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Top 3 Cool Airsoft Masks To Improve Your Game

Airsoft masks are extremely important for a great airsoft game.

Not only for the obvious protection purposes but also for aesthetics. Cool airsoft mask can intimidate your opponents, while also building your image and identity as a player.

In this article, we will review some cool airsoft masks with unique looks.

Although looks will be the primary focus, we can’t disregard other important features any cool airsoft masks should have. So, let us discuss the key features and qualities you should look for when purchasing airsoft masks.

What You Should Look For In Cool Airsoft Masks

Cool Airsoft Masks

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Balance of Price VS Quality

Sure, there are cool airsoft masks above $300 with nice features, but are they truly worth the price? On the other hand, there are $20 and even cheaper options available. But, will they provide enough protection as well as feel comfortable enough to wear for long stretches of time? The balance between price and quality will the most important factor for us.

Look and Design

Since our focus today will be cool airsoft masks, of course looks will also be an important factor. We will choose our recommended products based on cool and unique designs. However, although looks will be our primary focus, doesn’t mean we will neglect other functional factors below.

Fog Resistance

No matter how good a mask or goggle is thermally treated, they will still fog a little. However, we will avoid recommending anything with serious fog issue. We understood how important visibility and accuracy are in a game of airsoft gun, so we will evaluate this factor with great care.


A game of airsoft involves a lot of continuous activity: running, hiding, jumping, and you will definitely need a lot of air. That is why a good form of ventilation is necessary for any cool airsoft mask. There is no use of looking cool when you are unable to breathe through the mask, especially during a long game.

Product Recommendations

After we have discussed the necessary factors for cool airsoft masks, here are our top picks in no particular order:

War Game Steel Mesh Protective Mask (Full Face)

815eYBZ6cmL. SL1200

Image Credit: Amazon

The War Game Steel Mesh Protective Mask is very simple in its approach: using a full face steel mesh to protect your entire face. Yet, this simple approach looks very nice, making it one of the best options for cool airsoft masks.

The best thing about the steel mesh material is breathability, and since it didn’t use any lens, there won’t be any issue with fog. Steel mesh might need some time getting used to, but once you are familiar with it, you won’t have any issues with visibility and accuracy.

Keep in mind that steel mesh can indeed break with high-fps BB shots, especially when done point blank. However, the steel mesh material of the War Game Steel Mesh Mask is fairly strong and can withstand BB shots over 700 FPS without breaking. Still, you might want to avoid using steel mesh masks when there’s a lot of snipers with high-FPS markers.

The space between your eye and the steel mesh will allow the usage of glasses, so it will be a great choice for players with glasses, as well as if you want to use additional goggle within.

Nevertheless, it is a very decent choice for those looking for cool airsoft masks with great breathability and no fogging issue. There are several color options available, so you can choose the one that fits your other gears.


  • Great full face protection
  • The steel mesh is fairly strong, can withstand 700 FPS of shots
  • Very wide field of vision
  • Great ventilation
  • No fogging issue
  • Very durable


  • Steel mesh can break with point blank or very high FPS shots
  • The steel mesh look is not for everyone

Outdoormaster Full Face Airsoft Mask

61XCJkeIwcL. SL1300

Image Credit:Amazon

The Outdoormaster Airsoft Mask is very popular due to its unique design with a mean and intimidating look. As with the War Game Steel Mesh Mask above, the eye holes of the Outdoormaster Full Face Mask utilized steel mesh protection, meaning you also won’t need to worry about fogging issues.

However, since the steel mesh material is only used in the eye holes, you will still need to worry about breathability. Fortunately, there are plenty of breathable holes in the bottom, as well as larger holes at the nose to help with breathability. These holes also won’t compromise the look of the Outdoormaster Full Face Mask.

The mask is secured with six elastic straps, so it will stay in place even when you are running around. The interior is covered with rubber padding to ensure comfort, so although the Outdoormaster Full Face Mask seems ‘closed’, it is actually very comfortable and breathable to wear.

The Outdoormaster Full Face Mask is available with 9 different looks (when this article is being written), inspired by Captain America, Predator, skull-faced design, and the British flag of Union Jack among several others.

This mask is simply one of the best choices for cool airsoft masks providing unique looks, very decent protection, comfort, and breathability.


