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What To Wear To Paintball To Keep It Safe And Fun And Still Look Good

So you want to play paintball? Of course, you do!

What better way is there than to spend the afternoon firing high-speed capsules of stinging paint at your friends?

We can’t think of anything else!

The game of paintball is an intense and exciting experience.

Paintball mask on player with yellow paint on eye protection

Image via padefiance

It has the ability to turn your best friends into your sworn enemies while giving you the opportunity to show off your glory and courage in the face of unspeakable odds.

It will challenge you and force you to make “life or death” tactics and decisions on the spot all while getting down and dirty in the fresh air.

So it should come as no surprise that it can all feel extremely overwhelming for a first time player to the game.

Not to mention that the idea you are about to walk out into a field of gunners ready to shoot you is intimidating, to say the least.

But don’t let it get the better of you!

A paintball gun hit is not as bad as it looks.

Take our word for it. Don’t let the fear of the unknown prevent you from trying out this fun and exciting sport.

The Game Of Paintball

Paintball focuses on three main things:

  1. Safety
  2. Fair play
  3. Fun

Although the sport of paintball appears to be a dangerous, extreme sport, it's a safe and fun activity that you share with family and friends.

The game is open to all ages ranging from 10 years to 60 years and older.

two teens playing paintball

Image via bedrck

Paintball does not promote any form of warfare or acts of violence such as killing.

In reality, the sport is basically just a simple game of hide and seek with a little bit of tag thrown into the mix.

It is also often compared to a first-person shooter video game, but instead of sitting at home in a computer chair, you are actively on a real field playing with real people.

So you actually get to experience what it is like to run and dodge, hide and stealth your way through the battlefield.

And there are some extremely cool battlegrounds!

To sum it up:

Paintball is a sport that involves nothing but having fun.

It is a team sport with a simple goal that the players must reach in order to win the game.

A typical game of paintball splits a large group of players into individual or two separate opposing teams.

Next, the players take a particular position out on a field full of artificial barriers, bunkers, and other obstacles to hide or take cover behind.

The game will begin once the referee calls it out.

Once the game starts, players are to make their way around the barriers individually or as a team on the battlefield.

They have to locate and eliminate opponents from play by shooting them with round, gelatin capsules that have dye inside, known as paintballs.

You are "eliminated" and out of the game when a paintball hits you.

The Health Benefits Of Playing Paintball

Paintballer reflected in another players goggles

Image via -Andretti-

Needless to say, paintball is more than just an entertaining game where adults can be children all over again.

There are also many health benefits when it comes to playing as well.

Paintball is an intense sport and demands a lot of physical activity.

This exercise can aid in weight loss and has even been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.

Some people even prefer to play a few sessions of paintball instead of working out at the gym.

But that's not all:

Apart from the physical exercise the game can provide, paintball also offers mental health benefits by relieving the stress of the player and promoting strong social interactions and leadership skills.

A game of paintball often brings out the best in many players and boosts their self-confidence.

Before You Start The Game

paintball team in the woods wearing protective gear and blaze orange vests

Image via Balukcic

It is always important to research the field where you are planning to play because specific locations may have slightly different requirements that they expect of their players.

Finding a local paintball field is easy:

All you have to do is search online using Google. Most fields have websites that list their rules and regulations along with their contact information.

Specific rules might apply per paintball field, but typically every field will stick to the same dress code.

What To Wear To Paintball

paintballer in proper gear including padded vest, shoulder and arm pads, head and face protection

Image via gjbmiller

As stated, your attire may change depending on the field where you decide to play.

Some fields are strict with their dress code and won’t allow any bare skin to show. Others won’t even require the men to wear shirts.


It is never a good idea to go shirtless into an active paintball field for obvious reasons.

Most first time players of the game will feel more secure while wearing jeans and a thick sweatshirt.

Thicker clothing will help to absorb the impact of the paintballs, but there are many options of clothing that you might want to consider wearing.

Tops and sweatshirts

When you choose what to wear for your upper body, it is always best to go with long-sleeves to ensure that you expose as little skin as necessary.

It is usually not advisable to wear a short-sleeved t-shirt even on the hottest of game days.

With that in mind:

Baggy sweatshirts with hoodies are also an excellent choice for paintball.

In some cases, the player might want to wear more layers for extra protection.

This statement also applies to women who should always wear a supportive sports bra or some other means of protecting the upper areas of their body.


The game of paintball is a dirty one, so make sure you wear something that can withstand getting exposed to the various elements.

That said:

Paintball bruises on thigh instagram post

Never wear shorts to a game of paintball.

Loose sweatpants, jumpsuits, jeans, cargo pants or paintball-specific pants are your best options. These types of bottoms will be able to handle the roughness of the game.

Make sure that the pants you choose are comfortable because you will be wearing them for a while. Your goal is to give your lower body as much cover as possible without restricting any movement.

It is important that your pants are thick and sturdy enough to handle activities such as crawling, kneeling, and sliding on the ground.


Having a good sturdy pair of gloves is also a good and cheap investment and will help protect your hands while playing paintball.

Your hands are one of the most common places to get shot because you must continuously expose them while handling and pointing your gun at your targets.

Some of the ideal choices of gloves you can use are typical golfers and gardening gloves. You may also use leather bikers gloves and paintball-specific gloves

Avoid using gloves that are too thick or are made out of latex because they can impair the sensitivity of your trigger finger.

Other things to consider

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure your footwear covers your entire foot.

Old sneakers or combat boots are ideal.

You should also avoid wearing any loose jewelry such as necklaces or earrings to prevent getting snagged or pulled out.

Choose comfortable and basic clothing that you won’t mind getting dirty.

Although most paintballs will not stain, it can still happen. So it is best to wear something that you wouldn’t mind having a permanent paint mark on.

It is also highly recommended to bring a change of clothes just in case your clothes get too dirty to wear home.

What Other Equipment Do You Need?

Fortunately, public paintball fields do not require you to purchase or bring your own equipment.

Everything that you need to play the game will be provided to you by the field in the form of a rental package.

All personal supplies are optional, and it is up to you on what you want to do. However, if you are playing the game for the first time, buying your own equipment is not recommended.

You will do much better using the rental gear offered to you by the field.

Using the rental equipment will give you time to get a feel for the game before you decide that you want to invest money into getting your own supplies.

A typical field rental package should include the following items:

  • Face mask
  • Hopper (paintball container that attaches to the gun)
  • CO2 or compressed-air tank to power the gun
  • Paintball gun or marker

Paintball fields will also have paintball pellets that you must purchase to load up your gun for play.

Know your different types of guns

There are many different makes of paintball guns or markers.

Each type has their pros and cons depending on the player but they are all broken down into three basic types.

Pump paintball markers

This gun is simple but reliable and the most basic.

It is also the only type with a pump trigger. You have to pull the pump backward and forward to set the next paintball after you make a shot.

Players who choose to play pump must learn how to use tactics over speed since they have to make every shot count.

Mechanical paintball markers

Easy to maintain, mechanical paintball guns are the most common marker used in recreational play.

They are typically semi-automatic, which means that they fire one shot per trigger pull.

Electronic paintball markers

Popular and fast to operate, a circuit board controls the electronic paintball gun. And they are powered by a 9-volt battery instead of a long and heavy trigger.

Pulling the trigger of this type of marker is as simple as clicking a button on a computer mouse, resulting in very high rates of fire.

Safety Rules On The Field

As a whole, playing paintball is a relatively safe sport, but as it goes with all sports, accidents can happen. So it is crucial for all players to know the rules and use common sense.

You can avoid most paintball accidents when you follow the rules.

Wear your headgear

The number one required rule of playing paintball is that all players must wear their specifically designed protective headgear, such as goggles or face masks for the sport of paintball when out on the field of play.

This rule also applies to a player who has been shot and eliminated from the current game.


Players may not remove their headgear while an active game is in play under any circumstances.

