Getting a grip on a paintball gun that feels the best in your hands is the ultimate paintballer’s objective. Since there are literally hundreds of makes and models on the market, you may throw your hands up in the air exclaiming, “Which one is right for me”? The Smart Parts ION Paintball Marker is an ion paintball gun that will provide you with a list of fantastic features and exceptional programmability.

The Gun

Reviewers boast that this ion paintball gun is handler-friendly, readily programmable, reasonably priced and a quickly repairable model. The Ion Paintball Gun is said to be the “best bang for the buck” on the paintball gun market.

Adaptable and Durable

The playing situation is an important consideration when picking a gun. There are different dynamics between an open field speedball type of location and a woodball environment. The Ion performs splendidly in all paintball venues, handling abuse like a rental gun.


You can trust your Ion to continue firing in the toughest environments. There is also a quick trigger adjustment to shorten the pull range without even taking the Ion apart. This is a great feature for short, rapid-fire speedball contests, plus a super way to make a quick change for some extra firepower in the woods.


Weighing just over 2 pounds, the Ion is lightweight, making it easy to handle, plus you can carry it effortlessly for extended play matches. There are multiple upgrades available, plus a series of small parts for on-the-go repairs.

Rapid Firing Rate

You can shorten the trigger pull without taking the Ion apart to make instant changes in the rate of fire. There are semi auto and full auto modes where you can adjust the firing speed from 17bps in a rebound mode to a full automatic 10bps in graduated three-shot bursts. With the Ion gun, if you lock down your target, perfect your aim, you’re going to paint your victim.

Long Lasting Power

Since the Ion uses a 9-volt battery source, you will not need to purchase expensive and heavy battery packs. You can actually tote a handful of backup batteries in your pocket. The Ion is also gas efficient, able to explode over a thousand shots from a 68ci – 4500psi fill.


The Price

A lightweight, rapid-fire paintball gun with longevity is just part of the appeal of the Smart Part Ion model. The price is right also. If you do your research, you can find Ion Paintball Guns for as low as $165 retail, up to $235 for the XE upgraded marker.

Amazon has package deals available for both models including the XE improvements that include the marker, 3000PSI nitrogen tank, extra paint hopper, VForce thermal mask, plus a 4+1 wire harness. Other quality markers are available designated as Smart Parts Ion Halo packages.

Detailed Instructions

One excellent feature of the Ion markers is the extensive and easily understandable user instructions. Even if you purchase a pre-owned gun, there is an excellent PDF version of the 27-page manual available online that is simple to download. To help users easily fix different things on their gun, or correctly program the Ion, there are video instructions available as well.

Parts and Repairs

Parts for the Ion marker are readily available from different sources, especially from vendors on Amazon. There are also choices for upgrades that can be easily added to your paintball arsenal. Here are a set of replacement parts and improvements that you can purchase quickly online.

1. A useful part to keep on hand is the New Paintball Clamping Feedneck, which allows making changes almost instantaneous.

2. You can upgrade the Ion to a Smart Parts Ion 22 Inch Flute Sniper Barrel. This makes smart sense if you’re playing against highly skilled competition where precision shots are essential.

3. Keeping your machine in top condition requires changing out the o-rings. This is simple by following the instructions in the Ion user’s manual and keep a Smart Parts Ion 3x color coded paintball o-ring rebuild kit.

4. When scrolling through the add-ons and options, consider the Virtue Paintball Smart Parts Ion Laser Breakbeam Eye System – Red. You’ll be able to enhance your visuals in both infrared and visible light. The system works with the stock board and all aftermarket board changes.

5. Quick repairs are sometimes crucial when your marker has an issue in the middle of a hunt. Easy enough to drop or misplace a screw for sure. Packing an Spec-D Tuning FBW-B 10PC Blue Aluminum Fender Bumper Engine Dress Up Washer Bolts Screw Kit in your tool bag is a super suggestion; maybe even two or three since they are inexpensive.

6. If you want to really put some freak into your Ion marker, add the barrel kit so you can use the Smart Parts Freak Boremaster Insert Kit. You add 7 different color inserts with a convenient carrying case.

The Reviews

With all the available options and a user-friendly design, reviewers collectively boast the Ion paintball marker to be one of the best guns they have every used and well worth the money. The action and dependability review as “as good as it gets”.

An excellent beginner gun, the Ion is also a stable enough marker to be used by seasoned paintball veterans for tournament play. When compared to other pricier paintball marker models, the Ion gun is touted as being well worth the cost as a novice, or expert paintball gun.

There are a number of Ion paintball markers for sale. Research may indicate some seriously appealing options, but be certain to factor in the Amazon respect for customer satisfaction. Finding your perfect paintball gun is goal number one, but also having access to affordable replacement parts is a bonus. Study the reviews for the Ion Paintball gun and you’ll be ready to add one of the best reviewed markers to your arsenal.

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