The JT Impulse marker has a storied history as it was one of the most commonly used markers in paintball tournaments in the early 2000s. The gun has recently been updated with new features and an improved aesthetic. The JT Impulse retails for around $1,000 (see lowest price). Below, we examine the marker’s qualities and decide if it is worth the lofty price tag.JTImpulse

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The Basics Of The JT Impulse

To justify the JT Impulse’s exorbitant price, the team at XSV had to add a slew of features to the marker. There is a brand new design that is meant to produce the smoothest possible shots with a LPR balanced valve technology. It has a contoured slim grip that is incredibly comfortable. Experienced ballers will testify that this is one of the most comfortable guns available on today’s market. There is also a new 4 way adjustable magnetic trigger that empowers ballers to alter the trigger to the sensitivity level that suits them best. The Impulse provides a very bright, easy to use blue OLED display so that ballers can quickly see their fire rate and choose whatever playing mode option is ideal for them. This OLED is crystal clear and can be seen even in harsh sunlight. That is more than can be said of most other marker OLEDs.

Other notable features include wired break style beam eyes, a four way trigger that is adjustable and magnetic, an air cushioned piston, a dovetail mounted ASA system, a two piece 14 inch micro honed barrel, a clamping feed neck, a dual bearing suspended trigger, spring driven detents to boost the marker’s lifespan and a software upgrade through a miniature USB.

What Ballers Like About The JT Impulse

Does all of this justify the thousand dollar price of the marker? Most players respond with a resounding “Yes”. Some ballers are going as far as saying that the JT Impulse is the best gun that they’ve ever fired. They love the fact that it is much lighter than one would guess by looking at it. The marker rips off super quiet shots quickly, with a fluid pace that never falters. It shoots off 12 pods and a hopper with one fill. The gun has been re-designed for the perfect balance with a focus on the valve being improved from the 09 Impulse and it absolutely shows. The barrel is a basic 14 incher that looks appropriate for the marker. Most who purchase the JT Impulse will stick with this barrel because it is serviceable, doesn’t rise much when fired, has great porting and is very light. The on/off ASA is simple to use and doesn’t move around in the midst of battle. Simply put, the Impulse feels perfect when the trigger is pressed. There is just about no recoil kickback and that means a lot for those of us who have suffered through annoying and sometimes painful recoils.

Ballers also love the fact that the marker has a very long and easy to hold grip. Those who used the 09 version of the Impulse will be quick to note that the new Impulse grip is vastly superior. The grip frame feels perfect, especially when two fingers are pressed against the trigger. Ballers will be happy to know that they will be able to fit their thumbs between the trigger guard and the regulator. Beyond the marker itself, there is a case, a DVD with instructions, spare parts and a barrel condom. It is worth noting that many ballers have tested the JT Impulse outdoors during the winter and there have been no reports of the gun jamming or having its lube freeze.

JT Impulse Criticisms

Critics have few complaints. Among them are the fact that the JT Impulse is similar to the 09 Impulse in terms of mechanics and the fact that many of the same engineers and designers developed both markers. Another minor criticism is the small and form fitting binder style case that the marker is sold in. Compared to cases made by Luxe and Vanguard, the JT Impulse’s is a bit of a letdown. Some think that it is a bit too reminiscent of a Dye marker case (although, that too might appeal to some people).

A few other critics don’t care for the Impulse’s aesthetics. There are complaints that it is too similar to the Ego 9 in terms of its looks. Some think that the JT Impulse’s marker and the eye covers are too noticeable and a bit cheesy looking. Others think that the OLED screen is cheaply made and quite diminutive when compared to other markers on the market. Yet they are overlooking the fact that the screen is visible under nearly all conditions and has a fantastic user experience design that makes it simple to operate.  On the side of the Impulse is a laser engraved warning label that reads, “This is not a toy”. This is totally unnecessary considering that just about no youngster will be able to afford the marker at its thousand dollars price tag. If anything, the label should have been put on the marker’s barrel.

Yet in the big picture, these criticisms are minor ones. In the end, the JT Impulse must be considered one of the best markers available in 2014. It is indeed worth the cost for those who can afford it.

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