There are no exceptions to the rule, and if you are caught violating it, you will likely be asked to sit out the next game.

In the case where a player continues to disobey this important rule, they might even get ejected from the day’s play without getting a refund.

You may only remove your headgear once you are in a safe zone away from the paintball field and the barrel covers and plugs are back onto all the loaded guns or markers.

The cause of the most severe paintball accidents is because of someone removing their mask, which makes this rule the most essential to follow.

woman paintballer with headgear raised on top of her head after playing

Image via ​Torben1234​​​

Use barrel plugs

All paintball guns or markers come with a barrel blocking device and should be blocked with a barrel plug or sock when not in use during a live game.

Players may never remove their barrel cover unless at the target area or when told to do so by a referee.

Safeties are allowed along with the plugs, but they often fail if not used properly and are not as safe as the barrel blocking devices.

The barrel blocking device should remain inserted whenever protective gear is not being worn, before and after the paintball game, and in any location away from the specified paintball field of play.

For very good reason, actually.

Do not blind fire

Players must always have a target in their sight while shooting.

Many players want to stick out their guns and fire wildly into the field hoping to get a lucky shot without the risk of getting hit.

This action is known as blind fire.

You must always avoid firing in a direction without looking.

Players are never to fire a paintball gun or marker unless they are firing at a player target.

Blind firing can lead to the accidental shooting of bystanders, referees, or other players who are leaving the field.

Never play when impaired

Drugs and alcohol are not permitted.

If you are under the influence of alcohol or any type of drug, including prescription medications that can impair your judgment or make you drowsy, they will not let you play paintball.

It is never safe to play a game of paintball if you are not entirely coherent.


If caught under the influence, the referee will immediately remove you from the premises without a refund.


Always shoot less than 300 FPS (feet per second)

Players must ensure that the velocity of their guns or markers is under 300 FPS.

Checking this isn’t a major concern unless you bring your own equipment since in most cases you will be renting from the field.

If you are unsure, call for a referee to look over your gun before starting a match.

Keep in mind:

They may randomly check players throughout the day to ensure full compliance of this rule.

The surrender rule

It is customary to offer a player the chance to surrender before taking a shot at close range.

Most paintball fields use the standard rule against shooting an enemy player that is within 20 feet or less from you and has no idea that you are there.

You should call out for the enemy player to surrender, but if they refuse or don’t respond fast enough, you can still shoot them.

And one more thing to remember:

You may not aim for the head or shoot a player multiple times when in close range.

If the player chooses to surrender they may call back out to you that they are, “out,” they have been “hit,” or they could just say that they surrender to you in order to convey a positive response.

If you are caught in a hopeless situation and are asked to surrender but refuse to respond or attempt to bluff your way out of it, you will most likely end up getting hit.

Just keep in mind that close range paintball hits feel much worse than shots taken from a long distance away.

Don't say that we didn't warn you!

But Do Paintballs Really Hurt?

Now, let us be serious for a moment.

One thing you must know is that no matter your experience in the game, you're going to get shot.

Whether you are a paintballing expert or just a beginner at the sport, when you play paintball, you will get hit.

And yes, it will hurt.

Although it is not going to hurt as bad as one would think. You will come to a new understanding of the game when a paintball hits you.

You will reach that moment of clarity when you realize that the anticipation of the hit is far worse than the actual pain itself.

Your mood can also play a significant role in how strong the impact of a paintball will feel.

If you are actively out there in the field running around with your adrenaline pumping the hit will seem less intense compared to someone nervously hiding behind a bunker.

So how does it feel to get hit by a paintball?

Although getting hit for the first time will undoubtedly be a shock, it won’t hurt much more than getting stung by the snap of a rubber band.

On the other hand:

If you disregard the rules and refuse to wear the proper clothing and protective gear, it’s going to hurt far worse.

You do not want to experience getting shot by a paintball on your bare skin.

But you don’t need to worry about that, right?

Of course, you don’t!

What are the risks of playing paintball?

The most common injuries you will see while playing paintball usually are the result of simple mistakes people make.

Players may hurt themselves by falling or running into the obstacles on the field. They may even accidentally twist their ankle or slam into another player.

Anything can happen, and minor injuries are just a part of playing the game.

Fortunately, severe injuries are extremely rare in paintball, but they do happen.

And the majority of these come from players removing their masks or other safety gear, which leaves their body open to exposure.


As long as players follow the rules and play safe, they won't need to worry any more than say, crossing a busy street or going running, about getting severely injured when they play paintball.

Let The Game Begin!

Right before you are about to start, the referees will go over and explain the rules of the specific game mode you are about to play.

The game of paintball will begin once the objective is established and all teams are in position.

The different game types

Some fields also offer privacy games for specific events such as bachelor and birthday parties, team building, or corporate outings.


paintball helmets on a table

Image via Pixabay

In the game of elimination, it is all about knocking out the enemy players so that you are the last one standing on the field.

This game mode also gets played in teams, where the goal is to eliminate all players of the opposing team in order to win.

Capture the flag

The goal of this team orientated game is to cross over into the opposite teams’ territory to seize control of their flag and bring it back to your base.

The first team who controls both flags or succeeds in eliminating all members of the enemy team wins.


Speedball is a less specific form of gameplay and covers any game played on a uniquely designed speedball field.

Compared to a typical paintball field of play, a speedball field is much smaller and flatter.

It rewards players for their teamwork and aggressive tactical plays over the usual stealth and patience aspects.

Scenario game

This category of gameplay covers a wide variety of games.

Scenario games involve setting up a specific situation, with certain rules to complete different goals such as a team having to escort and protect a given player across the field.

The scenarios are often recreations of real world or video game situations.

Just have a look at this fun paintball level scenario of “Nuketown” from the popular game of Call of Duty.

After the game

group coming off of a wooded paintball field

Image via techguy1130

On average, a typical game of paintball can usually last around 15 to 20 minutes per session. But it isn’t uncommon for the more intense and competitive games to last much longer.

In fact:

Some games can even last up days!

But no matter how long a round takes, following each game, the referees expect all players to stop what they are doing and place their barrel cover on or the plug back over and onto their gun.

Plugging it back up prevents the paintball gun or marker from accidentally triggering when the game is not in session.

Although you are probably going to be sweaty and you may feel like getting out of all that hot gear, you can't remove any of your equipment, especially your headgear, until after you entirely leave the field.

The removal of your face mask while still on the field of play is the most dangerous and risky thing a player could ever do.

If you do happen to forget and remove your headgear while still in the field, even after the game has ended, a referee may tell you to sit out the next game.

Or they may keep you out even longer.

There will usually be a short period before the next round begins to give the players a chance to rest.

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated so make sure that you get some water between games, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Typically, players can continue playing as many games as they want until they run out of paintballs or until the field decides it's time to close down for the day.

So What Are You Waiting For? Get Out There And See It For Yourself!

Paintball player hiding by a wooden fence with yellow paint on helmet

Playing paintball is one of the most exciting and heart-pounding experiences that you will ever get to have.

It is all about the thrill of the game, the rush of adrenaline in the field of glory. The possibility of getting shot and eliminated from play at any given moment, and the courage you show.

Paintball is the true immersion, a survival game brought to life.

Whether you are young or old, trying to take it to the next level or just starting out in the sport, paintball is an entertaining experience for nearly anyone to enjoy.

Although every person on the field will have their own moments, their own goals, and their own wins and losses, in the end, a game of paintball is all about fun and laughter.

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is for everyone to have a fun, safe, and exciting experience.

What is your favorite piece of paintball gear? Let us know down in the comments! 

Featured image CC0, via Pixhere

The DLX Luxe ICE – The Best Paintball Marker By Far

If there is one name that is synonymous with paintball markers, it’s DLX. The DLX Luxe to be exact. Now in its 5th generation as the DLX Luxe ICE, the hype around it has not waned a bit. When the first Luxe, the Luxe 1.0 was released, it was met with a lot of excitement as DLX had used ground-breaking electronics technology to create a paintball marker that was quiet, efficient, and fun to shoot – the Luxe experience.

