The nature of paintball means that although it is an exciting shooting sport, it can be painful for those not expecting it. This is especially the case for younger individuals, who may find it a little more difficult to stomach than the older person.

For this purpose, the invention of Low Impact Paintball was created. The primary difference is the power of the markers used when playing.

Low effect markers are special paintball guns for kids that generally hurt less than conventional markers.

As well as having lower power guns, real low impact paintball games also need special game oversight and security rules.

Although many gaming fields promote ‘Low Impact Paintball,’ kids and parents who play some of these games are surprised by how painful they can still be.

If ‘Low Impact’ matches aren't set up correctly, players may be deterred from returning, so it is essential game organizers make the best impression (and are not falsely advertising for the sake of business, which does happen).

Game organizers who understand how to run exceptional games, and use the very best low impact markers and highest quality paintballs, will always be rewarded with return customers time after time.

What Low Impact Markers Should You Use?

Of course, a lot of the experience of low impact paintball is in the markers. The best marker for this purpose is the GOG .50 caliber eNMEy.

Alternately, the GOG .68 caliber eNMEy HI/LO mark offers reductive impact using a typical .68 caliber paintball size, and is easily adjustable up to 300 FPS to be used in conventional games.

Either GoG eNMEy marker can be ideal for use as effective rental paintball guns – the specifics themselves are more of a personal determining factor.

Using Reduced Impact Paintball Markers

Anyone can arrange and manage paintball games, but reduced impact paintball using paintball guns for kids may provide some surprising advantages if you do a few things differently.

The purpose of this article is to assist with product selection, business models, and a few other important details so that you can be assured your first game goes smoothly without a hitch.

Reduced Impact Paintball is also maybe the best way to play paintball games with a company apart from conventional paintball games.

Many Company outings enjoy Reduced Impact Paintball. Private groups often welcome the chance to play a paintball game where the pain is considerably less, and other stipulations, such as game conditions, can also help to reduce players being scared.

If the matches are conducted correctly, and the right equipment is used, the players may enjoy their games much more - impacts in these types of settings may sting less than one third as much as paintball impacts in conventional games, this goes to show the obvious advantages of .68 caliber paintballs.

Low Impact Paintball business models and can provide you with suggestions specific to your required gameplay experience.

.50 Caliber ENMEy Paintball Marker

ENMEY 2013 GOG Paintball Gun Marker Semi-Automatic - Freak Green
  • True Pneumatic Design
  • Regulated Low Pressure
  • CO2 or Compressed Air





The Paintball Training Institute (PTI) selected the .50 grade GOG eNMEy paintball guns as the reigning low impact markers.

When compared to other .50 quality markers, the eNMEy is the most cost-effective, easiest for kids to manage, and has the feel and performance of a lightweight tournament marker.

It also tolerates delicate paint better than any other .50 caliber marker we looked at.

We’ve tested many paintball guns for kids with several different paint manufacturers and batches, and it seems to be the case that the GOG .50 grade eNMEy shot the most problematic paint without a hitch (other markers chopped and splattered the paint).

Overall, it had the best performance and the best value from the .50 grade category.

When looking for greater control over variables such as shooting speed and shooting proximity (10-foot minimum), you should look to find game areas and organizers who specialize in facilitating a safe and careful experience – this may cost a premium, but it is worth it.

Children's birthday parties, church youth groups, company groups, and others that are worried about paintball impacts are also usually at the top of these events organizers’ lists.

These .50 quality markers, together with miniature 13 cubic inch high-pressure propellant gas storage containers, provide maximum utility and will quickly pay for themselves.

You should be able to find several business models that make it possible for these tiny systems to last for a whole rental session, without having to refill them back up again before the end.

.68 Caliber HI/LO eNMEy Paintball Marker

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Without a doubt, .50 Caliber Low Impact Paintball is an opportunity ideal for youngsters and apprehensive adults.

However, it has to be said, it does come with compromised performance.

While this might be a perfect introduction to paintball, the .68 provides a middle ground that appeals to clients who feel intimidated by extreme action and are scared of the pain related to traditional paintball games.

They may wish to kick it up a notch - there's also a chance for parents and kids alike to pick a good marker that can then be utilized in low impact games but is still flexible for use in conventional games as the kids grow.

The .68 grade GoG HI/LO eNMEy marker is the perfect gun to grow with and is also a perfect surprise birthday present to be presented at a paintball birthday party – set up it up beforehand for reduced impact, and have it waiting to go as soon as the presents are opened!

There are plenty of fields that will buy the marker for you and look after them if you request this in advance.

