The Dye DM14 is representative of more than a decade of constant paintball progression. Clients and athletes alike have been looking for perfection, so that is what Dye have aimed for in their design choices.

Upgraded and rebooted, the DM-14 is smaller, yet has a greater air efficiency compared to previous versions, with a sleek design that is shorter than the DM-13. It’s also the easiest DM to keep clean by far.

When you choose the DM, you can be certain DYE has left no stone unturned in making sure this marker performs incredibly well.

Dye Dm14 Paintball Marker Features

Dm14 Paintball Gun

Colour Coded O-Rings

These rings make it easy to quickly work out the proper replacement O-ring you should use when doing maintenance of your marker.

Eye Pipe Plateless Enclosure

The Eye Pipe, with its inner design, houses a polycarbonate pipe, protecting the self-cleaning system from dirt as well as broken paint. This makes sure that the eyes constantly monitor the ball drop. This system does away with double feeding too.

Fuze Bolt System

DYE's one-piece Fuze bolt system works at a very low 145PSI. This low working pressure generates a smooth spool cycle, minimal recoil, and extreme precision.

Reach Trigger

man paintballing

Imagine individually customized ergonomic comfort, in addition to optimal trigger speed. With the Reach Trigger, it's possible to adjust the angle and reach of your trigger.

The new angle adjustment together with the Spring and Travel Tension lets you create a personalized fit to attain your optimal shooting capabilities.

Sticky Grips

The Complete wrap around Sticky Grip allows for easy access to the battery and circuit board for programming without using tools. The Sticky Grip comprises a front rubber contact pad and back rubber contact grip, for maximum comfort and stability.

GasThru Design

The Dye DM14 marks Dye’s first GasThru tournament marker. The macro line was taken away to improve gameplay ergonomics and toughness. Changing hands in important situations hasn’t been faster or simpler.

Low Profile Design

The DM14’s profile is the lowest of any marker in Dye’s DM series. Being almost half an inch shorter, it is truly compact for a seriously aggressive profile. To achieve this, the LPR was transferred to the front and redesigned into a self-contained cartridge for effortless maintenance.

Quick Release Magnetic Bolt

The all-new Quick Release Bolt Assembly is the quickest, easiest and most dependable bolt removal system on the market. An easy, one-touch spring loaded button enables the user to remove and reinstall the bolt kit in seconds.

Standard care has never been easier or more accessible.

Reach Airport

The ASA keeps the cam lever system on & off switch. Having the knob locked in position, air can be delivered into the marker for premium comfort and a compact design.

When discharged, trapped air is let out, making tank removal easy, and lessening wear on regulator threads and O-rings.

Hyper4 Regulator

The Hyper 4, the most recent creation of Dye's trusted regulator line, is the most dependable and consistent regulator Dye has ever produced, with the quickest disassembly accessible.

Standard maintenance is doable in less than a minute, enabling the best performance for your marker every single day.

Ultralite 45 Frame

Paintball Player

The UL 45 framework is the culmination of high pro player Influence and innovative engineering. The hourglass UL framework was designed to give the player total control of the marker. Additionally, it enables gamers to quickly and easily pull the trigger.

Dye Dm14 Paintball Marker Reviews

Here is what some of Dye’s trusted fan base is saying about the Dye DM14. Needless to say, they were mostly as impressed as us, although some of them had a few issues here and there.

For the most part, the DM24 seems to be a very responsive, powerful marker.

Review I

Playing paintball

This is a truly lovely gun, quick and very accurate out of the box. It’s easy to take apart and looks very durable. The gun has been elite from the first time I used it, and it hasn’t required any updates to perform at a high level. 

My only real qualm with the gun itself is that it's fairly heavy and bulky in comparison to others in the purchase price range.

The lack of an OLED plank is a drawback from a luxury feature standpoint but has no actual influence on the firearms performance.

Having the ability to see board settings, shot count and other information available with different firearms via an OLED would be cool, especially in this price range, but it isn't that important.

The shortage of these additional ‘gimmick’ attributes is signature Dye in my opinion.

IMO Dye is all about creating a blue-collar marker - elite performance with a durable design and no unnecessarily flashy features that will make the gun delicate. This is a gun built to continue at the highest level of functionality – thank you, Dye!’