5 generations later, DLX is still breaking new ground and mesmerizing paintballers all over the world with its innovative technology. Taking over from the 4th generation Luxe, the OLED, which in itself is a marvelous marker, the Luxe ICE has definitely undergone some serious upgrades that are with its $1500.00 price tag.

And as usual, some of the features in the Luxe ICE are peculiar to this marker, as DLX has a habit of going where other paintball marker makers dare not go – until they realize it’s possible, thanks to DLX. The Luxe ICE is the perfect example of DLX breaking the norm and breaking barriers by creating a marker unlike any other on the market.

The DLX Luxe ICE – Main Features to Note


Below are some of the features of the Luxe ICE so as to give you a taste of what this sweet marker is made of.

  • The Luxe ICE has a new bolt system which reduces the gun’s pressure by 40psi. The new bolt system makes the gun softer than ever on paint as well as more efficient than anyone could have possibly imagined.
  • Air Efficiency has been increased by roughly 20%. Previous generation Luxe markers get roughly 1200-1300 shots off a cold 68/4500 air fill. The Luxe ICE can give you roughly 1500 shots from the same tank in the same conditions.
  • The core has been optimized to last longer and give you better air efficiency by utilizing high-quality urethane O-rings on all dynamic locations. Another improvement to the core comes in the form of an “Internal Ceramic Elastomer” coating from which the Luxe derives its I.C.E name from. This coating drastically reduces friction in the system, allowing the marker to perform consistently in all conditions.
  • Maintenance has also been made easier with the new regulator design. All you need to carry out a complete maintenance of the regulator is one single Allen key.
  • The new low profile air source adaptor (ASA) is one of the best things to happen to the Luxe as it makes the Luxe ICE virtually problem free and extremely easy to maintain.
  • The Luxe ICE also comes with an overhaul of its circuitry that has been made simpler to understand and difficult to mess up if you want to disconnect any of the plugs on the board. This makes dismantling and assembling easier and less of a “stepping on eggshells” experience.
  • The final enhancements to note about the Luxe are the body and frame itself. True, the Luxe has always been a stunner to look at, but the new streamlined design makes the Luxe ICE drop dead gorgeous. A paintball marker has never looked this good. The Luxe ICE is truly hot.

Wow! Just looking at the new features of the DLX Luxe ICE makes me want to get out there and fire a few rounds in excitement. But before I take my marker out for another spin, let’s take a closer and more detailed look at this game-changing marker.

The DLX Luxe ICE – A Detailed Review

luxe review

I know basic features won’t suffice to show you the Luxe ICE’s abilities and flaws so let me indulge you and show you in detail what you can expect from this epic marker.

  • Ergonomics and Build Quality

Come on, this is a Luxe we a talking about here. One of the best high-end paintball markers, and as such, build quality is guaranteed to be a cut above the rest (as should be seeing the price of the marker). Made from quality durable materials, the Luxe ICE is one marker that will definitely outlive any marker on the market.

Ergonomically speaking, Luxes have always been known to be very ergonomic, and the Luxe ICE has seen a number of improvements that take it to a whole new level. The Luxe ICE is now more comfortable to handle, thus improving your performance in battle. For one, the grip angle of the front grip/regulator has been increased, giving your hands more room to maneuver and handle the front grip in a more effective manner when it comes to placing a shot.

Another improvement in the ergonomics and design of the Luxe ICE is the ASA which is now easier to use as it is a flip lever and not a screw on ASA. This makes it easier to grip as the knob is now out of the way and there is more room for you to handle the gun at the lower end of the grip. Pitting the Luxe ICE against its closest rivals, M2 or CS1, the Luxe ICE feels more comfortable and natural in your hands.

The Luxe ICE truly outshines every paintball marker in this aspect and earns its right to the price tag it dons.

No products found.

  • Performance – In a Class of its Own

When it comes to performance, the Luxe ICE definitely won’t disappoint you. The classic smooth and quiet firing that all Luxe models are famous for has been improved on. So much so that firing a Luxe ICE has been compared many a time to cutting through butter with a hot knife. That’s just how smooth the Luxe ICE is. Even your opponents will be caught unawares as you fire at them because the Luxe ICE gives you the element of surprise that gives you an advantage in battle.

Although some may complain of a lack of feedback, the Luxe ICE gives just enough feedback for you to know it is firing. The smooth firing eliminates muzzle rise, thereby increasing accuracy and it actually saves your body from fatigue, especially in drawn-out matches.

Because of the I.C.E coated core, the Luxe ICE's shot quality is actually amazing and very consistent. The consistency makes it easier for you to place your shots accurately as there is little or no drop off – even in cold weather. The bolt system has also been improved to give you a more reliable and efficient marker that not only fires smoothly, but quieter, and more importantly more accurately.

The Luxe ICE retains the use of a spring assisted balanced spool valve that was first introduced in the DLX Luxe 2.0. The spool uses spring tension to move the bolt forward during the firing sequence, helping to eliminate first shot drop off. This was an issue that plagued the Luxe 1.0.

The optimized airflow has also contributed to increased performance in the Luxe ICE as you can now get more shots from your tank, meaning you can stay in the much game longer before having to refill or change tanks.

Overall, the DLX Luxe ICE is one of the best paintball markers you can get, even better than some heavy hitters like the CS1, Lv1, M2, or any other gun you can think of. Its superb performance will definitely give you a great advantage over your opponents. The combination of you, the best shooter in paintball, and the Luxe ICE, the best hardware in paintball, will definitely is definitely a winning recipe.

  • The Electronics – Out of this World

One other area in which Luxe always outshines other markers is in the way to pulls of clever tricks in terms of the electronics in the markers. The Luxe ICE comes with a simple but truly innovative board that takes care of all its functions efficiently. Couple that to the OLED technology borrowed from the Luxe OLED and the voice that walks you through your settings and gives you reminders when they are needed and you have a marker that is from another galaxy.

Although some of the fancy electronics are debatable as to whether they are really necessary or not, one thing is for sure – DLX is really out to give you a Luxe experience. And the Luxe experience is something you definitely have to give a shot if you are truly a paintball enthusiast – even if it is just once in your life. Be warned though, once you try it out, you’ll certainly keep coming for more.

 The Luxe ice is one of the most technologically advanced markers you will find anywhere. And that technology is not just for the sake of making it a gimmicky marker, but to make it a lethal weapon on the battlefield.

The DLX Luxe ICE – Setting a Hard Pace to Follow

DLX has done a great job with their line of markers. In fact, they are so good they are fast becoming the standard by which other markers are judged. And one thing is sure about the standards set by the Luxe ICE – they are a hard act to follow. And so will you as you wield its awesome power.

Virtue Vio Review: What Paintball Goggles And Lens Should You Buy?

Paintball is a tough sport, which means you need to have tough gear that is able to handle it. There are many accessories that go along with your gun, and one of the most important (not to mention most necessary) are goggles.

Goggles are a must-have in paintball to protect your face. However, you typically want something that will go above and beyond simple protection. Of course, it is important to make sure you don't have any unfortunate accidents, but why settle for the basics?

Virtue Vio Paintball Goggles, which will be covered in this guide, are much more advanced than normal goggles in many ways. You get the awesome protection and dependability that the brand is known for, in addition to a range of upgrades that help give you the best outings possible.

The Virtue Vio Contour Goggle

The first style of Virtue Vio goggle on our list is the Contour. This mask is one of the most comfortable on the market, which means it is never going to feel too tight or get too stuffy. Running around with an uncomfortable mask can cause stress to your head and neck, and the Contour sits in a way that actively prevents such issues.

The Contour also comes with soft dual layer foams that are put in all the right places. One example of that is the ear pads, which allow sound to pass through while still giving you great protection. You can even change them out for ones that better shape or fit to your head.

