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We’re discussing paintball clothing and apparel for all those wondering what to wear for paintballing. All those interested in paintball should learn about the best coveralls, jackets, pants, hats, head wraps, and other items of clothing one needs.

Paintball Vests: Why Wear Them?

Paintballing is a popular hobby requiring protective gear such as paintball vests when participating. The sport has become a trendy way for work colleagues to bond during team-building exercises. Furthermore, such is the popularity of paintballing that the sport accounted for 1.2 billion dollars in the US market during 2020.

Perhaps paintballing is an activity you have considered for family recreation, and you need to understand if paintball vests are necessary to protect you. Alternatively, paintballing offers a fantastic way to keep fit while having fun. Whatever the reason, you need to know what protective gear to wear and understand the importance of paintball vests.

What Are Paintball Vests?

Paintball vests form part of the protective gear you wear over your chest when you participate in the sport. As such, paintball vests include one of the most critical tactical items you may wear while playing. However, the garment is so much more than just a protective article of clothing.

If you plan to participate in paintballing, you should wear protective gear, including a vest, because it will protect the upper body from harm. All participants should wear a paintball vest to protect their bodies, but children need to wear paintball vests as they remain susceptible to injury.

The Different Types of Paintball Vests

Protective paintball vests usually consist of hardened layers of plating fixed over a body-hugging garment. The primary purpose of the vest is to protect the upper body from harm and injury while playing the sport. However, the vest may contain handy pockets to carry spare clips, water, and ammo.

Styles of vests

Three main styles of vests exist, which include strategic vests, chest rigs, and plate carrier pliers.

Strategic vests

Strategic vests form the most popular type of paintball vests where the pockets and protective plates remain static. Consequently, a strategic vest is laid out in a way that can’t be altered.

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Plate carrier vests

You may configure a plate carrier vest in numerous ways. Rigid plates inside the vest cover vital organs to protect the body. Some vests allow the wearer to insert side and backplates. Consequently, plate carrier vests tend to feel heavier than strategic vests.

However, the use of plate carrier vests may prove a little overkill for the average paintballer.

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Chest rigs

Chest rigs allow for speed and storage during an exchange because they are noticeably smaller and lighter than other styles. The vest tends to have less protective plating and more storage capacity, although you may add more plates to its configuration.

The chest rig is adjustable and stable, which makes it a comfortable wear.

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Paintballing is a competitive team sport that consists of several players in different teams, with each team set to eliminate the other. An air-powered gun allows for projectiles made from colored gelatin capsules that explode upon contact. The resultant explosion looks like paint.

The type of gun used is a low-energy air weapon or paintball marker that uses compressed air to power them.

The sport remains a popular pastime and is played for recreational purposes. However, paintballing is used by companies as a way of team building. Additionally, the sport exists at a professional level with organized tournaments and competitions.

Health gains

As a form of exercise, paintballing provides an excellent activity as an alternative to the gym. The experience allows for a full range of movements such as running, climbing, ducking, and carrying weights in the form of the gun itself and paintball vests.

Full body workout

Such an active sport involves crawling, sprinting, dodging, and shooting, making it a superb form of a full-body workout. Furthermore, it provides an ideal type of cardiovascular exercise, which increases endurance.

Additionally, you will see health benefits in your arms and legs because the sport provides a good form of exercise for your limbs. Running and shooting will strengthen your arms and legs as well as aid with core stabilization.


Due to the sport requiring teams of players to work together, it requires strategy and teamwork. Consequently, the sport encourages team spirit and leadership skills, which may improve a player’s self-confidence.

Weight loss

The intense exercise gained from paintballing may result in weight loss. Regular games will boost your metabolism and burn more calories. Furthermore, the release of endorphins into your body will improve your mood and may even lead to better sleep patterns. Consequently, the exercise gained while paintballing may reduce the risk of heart disease and blood pressure.

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Paintball for Stress Relief

What better way to vent your frustrations than playing an intensive game of paintball? The best part of that statement is that you may vent your pent-up frustrations without harming anyone.

The endorphins released during play help to eliminate mental stress and promote a calming influence, and this reduces stress levels.

It’s good to be outdoors

Such outdoor activities improve your mood, your outlook, and may help to boost your immunity. Outdoor activities enhance mental health and positivity and lower levels of depression and stress.

man holding a paintball gun

Does Paintballing Hurt?

There remains no clear answer to such a question because everyone has a different pain threshold. How much paintballing hurts will depend on several factors. However, paintball vests will undoubtedly help to negate injury or pain.

The gun, shot velocity, and the distance of the shot contributes to the pain level experienced during play. Furthermore, the quality of the paintball also contributes to the sensation.

The paintball

Lower quality paintballs have a harder shell and a less dense interior. Consequently, this makes the paintball harder to break on impact. Therefore, it is likely to hurt more.

Most manufactures make good quality paintballs. The idea is to ensure the paintballs don’ break in the gun but break apart easily on impact. Therefore, poor quality paintballs will hurt more on impact than good quality products. This alone makes the wearing of paintball vests essential to counteract injury and pain.

The gun’s velocity

The faster the paintball’s velocity, the more it is likely to hurt. To keep participants safe, most paintball organizations limit the velocity of the guns to prevent injury.

However, consider this. Someone is going to use an air-compressor gun to fire a paintball at you. It makes sense to assume that it may hurt, and that paintball vests prove an excellent idea to protect your body. Imagine how it would feel to have a capsule fired at your chest, and you don’t wear a protective vest? You don’t need a degree to understand that it will hurt.

Consider the distance

When you fire a paintball, it losses power as it travels over a distance. Therefore, the further away the opponent, the less likely the impact of the paintball will hurt.

Consequently, most paintball fields limit the shooting distance to 10 feet to reduce the potential for painful impacts.

However, even at a 10 feet distance, you may expect a high-velocity projectile to hit you. Wearing paintball vests in such a situation makes for common sense.

The point of impact counts

The pain of a paintball impact remains determined by the position on your body the paintball hits. A hit to the back where you find less muscle and fat may hurt more than a shot to the stomach where you will find natural padding.

Uncovered skin will hurt and sting far more than protected flesh. It remains sensible to cover up as much of your skin as possible, including masks, gloves, and paintball vests.

However, covering your skin may not prove as effective as wearing paintball vests. The padded apparel actively deflects the impact of the shot to decrease the painful effects of the sport.

paintball guns in storage

X marks the spot

If a player continuously hits you in the same spot, it will hurt. Furthermore, it may result in injury. Try to vary your playing style and strategy to make it difficult for repeat shots in the same area. Wearing paintball vests will help to reduce the pain experienced from repeated shots in the same place.

Paintball May Hurt

The point of playing the sport is to avoid getting hit. However, it doesn’t matter how good you are because it remains inevitable that someone will get lucky and shoot you.

The impact of a paintball may feel similar to a sting from a bee. Imagine a rubber band firing at you. The pain experienced from a paintball impact should feel no different. The pain is fleeting, and while the effects may leave a bruise, sudden, brief pain is just that, nothing more than momentary discomfort.

Wearing paintball vests will protect your body from injury. Furthermore, the vest will absorb some of the painful stings. If you regularly practice the sport, you already understand the importance of wearing paintball vests. However, as a beginner, you may quickly understand the necessity of wearing such a protective garment.

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The correct clothing

Thick, long sleeve clothing remains the perfect apparel to wear because it will allow for some padding while covering a large amount of skin.

Wear paintball vests

Paintball vests provide extra padding specifically designed for impact sports. The vest will decrease your level of pain during a paintball impact.


While children may participate in the sport, different states may have other age limits, so always check the legal age for minors in your jurisdiction. Many fields require the age limit for children to be 14 or 16 before they are allowed on the field.

Children should not take part in tournaments with adults. Adults may experience different tolerances and gameplay compared to younger members. Furthermore, the power of the guns used with paintballs will differ for children than adults.

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Understanding the rules

It is essential that children understand and follow the rules for game0play to reduce risk and injury. Safe play should always remain at the forefront of your mind.

Wearing paintball vests

The protection of children and their safety remains paramount. Therefore, children should always wear paintball vests when participating in the sport. The additional padding the garment provides will protect their bodies and reduce the risk of pain and injury.

While paintballing remains a safe adventure for children, by understanding the rules of combat and wearing the appropriate safety gear, children may attain a better experience. Above all, safety remains paramount, and that includes the wearing of paintball vests.

man holding paintballs in his hand

Paintball Vests Explored

Paintballing is a contact sport. Therefore, you may expect to experience a certain level of pain. However, like all contact sports, it remains sensible to take the appropriate precautions to reduce injury. Safety is the dominant factor, and the wearing of protective gear forms a vital element of your precautions.

