Empire has a reputation of building excellent guns. They’re extremely popular in the paintball community because they’re reliable, high-performing and an affordable cost. Everybody looks for something different when shopping for a paintball gun. If you’re looking for an incredibly well performing gun at an awesome price, the Empire Axe Pro Paintball Gun should be at the top of your list.

With the popularity of the Empire paintball guns, you might be wondering why in the world they released this model if they already had a good thing going? As with anything, there with things that people didn’t like about the original Axe gun.

So basically, Empire built a new gun to fix the things that people didn’t like. There’s no huge, dramatic changes but they’re significant enough to set this gun a notch above the other guns. It’s nice to see a company listening to their customers’ feedback and really seeking to implement those changes and create a better product.

There are a few major changes in the gun and a few minor ones. None of them are earth-shattering or changing the paintball game but a lot of people are loving this gun and it’s easy to see why.

empire axe pro

What’s New in the Empire Axe Pro

The overall design and ergonomics of this gun have been updated and tweaked to make it easier to use and more powerful. Some people had complained that they felt like the Empire guns weren’t easy enough to use and were distracting during a game. The company has worked to make the gun smoother and simpler in order to keep you undistracted.

One of the big updates that Empire made to the Empire Axe Pro is improved waterproofing and a better functioning trigger.

Another major improvement Some people were complaining that the foregrip was too short in older models. The Empire Axe Pro has a better fitting grip. They’ve extended it and made it easier and more comfortable for people to hold for longer periods of time. The gun is much easier to hold on to when you’re running, shooting and diving behind barricades.

empire axe pro

An additional change Empire made is the bolt is much more easily adjustable. This makes cleaning the gun so much easier, extending the life of your marker and making it much more enjoyable to use!

Something that was included in Limited Edition models of the Empire Axe is now included in the Empire Axe Pro. They added the Redline OLED board. If you’re unfamiliar with this, it makes changing your rate of fire, monitoring battery levels and moving to different modes so much easier. Everything is clearly displayed and easy to understand on the screen which gives you more play time and less time trying to figure out the gun.

Value vs. Price

When you think about the product you’re getting in comparison to the price point, this gun blows it out of the water. The Empire Axe Pro is an incredible value. It’s so fun to use and really keeps you in the moment of the game. You’re not distracted by uncomfortable features, difficult to understand modes, etc. It’s clean, easy to use and lets you play for hours.

While this gun will run you a bit more than other guns, the features far outweigh the price point. This gun is a really great price if you’re on a tight budget but still want to be able to play on a team in tournaments. Most tournament guns of similar quality will cost over $1000-1500. This gun is under $600.00 so you really can’t beat that. Congratulations on finding a gun that gives you everything you need and leaves some spare change in your wallet for more!

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