The Innovative Fog-Resistant Thermal Lens

Virtue is a company focused on constantly making their products better. That is on full display with the Contour, as shown through its quick change, fog-resistant thermal lens and innovative, one-of-a-kind design.

These goggles come with a large lens that helps you get an extremely wide field of view. Paintball masks often cloud or block vision, making it difficult for you to see as you play or move around. Furthermore, fog or sweat can obstruct view and impact your ability to play at a top level. Not only does the wide lens help with that issue, the dual thermal pane actively prevents fogging to keep your vision as clear as possible.


  • Excellent High-End Mask
  • Great design-excellent unit
  • Very comfortable, and it fits well over my glasses


  • No easy way to affix a removable goPro mount on the side.
  • Strap is tight and narrow 

Another aspect of the lens is that is comes with a special anti-scratch coating to help prolong its life. It can also be changed out in seconds, a feature that helps you adapt to different scenarios or environments. You can choose between different types, including smoke, high contrast, or chromatic.

That quick change is due to the patented Hinge Lock, a feature that is on full display throughout all parts of this mask. All you need to do is unplug the Goggle Strap to unlock the hinge and then rotate it inward to remove the lens. That process can be done by anyone, and creates one of the easiest and fastest lens changes in paintball.



Our Rating


Creating the Right Goggles for You

Though all of the Virtue Vio Contour's incredible features are useful, the most unique aspect is that everything is fully removable. This makes them the most customizable goggles of all time. The flexible elastomer face mask is fully removable, as is the eye foam, goggle strap, and lens frame.

Taking out the face mask helps it become fully and tightly streamlined without sacrificing any protection, and the lower mask comes with a ton of different choices and upgrades.

Wash and Clean Your Contour

The Contour's eye foam also easily clips into place, and it is easy to wash and clean. That helps you keep it in a "like new" no matter how much you use it.

Finally, you can freely change the goggle strap in and out as you please. Virtue offers various replacement straps in addition to team and personal customization programs that help you further customize your Contour so that it looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

An Excellent Combination of Useful Features

The Vio Contour goggles are some of the most unique and useful brands on the market. Their lightweight and streamlined design keeps them compact and comfortable while also protecting your ears, eyes, and face.

The Contour has a range of upgradable and customizable features, but its great traits don't stop there. The goggles promote a massive amount of airflow, which helps you breathe more easily. It also vents condensation at an extremely fast rate. Such advancements help you speak louder and more clearly.

Your choice of Fully Customizable Lens Frame

The wide goggles also work to increase your hearing and stop the echoing heard in other goggles. They also have a fully customizable lens frame that is available in a wide range of colors that act as a base to help accent the thousands of different configurations Virtue offers. It is not just about protection or features, it also helps if your mask looks good while you're wearing it.

Virtue Vio Ascend Goggle

As good as the Contour goggle is, Virtue has a lot of other fantastic options to choose from. Another great product is the Vio Ascend, which offers the high performance the company is known for at an extremely reasonable cost. This mask was designed to create a more affordable goggle without sacrificing any quality, and the company definitely hit that mark.

The Ascend gives consumers high-end performance and premium upgrades at a great price. The model is a single-piece goggle molded with dual materials to create a wonderful combination of comfort, flexibility, and protection. Though it does not have the fully modular frame the Contour does, it utilizes the same technology to make sure you're always satisfied.


  • Great visibility
  • Very breathable
  • Thermal lens. Looks great.


  • No foam soft ears. (The ears are rubber.)
  • Fewer color options than Virtues higher end masks.
  • One piece body similar to the VForce Grill

This product stands out because it comes with many of the trademark advancements Virtue is known for. You get quick change, a fog resistant thermal lens, a fully upgradable strap, as well as replacement foam, a stealth visor, and a fan. As a result, you do not need to worry about the lower price point. With the ascend, you aren't missing out on anything.



Our Rating


Goggles That Stand Out from the Crowd

As with all Vio masks, the Ascend comes with customizable lens technology to provide you the best optical performance possible. Such versatility allows you to choose your exact look. You can pick between numerous color and Chromatic coating options.

The Ascend also helps you breathe more easily than other brands, which is extremely necessary in the tiring and rapid world of paintball. This line comes with a ton of airflow to help reduce condensation and ensure you never get caught up not being able to see.

Replaceable Foam

That feature is then perfectly complemented by the replaceable foam, which helps this mark always stay fresh. Virtue is known for versatility and customization. Being able to quickly and easy replace the foam helps the Ascend stay fresh for long periods of time.

These goggles check all of the boxes you could ever want in protective eye wear. They help you see more, use dual layer foam for maximum comfort, and allow better speaking and hearing. They also come with distortion free optical clarity, hard scratch-resistant coating, and 100 percent UV protection. It is rare to find so many upgrades in one package, especially one at such an affordable price.

Customization and Great Lens Technology

Though it is not fully customizable in the same way as the Contour, the Virtue Vio Ascend does allow for some tweaking to better fit your individual style. The goggles and mask can be upgraded with a range of different accessories, including 18 different lenses, 35 straps and 16 visors. That gives you the exact look and feel you want. You can choose between different replaceable foams and the stealth visor fan as well.

Virtue Vio Extend Goggle

Our final goggle on this list is the Virtue Vio Extend, which is another fully customizable option that is a great choice for people who want to branch out from the Contour. This is similar to the above options in many ways, but differs in both fit and style. As with so many Virtue goggles, this pair is incredibly comfortable.

You get all of the upgrades you would normally expect with this one, including better speaking, clearer hearing, and easier breathing. There is also a great field of view that allows you constantly scan surroundings. However, there are some key differences as well.


  • Very comfortable 
  • They offer great protection,
  •  High quality goggles


  • Strap was tight
  • No easy way to affix a removable goPro mount on the side.



Our Rating


What Sets the Extend Apart from other Models

When looking at the Extend, there are a few noticeable traits that stand out. The first is its larger size. Though the above two models are compact, the Extend branches out with a longer fit that creates more room around the mouth and jaw line.

However, do not worry about that getting in the way. The goggles are still specifically streamlined to help provide great comfort, sight, and protection. You won't even notice they're there.

The Most Flexible Fit

Another great addition here is that the Extend is crafted entirely from elastomer, which means it provides one of the most flexible fits on the market. If you want goggles with a bit of extra give, this is definitely the option for you.

As the name suggests, the Extend also sits away from your face. That may seem like a small feature, but it helps increase airflow. In fact, it gives so much room that this is likely Virtue's best mask when it comes to ventilation. The Extend is a great choice for anyone who finds other models a bit to stuffy or tight.

Advanced Optics and Incredibly Reliable Lenses

Every single Virtue mask has an impressive range of features, and the Ascend is no exception. These goggles come with a large, durable thermal lens that provides you with an excellent field of view. It is also great at protecting your face from both paintball and UV rays on sunny or hot days.

The thermal lens can be easily removed with the same Hinge Lock technology noted in the Contour, which is always useful for customization. These also don't fog, thanks to the thermal pane lens and special unique anti-fog coatings.

The Advanced Chromatic Lens

The advanced Chromatic lens gives one of the best performances on the market. It is scratch resistant (which is always useful while out playing) and will last you quite some time. Most chrome plated lenses distort your vision or flake at the first impact. However, the metallic scratch resistant technology imbued into the Extend's Chromatic lenses maximizes goggle durability without distorting the view or altering the color balance.

The lenses, as you would expect, are also quick to change and have a removable eye foam insert. The Hinge Lock makes shifting them in and out a breeze. There is also a fully removable and customizable goggle strap as well as soft foam ear pads to help make sure you never get too uncomfortable while using the Extend.

Some of the Best Goggles Around

Virtue is a reliable brand, and the three above goggle options all show why. The Vio Virtue line has many different options, which sit at different price points. Even so, there is no doubt that you are getting your money's worth no matter what you choose.