Paintball vests protect the body against impact and help to reduce the risk of injury. Furthermore, paintball vests provide pouches for storing ammo, water, and other vital supplies. Consequently, the padded vest remains an essential part of a player’s protective gear while participating in the sport.

Strategic vests, plate carrier vests, and chest rigs all provide valid types of paintball vests. The aim is the use of a vest that is both comfortable to wear and practical on the field while offering the best possible protection for your body.

The sport provides an excellent form of exercise and team building. Furthermore, paintballing constitutes an enjoyable sport experienced by adults and children alike. However, it remains the individual’s responsibility to play responsibly, and this includes the wearing of appropriate gear. As such, paintball vests form an integral part of a player’s equipment, be it, adult or child.

Do you have experience with paintball vests? Perhaps you have experience with the garments and can suggest the best types for gameplay. Why not leave a comment below and share your knowledge with us?

We look forward to hearing from you.

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How to Suit up for Paintball

One of the favorite past-times amongst many people is paintball. Some have taken it to the next level and made it a sport. 

The popularity of paintball has spread across the world so much that some organizations have established several national and regional leagues. 

What evolved from being a concept to use a marker for trees has evolved out of the woods and made a home on playing grounds. 

The popularity of paintball has established an industry of more than 10 million participants and dubbed the second biggest Extreme Sport - skateboarding being the first. (1)

The three forms of paintball are woodsball, speedball, and scenario paintball. To ensure optimal fun and safety, the right gear is essential for paintballers to participate. Our list contains the essential items to play paintball.

Paintball Marker

Commonly referred to as a paintball gun, the marker propels the paintballs toward the target. One of the key features of a paintball marker is the compressed air tank. Some markers have a Co2 tank. 

Without the compressed air or Co2 tank, the bolt will not cycle, making the marker useless.

High-quality markers can propel paintballs at 300 feet per second, though the paintball cannot retain that speed for a long period. (1)

Most marker manufacturers make the bodies from aluminum to reduce the gun’s weight and feature custom milling and color anodizing. The most common markers feature a body, compressed air tank, barrel, and hopper. (2)

The three types of markers that exist are pump, mechanically operated, and electro-pneumatic. (2)


Unless you want a paintball to splatter in your eyes, then you should wear a mask while playing.

Paintball masks protect your face. A paintball hitting your body might cause a bruise, but hitting your eyes can blind you. Numerous paintball masks exist on the market, but paintballers need to ensure that theirs contains a few essential features.

Although masks are meant to protect your face, it’s also supposed to provide you with good vision. Ensure that your mask comes with an anti-fog feature, as well as thermal design lenses. 

Some masks cover only your face, and others cover your entire head. Being able to hear is essential while playing paintball, so make sure that you can hear properly since different models provide different hearing levels. One of the things that affect the player’s hearing is the extra padding near the ear on the mask to protect it from injury by the paintball. (3)

Most masks contain foam padding to increase the player’s comfort on their face and helps with protection from the paintball. Some masks allow you to replace the foam since it gets blighted and disfigures due to constant absorption of sweat.

Visors on a mask are an additional feature but help to keep the sun out of your eyes, as well as prevent rain from dripping into the vents of the mask. 

Other features that paintballers should look at to optimize their experience are scratch resistance, sturdiness and fog resistance.


Although a paintballer can play in a t-shirt and shorts, getting the proper attire to play is essential for several reasons.

The most recommended attire for paintball is to wear a camouflage jumpsuit. Since most paintball terrains are dusty and situated in forests, a paintballer will benefit the most from a suit that blends into the environment.

Apart from enabling the paintballer to disguise him or herself, high-quality overalls provide layers of protection. The overall contains padding that alleviates the impact when the paintballs hit the player. 

A proper overall covers the entire body of the player but is also big enough for the player to wear their regular clothing as the first layer. 

Besides protecting your body, a good overall is also easy to wash. Having a paintball splatter on your regular clothes might be difficult to clean with some fabrics, whereas a paintball overall is much easier to clean when stained.


After you’ve selected a proper marker, mask, and overalls, the crucial ingredient that remains is the paintballs. Players have a choice between various ammo, allowing the player to select the quality and size. Choosing the wrong ammo could lead to players losing the game.

Each marker is best suited with unique paintballs. Getting the optimal experience from the ammo means choosing the ones that are best suited to the type of game that you’re going to play. 

A paintball’s gelatin shell should break upon impact, though ricochet may occur. 

Most regular competitors will settle for standard ammo, but professionals will consider the cost, durability, caliber, quality, color, and efficiency.

High-quality paintballs cost more than regular ones. The standard caliber of a paintball is 0.63 while others are 0.43 and 0.71. (4) The durability of the paintball is important since the outer shell should be thick and tough to ensure that it doesn’t break on the impact of the bolt. 

The type of game that you play will determine the color of the paintball. Playing woodsball amongst green trees would require bright neon shades of paint. The efficiency determines how far the paintball can go and its accuracy.

Some of the best paintballs are Valkan Infinity, Vasken, RPS Empire Marbalizer, May Vary, and JT GI Splatmaster. (4)

Additional Gear

One of the final components is the vest. Mostly, professionals make use of a vest. A paintball vest provides the player with additional padding and enables convenient storage of ammo and other items such as radios and maps.

Players who choose to wear vests should ensure that they can easily breathe with it on, that it has adjustable shoulders and side straps, a mesh hydration bladder pouch, and several pockets.

Without the essential gear mentioned above, paintball won’t be a fun experience and could result in injury. Rather be safe than sorry by ensuring that you have all the necessary gear. After all, paintball is supposed to be a fun experience, not a risky task.

The better you’re prepared, the more fun you’ll have.

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What To Wear To Paintball To Keep It Safe And Fun And Still Look Good

So you want to play paintball? Of course, you do!

What better way is there than to spend the afternoon firing high-speed capsules of stinging paint at your friends?

We can’t think of anything else!

The game of paintball is an intense and exciting experience.

Paintball mask on player with yellow paint on eye protection

Image via padefiance

It has the ability to turn your best friends into your sworn enemies while giving you the opportunity to show off your glory and courage in the face of unspeakable odds.

It will challenge you and force you to make “life or death” tactics and decisions on the spot all while getting down and dirty in the fresh air.

So it should come as no surprise that it can all feel extremely overwhelming for a first time player to the game.

Not to mention that the idea you are about to walk out into a field of gunners ready to shoot you is intimidating, to say the least.

But don’t let it get the better of you!

A paintball gun hit is not as bad as it looks.

Take our word for it. Don’t let the fear of the unknown prevent you from trying out this fun and exciting sport.

The Game Of Paintball

paintball team aiming at viewer

Image via bragaphotography

Paintball focuses on three main things:

  1. Safety
  2. Fair play
  3. Fun

Although the sport of paintball appears to be a dangerous, extreme sport, it's a safe and fun activity that you share with family and friends.

The game is open to all ages ranging from 10 years to 60 years and older.

two teens playing paintball

Image via bedrck

Paintball does not promote any form of warfare or acts of violence such as killing.

In reality, the sport is basically just a simple game of hide and seek with a little bit of tag thrown into the mix.

It is also often compared to a first-person shooter video game, but instead of sitting at home in a computer chair, you are actively on a real field playing with real people.

So you actually get to experience what it is like to run and dodge, hide and stealth your way through the battlefield.

And there are some extremely cool battlegrounds!

To sum it up:

Paintball is a sport that involves nothing but having fun.

It is a team sport with a simple goal that the players must reach in order to win the game.

A typical game of paintball splits a large group of players into individual or two separate opposing teams.

Next, the players take a particular position out on a field full of artificial barriers, bunkers, and other obstacles to hide or take cover behind.

The game will begin once the referee calls it out.

Once the game starts, players are to make their way around the barriers individually or as a team on the battlefield.

They have to locate and eliminate opponents from play by shooting them with round, gelatin capsules that have dye inside, known as paintballs.

You are "eliminated" and out of the game when a paintball hits you.

The Health Benefits Of Playing Paintball

Paintballer reflected in another players goggles

Image via -Andretti-

Needless to say, paintball is more than just an entertaining game where adults can be children all over again.

There are also many health benefits when it comes to playing as well.

Paintball is an intense sport and demands a lot of physical activity.

This exercise can aid in weight loss and has even been proven to reduce the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and depression.

Some people even prefer to play a few sessions of paintball instead of working out at the gym.

But that's not all:

Apart from the physical exercise the game can provide, paintball also offers mental health benefits by relieving the stress of the player and promoting strong social interactions and leadership skills.

A game of paintball often brings out the best in many players and boosts their self-confidence.

Before You Start The Game

paintball team in the woods wearing protective gear and blaze orange vests

Image via Balukcic

It is always important to research the field where you are planning to play because specific locations may have slightly different requirements that they expect of their players.

Finding a local paintball field is easy:

All you have to do is search online using Google. Most fields have websites that list their rules and regulations along with their contact information.

