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Gun Rack Plans: How to Build A Gun Rack

If you have got plenty of guns or rifles lying about the house, you may want to think about building a gun rack to store them. Luckily, putting a gun rack together using our gun rack plans isn’t too much hassle.

Planning How to Build your Rack

As you're going to be building this from scratch, it is a good idea in your gun rack plans to choose a space, as well as the firearms that you are considering placing on the rack before beginning.

Below are some of the gun racks you can choose from if you’re planning on putting one together.

  • Standing Gun Racks - also known as deputy racks; these hold the guns up vertically. It means you’ll be placing the holds on the top, so the butts sit on the bottom of the rack.
  • Vertical Racks are somewhat similar to standing racks. The guns are still held upwards, but they are attached to a framework that will keep them from the floor.
  • Horizontal Racks are placed on the wall or in the back of a vehicle. They are the most common sort of standby a long shot and allow for a fantastic view of the holstered firearms while also allowing easy access.
  • Round Racks are made to be portable. They're often utilized in campsites designated for hunting, and they will allow quick access to stored rifles.

Rifles are all sorts of shapes and sizes. Longer weapons are optimal for these types of racks. Beforehand, it’s important to measure the space you want to put it before going ahead.

Get the Tools and Materials You Need

for your gun rack plans, you need a set of tools

CC 0 by Public Domain, Pixabay.

You do not need good technical knowledge to be able to build a gun rack using these gun rack plans (a simple one, that is).

If you're planning plenty of beautiful embellishments you'll also need a good wood router, but mostly you'll want:

  • 1x Drill
  • 1x Pocket Screw Jig
  • Some Screws
  • 1x Table/ 1x Circular Saw
  • Strong Wood/scrap/new plywood
  • 1x Power Sander

If in your guns rack plans you've decided to build using scrap wood, remember to make sure it is prepped first. Strip down any paint; sand any rough surfaces.

This will take a small amount of time, but you will have the ability to find far better timber for a lower cost or nothing at all if you pick scrap.

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Building the Frame for Your Guns

Include to your gun rack plans the framework as it will be the anchor for the whole rack. Use the table saw or circular saw to cut everything to size, ensuring it is all symmetrical.

For a vertical stand, a square frame is how you should proceed. Cut the timber to the proper dimensions, but ensure the sides of the rack are wider than the tops, which ought to be flat. Attach them all with pocket screws.

You will also have to make sure the frame at the bottom is wide enough, to comfortably cradle the butts of the rifles. Give it an additional inch or so over the largest butt for the best results.

For a horizontal rack, you simply construct the framework, then attach the hooks that will hold the weapons in the next step.

Making the Rests

When making a vertical rack, you’ll need to put a cross beam, complete with indentations cut in the wood to hold the rifles. This will let you place many different firearms across it.

If you aren't familiar with carpentry, the easiest way to start doing this is by using a bandsaw or a jigsaw.
black jigsaw for cutting the materials for your gun rack plans

CC 0 by Public Domain, Pixabay.

If you are creating a horizontal rack with additional hooks, then you probably want to cut down the hooks or ready any pre-made hooks you have bought.

Attach them from behind the framework with simple wooden screws. You can also use Drywall screws, since they will rest against the rear of the frame, as long as they are pushed straight and sit flush with the wall when you are hanging the rack.

Completing the Rack

Take your sander, irrespective of your design, and round off all the sharp corners to get a smoother appearance. Take your time, be exact, and you will wind up getting a much more excellent build.

Once you’ve finished sanding, you may stain or paint the rack. This is very helpful if you gathered a vast array of different colored recycled wood since it is going to have an excellent final finish.

Following that, you will have to hang the rack up if it's wall mounted. For this, you will want to place it on a stud then screw it in. Remember - rifles are heavy, and their weight mounts up quickly, so it's crucial that you find the right place to anchor them.

Different Types of Gun Rack Plans

In order to make sure everyone is satisfied with their gun racks, it’s important that you have a wide range to choose the winning design from. If you love the idea of getting creative and building something of your own, below are some exciting plans if you’re stuck for inspiration.

Woodworking Corner

This rack easily hangs on the wall for a handy storage for all of your guns. You can also manipulate the design and materials to store more than just your guns, but any knives or accessories, too. With combined shelving and a drawer, there are two storage destinations for your purchases to ensure that they’re safe and out of the way. With this gun rack, you also have the option of extending the build should you purchase more guns and require more storage space.

Bill Pounds’ Rifle Case

This design resembles a suitcase once it’s closed so that you can easily transport your goods around with you. Alternatively, it’s creative design to store your purchases without it obviously looking like a gun case. Once this gun storage is open, you can lay it on the floor and it’ll easily storage eight rifles. Made from plywood and leather strips, it’s a piece of art that isn’t too complex to make. Plus, these materials also maintain a reasonably light weight for transportation purposes.

Wayne of the Woods

If you’re looking for a gun rack far from a simple build, this is a great option for you. However, you only need a few tools to complete the look. The main emphasis with this gun rack is that it’s strong and sturdy, so we highly recommend avoiding pine, which can break over time. Instead, use a hard wood or composite, as these materials are much more reliable and robust. Remember to use a support brace if you intend on storing heavy or numerous guns at one time. When you’ve completed this creation, you’ll probably want to fill in the nail holes and sand before it’s finalized.

Home Defense

This gun rack easily mounts to the wall so that it’s out of your way. It’s simple to create and apply to your wall, making it an ideal solution if you’re not a craftsman. These take a little longer to position your gun once you’re finished with it, but the finalized look is more polished than some of the other gun rack plans. However, grabbing your gun only takes a second. We love the versatility that comes with this rack because you can mount it on a wall or over a door. You can also position the rack on an angle to make it look aesthetically pleasing and not just practical.

Our Gun Rack Plans get the Job Done

Hopefully, we've given you a basic primer that should be acceptable for you to build a great-looking rack. It is a handy way to collate your arms, and also makes for a great display! You can also check out what to wear paintballing to ensure that you’re always equipped - no matter if it’s a fun or serious game session.

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