Each of the above models focuses on creating the best paintball experience possible, and they all succeed. Whether you're looking for new goggles or trying to find something to replace your current brand, you can't go wrong with the Ascend, Extend, or Contour.

For your Face Protection

Goggles are great at keeping your face protected, but you want ones that go the extra mile. The Ascend does that through its tested Vio lens technology. This advancement comes from decades of careful research and creates some of the strongest goggles around.

The model also comes with advanced chromatic lenses that are both multi-layer and scratch resistant. As a result, you get the maximum amount of eye comfort without affecting color appearance. There is no reason to purchase goggles that are only going to work for a few months. The Ascend lasts quite a while.

Airsoft Vs Paintball: Pros and Cons – Which One Is Right for You

Want to get into the world of shooting games, but weighing up airsoft vs paintball?

Today we’re going to take a look at the differences between the two and how you can make that all-important choice.

The Daefinitions – What Makes Them Different?

Paintball Definition

paintball game

Paintball can be played in either team or individually. The main objective is to shoot your opponent with paintballs, which are fired via a paintball marker.

The paintballs, which usually explode upon impact, ‘mark’ the player with a water-soluble paint dye. After being hit, players must leave the field.

Tippmann Gryphon FX Skull Basic Gun
  • Rigid ergonomically designed front grip
  • Center feed design to maximize mobility right or left
Empire Mini GS Marker Dust Grey/Navy C4 (17408)
  • Pressure controlled poppet engine for outstanding performance
  • Integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes
  • Wrap-around fore grip for protection from elements and increased grip

Airsoft Definition

Airsoft game

Airsoft is played in a team and has a defined set of goals. Players shoot each other with non-metallic bb pellets; each gun used is often a replica of a real firearm.

It also has an honor system whereby players must admit that they’ve been hit. The honor system is a marked difference from paintball.

Soft Air COLT RIS Spring Airsoft Rifle and Pistol On-Duty Kit, Tan
  • POWERFUL SPRING: Rifle 300 FPS with 6 millimeter ammo; Pistol 210 FPS with 6 millimeter ammo
  • READY TO PLAY: Shoots 6 millimeter ammo in a single shot
  • RELAXATION & STRESS RELIEF – Lay back and relax onto this “bed of needles” to massage pressure points that help...
Lancer Tactical Gen 2 SPR Interceptor LT-25 AEG Aerosoft Gun, Black,...
  • MATERIALS – Designed with reinforced Nylon polymer frame and furniture; full metal version 2 gearbox with an upgraded...
  • ATTACHMENTS & EXTENSIONS – Upgraded handguard with removable handguard extension, 200mm top optic rail mounts scopes,...
  • GEARS – Metal gears and cylinder teeth are built inside the ver. 2 gearbox; gears rotate smoothly provided by the 8mm...
Soft Air Colt CQBR-RIS Electric Powered Airsoft Gun with Adjustable...
  • Powerful electric: 350-380 FPS with .20 grams ammo via 9.6v small butterfly battery
  • Ready to play: Shoots 6 millimeter ammo in full and semi-automatic
  • Style: Polymer tip

Equipment – What Will You Need?

Paintball Equipment

the paintball equipments

Many new players think that the first thing they will buy will be a paintball marker, but it’s important that the mask/goggles are invested in beforehand.

Other equipment, such as the gun, hopper, the tank, and paintballs all come after this.

Airsoft Equipment

Airsoft equipments

Airsoft players begin with an airsoft BB gun, the BBs themselves, and eye protection.

However, full facial protection is recommended, especially if the players are young.

There is a large variety of equipment that airsoft players can purchase, and the leniency in airsoft means you can wear casual clothing or kit yourself out as much as you please.

Guns – What Type is Best for the Player?

In both paintball and airsoft - players start out with a gun that matches their price range. The main difference in airsoft vs paintball is the realism of the guns.

Accessories and items can be added to make durability, performance, and accuracy better.

Competitive level paintballing requires a high-end gun because of the high level of play.

Paintball Guns

Paintball Gun

Paintball guns are comprised of the barrel, the hopper, and an air tank. They have the option of being either electronic or mechanical, with both shooting paintballs in very unique ways.

Paintball guns use either co2 or high-pressure air that in turn is used to power a mechanism pushing the ball out of the front of the marker.

Airsoft Guns

Airsoft Gun

Electric can power these guns, spring-loaded mechanisms (allowing the gun to be cocked), or gas – either co2 or green gas.

It has many replicas that mimic the design of real firearms; some of these such as the Tippman M4 and their pistol range can use high-pressure air to propel ammunition.

In the airsoft community, many of the weapons used are RIF issue. RIF issued weapons are designed to mimic the appearance of real firearms to a tee.

Conversely, if guns are colored, (known as IF) they are designed that way so that they can be distinguished as a toy.

The weapons used in these scenarios can range from pistols all the way up to sniper rifles.

Ammo – The Difference is In the Impact

Paintball Ammo

paintball ammo used is paint inside the ball

Ammunition in paintball, is, of course, paint (or rather a colored dye that looks a lot like paint). The special mixture of ingredients is easy to clean away from clothing and apparel.

Generally, the more you pay for paint, the more brittle it is for easy removal.

Airsoft Ammo

bb pellets

BB pellets are the ammunition of choice for airsoft players.

These BBs are constructed from plastic and measure roughly 6mm across. They usually have specific weights – these include 0.12, 0.2 and 0.25g.

The weight of BBs affects their trajectory and speed. Lighter BBs are faster out of the barrel but lose speed more quickly than their heavier counterparts.

Lighter BBs can also be affected more by factors such as wind, which can blow them off course.

Rules – Who Wins and How?

Paintball Rules

The ‘paint’ in paintballs will leave a noticeable mark on the player, causing them to be eliminated, although splatters from nearby objects do not count.

Players that are hit must retreat to the ‘dead zone,’ a place for those that have been successfully eliminated.

Players in the game are not allowed to go outside of the designated boundaries, use blind fire, or shoot an opponent at close range. Removing your mask is also strictly prohibited.

Airsoft Rules

As mentioned earlier, airsoft players have to admit that they’ve been hit. This requires them to shout ‘hit’ and also hold their arms up so their elimination is apparent.

However, eliminated airsoft players may ‘respawn,’ after a certain amount of time, allowing them to re-join the game.

A medic system can also be used to give players multiple lives. Rules are dependent on the organization and site being played.

Airsoft vs Paintball – Which to Pick?

When looking at airsoft vs paintball, you can see that they are both brilliant, tactical and competitive games, each with various pros and cons.

Whichever one you decide, we guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun and learn a lot about the nature of team-based strategy!

How to Clean Paintball Stains from Clothes

When paintballs hit your garments, the paint penetrates deep into the fabric of your clothes. As such, cleaning the aftermath of a thrilling paintball game can be difficult.

The resilience of paintball stains on the fabric depends on a number of factors including the amount of oil in the paint, the color and material of your clothes, and how long you take before you clean them. The solubility of the paint also determines the ease of cleaning. Generally, water-soluble paint is easier to clean than oil-based paint.

Here are a few tips on how to get paint out of clothes.

How to Get Paint Out of Clothes

1. Clean Your Clothes Immediately

The dye used in paintballs is the same grade as those used in food dyes. And just like food dyes, paintball stains do wash away as long as you launder them the right way. If the dye sits on a garment for too long, it can seep deeper into the fabric and become difficult to remove.

For quick and easy cleaning, don’t let the paint dry on your clothes. Clean your clothes as soon as possible. If the first round of washing doesn’t do it, add a stronger stain remover and soak your clothes for about 45 minutes before washing them again.

If you’re cleaning white garments, be sure to use a bleacher for best results.

2. Remove Debris from Clothes Before Washing

Before you throw your clothes into the laundry machine, remove all the sticks, leaves, or burrs that you may have picked up during the game. Such debris can cause further stains as well as clog and damage the washing machine.

