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The V-Force Grill – Protection Well Worth The Price

The V-Force Grill – Protection Well Worth the Price

If you’ve never been hit in the face with a paintball you’ll never value the protection a great paintball mask offers you. The sting of the paintball hitting your face is something you won’t forget lightly, neither is the pain of having to exit the game while you were still enjoying it.

Today, I want to review one of the best paintball masks on the market. One I know you will fall in love with due its rugged fierce looks and its practicality on the field.

It’s called the V-Force Grill and it has featured in many world tournaments and even helped a few teams clinch the title.

If you are on the hunt for a paintball mask that has a very good field of view, handles fogging very well, and is light and comfortable, then you are definitely looking for the V-Force Grill. But then I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take this review step by step so that you can fully appreciate this wonderful (and intimidating) paintball mask for what it truly is.

The V-Force Grill – Protection Well Worth the Price

When it comes to paintball masks, very few manage to offer the protection and value that the V-Force Grill does. Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?

VForce Grill Thermal Paintball Mask
  • Quick Change Click Dry Foam System, for a fresh, dry foam in a snap
  • FeatherWeight Comfort Ultra-lightweight design for unrestricted movement
  • Comfort Chin Strap for better stability during fast games

The Look – Design and Build Quality

V-Force Grill

If there is one factor that is important in a paintball mask, it’s how it looks – especially from your opponents point of view. The best paintball masks have an element of intimidation, and the V-Force Grill measures up very well in that department.

If you are looking for the fear factor, you’ll definitely find it in the V-Force Grill.

But just because it’s an intimidating paintball mask doesn’t disqualify it from the good looks competition because it does look good, very good. The V-Force Grill is a very well designed mask and definitely built to match with high-quality materials that make it a very durable mask.

For its good and yet intimidating looks, the V-Force Grill earns a 5/5 rating from me. It definitely has the wow factor.

The Feel Factor

Because it is made from high-quality materials, especially the foam, the V-Force Grill is a very comfortable paintball mask, one of the best in the comfort departments if I may say so. The V-Force will feel so natural you’ll even forget that you are wearing a mask, the lightweight materials (soft composite plastic) make sure of that. Even after wearing it for a long time, it won’t make your face feel dull and heavy as is the case with other paintball masks.

Because it’s such a comfortable mask that doesn’t put any strain on your face, the V-Force grill earns itself a 5/5 in my books. This is one paintball mask you really need to consider adding to your equipment.

Vision and Experience

When it comes to vision, the V-Force Grill outshines many paintball masks on the market. Featuring a large lens with a very wide angle of view, it gives you the ability to see everything around you without having to turn your head. This gives you a great tactical advantage as many paintball masks have poor views and most players have to turn their bodies in order to be able to take in the entire scene of the game. This puts you at a disadvantage as you become a clear target.

When wearing the V-Force Grill in a game, it gives you a pleasurable experience as it is very easy to breathe in it. And when you sweat, the foam quickly sucks in the sweat, making you feel as fresh as you did when you stepped into the game.

And because the lens are thermal lenses, they don’t cloud up even in humid and wet conditions – no need to worry about losing your vision due to fogging as long as you are donning the V-Force Grill paintball mask.

And the best part of the V-Force Grill is the fact that changing out the lens is very simple and takes less than a minute, making them a game-saving unit when the heat of the battle is on and you need a fresh set of lenses in your paintball mask. This is one area in which many other paintball masks fall flat on their face as they don’t have an efficient swop-out mechanism like the V-Force Grill. If there is one factor that should move you to get the V-Force Grill, it is this one.

Because the V-Force delivers when it comes to giving you the best possible experience a paintball mask can give, it scores another 5/5.


Another great feature of the V-Force Grill is the ease of customization. Each part of the V-Force Grill can swopped out for another and you have a wide selection of colored thermal lenses to choose from. And as I already said, swopping the lenses is a very easy job that won’t take you more than a minute. Customizing the V-Force Grill is so easy you can change your look mid game as you can easily replace your foam padding, your lens, your strap, and even the foam on your ears.

If that is not a bonus, I don’t know what is. The ease of customization means you can create a different mask whenever you want to, and in my books, that definitely warrants a 5/5 score.

Ventilation and Acoustics

The V-Force Grill has a menacing front grill that serves more purpose than just creating a fierce looking paintball mask. The grill is a great ventilation feature that allows for free flow of air so as to make it easy for you to breathe and to keep the temperature in the mask moderately low. With superb ventilation like this, the game may as well go on and on as you won’t have any problems breathing.

The ventilation also allows for great acoustics within the mask. No echoes or ringing in your ears when you shout. Sound travels well in and out of the mask, meaning you will hear clearly and when you speak, your voice won’t be muffled at all – it will be loud and clear.

For its great ventilation that doubles as a menacing look, the V-Force Grill earns another 5/5.



Now comes the big question concerning paintball masks – the protection question. The V-Force Grill gives you the best protection hands down. The combination of semi-rigid and softer rubber used to make the V-Force are the best materials to offer complete protection from the sting of a paintball when it is properly placed smack in the middle of your face. Not only does the V-Force protect you from stinging paintballs, but the soft rubber also encourages paintballs to bounce off without exploding, giving you a chance to remain in the game.

Although the V-Force has a small profile, it must not be dismissed as inadequate protection as it covers the entire face, especially with the visor in place. The visor is meant to protect from the sun’s rays and from the rain but in many instances, it has also provided extra protection from paintballs.

With the V-Force Grill, you have the confidence to play your game to the best of your abilities knowing that you are well covered, and for that, the V-Force Grill gets a 5/5 for protection.