  • One of the best-looking airsoft masks
  • Padded interior for comfort
  • Adequate ventilation for breathability
  • Reduces face sweat
  • Can withstand very high FPS (except for the eye area)


  • The eye steel mesh protection can break from point-blank shots or high FPS shots

JT Elite Prime Goggle

81mXKq7Me4L. SL1500

Image Credit: Amazon

JT Sports is one of the most prominent manufacturers for paintball and airsoft masks, and the JT Elite Prime Goggle is one of the best options for those looking for a classic, tactical-style cool airsoft masks. The JT Elite Prime Goggle can also be used as paintball mask, so it might be a great choice for those enjoying both games.

Unlike the two masks we have discussed above, the eye protection of the JT Elite uses goggle instead of steel mesh,  and there are pros and cons about this. The lens will indeed be vulnerable with fogging, however, it is very well made and thermally treated so the fog resistance is excellent. On the other hand, goggle protection is better at handling high velocity and point blank shots.

The lens also has a very wide field of vision, so you won’t have any issue with visibility. As you can also see from the picture, there are a lot of ventilation holes throughout the mask, so the breathability and comfort are very good.


  • Great looking tactical design
  • Very durable and well-made
  • Excellent comfort and breathability
  • Superior lens with wide field of vision and fog resistance


  • Can still have issues with fog, especially during prolonged game
  • A little small in size, and won’t protect the back of your head (combine with cap)

Bottom Line

There are definitely a lot more options available for clear soft masks. However, based on our research, the three products we have mentioned above are the best choices available, providing nice balance between price and value, comfort, protection, and of course, looks.

Top 5 Best Paintball Mask Products

If you’re in the market for the best paintball mask product, you’re in luck! Admittedly, compiling this list has been quite a daunting task. There’s an extremely diverse variety of paintball masks available today. To add an extra element, there’s both speedball and woodsball which provides even more diversity to the sport. Speedball players will generally prefer a lighter mask for quick movement, while woodsball generally prefers endurance and longer rounds where tactical masks and helmets are preferred. Thus, we also need to make sure that this list can accommodate both players.

Paintball masks nowadays are not only designed for protection but also have very important aesthetics function. They can even be used to create a distinctive identity between players, which can be important in the heat of the game. Paintball, after all, is quite a demanding sport, equipment-wise, as your loadout can greatly increase the chance of victory. Not to mention, having the proper gear is important for safety. Paintball is definitely a safe sport, but you do need to pay attention to the field safety regulations and equipment requirements.

What then, are our choices? Before we begin, let us first discuss our criteria or the best paintball mask.

best paintball mask

How We Chose The Best Paintball Mask

We chose the paintball mask products based on these criteria:

Money Value

No matter how good a paintball mask is, it will not be as valuable if it is too expensive for its own good. On the other hand, a very affordable paintball mask will not have much value if the quality is too cheap and compromising. The balance between the price tag with features and quality will be our first and foremost criteria.


As mentioned, paintball is a demanding sport for your equipment. The impact of the ball, whether it’s speedball or woodsball will wear and tear your paintball mask over time. Thus, longevity and durability is an important factor in choosing the best paintball mask.

Build Quality

This one might seem similar to the previous point, durability. However, build quality is not only about durability alone, as we have mentioned how design and finish are also important. We chose the best paintball mask based on the broader scope of the build quality from design, finish, material selection, and many more.


After all, paintball mask is a worn equipment where comfort greatly matters. A good paintball mask shouldn’t hinder your movement, as well as not limiting your field of vision even if you need to wear glasses inside. We will consider this factor in choosing the best paintball mask products.

Top 5 Best Paintball Masks

After we have discussed our criteria, here are our recommendations for the best paintball masks available in the market today:

VForce Grill Paintball Mask

61PylqNJIxL. SL1200

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At first glance, you will understand that the main quality of the VForce paintball mask is the aggressive, low-profile design. The VForce Grill is also lightweight, making it great especially for speedball players.

Each individual part is replaceable, so you can customize the VForce Grill looks with a wide variety of different colors for the visor, as well as other individual parts.

Besides the great design, it is also very comfortable, and you can easily breathe inside it, as well as still being audible while talking. The comfort it provides also doesn’t compromise protection, albeit it’s not a full-faced mask. You can wear a beanie or bandana to protect your hair and forehead, which is not covered by the VForce Grill. Of course, like all the best paintball mask out there, it features a thermal-treated anti-fog lens. Great for any level of players from beginners to experts alike.