This step is particularly important if you are cleaning the microfiber cloth used to clean the paintball equipment. It picks up so much dirt and debris. It’s recommended to wash it separately.

3. Pre-treat Your Clothes Before Cleaning

Before you soak or wash your clothes, take some time to pre-treat them with a strong washing detergent or a stain remover. The best way of doing this is rubbing the cleaning agent onto the garments with your hands, and let it sit for around five minutes before you start the actual washing.

Tide Laundry Detergent Liquid, Original Scent, HE Turbo Clean, Pack of...
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Persil ProClean Liquid Laundry Detergent, Original, 75 Fluid Ounces,...
  • Powerful stain-fighting combination for a premium clean
  • Great for everyday laundry and to help fight tough stains
  • Also available in Power-Caps

4. Adjust the Settings of Your Washing Machine

Depending on the fabric of your clothes, set your washing machine’s temperature as high as possible. Also, if your laundry machine has “sanitary cycle” and “super hot” settings, utilize them for as long as your fabric allows.

Normally, clothes with cotton fabric or a mixture of cotton and other fabrics will withstand these settings without getting discolored. This is a tried and tested way of removing stubborn stains, even with poor detergents.

Magic Chef White MCSTCW09W1 0.9 cu. ft. Compact Washer
  • 5 Wash Cycles; 3 Water Levels; Electronic Controls with digital display
  • See-thru Glass Lid; Detergent Dispenser; Adjustable Legs
  • Auto unbalance detection; Auto shutoff

5. Air Dry Your Clothes After Washing

Contrary to what many people believe, the process of removing paintball stains doesn’t end with rinsing your clothes. The way you dry them affects the degree of the stain removal, and air drying is the best way to go about it. You can dry your clothes in direct sunlight or under a shade.

If your clothes are white, drying them in the sun (after washing them with a good bleaching agent) will work like magic as far as stain removal is concerned. However, you shouldn’t leave your clothes in the sun for too long as this weakens and decolorizes the fabric. A maximum of four hours will do.

Also, avoid drying brightly colored clothes directly under the sun as this can cause fading. You can either turn them inside out or dry them under a shade to preserve the colors. You can also use a color care agent.

6. Consider Using a Different Cleaning Agent

Since you can’t use a bleaching agent on colored clothes, you will often find yourself stuck with your regular detergent, which may not be as effective when removing paintball stains.

In such a situation, mix a cupful of water with a teaspoon of dishwashing soap and a tablespoon of ammonia. Let this mixture sit for around 10 minutes and then use it to soak your stained clothes for about half an hour.

Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Apple Pear - 28 fluid ounce
  • Apple and Pear Scented Liquid Dish Soap
  • Tough on Grease, Soft on Hands
  • Phosphate-free

Avoiding Stubborn Paintball Stains

Now that you know how to get paint out of clothes, don’t worry so much about stains when paintballing – this can take the fun out of the game. To have some peace of mind, designate some clothes for paintballing.

Furthermore, since you know that you are going to leave the battlefield covered in paint, you can minimize the damage by wearing dark colored clothes with soft fabric as they are easier to clean.

Also, avoid using cheap paintballs – most of them are oil-based and contain waxy fills. You can tell that a paint has wax in it by touching and feeling its texture. If it feels oily like a crayon, don’t use it.

Good luck on the battlefield!

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Ultimate Guide to Paintball Games: How to Play Paintball

Paintball is a thrilling sport. It’s not just fun, it is also a great way to keep physically fit and stay healthy.

If you are getting ready for your first game of paintball, knowing how to play is essential and should be your biggest priority.

There are several types of paintball games, each with different variations that are normally specified prior to the start of the sport. In addition, there are various objectives that players should set out to achieve.

No products found.

List of Different Paintball Games

Here’s a look at some of the different types of paintball games to play:

  • Capture the flag: The first paintball competition ever played in 1981 was a version of capture the flag. It is an attack-and-defend game. It involves retrieving the flags placed in the opponent’s camp while defending the flag in your own base. All without getting hit by the enemy’s paintballs.
  • Center flag: This is similar to capture the flag. But instead of retrieving a flag from the opponents’ base, players have to fetch the flag from the center of the battleground. To win, the team that retrieves the flag must take it across to the other team’s camp without being shot.
  • Elimination: Here, two teams start at opposite sides of the battle zone and they are supposed to move to the enemy camp while eliminating any opponents they may encounter on the way. The team that eliminates all their opponents wins the game.

Alternatively, the game can be played as a singles sport, where the last man standing is declared the winner.

  • Bomb the base: In this game type, an object designated as a bomb is to be retrieved and moved to the enemy’s camp. The team that gets the job done before all its members are eliminated wins the game.
  • Reincarnation: This is a form of elimination game where a player has to go back to the starting point when they get shot a certain number of times. This means a player will enjoy multiple lives and the game will last longer.

The rules of the game vary by game type, so make sure you understand the rules before stepping into the battlefield. Paintballing is all about having fun, and setting the rules is critical to maximizing fun.

How to Play Paintball

Here’s a basic guide to follow when playing paintball:

1. Protecting Yourself

paintball games

Paintballing is one of the safest sports because it does not require physical contact between the competitors. Nonetheless, it involves a lot of physical activity including running, squatting, and crawling – which all help to strengthen muscles, but can also lead to injuries. With that said, it is important to get yourself proper paintballing personal safety clothing and gear before stepping into the battlefield.

Some basic protective gear to wear include a protective face mask, headgear, padded safety clothing, knee pads, safety gloves, and possibly more.

2. Thinking Positively

Rookie players find themselves at a disadvantage when playing against competitors. They have taken part in the sport before.
Even when the odds are not in your favor, it is always best to maintain a winning attitude. It is the best that you can have when you are competing in a game of paintball. A positive mindset will go a long way in boosting your team’s morale. Everyone loves a spirited teammate!

3. Aiming Properly

paintball games

In paintball games, your gun is all you have to ensure your survival, so it is important to know how to use it to stay “alive”. Attending some shooting classes before your first competition is a great way to hone your paintballing skills and level the playing field.

Hitting and eliminating your opponents contributes to the fun and excitement that comes with playing paintball, so ensure you can aim properly.

 4. Staying Alert

To survive in a game of paintball, you also need to know how to dodge the opponents’ paintballs. This means you should always know where your “enemies” are and come up with an effective way to combat them.

Moving stealthily and communicating with your teammates at all times using walkie-talkies or through non-verbal cues, can help you steer clear of the opponents’ attacks.

5. Being Frugal with Your Ammo

Your paintball gun can only carry a limited number of paintballs at a go, so it is important to use whatever you have frugally until it’s time to break and get more ammo.

Generally speaking, you should only shoot an opponent when they are properly in sight and within range. You can shot at your competitor as a deterrent when you need to help a teammate move out of a dangerous situation.

Have a Blast Playing Your First Paintball Competition!

If you follow these tips, your first paintball game ever should be a lot of fun. The best part is that you will also be able to keep yourself physically fit and healthy while having a blast!

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Paintball Bruises and Welts: How to Treat and How Long It Will Last

Among the undesirable things that come with the thrill of playing paintball are paintball bruises and welts. No matter how good you are, you will certainly get hit once or twice. That may be part of the fun, but when the dust settles and the adrenaline is gone, you will be left nursing several abrasions.

To effectively treat paintball bruises and welts, you must be able to identify and differentiate the two.

The Difference Between Paintball Bruises and Welts
paintball bruises and welts
What are Paintball Bruises?

paintball bruisesBruises are the red, purple, blue, or black painful patches on the skin that occur after being hit with paintball shots.

The discoloration of the skin is caused by the pooling of blood under the skin upon impact.

Depending on their severity and how well you treat them, bruises can take several days to heal.

What are Paintball Welts?