Fields can eliminate the need for stocking additional markers and other paintball sizes when they opt to utilize .68 caliber GoG eNMEy HI-LO markers for all their field rentals.

Fields with the ability to supply reduced impact matches and will just have to stock one caliber of paintball marker (.68 caliber).

You'll have the ability to utilize one rental marker for each of your games, with a fast velocity adjustment before matches.

This is a high definition and low volume type of business, perfect for smaller paintball fields, along with the GOG .68 Caliber HI/LO eNMEy marker, which is perfectly suited to it.

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Employing the Correct Paintball Safety

Have a group of kids or employees? Need a place to play safe games that are well organized, and have paintball impacts that do not hurt as much?

A quick Web search will show many commercial Paintball fields advertising ‘Low Impact Paintball Games,’ but the particular equipment they supply and the game security rules they apply may be quite different.

You need to know what to ask, and what to look for, before assuming that minimal impact paintball games are exactly what you’re looking for.

Impact location in addition to individual pain tolerance may vary greatly. Proper goggles are an absolute necessity, and paintball marker shooting speed has to be corrected to less than 150 FPS, as stated in the Low Impact Paintball standard protocol.

If the matches are conducted correctly, and the correct Equipment is used, you can have a game experience that stings less than a third as much as paintball impacts in conventional games.

Low Impact Paintball is the perfect family adventure, and maybe a great first encounter for future hard-core traditional paintballers!

Getting Low Impact Paintball Training

Anyone can arrange and manage paintball games. However, to successfully pull off a paintball outing, you must first learn some complete security rules and procedures. Also, low impact Paintball games have additional requirements beyond conventional paintball.

Working with kids and inexperienced gamers, enforcing minimum shooting distances, and sometimes setting up close proximity to land boundaries, can require additional knowledge and training.

It's crucial you get hands-on experience running games and/or special training before you begin organizing Low Impact Paintball games.

Low impact paintball areas should comply with ASTM - standard Adults who buy paintball gear should certainly understand the basic security requirements in order to reliably recognize games that are dangerous.

Low Impact Paintball Safety rules require controlled shooting distances, diminished velocity, and also at times require smaller paintballs.

If your low impact paintball marker is gas-powered you may require a chronograph to understand how to correct the paintball marker, so the paintballs are traveling less than 175 feet per minute.

Appropriate field setup is important and might need more work than you realize, and low impact paintball games can tend to need continuous supervision.

Parents wishing to learn the requirements of safe paintball should spend some time observing and assisting at a nearby area where safe games are conducted and seeing how paintball guns for kids work, amongst other things.

Whoever might instruct you needs to have a thorough comprehension of the new ASTM standard for individuals who wish to know how to set up secure low impact paintball fields.

The Nearest Paintball Alternative for Kids

Although paintballing is a thrilling activity for both kids and adults alike, the fact that it can be painful may be off-putting. And while low-impact paintball goes some way to remedy this, there will be certain individuals that may not be able to be convinced to give it a go.

So where do you go from there?

The next best alternative to paintballing is outdoor laser tag. Outdoor laser tag includes many of the same features as paintballing but of course, is less visceral. Below we’ve listed some of the main differences of playing outdoor laser tag.

  • No Projectiles to Be Hit With

Outdoor laser tag is an excellent way of playing in the woods without being struck by a projectile. You can shoot and shoot as much as you like.

  • You have Multiple Lives

You have 5 lives in one game (snipers usually have three). Based on the assignment, your team may have infinite respawns or just a certain number.

  • Laser Guns are Accurate at Extremely Long Range

If you can see your opponent, you can shoot them! The range of laser sniper rifles far surpasses anything in paintball and airsoft.

There will also be no disputes about if you were hit or not - when your laser gun detectors are struck by the beam, your laser gun lets out a loud sound, letting you and everyone around know that you've been shot.

  • You Can See Your Surroundings Much More Easily

Because you don't need a mask and mask for security, you can hear and see more than paintball players can – good for detecting enemies and staying aware.

Outdoor laser tag is a thrilling option for kids (or adults) who are apprehensive about the pitfalls of paintball. It is a great, if not completely fulfilling alternative.

Getting the Paintball Guns for Kids

Paintballing is a thrilling sport, loved by many the world over. Although its nature may seem boisterous, it is a sport that should be open to all ages.

Low Impact paintballing is a fantastic way to allow younger games to enjoy the sport, while at the same time not receiving the full severity of more powerful paintball markers.

Find your nearest paintball field and enjoy the thrill today!

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