You never want to let your air rifle get rusty. Rust is a big problem for any gun. Because it can cause them to break or trigger major performance issues. You never want to use or fire a rusty gun if you can avoid it. Luckily, getting rid of rust is not too hard. This article will cover some of the methods that can be used for all different types of how to remove rust from a gun.

Learning to Assess the Damage By Checking On How To Remove Rust From A Gun

cleaning on a rifle gun

Before you start learning how to remove rust from a gun. You need to figure out how bad the wear and tear is. This will give you a benchmark for what supplies you need.

The most important part of this assessment is figuring out what type of finish your air rifle has. Each brand uses something different, and certain finishes can be harmed by chemicals.

Lighter surface rust, which is generally the easiest to deal. It can be taken care of with at-home products. However, deeper or more serious rust is going to require heavy-duty materials.

Taking Care of Light Surface Rust

clean the rust

Light surface rust, while annoying, is one of the best problems to have because it is the easiest to deal with. In fact, the only reason you would want to break out any specialized products for light rust is if your gun has a finish that only works with certain materials.

Normally, this is best solved with fine steel wool. However, soft brass brushes also do a good job at rubbing the rust off. Those tools can be found at most hardware shops, but auto shops work as well. No matter which you choose, you can freely use any lubricant you wish to get rid of the rust.

Apply An Oil

Appply oil

Once you have a brush and some lubricant, you should liberally apply the oil to any rusty surface you see and lightly scrape at it with your tool.

Though that is simple, there are some mistakes you can make when removing this type of rust. The biggest is by getting too abrasive of cleaning material. This can hurt the finish if you aren't careful. The finish can also be damaged if you use too little lubrication.

If your gun has a special finish that you need to protect you should use something like Blue Wonder Gun Cleaner or another specialized product. Take your time and be patient. There is no reason to get too aggressive and damage your rifle.

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Cleaning Off Deeper Rust

cleaning deeper rust

Unfortunately, not all guns have light surface rust. Sometimes, the affliction is much stronger. In those cases, you need to amp up your materials. There are several specialized options for deep rust, but turtle wax is one of the most commonly used by gun enthusiasts.

Though the steps of this process are similar to how you remove light rust, the application is a bit different. You first need to take your rifle apart and smear your wax across all of the rust-covered surfaces. Then, put the parts in the sun and allow them to completely dry. Only once everything is thoroughly dry can you resume cleaning.

Wipe With Rag

wipe with rag

Once you're sure the wax is set, wipe everything down with a rag. This should be able to get rid of any unwanted material, but if some persist you can go over it with lubricant and steel wool.

Also, note that if your rifle only has a few large rust spots you do not need to break the gun down. Rather, saturate the rusty areas with high-quality oil and go over them with a brush or wool.

Removing Interior Barrel Rust

remove interior barrel rust

This last section on how to remove rust from a gun will cover interior barrel rust. As you can imagine, this is the most difficult rust to deal with. While some outside rust is irksome, rust inside the barrel can make it dangerous to use your air rifle. In fact, if you look down the barrel with a light and see any rust. You have to remove it before using the gun.

For this process, you want to lubricate the inside of the barrel. And then clean it with a bronze or nylon brush. Though you may consider stainless steel options, those will often damage the barrel and reduce accuracy. After you've gone through the barrel, lubricate it one last time and you're done.

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Keeping Your Rifle Rust-Free

When it comes to air rifle upkeep. You want to make sure you know how to remove rust from a gun. Not all rifles are going to get rusty. But it is a great tool to have for whenever you encounter the problem. There are several types of rust, but as long as you know how to handle each of them. You will always be properly prepared.

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