A welt is a red bump on the skin that appears after being hit by a paintball “bullet”.
The size of a welt depends on how close and fast the shot was.

They are usually painful to touch and heal faster than bruises – usually a day or two.

Treating Paintball Bruises and Welts

How to Treat Bruises

For quick recovery, you need to treat your paintball bruises as soon as possible. Here’s how you should go about it:

Clean and Disinfect the Bruised Area

As soon as you get home, wash the bruise with water to remove dirt and sweat, and then pat it dry with a clean towel. Rubbing on the wounded area will only make things worse.

Once it’s clean and dry, apply Neosporin or alcohol to kill any germs and bacteria around the injured part. However, if your bruise is so severe that it’s close to an open wound, don’t use alcohol. This may harm the tissue and delay healing.

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ISOPROPYL - 124316001 Isopropyl Alcohol Solution, 16 Ounce
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol by volume
  • For external use only

Cold Compress

Next, apply a cold compress to the bruise. This will not only constrict the blood vessels and stop the bleeding under the skin but will also numb the area and relieve the pain.

To cold compress, simply wrap some ice cubes in a washcloth and place it on the injured area for about 15 minutes and repeat the process after one hour. Avoid using ice cubes directly on the bruised skin, as this will do more harm than good.

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Warm Compress

After a day of cold compression, the bruise is now ready for a warm compress.

Dip a clean washcloth in warm water and apply it to the bruised area. Alternatively, you can also use a heating pad, but you will need a buffer (a clean towel or any other soft piece of cloth) between the pad and your skin.

A warm compress improves the circulation of blood in the injured area. However, do not to leave the warm piece of cloth or heating pad on your skin for longer than 15 minutes as this can kill the already damaged tissues.

Warm compress again after one hour.

Epsom Baths

Pour a cupful of Epsom salt into a warm bath and soak in this mixture for about half an hour. This will help relieve pain and soreness.

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Vitamin K Cream

Vitamin K helps your skin cells regenerate faster for a quick recovery. It also reduces the soreness and improves the appearance of the bruise. For best results, apply the cream as instructed by your physician.

Swanson Vitamin K Cream with Menaquinone-7 2 fl Ounce (59 ml) Cream
  • Vitamin K Cream from Swanson Premium

  • Blends vitamin K, aloe vera, cocoa butter and essential oils to soothe and moisturize skin

  • Paraben free formula

Reviva Labs Vitamin K Cream, For All Skin Types, 2-Ounce, Packaging...
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  • Reduce appearance of spider veins on face
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How to Treat Welts

paintball bruises

Cold Compress

To treat your welts, you should first cold compress them to relieve the pain.

Apply Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is an astringent compound produced from the barks and leaves of the Witch Hazel shrub. It is used as an ingredient for many skin care products.

It will help to reduce your welt’s swelling, soreness, and itchiness.

Baking Soda

Baking soda contains sodium bicarbonate which acts as a cleaner or soother.

Just mix one teaspoon of baking soda with some water to make a thick paste and rub it on the welt. Let the paste dry completely and then wash it off with clean water.

Elevate the Injured limbs

If the welt is on your arm or leg, keep it raised. This will reduce the inflammation and blood flow to the injured area, and numb the pain.

Have Plenty of Rest

Your body recovers best when you’re off your feet. So, ensure you get adequate sleep and eat well to hasten the healing process.

Protect Yourself Before You Go Paintballing

The only way to prevent welts and bruises is to avoid getting hit, which is almost impossible if don’t wear the right protective clothing.

Some basic protective gear to wear include a protective face mask, headgear, padded safety clothing, knee pads, safety gloves, as well as long pants and long-sleeved shirts. Taking cover behind obstacles will also minimize the number of shots you will take.

All in all, have fun!

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A Complete Guide to Paintball Gun Parts and Equipment

Halo and Call of Duty might be exciting, but nothing beats the real experience of playing “Catch the Flag” or “Bomb the Base” with your best friends. As much as paintballing is fun, paintball guns can be quite intimidating, especially if it’s your first time using them.

In modern paintballing, being a good player is not enough. You need to know how to properly use your paintball gun, the different paintball gun parts, and how they work.

Knowing all the paintball gun parts will not only earn you bragging rights among your friends but also come in handy when cleaning or upgrading your marker.

What are the Major Paintball Gun Parts?

Here are the key components of a paintball gun and their functions.

1. The Marker’s Body

The body of your marker houses the valve, the bolt, and the trigger frame, as well as holds most of your gun’s aesthetic features. In most paintball guns, the body is made of light aluminum to reduce the marker’s weight.

The body of a paintball gun can be the defining line between an expensive and a cheap marker. In many high-end models, the trigger frame is shifted towards the front to allow a more central positioning of the HPA tank.

This allows the top manufacturers to design a compact, well-balanced marker without necessarily having to add extra modifications that may increase the gun’s profile. A large gun is disadvantageous in a game of paintball because it’s difficult to carry around.

2. Hopper

Also known as loaders, hoppers hold the rounds of paintballs in a marker.  There are three types of hoppers – force-feed, gravity-feed, and agitating loaders.

With agitating and force-feed hoppers, paintballers enjoy a higher firing rate. However, compared to gravity-feed hoppers, these hoppers are prone to battery failure and moisture damage.

On the other hand, gravity-feed hoppers may be more durable but they lack photoreceptors, a lapse that predisposes them to ball breaks.

In the event of a ball break, the resultant paint leak deteriorates the gelatin shells of other rounds, making them stick together. This jams the barrel, and as a result, your gun stops working.

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3. Tank

The tank propels the paintballs out of the barrel when you pull the trigger. Depending on the type of gun you are using, a marker’s tank can either use High-Pressure Air (HPA) or carbon dioxide gas.

Unlike HPA tanks which mainly use nitrogen, carbon dioxide tanks have an inconsistent firing power due to the instability of the gas.

This means that shooters using HPA-propelled paintball guns have a slight advantage over their counterparts when it comes consistent paintball velocity and precision. Furthermore, HPA markers don’t need an evaporation system to shoot, making them more reliable on the battlefield.

Aluminum CO2 Paintball Tank
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4. Barrel

This is the part through which a paintball travels when you pull the trigger. The loudness, accuracy, speed, and distance of a paintball shot are determined by your gun’s barrel.

Longer barrels – especially those with ports – fire more quietly compared to their shorter counterparts, making them ideal for stealth operations. Moreover, markers with long barrels are more accurate and perfect for sniper shots.

Short barrels are more gas-efficient and suitable for close combat as they are easy to maneuver with. However, they are less accurate than long barrels, and therefore unsuitable for long shots. Even worse, they are very loud, hence, unsuitable for stealth operations.

No products found.

5. Bolt, Sear, and Hammer

These three parts are used to cock the paintball gun. In an uncocked gun, the bolt projects into the barrel to stop paintballs from entering the firing chamber.

To cock a gun, you have to pull the bolt back towards the hammer and then push it forward together with the hammer. Pulling the bolt back opens the ammo intake, allowing balls into the barrel. The sear latches onto the bolt and binds it with the hammer to facilitate a tandem movement of the two components.

6. Barrel Covers

Barrel covers, or barrel sleeves, are covers that protect the end of the barrel to prevent errant rounds. Ensure that your barrel cover is always on whenever you are not using your paintball gun. In fact, most paintball companies will not let you in the field, if your gun doesn’t have a barrel cover.

Barrel plugs are also used for this purpose, but they tend to fall out of the barrels, hence, not as effective.

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Maintaining Your Paintball Gun Parts

Paintball markers are a lot more interesting if you know how they work. And while each model is a little different, they all work the same. All you need is a little bit of understanding.

To keep all these parts functional, regular paintball gun maintenance is a must. Make a habit of oiling your gun’s front and rear bolt O-rings before you head out to the battlefield. Also, clean your marker after every paintball game and, if necessary, replace any worn out parts to keep your marker in optimal condition.