Specific rules might apply per paintball field, but typically every field will stick to the same dress code.

What To Wear To Paintball

paintballer in proper gear including padded vest, shoulder and arm pads, head and face protection

Image via gjbmiller

As stated, your attire may change depending on the field where you decide to play.

Some fields are strict with their dress code and won’t allow any bare skin to show. Others won’t even require the men to wear shirts.


It is never a good idea to go shirtless into an active paintball field for obvious reasons.

Most first time players of the game will feel more secure while wearing jeans and a thick sweatshirt.

Thicker clothing will help to absorb the impact of the paintballs, but there are many options of clothing that you might want to consider wearing.

Tops and sweatshirts

When you choose what to wear for your upper body, it is always best to go with long-sleeves to ensure that you expose as little skin as necessary.

It is usually not advisable to wear a short-sleeved t-shirt even on the hottest of game days.

With that in mind:

Baggy sweatshirts with hoodies are also an excellent choice for paintball.

In some cases, the player might want to wear more layers for extra protection.

This statement also applies to women who should always wear a supportive sports bra or some other means of protecting the upper areas of their body.


The game of paintball is a dirty one, so make sure you wear something that can withstand getting exposed to the various elements.

That said:

Paintball bruises on thigh instagram post

Never wear shorts to a game of paintball.

Loose sweatpants, jumpsuits, jeans, cargo pants or paintball-specific pants are your best options. These types of bottoms will be able to handle the roughness of the game.

Make sure that the pants you choose are comfortable because you will be wearing them for a while. Your goal is to give your lower body as much cover as possible without restricting any movement.

It is important that your pants are thick and sturdy enough to handle activities such as crawling, kneeling, and sliding on the ground.


Having a good sturdy pair of gloves is also a good and cheap investment and will help protect your hands while playing paintball.

Your hands are one of the most common places to get shot because you must continuously expose them while handling and pointing your gun at your targets.

Some of the ideal choices of gloves you can use are typical golfers and gardening gloves. You may also use leather bikers gloves and paintball-specific gloves

Avoid using gloves that are too thick or are made out of latex because they can impair the sensitivity of your trigger finger.

Other things to consider

Whatever you decide to wear, make sure your footwear covers your entire foot.

Old sneakers or combat boots are ideal.

You should also avoid wearing any loose jewelry such as necklaces or earrings to prevent getting snagged or pulled out.

Choose comfortable and basic clothing that you won’t mind getting dirty.

Although most paintballs will not stain, it can still happen. So it is best to wear something that you wouldn’t mind having a permanent paint mark on.

It is also highly recommended to bring a change of clothes just in case your clothes get too dirty to wear home.

What Other Equipment Do You Need?

Fortunately, public paintball fields do not require you to purchase or bring your own equipment.

Everything that you need to play the game will be provided to you by the field in the form of a rental package.

All personal supplies are optional, and it is up to you on what you want to do. However, if you are playing the game for the first time, buying your own equipment is not recommended.

You will do much better using the rental gear offered to you by the field.

Using the rental equipment will give you time to get a feel for the game before you decide that you want to invest money into getting your own supplies.

A typical field rental package should include the following items:

  • Face mask
  • Hopper (paintball container that attaches to the gun)
  • CO2 or compressed-air tank to power the gun
  • Paintball gun or marker

Paintball fields will also have paintball pellets that you must purchase to load up your gun for play.

Know your different types of guns

There are many different makes of paintball guns or markers.

Each type has their pros and cons depending on the player but they are all broken down into three basic types.

Pump paintball markers

This gun is simple but reliable and the most basic.

It is also the only type with a pump trigger. You have to pull the pump backward and forward to set the next paintball after you make a shot.

Players who choose to play pump must learn how to use tactics over speed since they have to make every shot count.

Mechanical paintball markers

Easy to maintain, mechanical paintball guns are the most common marker used in recreational play.

They are typically semi-automatic, which means that they fire one shot per trigger pull.

Electronic paintball markers

Popular and fast to operate, a circuit board controls the electronic paintball gun. And they are powered by a 9-volt battery instead of a long and heavy trigger.

Pulling the trigger of this type of marker is as simple as clicking a button on a computer mouse, resulting in very high rates of fire.

Safety Rules On The Field

As a whole, playing paintball is a relatively safe sport, but as it goes with all sports, accidents can happen. So it is crucial for all players to know the rules and use common sense.

You can avoid most paintball accidents when you follow the rules.

Wear your headgear

The number one required rule of playing paintball is that all players must wear their specifically designed protective headgear, such as goggles or face masks for the sport of paintball when out on the field of play.

This rule also applies to a player who has been shot and eliminated from the current game.


Players may not remove their headgear while an active game is in play under any circumstances.

There are no exceptions to the rule, and if you are caught violating it, you will likely be asked to sit out the next game.

In the case where a player continues to disobey this important rule, they might even get ejected from the day’s play without getting a refund.

You may only remove your headgear once you are in a safe zone away from the paintball field and the barrel covers and plugs are back onto all the loaded guns or markers.

The cause of the most severe paintball accidents is because of someone removing their mask, which makes this rule the most essential to follow.

woman paintballer with headgear raised on top of her head after playing

Image via ​Torben1234​​​

Use barrel plugs

All paintball guns or markers come with a barrel blocking device and should be blocked with a barrel plug or sock when not in use during a live game.

Players may never remove their barrel cover unless at the target area or when told to do so by a referee.

Safeties are allowed along with the plugs, but they often fail if not used properly and are not as safe as the barrel blocking devices.

The barrel blocking device should remain inserted whenever protective gear is not being worn, before and after the paintball game, and in any location away from the specified paintball field of play.

For very good reason, actually.

Do not blind fire

Players must always have a target in their sight while shooting.

Many players want to stick out their guns and fire wildly into the field hoping to get a lucky shot without the risk of getting hit.

This action is known as blind fire.

You must always avoid firing in a direction without looking.

Players are never to fire a paintball gun or marker unless they are firing at a player target.

Blind firing can lead to the accidental shooting of bystanders, referees, or other players who are leaving the field.

Never play when impaired

Drugs and alcohol are not permitted.

If you are under the influence of alcohol or any type of drug, including prescription medications that can impair your judgment or make you drowsy, they will not let you play paintball.

It is never safe to play a game of paintball if you are not entirely coherent.


If caught under the influence, the referee will immediately remove you from the premises without a refund.



Always shoot less than 300 FPS (feet per second)

Players must ensure that the velocity of their guns or markers is under 300 FPS.

Checking this isn’t a major concern unless you bring your own equipment since in most cases you will be renting from the field.

If you are unsure, call for a referee to look over your gun before starting a match.

Keep in mind:

They may randomly check players throughout the day to ensure full compliance of this rule.

The surrender rule

It is customary to offer a player the chance to surrender before taking a shot at close range.

Most paintball fields use the standard rule against shooting an enemy player that is within 20 feet or less from you and has no idea that you are there.

You should call out for the enemy player to surrender, but if they refuse or don’t respond fast enough, you can still shoot them.

And one more thing to remember:

You may not aim for the head or shoot a player multiple times when in close range.

If the player chooses to surrender they may call back out to you that they are, “out,” they have been “hit,” or they could just say that they surrender to you in order to convey a positive response.

If you are caught in a hopeless situation and are asked to surrender but refuse to respond or attempt to bluff your way out of it, you will most likely end up getting hit.

Just keep in mind that close range paintball hits feel much worse than shots taken from a long distance away.

Don't say that we didn't warn you!

But Do Paintballs Really Hurt?

instagram post showing really bad leg bruises

via Instagram

Now, let us be serious for a moment.

One thing you must know is that no matter your experience in the game, you're going to get shot.

Whether you are a paintballing expert or just a beginner at the sport, when you play paintball, you will get hit.

And yes, it will hurt.

Although it is not going to hurt as bad as one would think. You will come to a new understanding of the game when a paintball hits you.

You will reach that moment of clarity when you realize that the anticipation of the hit is far worse than the actual pain itself.

Your mood can also play a significant role in how strong the impact of a paintball will feel.

If you are actively out there in the field running around with your adrenaline pumping the hit will seem less intense compared to someone nervously hiding behind a bunker.

So how does it feel to get hit by a paintball?

Although getting hit for the first time will undoubtedly be a shock, it won’t hurt much more than getting stung by the snap of a rubber band.

On the other hand:

If you disregard the rules and refuse to wear the proper clothing and protective gear, it’s going to hurt far worse.

You do not want to experience getting shot by a paintball on your bare skin.

But you don’t need to worry about that, right?

Of course, you don’t!

What are the risks of playing paintball?

The most common injuries you will see while playing paintball usually are the result of simple mistakes people make.

