Looking to dominate your opponents on the paintball field? No matter how good your skill level, without the right gun by your side you will be dead meat when under attack. In order to quickly eliminate the competition and solidify your reputation as a dominant force on the paintball field, you have to choose a weapon that is fast, reliable, and accurate.

In your quest to dominate, here is a list of the 9 best automatic paintball guns to ravage your opponent;

1. The Planet Eclipse Geo-3

Planet Eclipse Geo-3 Paintball Gun

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Some of the reasons that the Vanquish is one of the top automatic paintball guns is because it is durable, a breeze to keep clean, has top-level performance, and is extremely lightweight. Now you can pace yourself on the field and take accurate shots without wearing yourself out carrying a heavier gun. Save time cleaning your gun and have it ready for the next battle in the blink of an eye.

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2. The Empire Axe

Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Gun

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With the Empire Axe Paintball Gun, you get the bigger brother of the Invert Mini. However, this version is easier to handle and packed with impressive features.

The Axe can be quickly cleaned without using any tools, all you have to do is push a button, and the gun does the rest. Rated high as one of the best automatic paintball guns as it features a power switch for the air tank that allows you to easily release the gas without struggling to replace tanks.

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3. The Dye Assault Matrix

The Dye Assault Matrix paintball marker

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Looking for a paintball gun that looks as impressive as it functions? The Dye Assault Matrix Paintball Gun feels great in the hands, looks like an assault rifle, and fires amazingly fast.

Depending on the conditions on the paintball field, a player can quickly and easily switch from hopper fed to magazine fed by simply sliding the switch. This allows players to mix up a regular paintball in the hopper and then place more powerful First Strike rounds in magazines.

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4. The Empire BT TM15 Marker

Empire BT TM15 Marker

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Looking to shred your opponents more easily without being exposed to their fire? The Empire BT TM15 Marker is considered one of the best automatic paintball guns for a few reasons.

The gun is extremely lightweight. As a result, you will last longer during a game without fatigue. The TM15 uses the same internals as the top guns in the paintball world, so you get higher quality for less.

This paintball gun also has a number of different firing modes. You can quickly access them by flipping the thumb switch. Camouflage colors blend in with your gear so you can be a ninja out on the field.

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5. The Empire Vanquish

Empire Vanquish GT Paintball Gun Marker

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The reason the Empire Vanquish Paintball Gun is on so many automatic paintball guns best lists, id that it has everything and more that you will need to crush your opponents every time you play. One cool feature is that it comes with a key that gives you the ability to take the entire gun apart.

Despite all the features, this is one of the lightest guns you will be carrying. Comes with tool-less cleaning system, simple to use screen for settings changing. The gun is even equipped with a full barrel kit. The carrying case that comes with the Vanquish even has a small little parts kit.

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6. The Spyder Fenix

Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker

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We did not forget the beginner players when we compiled this list of the top 9 best automatic paintball guns. The Spyder Fenix Paintball Gun is the perfect entry-level automatic paint gun, excellent price combined with stellar performance.

The Fenix has a number of firing modes, easy to clean, and is lightweight. Users have expressed that beginners should use compressed air instead of CO2 because it is better on the internal o-rings. Quick firing and easy on the arms, beginners will quickly get acclimated to the fast-pace of the action on the field with the Fenix.

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7. The Luxe Ice 2.0

Luxe Ice 2.0 paintball marker gun

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On the higher-end of the automatic paintball guns, we find the Luxe Ice 2.0 Paintball Gun sitting all alone. This is the gun that will take your game to a completely new level. The gun not only speaks to you, but it also comes programmed in different languages.

The tool-less firing system, the stunning color combinations, and the durability of the Luxe Ice make it the paintball gun even the best want to own. Packed with plenty of features, this is the electronic paintball gun that separates the men from the boys.

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8. The Invert Mini

Invert Mini Paintball Gun

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Players of all skill level have been raging about the Invert Mini for over five years now. This is a dependable automatic paintball gun that is built to last and get the job done right the first time. The Invert Mini Paintball Gun has exceptional performance, easy to clean, and is one of the more lighter guns on the market.

Mind you, this is not for the player with gorilla hands. On the contrary, it is crafted for the players with average size hands. This is the gun that will allow you to switch up your play dependent on what your opponents throw at you.

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9. The Proto Reflex

proto reflex paintball marker

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Although the Proto Reflex Paintball Marker is on the more expensive side, you are getting a durable weapon that will last for years, even under the most extreme use. Rather than having to replace your weapon, the Reflex is built to last and will easily pay for itself in short order.

In addition to the high-quality parts used to manufacture this paintball gun, you will notice instantly how it performs better than most other weapons. If accuracy and dependability are high on your list for a weapon on the field, you can not go wrong with the performance of the Proto Reflex.

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Final Word

Any one of these automatic paintball guns will help improve your game and crush your opponents. These weapons are durable, lightweight, and simple to keep clean too.

If you are already feared on the paintball field, share your choices for the best automatic paintball guns here so we can share it with our audience.

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