander through.

A maze adds intrigue to the course and throws the players through a loop as they chase each other through the few twists and turns of it. bThe elbow shape is 5 feet by 5 feet and covers a decent amount of territory. It also offers cover behind it as you can tuck yourself back into the corner and figure out your next move.

Another pro is that the bunker is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. An excellent paintball obstacle to take your paintball course to the next level. In terms of price, it's in the midrange.

MP Crate Shape Inflatable Air Bunker
  • MP inflatable air bunker - crate shape
  • Dimensions: 3x3x3'
  • Made from commercial grade, 23oz gauge, mesh reinforced, double side coated PVC

While obstacles that vary in color are excellent for the paintball field, sometimes you need realistic bunkers. They add a bit of flair to the field and make the experience more immersive. That's where this Crate Inflatable Air Bunker comes into play.

The crate looks real and displays the hilarious "ACME" lettering on the sides. ACME boxes gained popularity in old cartoons starring Bugs Bunny, and it's a beautiful piece to add to the paintball battlefield.

Getting fancy and unique with your obstacles helps your course stand out from the rest. For starters, an ACME crate immediately draws the eye and brings back nostalgia for older players. For all generations of players, they both will stop and stare at the realistic box they just passed.

Also, setting up your crates in a multitude of different positions is a great way to make the most of your ACME crates. For instance, buying three crates allows you to create a small pyramid. This dynamic obstacle looks great and adds flair to an otherwise standard battlefield.

The crate also gives the player slightly tricky cover. Since the box isn't super tall, it requires some crouching and gives your knees a workout. The crate makes you work for the protection, but it also means it's hard for you to get hit as well.

It's hard to find a bad customer review online for this product. 

Our Choice for the Best Paintball Obstacles for Adding Appeal to Your Favorite Course: Elbow Inflatable Air Bunker

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Although each obstacle on this list brings versatility to the course, the elbow brings the most versatility. Rotating the elbow in any direction gives you a brand new look and feel to the course. It also acts like a maze if you pair it with another elbow. This is definitely an obstacle well worth the money.

Play Safe and Have Fun

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Paintball gives you a chance to socialize and brings in a healthy dose of competition to your life. The paintball obstacles spice up your favorite course, and their size and shape bring variety and fun to it as well.

When playing paintball, always be safe and wear proper safety equipment. If you do that and leave it all on the battlefield, you won't be disappointed. Did your favorite obstacle make it on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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