Players may hurt themselves by falling or running into the obstacles on the field. They may even accidentally twist their ankle or slam into another player.

instagram image of woman paintballer with purple hair

Via Instagram

Anything can happen, and minor injuries are just a part of playing the game.

Fortunately, severe injuries are extremely rare in paintball, but they do happen.

And the majority of these come from players removing their masks or other safety gear, which leaves their body open to exposure.


As long as players follow the rules and play safe, they won't need to worry any more than say, crossing a busy street or going running, about getting severely injured when they play paintball.

Let The Game Begin!

Right before you are about to start, the referees will go over and explain the rules of the specific game mode you are about to play.

The game of paintball will begin once the objective is established and all teams are in position.

The different game types

Some fields also offer privacy games for specific events such as bachelor and birthday parties, team building, or corporate outings.


paintball helmets on a table

Image via Pixabay

In the game of elimination, it is all about knocking out the enemy players so that you are the last one standing on the field.

This game mode also gets played in teams, where the goal is to eliminate all players of the opposing team in order to win.

Capture the flag

The goal of this team orientated game is to cross over into the opposite teams’ territory to seize control of their flag and bring it back to your base.

The first team who controls both flags or succeeds in eliminating all members of the enemy team wins.


Speedball is a less specific form of gameplay and covers any game played on a uniquely designed speedball field.

Compared to a typical paintball field of play, a speedball field is much smaller and flatter.

It rewards players for their teamwork and aggressive tactical plays over the usual stealth and patience aspects.

Scenario game

This category of gameplay covers a wide variety of games.

Scenario games involve setting up a specific situation, with certain rules to complete different goals such as a team having to escort and protect a given player across the field.

The scenarios are often recreations of real world or video game situations.

Just have a look at this fun paintball level scenario of “Nuketown” from the popular game of Call of Duty.

After the game

group coming off of a wooded paintball field

Image via techguy1130

On average, a typical game of paintball can usually last around 15 to 20 minutes per session. But it isn’t uncommon for the more intense and competitive games to last much longer.

In fact:

Some games can even last up days!

But no matter how long a round takes, following each game, the referees expect all players to stop what they are doing and place their barrel cover on or the plug back over and onto their gun.

Plugging it back up prevents the paintball gun or marker from accidentally triggering when the game is not in session.

Although you are probably going to be sweaty and you may feel like getting out of all that hot gear, you can't remove any of your equipment, especially your headgear, until after you entirely leave the field.

The removal of your face mask while still on the field of play is the most dangerous and risky thing a player could ever do.

If you do happen to forget and remove your headgear while still in the field, even after the game has ended, a referee may tell you to sit out the next game.

Or they may keep you out even longer.

There will usually be a short period before the next round begins to give the players a chance to rest.

It is essential to keep yourself hydrated so make sure that you get some water between games, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Typically, players can continue playing as many games as they want until they run out of paintballs or until the field decides it's time to close down for the day.

So What Are You Waiting For? Get Out There And See It For Yourself!

Paintball player hiding by a wooden fence with yellow paint on helmet

Playing paintball is one of the most exciting and heart-pounding experiences that you will ever get to have.

It is all about the thrill of the game, the rush of adrenaline in the field of glory. The possibility of getting shot and eliminated from play at any given moment, and the courage you show.

Paintball is the true immersion, a survival game brought to life.

Whether you are young or old, trying to take it to the next level or just starting out in the sport, paintball is an entertaining experience for nearly anyone to enjoy.

Although every person on the field will have their own moments, their own goals, and their own wins and losses, in the end, a game of paintball is all about fun and laughter.

At the end of the day, the only thing that really matters is for everyone to have a fun, safe, and exciting experience.

What is your favorite piece of paintball gear? Let us know down in the comments! 

Featured image CC0, via Pixhere

The V-Force Grill – Protection Well Worth The Price

The V-Force Grill – Protection Well Worth the Price

If you’ve never been hit in the face with a paintball you’ll never value the protection a great paintball mask offers you. The sting of the paintball hitting your face is something you won’t forget lightly, neither is the pain of having to exit the game while you were still enjoying it.

Today, I want to review one of the best paintball masks on the market. One I know you will fall in love with due its rugged fierce looks and its practicality on the field.

It’s called the V-Force Grill and it has featured in many world tournaments and even helped a few teams clinch the title.

If you are on the hunt for a paintball mask that has a very good field of view, handles fogging very well, and is light and comfortable, then you are definitely looking for the V-Force Grill. But then I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take this review step by step so that you can fully appreciate this wonderful (and intimidating) paintball mask for what it truly is.

The V-Force Grill – Protection Well Worth the Price

When it comes to paintball masks, very few manage to offer the protection and value that the V-Force Grill does. Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?

VForce Grill Thermal Paintball Mask
  • Quick Change Click Dry Foam System, for a fresh, dry foam in a snap
  • FeatherWeight Comfort Ultra-lightweight design for unrestricted movement
  • Comfort Chin Strap for better stability during fast games

The Look – Design and Build Quality

V-Force Grill

If there is one factor that is important in a paintball mask, it’s how it looks – especially from your opponents point of view. The best paintball masks have an element of intimidation, and the V-Force Grill measures up very well in that department.

If you are looking for the fear factor, you’ll definitely find it in the V-Force Grill.

But just because it’s an intimidating paintball mask doesn’t disqualify it from the good looks competition because it does look good, very good. The V-Force Grill is a very well designed mask and definitely built to match with high-quality materials that make it a very durable mask.

For its good and yet intimidating looks, the V-Force Grill earns a 5/5 rating from me. It definitely has the wow factor.

The Feel Factor

Because it is made from high-quality materials, especially the foam, the V-Force Grill is a very comfortable paintball mask, one of the best in the comfort departments if I may say so. The V-Force will feel so natural you’ll even forget that you are wearing a mask, the lightweight materials (soft composite plastic) make sure of that. Even after wearing it for a long time, it won’t make your face feel dull and heavy as is the case with other paintball masks.

Because it’s such a comfortable mask that doesn’t put any strain on your face, the V-Force grill earns itself a 5/5 in my books. This is one paintball mask you really need to consider adding to your equipment.

Vision and Experience

When it comes to vision, the V-Force Grill outshines many paintball masks on the market. Featuring a large lens with a very wide angle of view, it gives you the ability to see everything around you without having to turn your head. This gives you a great tactical advantage as many paintball masks have poor views and most players have to turn their bodies in order to be able to take in the entire scene of the game. This puts you at a disadvantage as you become a clear target.

When wearing the V-Force Grill in a game, it gives you a pleasurable experience as it is very easy to breathe in it. And when you sweat, the foam quickly sucks in the sweat, making you feel as fresh as you did when you stepped into the game.

And because the lens are thermal lenses, they don’t cloud up even in humid and wet conditions – no need to worry about losing your vision due to fogging as long as you are donning the V-Force Grill paintball mask.

And the best part of the V-Force Grill is the fact that changing out the lens is very simple and takes less than a minute, making them a game-saving unit when the heat of the battle is on and you need a fresh set of lenses in your paintball mask. This is one area in which many other paintball masks fall flat on their face as they don’t have an efficient swop-out mechanism like the V-Force Grill. If there is one factor that should move you to get the V-Force Grill, it is this one.

Because the V-Force delivers when it comes to giving you the best possible experience a paintball mask can give, it scores another 5/5.


Another great feature of the V-Force Grill is the ease of customization. Each part of the V-Force Grill can swopped out for another and you have a wide selection of colored thermal lenses to choose from. And as I already said, swopping the lenses is a very easy job that won’t take you more than a minute. Customizing the V-Force Grill is so easy you can change your look mid game as you can easily replace your foam padding, your lens, your strap, and even the foam on your ears.

If that is not a bonus, I don’t know what is. The ease of customization means you can create a different mask whenever you want to, and in my books, that definitely warrants a 5/5 score.

Ventilation and Acoustics

The V-Force Grill has a menacing front grill that serves more purpose than just creating a fierce looking paintball mask. The grill is a great ventilation feature that allows for free flow of air so as to make it easy for you to breathe and to keep the temperature in the mask moderately low. With superb ventilation like this, the game may as well go on and on as you won’t have any problems breathing.

The ventilation also allows for great acoustics within the mask. No echoes or ringing in your ears when you shout. Sound travels well in and out of the mask, meaning you will hear clearly and when you speak, your voice won’t be muffled at all – it will be loud and clear.

For its great ventilation that doubles as a menacing look, the V-Force Grill earns another 5/5.



Now comes the big question concerning paintball masks – the protection question. The V-Force Grill gives you the best protection hands down. The combination of semi-rigid and softer rubber used to make the V-Force are the best materials to offer complete protection from the sting of a paintball when it is properly placed smack in the middle of your face. Not only does the V-Force protect you from stinging paintballs, but the soft rubber also encourages paintballs to bounce off without exploding, giving you a chance to remain in the game.

