The Azodin Zenith 2 has a wealth of features yet many still label it as an entry level paintball marker. It sells for around $299.95 on the web, which is absolutely a fair price for a marker of this quality. This powerful marker now has a lighter striker along with a new ZeRO System. It looks fairly similar to the Azodin Blitz marker with the same slight angle and sleek body milling. Yet the inside of the marker differs from the Blitz as well as other paintball markers.


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What’s in the Box

When you open up the marker’s box you will find the marker, the manual, Allen Keys and a spare parts kit that includes o rings, grip screws and a set of extra detents. Be sure to read the marker’s manual as it contains a wealth of very useful information. There is a parts list with numbers along with helpful diagrams that instruct you how to assemble and disassemble the marker.


The marker has a two piece barrel, a twistlock feedneck, an on/off ASA, a Zen OLED Board and Azodin’s unique ZeRO system which we will delve into more deeply below. The marker comes with a one year warranty on both parts and labor. It is equipped with the Feathered Striker that weighs about a third less than the typical strikers of blow back markers. This helps to reduce the mass of the gun’s internal moving parts when it is fired. The marker has significantly less recoil as a result of the reduction in weight.

The ZeRO System

Paintballers far and wide will love the Azodin’s ZeRO System. The feature is located above the inline regulator and looks like the low pressure regulator found on the more expensive markers. Yet it functions in a similar manner without adding too much of an extra expense. There is an adjustable spring in the valve system and a screw that can be tightened with the Allen key provided with the marker. When the system is tightened, it boosts the pressure on both the valve and spring. As a result the gun achieves improved air efficiency. Yet there is a downside as well. While you will make better use of your air, the marker becomes louder and the kick increases as well. Those who decide to back out the screw will decrease the pressure applied to the spring and have a reduced air efficiency. This significantly reduces both kick and noise. In a nutshell, the system allows each user to find the perfect mix of air efficiency, noise and kick.

Twist Lock Feedneck

The twist lock feedneck isn’t exactly highly lauded in the paintball community. Yet it’s not a total let down on the Zenith 2. The feedneck can be easily upgraded as the marker comes with ion threads. There is also a Delrin bolt that self-lubricates. This is made of a very durable plastic composite that is extremely light. For a paintball gun that is considered to be on the “low end”, Delrin internals are quite the nice addition. The bolt is designed with a quick release that allows players to take the marker apart quickly and easily.

Other Features

The marker comes with the user programmable Zen OLED Board that prolongs battery life and and reduces voltage requirements. It allows for an array of firing modes including millennium ramping, PSP ramping, CFOA semi and NPPL semi. The marker also has Break beam eyes that only permit it to fire if there is a paintball within the breach. Players will love this aspect of the marker as it prevents the chopping of paintballs.

Additionally, the marker has dual ball detents and an ASA with on/off. This empowers players to depressurize the marker and facilitates the screwing and unscrewing of the tank. The marker is also unique in the fact that its ASA comes out horizontally rather than at an angle like other Azodin guns. It is quite the nifty design and gives the marker a “high end” feel. Players love that it allows the tank to sit horizontally as it produces a more comfortable and efficient playing form. Other features include a rubber backplate, a mass flow valve and a rock steady regulator.

The Shot

The marker comes stock with a sleek 14” two piece barrel. It has a .689 back and a .694 ported front. Like most paintball markers, it is autococker threaded. There is an AZ sling trigger with roller bearings. Just about everyone who shoots the marker is pleased with its accuracy. There is really nothing to complain about in terms of the marker’s shooting capacity. In terms of comfort, the rubber grips are quite ergonomic.


Overall, the Azodin Zenith 2 is a solid marker, especially considering its affordable price. Azodin has a nearly impeccable reputation and its entry level markers are revered by players across the land. If you ever have an issue with the marker, you will be pleased with the company’s customer service. They go to great lengths to help their customers, especially new players who need help with troubleshooting.

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