The Azodin Blitz Evo sells for just under $200 and offers fantastic performance for its price level. While it isn’t flawless, it is quite serviceable thanks to Azodin’s willingness to please its customers. Most of the marker’s new features and functions are the result of carefully listening and responding to customer feedback. While the Blitz Evo has evolved from its prior incarnations, it doesn’t cost more than most other paintball markers. This is the ideal marker for the typical woodsball or recreational paintball player. It is especially appealing for beginning paintball players who want an affordable marker that is simple to maintain.


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What’s New In The Blitz Evo

The Blitz Evo has almost too many positives to encapsulate in a single review. There’s a new ASA on/off feature that just needs a quick twist to get the marker ready for competitive play. The ASA on/off’s contour also gives the marker more of a stylish and aerodynamic design. Players love the fact that the Blitz Evo has very few O rings that really facilitates cleaning. There’s also a re-designed trigger that has been specifically made for the Blitz Evo. In place of the traditional curved rocking trigger is the new sling trigger. This has more of a conventional shape for a marker, resembling the “s” style curved trigger.

The marker’s Rock Steady regulator betters performance and reduces FPS variation so that each shot is as accurate and quick as the next. The regulator has a new Mass Flow valve to boost air efficiency and allow for a faster rate of fire to give you the edge that you need during competitive play. The Blitz Evo’s Zen Board now has LED lights to help players alter settings, tune, tech and also provide a warning if there are problems with the eye system. It enhances battery life and provides four modified firing modes: Full Auto, Semi-Auto, Millenium Ramp and PSP Ramp. All in all, players love the changes, especially the addition of the on/off ASA. For a marker that only costs around $200, this is a significant feature.

Blitz Evo Size And Weight

The Blitz Evo weighs only 2.49 pounds so it is very easy to carry during tournaments that last for hours.  It has a 12” stock barrel and a 9 volt battery. It measures 18.8 inches in length, has a height of 9.5 inches and a width of 1.38 inches.

Blitz Evo Maintenance

The Blitz Evo’s feather striker hammer doesn’t have an o-ring, so cleaning and maintenance is much easier than most other markers. This is especially helpful for beginning paintball players who are hesitant to take their markers apart. Those who experience problems with their Blitz Evo will be happy to know that Azodin is lauded by paintballers across the globe for their elite customer service.

The Blitz Evo’s Shot

Most of the time, the Blitz Evo shoots paintballs on a rope. It has above average accuracy that most players will be pleased with. Yet it also has a significant amount of recoil and noise. Still, for a marker at the $200 level, this is to be expected. The new trigger mentioned above rides on a super lightweight ball bearing design with a beveled edge to provide incredible balance and control. When you walk the trigger, it will feel so smooth that you will feel like you are running it. It also has some nice adjustments like the micro trigger switch.  While the Blitz Evo’s shot has its flaws, it will be good enough for most players.

You’ll get 280 FPS and the marker will only spread by about 5 FPS up and down. This is important for those who must abide by their field’s legal speed limit. When you walk the trigger, you’ll be able to rip 12 balls a second without a problem. This is an ample rate of speed that will appease most players. The Blitz Evo shoots with much more consistency than many other markers, even some that are hundreds of dollars more expensive.

The Blitz Evo’s Flaws

There are some common complaints amongst those who’ve purchased the Blitz Evo. There should be no doubt that the Blitz Evo is meant for beginning to intermediate players. While this is an excellent starter marker, it just feels like something is missing. Many players aren’t happy with the stock trigger. While the trigger’s new design is worthy of praise, some have complained that it feels too loose.  Others have said that the trigger isn’t large enough and sometimes it is so light that it feels as though it isn’t even there.

They’ve also expressed some discontent with the 12 inch stock barrel’s average performance. Those who decide to use the Blitz Evo in a competitive environment will find that the 12 inch barrel leaves much to be desired in terms of accuracy and distance.  Some have mentioned that the marker’s interface is a bit chunky.  Plenty have complained that the regulator hose line moves much too easily. There is a macro line swivel to turn on the air hose but it has to be either completely tightened or very loose to function properly.

Azodin Blitz Evo Conclusion

In the end, the Azodin Blitz Evo is an excellent marker for its $200 price tag. The Blitz Evo really stands out from its peers thanks to its unique features that are quite rare on a marker at this price level.  Although it has its drawbacks, the other guns in this price range have similar flaws.  The main problems with the marker are its kick and noise. You can probably find a marker for $200 that is a bit quieter and stable but it’ll have other flaws that you don’t find with the Blitz Evo. So the noise and recoil issues shouldn’t be deal breakers. All in all, the Blitz Evo makes for an excellent beginner’s gun or a backup marker for the more experienced player who wants an insurance policy of sorts for those times when his primary marker malfunctions.

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