Although the V-Force has a small profile, it must not be dismissed as inadequate protection as it covers the entire face, especially with the visor in place. The visor is meant to protect from the sun’s rays and from the rain but in many instances, it has also provided extra protection from paintballs.

With the V-Force Grill, you have the confidence to play your game to the best of your abilities knowing that you are well covered, and for that, the V-Force Grill gets a 5/5 for protection.

Value for Money

Another big factor that determines the rating of anything is whether it offers value for money. We all want our purchases to give us value for our hard earned money, no matter what the purchase may be. The same stands for paintball masks. I’m sure you don’t want a paintball mask that will fall apart on you after only a few months of use. And that is where the V-Force Grill will make you smile.

The V-Force Grill masks come with a limited one-year warranty. This means you have the liberty to try out the mask for a whole year and work out any issues you may have with it. Because this mask is well made and that from durable materials you probably won’t have any problems with it. This is truly a value for money mask, and truth be told, it will definitely prove its worth on the battlefield.

It’s not easy finding a deal as good as this one, especially as you only have to spend $99.95 to protect your face with this fabulous paintball mask that is the V-Force Grill.

Value for money? Definitely. The V-Force is worth every penny you spend on it, whether the initial purchase or any other add-ons you may want to purchase to enhance its looks and practicality. Though the V-Force Grill may be pricier than other paintball masks on the market, consider the value that it adds to your game. Because of the value factor, the V-Force gets a well-deserved 5/5.

The V-Force Grill Series – Giving You Protection and Confidence

I hope by now you have seen that the V-Force Grill is a great investment towards a successful paintball career. This versatile mask not only gives you more than adequate protection but it also makes you look awesome on the paintball field. That alone gives you the confidence to play the best game of your life every time you step out into the field. This is truly an all-round paintball mask that does not disappoint in the least.

The 8 Best Paintball Jerseys

Every good paintball player needs a good jersey. Not only to look cool, but to also stay safe. Paintball, as fun as it is, can be a rough sport. There is a lot of terrain, not to mention a large amount of running, diving, sliding, and tumbling. As a result, you always want to make sure your body is protected. Jerseys are a great way to make that happen.

Comparison Table of the Best Paintball Jerseys

Balancing the Right Traits

When looking at the best paintball jerseys, there are many aspects you need to consider. Quality, feel, look, padding, comfort, and protection are all extremely important and each brand delivers them in different ways.

Your goal should not to be to find the best "all around" jersey, but to find the one that suits your exact needs. Do you want something lightweight? How about more durability or extra padding? Does color or style matter? There are many questions, but it is not easy to answer them all. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the wide market. To help with that, this list will go over some of the best options out there to help you narrow your search.

Planet Eclipse Rain Paintball Jerseys
  • Lightweight construction
  • Zero padding for optimal breathability
  • Anti-snag material resists plucking and snagging

Planet Eclipse is one of the most respected brands in paintball, and their jerseys are a perfect example of why. Though they have more than a few options available, the rain series is one of their best. This line complements the "program series" of performance apparel that the company specifically crafted to create a lighter, less restrictive jersey for paintballers who want to keep moving without sacrificing durability.

These jerseys are full-sleeve and are made with lightweight construction to ensure they look and feel good at the same time. While some jerseys add in extra padding, Planet Eclipse has forgone that here to give the most amount of breathability possible. That, mixed with the anti-snag material and extra ventilation, makes this series great for any paintballer who wants to stay cool and sweat-free.

These 100 percent polyester jerseys have ribbed cuffs, internal micro-fiber lens cloth, and a comfort fit neckline. You can also fully customize them for your team or for yourself if you so wish. Just be sure that when you wash them you secure the loose hook and loop before putting them in the machine. Not doing so can cause the jersey to tear or create lasting damage.




Empire 2016 Prevail F6 Paintball Jersey - Red - 3X- Large
  • Mesh side panels for maximum air flow
  • Upper chest & collar padding for the ultimate impact protection
  • Integrated elbow padding

The Empire Paintball Prevail F5, simply put, is one of the best jerseys on the market. This item hits both of the most important paintball clothing aspects, meaning it protects you and looks good at the same time. There are a range of colors to choose from here, allowing you to adapt to any style that you want. Some brands only give you a limited color palette or one distinct look, but being able to choose from a wide range of options means you can always look good during play.

However, just because the Prevail F5 is stylish does not mean it lacks features. In terms of protection, this jersey with a lot of extra padding to make sure your body is protected through any contact or accidental falls. This is focused in the upper chest and collar. Both areas get extra support, and there is integrated elbow padding as well. That feature is especially important because it means you do not need to invest in extra pads when using this model.

The Prevail F5 is also fantastic because of its comfort. This product sits nicely on the skin and is light enough that it won't get in your way. You even get a stylish v neck collar that means you'll always look good wearing it.




HK Army Hardline Paintball Jersey
  • High density dye sublimation
  • Contoured foam padded impact zones
  • Mesh ventilated side panels

The HK Army Hardline Jersey is another amazing piece of clothing that comes from an incredibly trusted and reliable brand. This jersey hits on all levels by giving you an incredible range of different features and upgrades. This hand-sewn material is an incredibly light-weight, breathable option for any paintballers who want to be able to move around with minimal resistance.

The Hardline is incredibly well ventilated and comes in a range of sizes to ensure you get the best fit possible. Not only is the Hardline Jersey light, but it comes equipped with mesh side panels for further ventilation. That system means you will be able to stay cool and fresh, even during the hottest playing days.

There are not many companies who go as far as HK Army does to create a high-quality product. Beyond the above characteristics, you also get slider glove and hand protection built directly into the jersey, as well as wide sleeves to fit over any elbow pads you might use. Take that and combine it with both the high-density dye sublimation and foam padded impact zones, and you truly get the complete package.




Our next on the list of best paintball jerseys, the Valken V-TAC Zulu is one of the most comfortable things you can wear while out paintballing jerseys. In fact, it fits so well that you can even wear it under a vest or similar protective gear. This model is designed for people who like to suit up with all of their different toosl before going out into the fray. If you are someone who loves accessories, this is the best option for you.

As the colors show, this is a woodsball jersey that helps equip you for any situation or scenario. It also has great temperature and climate control. The moisture wicking fabric works hard to keep you dry, while the special material draws both heat and humidity off your body. The entire package is also sleek, which means you do not have to worry about any pockets, zippers or badges poking or chafing you.

The sleeves of the Zulu are another great feature. They are built with a special mil-spec material for great durability that helps keep the jersey in-tact through rough terrain. They also come with internal removable elbow padding to help you crawl around without hurting your arms.

The camouflage coloration on the sleeves help you blend in, and they also have pockets on each arm. There are built-in gussets for better carrying capacity, rib-knit cuffs, and a flip-up ID pouch on the left sleeve pocket.




The Evil Racer X is one of the more plain-looking jerseys on this list, but do not let its appearance fool you. This minimalist jersey is one of the most affordable on the list, and it gives you quite a bit of quality for that cost.

You get a great fit, as well as a lightweight breathable material to make sure you stay fresh no matter how much you sweat. That is also a great feature for people who want to move quickly without being slowed down. It is easy to shy away from cheaper options when looking at paintball jerseys, but the Evil Racer X gives you everything you would expect from more expensive brands.

Beyond the lightweight feel, this product also looks incredibly sharp. There are many different colors to choose from, and it sits in all the right places without ever getting in the way. This jersey is also great because of how easy it is to wash. Paintball is a muddy sport, and it always helps to have a jersey that you can easily clean off and throw back on in no time.




No products found.

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Another great woodsball jersey, the Empire Battle Tested THT is one of the most advanced paintball jerseys ever created. This hybrid has a range of unique features and options to give you a perfect mix of real-world tactical gear and practical functionality.

The Empire Battle Tested THT comes with a roomy pull over top and a zippered high-collar neck for easy slip on. You also get a smooth, no pocket front. That then builds to the padded shoulders to create a snug-but-loose fit that makes sure you'll stay comfortable no matter how long you play.

There are many reasons the Empire Battle Tested THT is one of the best paintball jerseys around, but the laser perforated ripstop material is a big draw. It is important that your jersey lasts a long time, and that material makes the shirt incredibly durable by preventing rips or frays. That is particularly useful in woodsy areas or uneven terrain where you never know what you might encounter.

However, do not worry about all of those excess features getting in your way or trapping you in. This clothing comes with split side openings as well as special ventilation zones to make sure you never get too hot. The underarm mesh ventilation panels further promote airflow to give you the best experience possible.




No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

Dye is perhaps best known for their incredibly efficient loaders, but they also make some amazing paintball jerseys. One of their best lines is the Ultralight Jersey, which, as you can guess, is known for its minimal weight and soft feel. This piece of equipment is specially designed for athletes and works to make you as fast and as quick as possible.