  • Thermal-treated anti-fog lens and thermo-cured hard coat
  • Optically correct lenses preventing distorted vision
  • Low profile, ergonomic protection for safety and comfort
  • Interchangeable lens with quick switch lens system for easy replacement
  • Easy adjustment and customization

JT Spectra Flex Paintball Mask

41Az4AIOcFL 1

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JT Spectra flex offers a full-face protection, making it an ideal choice for woodsball player. It also comes with a nice variety in design, although we felt that the camo version is the best looking of the bunch.

The featured visor is also exceptional with a 260-degree field of vision, giving you both vision and accuracy while aiming. The field of vision offered is far wider than those of rental masks, and you can expect an increase in performance if you are used to wearing rental ones.

The thermal anti-fog visor is removable, and you will also get a dual layer venting system to keep a better ventilation inside the mask. One of the most comfortable masks in the market, and is certainly one of the best paintball mask products around.


  • Adequate ventilation for total comfort.
  • Thermal-treated lens for clear visibility
  • 260-degree field of vision
  • Soft ear protection that will not hinder communication
  • Full head protection, covering the top and back of the head, ideal for woodsball
  • Flexible and durable plastic material

Empire E-vent Thermal Google

81PBrIT9LpL. SL1500 1

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The brand Empire has been long known for the high-end gears with premium price tags. However, the Empire Event is relatively affordable while still provides the rich features and quality synonymous with the Empire brand.

The dual-pane lens is also thermal-cured to eliminate fog and is interchangeable with a quick release lens system. The soft silicone ear protection is also removable and can protect your ear while still allows audible communications.

Besides the great protection, the Empire Event is also extremely comfortable, featuring the low profile design with silicone beaded strap to help it stay firmly in place. A fan favorite for its affordability and overall quality, and due to the low-profile design, one of the best paintball mask products for speedball players.


  • Low profile faceplate for comfort and speed, excellent for speedball
  • Clear, dual-pane lens that is thermal-cured for anti-fog
  • High-quality silicone beaded strap to keep the mask firmly in place
  • Removable soft ear protection for both audible communication and protection
  • Affordable price with a wide variety of different colors

Virtue VIO Extend Thermal Paintball Mask

61fsJSJW7wL. SL1116

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At first glance, you will see that the main selling point of the Virtue VIO Extend is the visor, featuring a mirrored lens with an extremely wide field of vision. During our search for the best paintball mask on the market, the Virtue VIO Extend stands out as one of the most comfortable masks with rich features and great t quality.

The VIO extend is highly customizable with a wide range of color selections to match your other gears. The internal foam is very high quality, bringing you excellent comfort during prolonged use. With the thermal-treated lens, there will be no fogging issue with this mask. One of the best paintball mask products that are extremely lightweight and stylish, with a huge lens to provide you with an excellent vision.


  • Very wide visor providing excellent field of vision
  • High-quality ear pads for comfort, communications, and safety
  • Several ventilations for easier breathing and better airflow for comfort
  • Low profile design with excellent protection
  • Dual material for the interior, allowing maximum comfort
  • Great durability

Empire E-Flex Paintball Goggle System


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Another entry by the Empire company on this list, and is technically an upgrade of the aforementioned Empire E-Vent. A very lightweight mask with well-ventilated face cover, great for aiming down scopes or iron sights. Comes with the same lens swapping system as the E-Vent, and features an excellent dual-layer thermal treated anti-fog lens for better visibility.

The foam supports are thick, providing excellent protection yet is very comfortable even for prolonged use. The included ear protection is great for communications and comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. One of the best paintball mask products available, and although it is rather expensive, in our opinion it is worth every penny.


  • Ultra soft and flexible face skirt providing great visibility and comfort
  • Thermal anti-fog lens with no optical distortion
  • E-Flex thermo-foam earpiece for better protection, comfort, and communication
  • Very comfortable face foam material
  • Lightweight with great ventilation for better breathability
  • Quick lens swapping system

Finding the best paintball mask is a task that can be a bit ellusive for some people. You may need to test out a few before deciding on one you truly love. Don’t be discouraged if one doesn’t work perfectly for you right away. The process of shopping and trying out new masks can be really fun!