Happy paintballing!

Paintball History: When It Was Invented and How It Has Evolved

It goes by saying that some of the biggest Hollywood blockbusters of all time are action movies. In a fun-packed and safe manner, everyone wants a taste of the real action in a way that does not harm other people.

There’s no better way to test your bravado and shooting skills if you are a fan of action movies. Getting out on the field and playing paintball with friends is how you test your paintball skills. But, paintball history has more to it than you’d ever expected. When was it invented and how has it evolved over the years you ask? Read on!

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Paintball History: When Paintball Was Invented

Paintball is a popular game in the U.S., and across the world, but it hasn’t always been a game. If you’ve been wondering how it started out – here’s the evolution of paintball.

How was the Notion of Shooting Paintballs Conceived?

Paintball is a game that involves using paintball guns. It is a game equipment that tags everyone else with splats of paint on the game field and is the last player standing.

The idea of shooting balls of paint from a gun was first conceived by Charles Nelson. He is one of the founders of the Nelson Paint Company.

In the 1970s, the company was approached by the U.S. Forestry Service. It is to find an easier way to mark hard-to-reach trees destined for removal. The traditional squirt guns used by foresters had a limited range.

With the needs of the foresters in mind, Charles Nelson invented a tree-marking gun. It was in partnership with Daisy, an air gun maker. It is also useful for ranchers looking to mark stray cattle a significant distance away. The paintball gun was called the Nel-Spot 007 marker.

When was Paintball First Played as a Game?

The idea of playing paintball was initially contemplated by Charles Gaines and Hayes Noel. These two buddies thought it would be fun to invite other friends to play a game of “Capture the Flag”. If you don’t already know what this game entails, here’s a better description.

Team members are required to seize the other team’s flag while trying to avoid being hit by their opponents’ bullets (paintballs).

The inaugural game of paintball

In 1981 when Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel, and ten other men, equipped with Nel-Spot 007 markers, shot harmless, oil-based paintballs at one another as they played a version of “Capture the Flag.”

The game then quickly gained popularity.

As a result, Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel, and Bob Gurnsey (one of the twelve men who took part in the first ever competition) went on to obtain a license to use the paintball guns for leisure activities from Nelson Paint Company. Thereafter, they formed a company known as National Survival Game.

And, that’s pretty much what’s to know about the first paintball competition ever!

How Paintball Has Evolved as a Game

A lot has changed in paintball history since the first paintball competition was held by Charles Gaines, Hayes Noel, and company.

Here’s a look at some noteworthy milestones:

1. Manufacture of Specialized Game Equipment

As the game’s popularity increased, the need to use specialized equipment became more and more obvious. It became apparent that there was a need to move from the traditional, mass-produced paintball markers to sophisticated guns specially designed for the recreational sport.

Modern versions of paintball guns shoot more accurately, are easier to handle, and can fire at further range than ever before. This makes them ideal for use on larger battling fields.

Aside from this, several manufacturers have come out to make personal protective equipment specially designed for paintball. Hence, paintball team players use protective face masks, headgear, knee pads, and safety gloves that are designed for paintballing and paintballing only. This has improved the overall safety of the sport.

The sport’s competitiveness has increased in intensity as equipment advanced.

2. Use of Washable Paintballs

The history of paintball

Another notable change in paintball history is the invention of paint pellets used to hit competitors that are washable for easy removal from clothing.

Originally, paintballs were oil-based paint meant to create permanent marks on trees and cattle. You can see why a change was needed. The paintballs we use today comprises of highly visible, non-toxic, water-soluble paint, which is easy to wash off (woohoo!).

 3. Increased Interest in the Sport

The first time paintball was played, it was merely a matter of twelve friends trying to test who had the best survival skills. Yet, later competitions shown that more people are getting interested in the sport.

The game is now getting the attention it deserves. The game has grown bigger than ever before. From indoor, outdoor field wars to collegiate competitions, and nationally-televised tourneys.

Modern Paintballing Has Come a Long Way

You have learned something about paintball history, how far the sport has progressed? Now, you should have a much greater appreciation for the sport. An idea that was conceived by two friends, decades ago, has become one of the fastest-growing sports of the modern era.

The next time you and your friends are looking for something to do – grab your gear and hit the paintball fields. The games you can play are only limited by your imagination!

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A Paintball Visualization

Okay, so you’ve been chosen to be captain of your paintball team, and you’re about to get your team ready to get that flag! First, you gear up.

  • Helmut or safety hat to protect your noggin: check
  • Goggles to protect your eyes: check
  • Long sleeve sweatshirt to protect your upper body: check
  • Gloves to protect your hands: check
  • Long loose pants to protect, well, you know what! check
  • Football or soccer cleats, army or hiking boots, anything to protect and keep your feet safely moving: check
  • Paintball gun loaded: check

Now that you’ve got your gear on, what do you do next? How do you get to the winning place?

I want to share a story with you that may help you get that flag quicker than you’ve ever imagined!


You might be surprised to learn that I’m a 67-year-old woman. Not your typical paintball player, right? About 7 years ago, I participated in an outdoor training program put on by Peak Potentials. It was called, “Ultimate Leadership Camp.” It was held in upstate New York at a training facility that was used to train the Navy Seals.   Yep, you heard me, the Navy Seals! Oh my God, what was I getting myself into? How was I going to keep up with all of those young whipper-snappers?

Being there for 5 days was probably the most physically, mentally and emotionally challenging experience I have ever had in my entire life!

The Paintball Experience

When we first arrived, everyone was assembled together on two tennis courts and then they broke us all up into different troupes. Our assignment was to take turns being leaders within our particular troupes through extreme predicaments and situations. We were presented with various tests of our leadership, teamwork and following skills.

As a team player, I followed my leaders, and did the very best I could in every way, no matter the circumstance or situation. I was always striving to be a good team member.

Then, it was my turn to be the leader. My mission was to be the captain of the paintball operation. I had NEVER EVER, (did I say never?) participated in a paintball experience, let along ever having been to a paintball place! I had no idea what the point was or what I was supposed to be doing. All I knew was that I wanted to succeed and make our troupe proud.


After our initial instruction from the head paintball master, we geared up and got ready to go.  Before we entered the fenced-in area, I directed our team to look at where the flag was placed. 

Then I asked everyone to close their eyes and use the NASA model of visualizing what it feels like to have already gotten the flag. We stayed silent, with our eyes closed, while the feeling was building.

The Nasa Model

The NASA model was used years ago when we first got a man on the moon. The engineers said, “Okay, we got a man on the moon. How did we get him there?” And, then they reverse engineered the things they “did” to get that man on the moon by visualizing the end result first.

As we stood there, I asked everyone to pump themselves up even more with the excitement of snatching that flag. We jumped up and down, feeling totally certain that we were the triumphant winners. We grabbed that flag easily and effortlessly, and had a great time doing it! Taking fun seriously was seriously fun!

It was time. We entered the gate and the games began. We took cover immediately, and then began to strategically move closer to our target. One by one, we darted about, hiding behind trees, running from here to there, ducking and avoiding the ammunition that was flying our way.

BAM, SPLAT! We got someone. BAM, SPLAT! Another one down! BAM, SPLAT! And another opponent bit the dust. More opponents quickly began to fall, one right after the other.

It was the fastest 10 minutes ever!  Not a single one of us got hit, which was a miracle in and of itself, and that flag was snagged so fast they (and we) didn’t even know what hit us (or didn’t hit us, I should say).



So, we walked out with the flag, victorious! The mission was accomplished easily and effortlessly, just as we imagined it would be.  We jumped up and down and experienced the exact same feelings we had even before we began.

Visualization works.  Those engineers at NASA really knew how powerful it was to envision the outcome first and then work backwards.  The most important part of paintballing or anything in life is to enjoy the journey, have a blast and work as a team!

What are some of your favorite strategies for your exciting paintball experience?

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