First Strike Paintballs are unique to the paintball industry. They use aerodynamics and fin technology for greater accuracy and precision. First Strike Paintballs or First Strike Projectiles are cylindrical in shape and rounded in the front. They have rivets (fin technology) for projectile accuracy and speed that is unsurpassed. The First Strike paintball range is twice that of a normal paintball. Their accuracy is twenty-fives times more accurate than a normal paintball. The fin is a .68 caliber with an ultra-thick filling that is also biodegradable. The shell is made of Polystyrene, which makes the paintball impervious to water and humidity. However, they are sensitive to sunlight so it’s best to store them in a darker area.

Normal paintball vs First Strike paintball

One of the major differences noted by paintball enthusiasts is the consistency. Paintball protégés would recognize the inconsistency factor with regular paintballs, make it challenging to be a sniper. However, First Strike projectiles allow the shooter when using their guns and markers to gain a new level of accuracy because of the consistency factor. Therefore, true marksmanship is attainable with the First Strike projectiles.  

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First Strike paintball reviews

First Strike paintball rounds are known to be one of the best brands you can get. Many seasoned paintball players don’t mind spending a few extra bucks to get a really high quality product. This results in a faster rate of play for them in their games.

Patrick Donovan purchased the First Strike paintball rounds back in May of 2016 stating the product as “Solid” with a five-star rating. Patrick says, “If you want accuracy from more of a distance and are willing to sacrifice volume of rounds down range then these are for you. I got a hit from at least 75 meters where the round went in between a crack in a fence that the person i was aiming at was hiding behind. I suggest a red dot for quicker sight picture though, iron sights are fine but if you are using the supported mags, then you lose volume and need to get off the first few shots quick in an intense situation. Just make sure you hit the spring pin on the mag before you start so they actually feed.”

Another consumer who purchased the 40 count First Strike paintball rounds stated “These paint balls definitely live up to the claim of being 25x more accurate. I use them in my tiberius t9.1 ranger and they have served me well when i needed to take a shot at a target well out side a normal paintballs effective range. Just make sure your using a first strike capable gun.” So, if you’re having loading problems, it’s likely you don’t have the right gun. Check on that before assuming that the paintballs are faulty. Your gun simply might not be built to handle paintballs of this caliber. 

Pricing vs Value

Some have complained about the First Strike paintball rounds being over-priced. They are on the steeper side of the pricing spectrum. However, they shoot with such speed and accuracy, that many find them totally worth the price. 

In a recent study done by Pb Nation, the participants fired 5 regular paintballs and 5 First Strike paintballs. They did so while sitting on a bench with a 45-degree angle trajectory. They found the longest range of the regular projectiles was approximately 337 feet. The longest range of the First Strike paintball rounds were approximately 510 feet.


It’s obviously that First Strike paintball rounds are totally worth the investment. There’s a reason why people who purchase them don’t want to stop using them. You can’t beat the accuracy and speed at which they fly!

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