Jerseys are typically about creating a better and safer paintball experience. However, there are times where they can improve your overall game as well. This is one such case.

The Dye Ultralight works with you in many ways, helping you run, jump, and dive much more efficiently than you would when wearing or using other brands. That makes it perfect for both casual and more serious wear. It is great for anyone who wants to add an extra step to their game, and it is also good for those who are looking for a bit of extra flexibility or durability in their gear.

The Ultralight is neatly weightless, but it also has great durability and enhanced flexibility as well. The innovative fabric reduces your profile without restricting any movement. It also incredibly stretchy, which means you will be able to move around in any way that you want.

The 4-stretch fabric is on full display here, ensuring you are always comfortable as you move around. The Ultralight also comes with DyeTack material, extra grip, Lycra compression on the chest, and Prevent Breathable Assemble to promote maximum airflow. Those features not only enhance your performance, they also work to create a strong barrier between you and the outside world.




No products found.

We finish our list with another great Empire jersey. The Contact Zero F6 is a top-of-the-line option for anyone who wants their clothing to come with numerous upgrades. This jersey is crafted with the custom engineered "Em-Dri" fabric as well as the lightweight, breathable design used throughout the entire Contact Zero line.

This jersey is all about thermoregulation. It has special panels built-in to move both heat and moisture throughout different parts of the body, keeping you dry. You also get impressive airflow and one of the softest fits around. That combination is perfect for any paintballer, and creates one of the most comfortable and lightweight options on the market. If you want something that can support your game while looking good at the same time, give the Contact Zero F6 a shot.




Man playing paintball wearing a paintball jersey

Image source: Pixabay

Finding the Right Jersey for You

Paintball is about more than just the sport. It is also about the gear. Jerseys are a key piece of equipment for any serious player. They work on multiple levels, giving you protection and style in one succinct package. Though it can be a bit daunting to try and choose the exact jersey you want, the above eight options are great for every person or style of play. Whichever you choose, all of them are fantastic for anyone looking to up your gear.

Virtue Vio Review: What Paintball Goggles And Lens Should You Buy?

Paintball is a tough sport, which means you need to have tough gear that is able to handle it. There are many accessories that go along with your gun, and one of the most important (not to mention most necessary) are goggles.

Goggles are a must-have in paintball to protect your face. However, you typically want something that will go above and beyond simple protection. Of course, it is important to make sure you don't have any unfortunate accidents, but why settle for the basics?

Virtue Vio Paintball Goggles, which will be covered in this guide, are much more advanced than normal goggles in many ways. You get the awesome protection and dependability that the brand is known for, in addition to a range of upgrades that help give you the best outings possible.

The Virtue Vio Contour Goggle

The first style of Virtue Vio goggle on our list is the Contour. This mask is one of the most comfortable on the market, which means it is never going to feel too tight or get too stuffy. Running around with an uncomfortable mask can cause stress to your head and neck, and the Contour sits in a way that actively prevents such issues.

The Contour also comes with soft dual layer foams that are put in all the right places. One example of that is the ear pads, which allow sound to pass through while still giving you great protection. You can even change them out for ones that better shape or fit to your head.

The Innovative Fog-Resistant Thermal Lens

Virtue is a company focused on constantly making their products better. That is on full display with the Contour, as shown through its quick change, fog-resistant thermal lens and innovative, one-of-a-kind design.

These goggles come with a large lens that helps you get an extremely wide field of view. Paintball masks often cloud or block vision, making it difficult for you to see as you play or move around. Furthermore, fog or sweat can obstruct view and impact your ability to play at a top level. Not only does the wide lens help with that issue, the dual thermal pane actively prevents fogging to keep your vision as clear as possible.


  • Excellent High-End Mask

  • Great design-excellent unit

  • Very comfortable, and it fits well over my glasses


  • No easy way to affix a removable goPro mount on the side.

  • Strap is tight and narrow 

Another aspect of the lens is that is comes with a special anti-scratch coating to help prolong its life. It can also be changed out in seconds, a feature that helps you adapt to different scenarios or environments. You can choose between different types, including smoke, high contrast, or chromatic.

That quick change is due to the patented Hinge Lock, a feature that is on full display throughout all parts of this mask. All you need to do is unplug the Goggle Strap to unlock the hinge and then rotate it inward to remove the lens. That process can be done by anyone, and creates one of the easiest and fastest lens changes in paintball.



Our Rating


Creating the Right Goggles for You

Though all of the Virtue Vio Contour's incredible features are useful, the most unique aspect is that everything is fully removable. This makes them the most customizable goggles of all time. The flexible elastomer face mask is fully removable, as is the eye foam, goggle strap, and lens frame.

Taking out the face mask helps it become fully and tightly streamlined without sacrificing any protection, and the lower mask comes with a ton of different choices and upgrades.

Wash and Clean Your Contour

The Contour's eye foam also easily clips into place, and it is easy to wash and clean. That helps you keep it in a "like new" no matter how much you use it.

Finally, you can freely change the goggle strap in and out as you please. Virtue offers various replacement straps in addition to team and personal customization programs that help you further customize your Contour so that it looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

An Excellent Combination of Useful Features

The Vio Contour goggles are some of the most unique and useful brands on the market. Their lightweight and streamlined design keeps them compact and comfortable while also protecting your ears, eyes, and face.

The Contour has a range of upgradable and customizable features, but its great traits don't stop there. The goggles promote a massive amount of airflow, which helps you breathe more easily. It also vents condensation at an extremely fast rate. Such advancements help you speak louder and more clearly.

Your choice of Fully Customizable Lens Frame

The wide goggles also work to increase your hearing and stop the echoing heard in other goggles. They also have a fully customizable lens frame that is available in a wide range of colors that act as a base to help accent the thousands of different configurations Virtue offers. It is not just about protection or features, it also helps if your mask looks good while you're wearing it.

Virtue Vio Ascend Goggle

As good as the Contour goggle is, Virtue has a lot of other fantastic options to choose from. Another great product is the Vio Ascend, which offers the high performance the company is known for at an extremely reasonable cost. This mask was designed to create a more affordable goggle without sacrificing any quality, and the company definitely hit that mark.

The Ascend gives consumers high-end performance and premium upgrades at a great price. The model is a single-piece goggle molded with dual materials to create a wonderful combination of comfort, flexibility, and protection. Though it does not have the fully modular frame the Contour does, it utilizes the same technology to make sure you're always satisfied.


  • Great visibility

  • Very breathable

  • Thermal lens. Looks great.


  • No foam soft ears. (The ears are rubber.)

  • Fewer color options than Virtues higher end masks.

  • One piece body similar to the VForce Grill

This product stands out because it comes with many of the trademark advancements Virtue is known for. You get quick change, a fog resistant thermal lens, a fully upgradable strap, as well as replacement foam, a stealth visor, and a fan. As a result, you do not need to worry about the lower price point. With the ascend, you aren't missing out on anything.



Our Rating


Goggles That Stand Out from the Crowd

As with all Vio masks, the Ascend comes with customizable lens technology to provide you the best optical performance possible. Such versatility allows you to choose your exact look. You can pick between numerous color and Chromatic coating options.

The Ascend also helps you breathe more easily than other brands, which is extremely necessary in the tiring and rapid world of paintball. This line comes with a ton of airflow to help reduce condensation and ensure you never get caught up not being able to see.

Replaceable Foam

That feature is then perfectly complemented by the replaceable foam, which helps this mark always stay fresh. Virtue is known for versatility and customization. Being able to quickly and easy replace the foam helps the Ascend stay fresh for long periods of time.

These goggles check all of the boxes you could ever want in protective eye wear. They help you see more, use dual layer foam for maximum comfort, and allow better speaking and hearing. They also come with distortion free optical clarity, hard scratch-resistant coating, and 100 percent UV protection. It is rare to find so many upgrades in one package, especially one at such an affordable price.

Customization and Great Lens Technology

Though it is not fully customizable in the same way as the Contour, the Virtue Vio Ascend does allow for some tweaking to better fit your individual style. The goggles and mask can be upgraded with a range of different accessories, including 18 different lenses, 35 straps and 16 visors. That gives you the exact look and feel you want. You can choose between different replaceable foams and the stealth visor fan as well.

Virtue Vio Extend Goggle

Our final goggle on this list is the Virtue Vio Extend, which is another fully customizable option that is a great choice for people who want to branch out from the Contour. This is similar to the above options in many ways, but differs in both fit and style. As with so many Virtue goggles, this pair is incredibly comfortable.

You get all of the upgrades you would normally expect with this one, including better speaking, clearer hearing, and easier breathing. There is also a great field of view that allows you constantly scan surroundings. However, there are some key differences as well.


