In our previous article, we discussed some of the best paintball masks available for both speedball and woodsball players. Today, we’ll jump a little more in-depth to discuss the best paintball masks for woodsball players. Woodsball has grown in popularity in recent years, so if you’re looking for a woodsball mask you’re in the right spot!

Speedball is about speed and quick movement. In contrast, woodsball emphasizes endurance and tactical protection. Therefore, the protective gear designed for woodsball are generally built with more protection in mind. This includes the paintball masks.

So, what’s our criteria for determining the best paintball masks?

best paintball masks for woodsball


How Should You Choose the Best Paintball Masks for Woodsball

Here are some factors you should use when considering a paintball mask for woodsball:

  • Full Head Coverage

Due to the endurance-oriented woodsball game, a full head and face coverage is preferred. This will help prevent injuries and thus allows you to play more woodsball game.

  • Anti-Fog Lens

Thermal-treated lens for anti-fogging is a must nowadays, for both comfort and visibility.

  • Comfort and Ventilation

A full-face mask can be a hindrance in prolonged use due to bad ventilation. A decent ventilation system for better breathability and comfort is one of the most important factors.

  • Style

The best paintball masks are not only about protection and comfort but should also be a fashion statement for the players. A great looking mask can also intimidate opponents, which in turn can affect the game.

With those factors being said, here are some of our recommendations for the best paintball masks for woodsball.

Best Paintball Masks for Woodsball

Proto Switch EL Google

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A very solid, one-piece mask that fully protects your face and ears. The single pane lens is thermal-treated, and so is fog resistant to enhance playing vision. The lens is also abrasion resistant, a fairly rare feature, and so is more durable.

The facial foam inside the mask is very comfortable and is also replaceable. Replaceable facial foam is also a rare feature, only available on very high-end masks, increasing the value of the Proto Switch EL Google.

The ventilation on this mask is simply one of the best, allowing great breathability and comfort even during a prolonged woodsball game. Last but not least, the multi-ported ear pieces will protect your ear while allowing communications to still be audible.

Even with all the great features, the Proto Switch EL Google is relatively affordable, another major selling point. Simply one of the best paintball masks for woodsball around.

JT Spectra Flex 8


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The JT Flex family has been really popular in the past few years, and with its reasons. The dual-fusion technology for the exoskeleton frame provides both protection and comfort, while the design is one of the best looking out there. The dual-fusion technology allows the JT Spectra Flex 8 to be soft and flexible for comfort, while also provides ventilation for better breathability.

Even with all those comfort features, the Spectra Flex 8 is still excellent in protection, offering a full-head protection ideal for woodsball players.

Another highlight of the features is the visor, which features a 260-degree field of vision lens that is thermally treated for fog resistance. The lens is also replaceable with a quick lens swap system, allowing you to quickly change mask in the heat of the game.

It is available in many color selections, yet we personally feel that the camo model is one of the best paintball masks designs out there. A very decent overall value with rich features, great durability, and overall quality.

Tippman Intrepid

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The Tippmann Intrepid Google offers an expanded ear, chin, and jaw protection, ensuring safety during the heated woodsball game. The mean design of the Tippman Intrepid is also one of the best looking and can intimidate your opponents with ease.

Yet, the Tippman Intrepid is not only about protection and looks, as one of the feature highlights is the spherical lens, that is thermal-cured for fog resistance. The spherical shape allows better peripheral vision, enhancing visibility throughout the game.

It is also one of the most comfortable masks around with the open cell foam technology. The open cell foam allows moisture to escape, so you can be comfortable even with all the built-up sweat during a prolonged game. Also, the Tippman Intrepid Google is one of the sturdiest and the most durable paintball masks around. Although it is relatively expensive, you can expect longevity from the Tippman Intrepid, making it a great long-term investment.

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