How To Choose Cool Paintball Masks

Why are cool paintball masks so necessary you ask?

You’re in the middle of an intense paintball battle. Your friends have surrounded you and you’re gonna have to make a run for it if you have any hope of winning this thing. Peeking your head out from behind the barricade, you look to see if anyone is close by. All you hear is the sound of the wind in the trees and a lonely bird chirping. This is your chance. Ready…set…RUN! It might as well have been an epic war movie. Everything seems to stop as you run, when suddenly the paintballs start whizzing towards you. You hear them zip past your ear, one pelts your arm and you feel several paintballs pepper your back. You’re almost to safety when SPLAT! A yellow paintball nails you right in the eye. You feel no pain, thanks to your mask.


Wearing a mask while playing paintball might sound like an inconvenience but believe me, you’ll be happy you did. It’s the absolute most important piece of equipment you can own. Getting pelted with paintballs can be pretty painful, and if one hits you in the face it could cause extremely serious damage. With paintball being such a popular sport, there’s thousands of cool paintball masks out there for anyone who wants to show their personality with their mask while they play.

There are several things you want to consider when looking for cool paintball masks. Of course, design and appearance is super important but you also want to make sure it’s going to properly protect your face and eyes from those paintballs as they whiz towards your face!

Find An Awesome Mask Design To Fit Your Face

Proper fit is extremely important when looking for cool paintball masks. You might have to test multiple different masks as each person’s face is different and some will fit better than others.

Make sure you test if the mask fogs up when you put it on. The most annoying thing when you’re trying to play an intense paintball game is constantly dealing with a fogged up mask. Nobody wants to keep removing the mask to clean off the fog, not to mention it’s extremely dangerous to do so. Cheaper masks tend to have a fog problem, so keep this in mind when you’re shopping for one. Look for masks that are anti-fog and have a thermal or dual lense to make sure you won’t have this problem. Avoid the single lens masks as they’re more likely to give you trouble.


It’s also important to make sure the goggle frame is comfortable on your face. The goggle frame is surrounded by foam. When you try the mask on, adjust the tightness and make sure it’s comfortable and seals properly around your face. This also contributes to making sure your lens doesn’t get fogged up. The more expensive mask you purchase, the cushier the foam will be.

Helmets vs. Half Face Masks

There’s a lot of debate in the paintball community about whether helmet style masks or half face masks are better. You want to make sure you get something that reflects your personal playing style and has excellent coverage to keep your eyes and face safe from any paintballs that come at it.

Most organized clubs or fields that recreational paintballers go to require anyone under the age of 18 to wear a helmet mask. Regardless of age, if you’re a beginner you should look for a mask with full coverage so that none of your face is exposed. They’re made of hard plastic and will fully protect your face and neck from any paint balls that come into contact with the mask. This can add a little extra weight to your mask but it’s necessary if you’re new to the game or just playing recreationally.

If you’re a little more advanced, you could consider a half face mask that sits closer to your face and leaves your jawline, chin and forehead exposed. These are popular with tournament players because they are lighter and less bulky. They’re also made of softer materials and more flexible which means sometimes a paintball will bounce off the mask instead of actually breaking. Unfortunately though, these masks don’t protect you from the pain of a direct hit so that’s something to keep in mind for sure. Some of these masks come with built-in goggles, while others require you to purchase a separate pair of goggles while the mask just covers the rest of your face.

Personalize Your Cool Paintball Masks With Skulls or A Favorite Design

The best part about wearing a mask is that you can buy or design one to fit your own personality! So even if your face is covered up during a fight, you can still show who you are to the people you are playing with. Wearing a unique mask makes you easy to identify on the field and can be a great conversation starter if you’re playing with people you don’t know as well!

There’s tons of different masks out there that can reflect who you are and your interests, whether you want to look hardcore with a skull mask or wear a Darth Vader helmet. Or maybe you want to kick in a little extra money and get one custom designed just for you!

Regardless of what type of mask you end up choosing, be sure to take your time deciding! Cool paintball masks are truly are the most important piece of equipment you can use for the sport, whether you’re playing recreationally or in an official tournament. Take the time to try several, invest your money, and find the perfect fit for you to keep your head safe!

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