Value for Money

Another big factor that determines the rating of anything is whether it offers value for money. We all want our purchases to give us value for our hard earned money, no matter what the purchase may be. The same stands for paintball masks. I’m sure you don’t want a paintball mask that will fall apart on you after only a few months of use. And that is where the V-Force Grill will make you smile.

The V-Force Grill masks come with a limited one-year warranty. This means you have the liberty to try out the mask for a whole year and work out any issues you may have with it. Because this mask is well made and that from durable materials you probably won’t have any problems with it. This is truly a value for money mask, and truth be told, it will definitely prove its worth on the battlefield.

It’s not easy finding a deal as good as this one, especially as you only have to spend $99.95 to protect your face with this fabulous paintball mask that is the V-Force Grill.

Value for money? Definitely. The V-Force is worth every penny you spend on it, whether the initial purchase or any other add-ons you may want to purchase to enhance its looks and practicality. Though the V-Force Grill may be pricier than other paintball masks on the market, consider the value that it adds to your game. Because of the value factor, the V-Force gets a well-deserved 5/5.

The V-Force Grill Series – Giving You Protection and Confidence

I hope by now you have seen that the V-Force Grill is a great investment towards a successful paintball career. This versatile mask not only gives you more than adequate protection but it also makes you look awesome on the paintball field. That alone gives you the confidence to play the best game of your life every time you step out into the field. This is truly an all-round paintball mask that does not disappoint in the least.

How To Choose Cool Paintball Masks

Why are cool paintball masks so necessary you ask?

You’re in the middle of an intense paintball battle. Your friends have surrounded you and you’re gonna have to make a run for it if you have any hope of winning this thing. Peeking your head out from behind the barricade, you look to see if anyone is close by. All you hear is the sound of the wind in the trees and a lonely bird chirping. This is your chance. Ready…set…RUN! It might as well have been an epic war movie. Everything seems to stop as you run, when suddenly the paintballs start whizzing towards you. You hear them zip past your ear, one pelts your arm and you feel several paintballs pepper your back. You’re almost to safety when SPLAT! A yellow paintball nails you right in the eye. You feel no pain, thanks to your mask.


Wearing a mask while playing paintball might sound like an inconvenience but believe me, you’ll be happy you did. It’s the absolute most important piece of equipment you can own. Getting pelted with paintballs can be pretty painful, and if one hits you in the face it could cause extremely serious damage. With paintball being such a popular sport, there’s thousands of cool paintball masks out there for anyone who wants to show their personality with their mask while they play.

There are several things you want to consider when looking for cool paintball masks. Of course, design and appearance is super important but you also want to make sure it’s going to properly protect your face and eyes from those paintballs as they whiz towards your face!

Find An Awesome Mask Design To Fit Your Face

Proper fit is extremely important when looking for cool paintball masks. You might have to test multiple different masks as each person’s face is different and some will fit better than others.

Make sure you test if the mask fogs up when you put it on. The most annoying thing when you’re trying to play an intense paintball game is constantly dealing with a fogged up mask. Nobody wants to keep removing the mask to clean off the fog, not to mention it’s extremely dangerous to do so. Cheaper masks tend to have a fog problem, so keep this in mind when you’re shopping for one. Look for masks that are anti-fog and have a thermal or dual lense to make sure you won’t have this problem. Avoid the single lens masks as they’re more likely to give you trouble.


It’s also important to make sure the goggle frame is comfortable on your face. The goggle frame is surrounded by foam. When you try the mask on, adjust the tightness and make sure it’s comfortable and seals properly around your face. This also contributes to making sure your lens doesn’t get fogged up. The more expensive mask you purchase, the cushier the foam will be.

Helmets vs. Half Face Masks

There’s a lot of debate in the paintball community about whether helmet style masks or half face masks are better. You want to make sure you get something that reflects your personal playing style and has excellent coverage to keep your eyes and face safe from any paintballs that come at it.

Most organized clubs or fields that recreational paintballers go to require anyone under the age of 18 to wear a helmet mask. Regardless of age, if you’re a beginner you should look for a mask with full coverage so that none of your face is exposed. They’re made of hard plastic and will fully protect your face and neck from any paint balls that come into contact with the mask. This can add a little extra weight to your mask but it’s necessary if you’re new to the game or just playing recreationally.

If you’re a little more advanced, you could consider a half face mask that sits closer to your face and leaves your jawline, chin and forehead exposed. These are popular with tournament players because they are lighter and less bulky. They’re also made of softer materials and more flexible which means sometimes a paintball will bounce off the mask instead of actually breaking. Unfortunately though, these masks don’t protect you from the pain of a direct hit so that’s something to keep in mind for sure. Some of these masks come with built-in goggles, while others require you to purchase a separate pair of goggles while the mask just covers the rest of your face.

Personalize Your Cool Paintball Masks With Skulls or A Favorite Design

The best part about wearing a mask is that you can buy or design one to fit your own personality! So even if your face is covered up during a fight, you can still show who you are to the people you are playing with. Wearing a unique mask makes you easy to identify on the field and can be a great conversation starter if you’re playing with people you don’t know as well!

There’s tons of different masks out there that can reflect who you are and your interests, whether you want to look hardcore with a skull mask or wear a Darth Vader helmet. Or maybe you want to kick in a little extra money and get one custom designed just for you!

Regardless of what type of mask you end up choosing, be sure to take your time deciding! Cool paintball masks are truly are the most important piece of equipment you can use for the sport, whether you’re playing recreationally or in an official tournament. Take the time to try several, invest your money, and find the perfect fit for you to keep your head safe!

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