Empire Axe Marker Review

Empire Paintball’s Empire Axe marker is a high quality paintball gun that retails for around $450 (see lowest price). It is similar to other high end markers like the Reflex, Ego, Etek, Geo and FX. Yet it is superior to these markers in several aspects. Let’s take a look at the specifics of the Empire Axe marker.

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A Quality Shot

When analyzing the Empire Axe, it is best to start with its shooting performance. The Axe fires easily and accurately. Shots can be rattled off in smooth sequences without any unnecessary delays. The gun’s operating pressure is extra low and it has special anti-chop style eyes that empower ballers to shoot fragile paint. Players have reported going through 5,000 plus paintballs with the Empire Axe and not breaking a single one. The Axe has several different firing styles like Millenium ramping, PSP ramping and semi. This wide range of shooting modes is more than most players will need, considering that the majority of fields permit only semi-auto. To put it simply, the Empire Axe is an extremely fun gun to shoot.

In terms of consistency, the gun offers between +-3 and +-5 on the chrono. Since it is incredibly consistent, players will be able to bring it out onto the field with peace of mind. Even its trigger is superior to many other markers. It empowers ballers to fire off shots at fast rates of speed without any pauses. It is especially easy to fire off rapid shots while utilizing the ramping and semi shooting modes. There is ample space between the fore grip and the trigger guard, making shooting a simple process. When the marker is in semi mode, the player can put two fingers beneath the trigger guard and “walk the trigger” with ease. In fact, three fingers can be placed beneath while the index finger rests on the trigger. The trigger can be adjusted to four different positions and it also has a micro-switch activation point. All in all, the Empire Axe is going to function at a high level on a regular basis. This is a reliable marker.

How It Feels

The marker feels amazing in the baller’s hands. The Axe is easy to hold as it is very light and it has a spacious frame to accommodate any hand size. Players will be able to run around for hours and hold the gun without their arms or hands becoming fatigued. This is an incredible advantage as paintball is oftentimes a competition of endurance and speed. You can jump, crawl, dive and slide in confidence because the Axe’s loader will not slip off. It has a feedneck that clamps securely so that the loader is always firmly attached.

The Empire Axe Style

The marker has a nice, smooth finish that reassures the player that his $450 was well spent. Most paintball players will admit that the gun’s look doesn’t matter much. Still, the fact that the Axe has an esteemed, high quality look to it helps to justify its high cost. The marker’s frame has well crafted wrap around style grips to ensure that the player has a solid hold on it at all times. Plenty of other paintball marker manufacturers rely on flat panel style grips that are more economical but less reliable.

The Empire Axe is a hoseless marker. Hoseless means that the player doesn’t have to concern himself with a hose malfunctioning. While plenty of other paintball players spend time and energy worrying about the possibility of broken or leaky hoses and their eventual repair, Axe owners will be able to shoot in confidence with the marker’s grip air transfer design.

Disassembly and Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, the Empire Axe is simple to clean. The engine is accessible with the mere press of a button on the marker’s side. When the release button is pressed, a ball bearing is depressed and the engine can be accessed from the back. The engine is basically one hefty piece with several o-rings on it. This simplicity of the marker’s design will please its owners. They will be able to re-assemble the marker with confidence as its design is so straightforward. There is no way that they’ll be able to block any air transfer holes or place the engine in upside down.

To remove the marker bottle, there is a nifty feature built in to the Axe called the Relay ASA. This utilizes a lever that initiates air flow to facilitate a quick and easy removal of the marker’s bottle. The marker’s bolt front has a small soft piece of rubber. The bolt can be returned to its position with the help of the marker’s conical spring. Empire really stepped its game up and provided a small tool kit along with the Axe marker. In the tool kit, ballers will find lube, screws, extra detents, o-rings and allen keys to open the marker. The extra screws are especially handy, considering that most ballers end up stripping their marker’s original screws over time.


Overall, the Empire Axe is a very comfortable marker to hold that shoots with ease, speed and accuracy. It fires quiet shots at a rapid pace without any mechanical hassles. As long as the o-rings that touch the bolt seat and bolt are consistently lubed, this gun will shoot with very little recoil. Empire has gone to great lengths to ensure that the Axe works and works well. In the end, the marker is absolutely worth the $450+ price tag.

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