How to Clean A Paintball Gun

Proper maintenance of a paintball marker (commonly referred to as a paintball gun) is essential to its proper functioning. Dirty guns become prone to jamming and reduced accuracy. In some cases, it may even cause paintballs to break in the barrel. Thankfully, cleaning your gun is an easy task. Cleaning Your Paintball Gun In order… Continue reading How to Clean A Paintball Gun

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Paintball Strategy and Tactics 101: Beginner Paintball Tips

Paintball is an increasingly popular sport with numerous variations. Whether playing solo or as part of a team, the game relies heavily upon strategy. Military-style tactics are a necessity in the field, but even beginners may play successfully with little or no prior training. By keeping some basic rules and tactics in mind, you will… Continue reading Paintball Strategy and Tactics 101: Beginner Paintball Tips

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Tiberius T8.1 Pistol Review: Best Paintball Pistol?

If you are looking for a new paintball gun or even a used one, the Tiberius T8.1 Pistol is an interesting prospect. This paintball marker is quite popular thanks to its chic aesthetic and pinpoint accuracy on close range shots. Compared to other paintball guns, the T8.1 Pistol is quite diminutive. Considering the marker’s small… Continue reading Tiberius T8.1 Pistol Review: Best Paintball Pistol?

Spyder Paintball Gun Fenix Review

The Kingman Fenix Spyder paintball gun is best described as affordable and reliable. It sells for around $150, making it one of the cheaper paintball guns on today’s market. Below, we delve into the marker’s specifics to determine whether it is worth purchasing. View Full Product Page / Specs Fire Away With the Spyder Fenix The Spyder Fenix’s… Continue reading Spyder Paintball Gun Fenix Review

Dye Proto Rail Review

Dye Precision’s Proto Rail is a solid marker for entry level and mid-level paintballers. While those who play the sport at a high level of competition likely won’t be satisfied with this marker, those who are casual players or new to the game will enjoy it. Dye Precision is known for selling high end markers… Continue reading Dye Proto Rail Review

Azodin Zenith 2 Review

The Azodin Zenith 2 has a wealth of features yet many still label it as an entry level paintball marker. It sells for around $299.95 on the web, which is absolutely a fair price for a marker of this quality. This powerful marker now has a lighter striker along with a new ZeRO System. It… Continue reading Azodin Zenith 2 Review

Tippmann X7 Phenom Review

The Tippmann X7 Phenom runs at $399 as a new Tippmann X7 paintball sniper. It is equipped with a FlexValve technology that operates below 300 PSI for optimal air efficiency. You’ll be able to lick off 1,400 shots from a 4500 PSI tank with ease. The X7 Phenom is the first ever electro-pneumatic gun to… Continue reading Tippmann X7 Phenom Review