  • Very comfortable 

  • They offer great protection,

  •  High quality goggles


  • Strap was tight

  • No easy way to affix a removable goPro mount on the side.



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What Sets the Extend Apart from other Models

When looking at the Extend, there are a few noticeable traits that stand out. The first is its larger size. Though the above two models are compact, the Extend branches out with a longer fit that creates more room around the mouth and jaw line.

However, do not worry about that getting in the way. The goggles are still specifically streamlined to help provide great comfort, sight, and protection. You won't even notice they're there.

The Most Flexible Fit

Another great addition here is that the Extend is crafted entirely from elastomer, which means it provides one of the most flexible fits on the market. If you want goggles with a bit of extra give, this is definitely the option for you.

As the name suggests, the Extend also sits away from your face. That may seem like a small feature, but it helps increase airflow. In fact, it gives so much room that this is likely Virtue's best mask when it comes to ventilation. The Extend is a great choice for anyone who finds other models a bit to stuffy or tight.

Advanced Optics and Incredibly Reliable Lenses

Every single Virtue mask has an impressive range of features, and the Ascend is no exception. These goggles come with a large, durable thermal lens that provides you with an excellent field of view. It is also great at protecting your face from both paintball and UV rays on sunny or hot days.

The thermal lens can be easily removed with the same Hinge Lock technology noted in the Contour, which is always useful for customization. These also don't fog, thanks to the thermal pane lens and special unique anti-fog coatings.

The Advanced Chromatic Lens

The advanced Chromatic lens gives one of the best performances on the market. It is scratch resistant (which is always useful while out playing) and will last you quite some time. Most chrome plated lenses distort your vision or flake at the first impact. However, the metallic scratch resistant technology imbued into the Extend's Chromatic lenses maximizes goggle durability without distorting the view or altering the color balance.

The lenses, as you would expect, are also quick to change and have a removable eye foam insert. The Hinge Lock makes shifting them in and out a breeze. There is also a fully removable and customizable goggle strap as well as soft foam ear pads to help make sure you never get too uncomfortable while using the Extend.

Some of the Best Goggles Around

Virtue is a reliable brand, and the three above goggle options all show why. The Vio Virtue line has many different options, which sit at different price points. Even so, there is no doubt that you are getting your money's worth no matter what you choose.

Each of the above models focuses on creating the best paintball experience possible, and they all succeed. Whether you're looking for new goggles or trying to find something to replace your current brand, you can't go wrong with the Ascend, Extend, or Contour.

For your Face Protection

Goggles are great at keeping your face protected, but you want ones that go the extra mile. The Ascend does that through its tested Vio lens technology. This advancement comes from decades of careful research and creates some of the strongest goggles around.

The model also comes with advanced chromatic lenses that are both multi-layer and scratch resistant. As a result, you get the maximum amount of eye comfort without affecting color appearance. There is no reason to purchase goggles that are only going to work for a few months. The Ascend lasts quite a while.

9 Best Paintball Pants On The Market Today (Reviews)

One of the most important parts of paintball is the equipment. First you need a paintball gun. And then you need a good pair of paintball pants. 

You always want to make sure you are protected during play. Which means you need to cover your legs. Getting a great pair of pants with all the necessary features is a great way to both enhance your comfort and create a much better paintball experience.

Choosing the Right Paintball Pants for You

Paintball pants are a key part of gearing up for a game. But they are not all created equal. Some are more flexible, some prioritize durability and cushion, while others simply focus on being as breathable as possible. The following list shows some of the best pants on the market. And breaks down the distinct features that make them stand out from the crowd.

The 9 Best Paintball Pants Comparison Table




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JT Cargo Paintball Pants

JT Paintball Pants - Cargo - Black - Small

Pants come with ripstop core fabric to prevent any tears

Valken Crusade Hatch Pants

Valken Crusade Hatch Pants, Red, X-Small

Extremely breathable

HK Army Hardline Pro Pants

HK Army Hardline Pro Pants - Energy - Medium

Most sturdy and heavy-duty options

Valken Fate Exo Paintball Pants

Valken Fate EXO Paintball Pants - Black - 2XS

Come with stretch panels

Gl Sports Glide Performance Paintball Pants

GI Sportz Performance GLIDE Paintball Pants - Tiger Desert - X-Large

A minimal design, stretch material on both the groin and inner thigh

Bunker Kings Supreme Paintball Pants

Bunker Kings Supreme Paintball Pants - Purple/Lime - XX-Large (2XL)

Extra flexibility

Exalt Paintball Thrasher Pants T4

Exalt Paintball T4 Pants (Black/Grey, L)

Great combination of protection and flexibility

Dye UL Pants

Dye Tactical Pants 2.5 - Black - XS/S

Great lightweight option

Planet Eclipse Distortion Code Pants

Eclipse Code Pants Grey S

Breathable pants

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The 9 Best Paintball Pants For 2018

We start with some of the most advanced and durable paintball pants on the market. JR Cargo Paintball Pants are best known for their impressive range of features, which work together to keep you protected in all environments. No matter how rough the conditions are you may face, with these, your legs will stay safe.


This clothing item is extremely durable. Everybody wants their purchases to be long-lasting. Especially when you're quickly moving and tumbling through many different types of terrain. These pants come with ripstop core fabric to prevent any tears. As well as padded knees, stretch crotch, and low back. Those traits combined with the drawstring leg cuffs to make sure the pants always fit in the way you want.

Another important feature of these pants is the versatility. JT Cargo comes with an adjustable waist that ensures you can make them fit in any way that you want. That ensures you never have to worry about them being too small or too big. All of the above features, mixed with the specially designed pocket just for your squeegee. Makes these perfect for all types of play.


  • Rip Stop Core Fabric

  • Adjustable Waist Belt

  • Padded Knees, Stretch Crotch & Low Back


  • Padding on knees/shins does not contour well



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Great Pants


Number two in our discussion of the best paintball pants, the Valken Crusade Hatch Pants come from one of the most trusted brands around. There are several reasons to love these pants, but one of the biggest is how affordable they are. These provide you with one of the best quality-to-cost ratios around, which is always a welcome surprise in the expensive world of paintball.


The hatched part of the pants name comes from their design. They also have a padded fly with two buttons, no liner, and both Velcro and zipper. To add to that minimalist style, these pants come with few belt loops (for those who want a tighter fit), two front pockets, and a pair or swab pockets on the side.

These Valkens are also extremely breathable, which is an important trait when you're running around a paintball course. Being able to keep out heat or sweat is essential to making sure you can play as long as you want. Also, the pants also come with special stretch material to keep them feeling light at all times.


  • Ultra lightweight fabric built to last

  • Knees are reinforced with 1680D Nylon

  • Fully padded


  • A little bit baggy



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As the name suggests, the HK Army Hardline Pro Pants are one of the most sturdy and heavy-duty options out there. These pants close with two buttons, and they come with an elastic strap belt adjustment. You also get belt loops and two side front water-resistant pockets that sit on top of the thigh.

Velcro Straps

In addition, there is extra padding in the knee (to prevent any damage that comes from tumbles or falls) as well as Velco straps at the ankle to secure the pants. That is then supplemented by double stitching that helps prevent extra stretching or tears. Paintball is a tough sport, and you want to be able to make sure your pants keep up under duress during kneeling, diving, or sliding. These deliver on that front.

However, the biggest draw of these pants is their breathability and great water resistance. As with the Valken Crusade, the HK Army Hardline are designed to make sure you never sweat or overheat too much. That is always a welcome feature, and here it is a great compliment to the mesh-lined material to keep you dry on two different levels. The breathable mesh sits throughout the back, groin, and above the knee.


  • Sis pockets

  • Most sturdy and heavy-duty options

  • Elastic strap belt adjustment


  • It's baggy



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Our next Valken model, the Exo Paintball Pants have the same dependability as the crusader hatch pants but they feature a ton of top-of-the-line characteristics. These pants are insanely durable, but also quite breathable thanks to their special polyester material. You get all of the strength of heavier pants without any of the stuffiness.

Different Ways To Wear

You are also able to adjust the length on these, which gives you a ton of different ways to wear them. The Velcro closure is important when it comes to finding the exact fit you want for any given situation. Sometimes you want pants to be looser, and sometimes you want them higher up. The Fate Exo pants give you all of the options you could ever want.

Another great bonus with these is that they come with stretch panels built directly into the crotch for extra flexibility, as well as heavy-duty nylon knees. They look great as well. Strong pants are good to have, but you want your equipment to look good. These are just like the original Fate pants, except they have an improved pattern on top of their extensive features.


  • Ultra Durable, breathable polyester material 

  • Velcro closure bottom

  • Heavy duty nylon knees


  • Baggy pants



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When talking about the best paintball pants, it is impossible not to mention weight. You want your pants to be with you for a long time (not a given in the rough world of paintball), but you also want something that will help you freely move around. The Gl Sports Glide Performance Paintball Pants do exactly that, giving you both form and function in one package.

