The Dangerous Power E1 is an affordable marker with its fair share of high tech features. It costs only $190 (see lowest price) on and can be found at other retailers for around the same price.  It is very easy to maintain, reliable and provides the type of performance that the average paintball player expects. While it isn’t a top of the line marker, it is serviceable for those who don’t play in highly competitive environments.

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Dangerous Power E1 Design

The E1 measures just over 15 inches, stands at 7.5 inches in height and weighs nearly two pounds. The marker’s barrel is 9.5 inches. The E1 has a strengthened core that is built with a Dump-Valve firing system that players love. Plenty think this is the best design for a marker that is intended to appeal to a wide cross section of players. There’s a slide and lock push style feed neck that is very easy to use. It comes with two o-rings and keeps the marker’s loader firmly in place. All it takes is a simple twist of the loader for removal. Many players choose to upgrade to the Dangerous Power clamping feedneck as the standard feedneck doesn’t fit with all types of hoppers.

The marker has a very straightforward user experience design with a single button that can be used to switch between firing modes and turn the eyes on. All a players has to do is press the button in and hold it there to turn it on. Then press it once to turn the eyes on or off.  The E1 also features a reinforced eye cover, a reinforced back cap, a twist knob ASA and an operating pressure regulator. The ASA has an on/off style and it is built right into the trigger frame. All the player needs to do is turn the knob a few times and it’ll be aired up and ready to use. The grips are thin, rigid and made of rubber. They’re easy on the hands and you’ll find that you can hold onto them for hours on end without indentations, pain or fatigue.

Dangerous Power E1 Firing Performance

The E1 has an operating pressure of 200 PSI. Its micro-switch board fires at 25 bps and can be operated in either semi-auto mode or full-auto mode. The marker has a 3 point trigger adjustment that players laud. The trigger is large and its guard is simply enormous. There’s a wealth of space for even the widest and longest of fingers.  The grip feels perfect even if you have abnormally large hands. When you pull the trigger, you’ll notice the minimal side play and that it doesn’t move too far when pressure is applied. This allows a snap-like style of firing that you’ll love.

Those with especially long arms will find that the marker suits their unique dimensions without a problem. Dangerous really put in the effort to engineer a marker that players of all different sizes can feel comfortable shooting. It is worth noting that players won’t have access to a separate air source adapter for the trigger frame. The ASA has been moved back some so that there is space for all different types of regulators, even regulators of the smallest variety.

Dangerous Power E1 Style

In terms of looks, the E1 is quite plain. There’s very little milling and the standard blue and black colors aren’t that striking. Black is the foundational color and it can be paired with hues besides blue. These include orange, pink, red, brown, green, purple, silver and turquoise. The marker’s annodizing is perfect. Overall, its look is sleek but not overly impressive.

Dangerous Power E1 Maintenance

The E1 can be serviced without much effort. It basically has two moving parts, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to disassemble and reassemble it. There are two screws that hold the marker’s frame in place yet they are completely hidden. One is placed in the high pressure regulator and the other is in the marker’s grips. Players have noted that the screw in the high pressure regulator is simple to get out but the one within the grips is a little bit of a pain to unscrew.

Dangerous Power E1 Criticisms

Some players have reported that they would prefer that the marker have more than the two standard firing modes. This would give the E1 more appeal for players who participate in competitive paintball leagues with strict firing requirements. It is also worth pointing out that the ASA is a part of the marker’s trigger frame so players wont’ be able to replace it.

The Final Verdict

The Dangerous Power E1 is fun to shoot, easy to use and most importantly, it feels incredibly comfortable in your hands.  It has a respectable shooting range and balls don’t explode in the barrel. There’s no doubt that the E1 is solidly made. It’s a fairly small marker but this also means that it is on the light side so it won’t fatigue your arms and hands. The bottom line is that the E1 is worth consideration if you are looking for a budget paintball marker ($190) with a focus on functionality and reliability instead of high tech bells and whistles.

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