The Dangerous Power G5 is the latest in a line of fantastic Dangerous paintball markers. It is considered to be a “mid level” marker mainly because of its price tag (see lowest price). Yet its performance borders on top tier. The marker represents much more than merely an updated or rebuilt version of the G3 or G4. Let’s take a look at what makes the marker so unique.

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G5 Design

Dangerous invested significant engineering resources to build this budget friendly marker’s intricate design. It has some of the latest in paintball technology that really boost the marker’s functionality. The G5 measures only 19.4 inches in length and is just under 8 inches from top to bottom. Overall, the marker weighs 1.8 pounds with the battery. It’s small, light and never feels like a burden in your hands.

The G5 lacks a macro line but has similar body lines to previous markers made by Dangerous. While it feels similar to these other G models, it boasts numerous features that really differentiate it from its predecessors. There is a reinforced unibody Stinger Frame that uses high speed precision milling to contain a low pressure inline system. It is very comfortable for all types of players, regardless of their hand and finger size. The entire marker is built with high grade aluminum and a heavy duty bracing structure that makes it capable of taking a beating and still operating at a high level.

The G5 has a hose-less gas through design, operates at 200 psi, a low profile clamping feedneck, a subsonic bolt, low profile RAPS ASA, power button programing and a RIPTIDE regulator. The Riptide regulator’s internal components (merely 7 o-rings) are extremely small and light. Most don’t mind the standard DP 13” stock barrel but if there are any qualms, players can add a barrel kit. The marker has a totally redesigned bolt engine with ported venting that creates quite the fluid motion throughout bolt actuation. The marker also features a milled lock nut style design that ensures a tight fitting and secure loader throughout even the roughest of matches.

G5 Firing Performance

Set the regulator to 280 fps and you’ll be able to rattle off shots at an impressive rate with pinpoint accuracy. With a paint to barrel match, you’ll obtain an even sharper shot. The G5 features a “New Wave” style micro switch blade trigger that feels quite comfortable. This trigger is fully milled and built with dual bearings. It feels just right with sensitivity  to the touch thanks to its 3 Axis adjustment plane.

The marker’s pressure chamber flow extends to the ports, allowing paint balls to exit at a high rate of speed with a level trajectory. Ballers can make plenty of board adjustments like 1 bps up to 25 bps in a half shot increment. There’s a cushioned locking mechanism empowers the player to maintain a solid hold of the marker while firing at a rapid pace. It also serves to minimize the marker’s lever wear as well. Overall, the G5 has four distinct firing modes: Full Automatic, Ramp, Burst and Semi-Automatic. Set modes include Millenium and PSP3.

G5 Maintenance

Every experienced paintball player will testify to the aggravation created by a pinched or overly dry o-ring.  Dangerous created the G5 with this concern in mind and did ballers a huge favor by getting rid of bolt o-rings altogether. The marker is extremely easy to maintain. There’s an On/Off ASA with bleed that makes connecting and removing the HPA tank simple. If you ever experience a problem with your G5, just shoot Dangerous’s customer service team a message via e-mail and you’ll likely receive a thorough response within a day or so.

G5 Criticisms

Some players have boycotted the Dangerous Power G series because of its bolt stick. Experienced players recommend to that owners throw away the G5’s factory lube and clean out the marker’s existing lube as most say that it doesn’t lubricate effectively. Most recommend that new owners re-lube the marker in order to prevent an otherwise seemingly inevitable bolt stick. Some players have complained that the G5’s firing kick back is a little bit too severe compared to other markers of medium to small stature.

Overall Impression Of The Dangerous Power G5

The Dangerous Power G5 meets its lofty expectations. The marker is fairly diminutive yet doesn’t feel so when resting in your hands. It is an excellent value, coming in at just over $300 at most retailers. Players love the marker’s responsive trigger, its wealth of hand room and shooting performance. In summary, the G5 feels and fires as a paintball gun should.

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