Lightweight and Durable

These pants work because, while they are durable in all the areas that need it, they are also lightweight in the regions that typically do not come with problems. You get a sleek, elastic drawstring, wide knee pads, belt loops and double stitching to prevent wear and tear.

The Sports Glide also feature a minimal design, stretch material on both the groin and inner thigh, as well as unique mesh pads to allow and promote airflow. The goal of these pants is to give you the best of both worlds while you're running around, and they hit that mark with flying colors.


  • Super padded knees 

  • Adjustable waist and cuffs

  • Stylish Modern Look with accent piping


  • Minimal design on stretch materials



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One of the more aggressively-named options on this list, the Bunker Kings Supreme Paintball Pants are a great choice for anyone who wants to take the extra effort to stay safe while playing paintball.

This product comes with a Velcro close fly, as well as a removable pad that covers the groin area. That is then bolstered by padded knees and extra padding in the ankle. The adjustable straps help create a great fit, while the mesh-lined material reduces sweat.

Another reason to choose these pants is the extra flexibility that runs throughout the groin area. This gives you a much greater range of motion than other options and makes sure your pants never get in the way of your play. On top of that, there are also two zippered front pockets that give you extra storage for anything you might want to carry during an outing.


  • Constructed with an Athletic Fit design

  • Dual Elastic Waist Adjusters  

  • Padded Knee Areas


  • Smaller than expected



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Every pair of pants on this list has something that makes them unique, and the Exalt Thrasher Pants T4 sets themselves apart with their knee protection and pocket options. These have six different pockets that help you prepare for numerous situations. Two of the pockets are water resistant, two are swab pockets, and two are Velcro close. One of them even has special microfiber cloth inside to help you clean goggles.

Knee Protection

The other characteristic that helps these stand out is the excellent knee protection. You always want your knees to remain protected when out on a course or in a game. The Thrasher Pants protect you with extra padding that is so thick you may not even need knee pads while wearing them. That type of protection is not something you will readily find on the market, and it is a welcome addition here.

These pants also come with many of the standard additions you want in high-quality pants. You get belt loops, a silicone pattern that helps keep your pack in place, stretch material throughout the groin and stretch material around the knee pads. A great combination of protection and flexibility.


  • Zipper thigh pockets 

  • Dual swab pockets 

  • Kevlar knees 


  • Strange design

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Another great lightweight option, Dye UL Pants are fantastic for anyone who wants extra stretch or who needs a lot of extra mobility. These have 4-way stretch to give you the easiest movement possible. They are also incredibly breathable, making them one of the best lightweight packages around.

Lightest Pants

As good as that extra mobility is. There is no reason to invest in extra movement without a lightweight feel. The Dye UL are some of the lightest pants on the market. The back of the legs and groin both have a special stretch mesh. To keep you going for as long as you want. In fact, the back leg is so thin it is almost see-through.

However, do not worry about that reduced weight sacrificing any other important features. Dye UL pants are incredibly durable, and they are also waterproof to handle a range of different environments. The pants are water resistant all the way through, and they wear without tearing. They also tie close and come with two swab pockets. To top off the extensive features. They also come with adjustable Velcro bands on the waist and special Velcro adjustments on the ankle.


  • Bomb proof construction

  • 45 degree pockets

  • Reinforced double stitching and stronger materials


  • Sizing is weird



Our Rating



We end our list with the Planet Eclipse Distortion Code Pants. This product comes with extra padding in both the groin and knees, and it is also equipped with removable hip padding. The knee padding is quite thick, giving you more protection and helping you push through any tough situations you may find yourself in.

A Belt Loop

These, like so many different pants, come with a belt loop. However, in this case, the belt can be threaded completely under the back. To keep from getting caught up with your pack. A nice feature for anyone who wants a bit more ease as they move around. On that note, there is also rubberized lumbar support that holds your back as you run.

Other great features here include a fly with two snaps, Velcro, and a zipper. You can adjust the waist with the Velcro to give you a snug fit. And unique stretch panels in the groin and knees keep your pants move with you instead of against you. There is also a small zippered pocket for your ID and key, drawstring cinchers on the ankles, and mesh lining throughout the fabric. That keeps the pants breathable and helps them naturally vent as you sweat.


  • Adjustable velcro waist straps

  • Lumbar venting system 

  • Super-V elastic crotch


  • Too long



Our Rating



Making Sure Your Stay as Protected and as Comfortable as Possible

There are many different options when it comes to choosing the best paintball pants for you. Some are lightweight, some are heavy duty, and some are extremely breathable. Whatever you need, as long as you choose from the above nine you will be fine.

Though all of the options laid out in this guide each bring something different to the table, they all give you the standard features and then stack them with their premium upgrades. It is up to you to choose what exact upgrades you want and need.

How to Find the Best Paintball Vests

Take a look at any busy playing field for paintball or airsoft, and you’ll notice one thing. The serious players are always kitted out in full tactical apparel. It not only looks great but gives them plenty of handy features that you can’t find on regular overalls.

These features are imperative for players trying to up their game. They include utilities like extra capacity for magazines and ammunition tubes, as well as reinforcement against hits, plus much, much more. For anyone getting into playing regularly, we do recommend a mask and a paintball vest be the first things to be bought to supplement gameplay. After that, however, we think getting a paintball vest is the next best investment.

We would probably suggest some tactical trousers too! But for now, we’re going to stick to what we think are the best vests you can get.

In Search of the Best Paintball Vest Around

Even after you’ve weighed up what vests are a good match for you, you may still need some help.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favorite vests, and why we think they’re among some of the best when picking the right paintball vest for you.

Best Paintball Vest Comparison Table




Our Rating


Empire BT Tactical Battle Vest

BT Paintball Tactical Battle Vest - Black

Durable with a lightweight build and functionality.


VX-200 Tactical Vest

BARSKA mens Loaded Gear VX-200 Right Hand Tactical Vest, Black

A military-style vest that works well for both types of players.

Condor MCR5 Chest Rig

Condor Recon Chest Rig (Black)

Provides a lightweight choice for players

WASING Military Style MOLLE Tactical Vest

No products found.

Made of bulkier materials

No products found.

MOPC MOLLE Condor Vest

Condor Modular Vest (Black)

Super tough and offers plenty of protection for the chest.

Here's Our Full Reviews Of
The Best Paintball Vest For 2018

Designed for use in paintball games, the Empire BT tactical vest combines durable with a lightweight build and functionality.

The front is zippered for easy access, and ammunition slots dotted around can hold pods of 140. Allowing you to carry around plenty of additional paintballs. It also works for airsoft too, as pouches on the vest double as magazine slots. The pouch on the reverse lets straps in your tank, making it easy for players that have paintball markers using line systems. The quality construction Empire is known for evident here – this vest is well put together.

the back is great for storing a camelback drinking bladder

Another reversed pouch on the back is great for storing a camelback drinking bladder. Which is very handy for playing games in the heat. The BT tactical vest is incredibly light, and while it doesn’t afford a lot of protection, it is very breathable and a pleasure in-game.


  • Durable with a lightweight build and functionality

  • Front is zippered for easy access

  • Also works for airsoft


  • No interior gut strap

  • Designed for 200lbs and larger



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The Bakara vx-200 tactical is a military-style vest that works well for both types of players.

Made with sturdy materials, you can get down and dirty and not worry about any damage done. The webbing that covers the vest is a lightweight mesh. Which helps to keep your cool, while the pockets themselves are made from heavier materials. The layout of the Bakara vx-200 tactical is quite clever, including a pistol drawer situated on the right side of the body. This is a great touch for a situation where you have to draw quickly and works well with any airsoft or paintball pistol. This vest also comes with a tactical belt, which looks great too. Front pouches on here will hold most normal size ammunition containers or magazines.

We have to say, this vest is one of the firm favorites, utilizing a slim profile with an appealing aesthetic.


  • A military-style vest

  • Made with sturdy materials

  • Lightweight mesh


  • Left-handed vest



Our Rating



The Condor MCR5 chest rig provides a lightweight choice for players that need a full range of movement.

The rig offers less protection but also gives movement, lighter, and less restricting than a full-size vest. The upside comes with plenty of utilities that your regular player hunkers for – pouches to carry ammo and gear and expanded or fit your preference.

This rig is a brilliant choice for those who want to stay mobile on the go. This vest also caters very well to those playing multiple games in hot weather. With the vest lacking an extra chest and back layer, to stay cool quite easily.

The high-quality materials the Condor MCR5 chest rig is made of still durable despite the lessened protection, but this tradeoff makes it a fantastic transportation vest. Quick, agile players can find their stride with this chest rig.


  • Lightweight choice

  • Pouches are expandable


  • Less protection



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