Review II

Playing DM14 Gun

I was always jealous of the people I would see around that had a Dye Matrix series marker. So this last July when I was in the market for a new gun, I decided to take a leap of faith and grab the DM14. Here is my take on the marker: 

The DYE has an ultra-light frame with all the sticky grips. Extremely quiet, and yes, maintenance is quick and effortless.

The general appearance of the gun is also wonderful! I quite like the adjustable ASA, particularly being a shorter player.

The gun has performed with no malfunction, thus far. The DYE customer support is also amazing!

Reach Trigger is fantastic, and the DYE eye pipe is simple to wash. Taking it from the marker is simple, as soon as you get the hang of how to do it.

The Feed-Neck is fine but in my opinion, should have been milled a little bit more nicely.  

Not a significant complaint, but the general design of this DYE matrix case could be a little better. It doesn't match the DM14 quite as well as I’d hoped and leaves marks on the grips. However, I do really like it.

There are a few things I’m not too ecstatic about of, but I’m sure that if I purchased any other marker, there are a few things I would love to change also.

The gun is extremely silent; anyone who says differently doesn’t know what they’re talking about. The UL barrel is good.

In spite of the gun having a stretched out texture because I am 5'6," I think the length is ideal. I would recommend this gun every day, and I believe that DYE has converted yet another paintball player to a DYE faithful.’

Review III

best-looking marker

I’d like to start this off by saying this is among the best-looking markers of the year, and definitely the best-looking DM yet. 

They are experts about making these guns, and there are a long list lot of things DYE have added to their marker by now to make them as good as they are.

The tool-less removal of the bolt is perhaps among the best tool-less removals yet. The first time getting the bolt out the gun is rather hard, but after that (as well as re-lubing the bolt assembly) it's fairly easy to remove.

The ‘less-is-more’ macro layout is great. I do know that there are people that do not like it for some reason, but it really does make it that much better.

Another good thing about this version is the adjustable ASA. Being 6'2," I have a tendency to hit myself in the face a lot, but the adjustable ASA helped me to solve this problem - this feature alone should be a reason for marketing this gun to tall men!

Another thing I commend is the moving of the LPR down to the front of the marker. In doing so, they cut down on the total height of the marker; it kind of reminds me of when I had my own DM12. The marker is also very smooth and quiet; it's at least as easy as a Luxe but has more of a poppy feel.

I will say that for the price it really should include an OLED board or LCD display. They’ve placed just about everything they could on this marker, but I truly feel like dye wants to place the LED on this marker too. 

Something else I should mention - this could be user error but I find it quite tough to get the front grips off to clean. If you’re a little bit obsessive like me, you like to make sure your marker is spotless.

My last thing is that the LPR. In moving it to the front, Dye managed to decrease the size, which is great, but it was simpler to adjust it if it was right in front of you – I do kind of just miss having it right there.

Overall I really do love this marker, it's the most comfortable marker currently on the marketplace; the flexible ASA on a macro line less gun is awesome, and I believe that the level of quality that Dye is achieving nowadays is phenomenal.

I'd say its one of the best valves on the market and I would recommend this marker to anyone who's prepared to spend the cash.’

Buying a Mask to Go with the DM14

Paintball Mask

Although shopping for a Dye DM14 marker can be quite thrilling, it’s also important to remember that to play paintball, you also have to have a mask for protective purposes.

Paintball masks, or paintball goggles, are there to serve a protective purpose, and it’s because of this, you can’t play a single paintball game without one.

If you are just beginning to enjoy paintball as an interest, we would recommend you purchase some paintball goggles as one of the first items along with your marker.

All paintball masks come in a single universal size with straps to adjust how they fit your face, though some do provide greater protection and vision than others. Various brands and models of paintball masks have different fits, so it’s a worthwhile idea to try some on prior to buying.

What fits one individual well may not match another person, and a badly fitted goggle can cause even the most expensive masks to steam - look out for models with thermal lenses, as these are double paned and less likely to steam up.

Does the Dm14 Live up to Expectations?

Dye DM14 2014 DM Paintball Marker
  • Quick Release Magnetic Bolt System
  • Gas Through Grip
  • Ultralite Reach Airport

It’s quite clear that Dye has done a wonderful job of crafting a powerful, responsive marker that performs well in the toughest situations. Its feature list is not to be sneered at, and response from customers shows that it’s not only well built, but any shortcomings are more likely due to personal preference.

The Dye DM14 is a wonderful marker with wonderful potential – a great choice that you can truly grow with. You won’t be disappointed!

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