Anyone looking for the best pump paintball gun on the market has many possible high-quality picks. We've compiled the best seven we could find in the market today. You simply can't go wrong with any of the models on this list.

*The following paintball guns are listed by price, from the most affordable to the most expensive one.

Those looking for a pistol paintball gun should consider this JT ER2 model. It is truly one of the best pump paintball gun choices available today.


The .68 caliber of this pistol makes it one of the largest and most accurate paintball pistols on the market. It also includes a smooth firing pump handle for easier use.


It is portable and fun to use.

It comes with a great sidearm choice.

Provides a top-loading action.


This paintball gun is slightly less accurate than other guns.

Feels a little flimsy.

Azodin is celebrated for their design choices, and the brand's KP3.5 Kaos model is truly one of the best pump paintball gun choices available on the market today.


Some of the most attractive features of this gun include a two-piece 14-inch barrel and a high-quality Delrin pump handle that is sturdy and reliable.


It has an incredible 230 PSI operating pressure.

Comes with high-quality dual pump rods.

It has an attractive half-block design.


Double pumping may break paintballs.

Some complaints about ASA leakage.

Another great option is this high-quality Empire Paintball Sniper model that takes inspiration from the classic Auto cocker design.


This pump marker is designed with a two-piece, 14-inch barrel and auto-trigger for rapid firing on the go. It’s built to work with low-pressure tanks and includes three different barrel inserts to accommodate a range of your favorite paintball products.


The barrel inserts for a range of projectiles.

Two-piece barrel for easy storage.

Auto-trigger for rapid firing.


Shorter lifespan than some competitors.

Another great choice from the Azodin brand is their KPC Rugged model. This paintball gun comes in a range of stylish colors and comes in just behind the KP3.5 in performance and features.


The one-piece, .685 barrel features milling that adds texture and catches the light for a little extra style and flair. You can easily attach pretty much any feed loader to this gun. Plus, the feather regulator works great with both CO2 and HPA systems.


Attractive range of colors.

Adaptable feed neck and feather regulator.

Steel pump rods and arm for smooth action.


More expensive than some other models.

Sometimes has issues with double-feeding.

The Black Phantom gun is a high-quality pump paintball tool. It is often considered the best in its class. It has many great features and benefits that make it worth your consideration.


Those looking for the best pump paintball gun often choose this model because it has a removable barrel, a comfortable grip, and a precision internal hammer that never misfires.


The lightweight build is easy to handle.

Included scope is very accurate.

Easy-to-use velocity rod.


The backward hose may get in the way.

The design may be awkward for some users.

If you’re looking for an airless pump-action paintball gun, the Valken Gotcha model might be just what you’re looking for.


While this paintball gun doesn’t compare to some of the heavy-weights listed above, it is the perfect product for beginners or those looking for a light and versatile pump-action model. The Valken Gotcha fires 50-caliber paintballs with zero air and a simple pump action.


Lightweight body makes it easy to handle

Built-in sight rail.

Low-impact and reliable pump mechanism.


Maxes out at 140 FPS.

Loader sold separately.

Another simple but effective pump-action paintball gun is the JT SplatMaster Z200 Shotgun. With no need for CO2 or batteries, you can truly take this paintball marker anywhere you please.


The SplatMaster Z200 combines satisfying pump-action operation with distances up to 100 feet and precision accuracy from up to 50 feet. Despite its power, this paintball marker is durable and safe for even young paintball enthusiasts.


Great accuracy at up to 50 feet.

Easy-to-use pump action.

Affordable and lightweight.


Some users were disappointed with the power.

Only holds 15 rounds of ammo at once.

Final Thoughts

So, which of these are the best pump paintball gun for your needs? That all depends on the kind of features that you look for in a weapon. While these guns are very similar in many ways, they do differ in small details. For example, some weigh close to 10 pounds while others are a lighter four pounds.

In the end, it all depends on your preference. We suggest a portable pump paintball gun that is light, easy to handle, and which feels right in your hands. Comfort shouldn't be ignored when choosing the best pump paintball gun for your needs.

Featured image by bedrck via Pixabay.