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The V-Force Grill – Protection Well Worth The Price

The V-Force Grill – Protection Well Worth the Price

If you’ve never been hit in the face with a paintball you’ll never value the protection a great paintball mask offers you. The sting of the paintball hitting your face is something you won’t forget lightly, neither is the pain of having to exit the game while you were still enjoying it.

Today, I want to review one of the best paintball masks on the market. One I know you will fall in love with due its rugged fierce looks and its practicality on the field.

It’s called the V-Force Grill and it has featured in many world tournaments and even helped a few teams clinch the title.

If you are on the hunt for a paintball mask that has a very good field of view, handles fogging very well, and is light and comfortable, then you are definitely looking for the V-Force Grill. But then I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take this review step by step so that you can fully appreciate this wonderful (and intimidating) paintball mask for what it truly is.

The V-Force Grill – Protection Well Worth the Price

When it comes to paintball masks, very few manage to offer the protection and value that the V-Force Grill does. Let’s take a closer look at it, shall we?

VForce Grill Thermal Paintball Mask
  • Quick Change Click Dry Foam System, for a fresh, dry foam in a snap
  • FeatherWeight Comfort Ultra-lightweight design for unrestricted movement
  • Comfort Chin Strap for better stability during fast games

The Look – Design and Build Quality

V-Force Grill

If there is one factor that is important in a paintball mask, it’s how it looks – especially from your opponents point of view. The best paintball masks have an element of intimidation, and the V-Force Grill measures up very well in that department.

If you are looking for the fear factor, you’ll definitely find it in the V-Force Grill.

But just because it’s an intimidating paintball mask doesn’t disqualify it from the good looks competition because it does look good, very good. The V-Force Grill is a very well designed mask and definitely built to match with high-quality materials that make it a very durable mask.

For its good and yet intimidating looks, the V-Force Grill earns a 5/5 rating from me. It definitely has the wow factor.

The Feel Factor

Because it is made from high-quality materials, especially the foam, the V-Force Grill is a very comfortable paintball mask, one of the best in the comfort departments if I may say so. The V-Force will feel so natural you’ll even forget that you are wearing a mask, the lightweight materials (soft composite plastic) make sure of that. Even after wearing it for a long time, it won’t make your face feel dull and heavy as is the case with other paintball masks.

Because it’s such a comfortable mask that doesn’t put any strain on your face, the V-Force grill earns itself a 5/5 in my books. This is one paintball mask you really need to consider adding to your equipment.

Vision and Experience

When it comes to vision, the V-Force Grill outshines many paintball masks on the market. Featuring a large lens with a very wide angle of view, it gives you the ability to see everything around you without having to turn your head. This gives you a great tactical advantage as many paintball masks have poor views and most players have to turn their bodies in order to be able to take in the entire scene of the game. This puts you at a disadvantage as you become a clear target.

When wearing the V-Force Grill in a game, it gives you a pleasurable experience as it is very easy to breathe in it. And when you sweat, the foam quickly sucks in the sweat, making you feel as fresh as you did when you stepped into the game.

And because the lens are thermal lenses, they don’t cloud up even in humid and wet conditions – no need to worry about losing your vision due to fogging as long as you are donning the V-Force Grill paintball mask.

And the best part of the V-Force Grill is the fact that changing out the lens is very simple and takes less than a minute, making them a game-saving unit when the heat of the battle is on and you need a fresh set of lenses in your paintball mask. This is one area in which many other paintball masks fall flat on their face as they don’t have an efficient swop-out mechanism like the V-Force Grill. If there is one factor that should move you to get the V-Force Grill, it is this one.

Because the V-Force delivers when it comes to giving you the best possible experience a paintball mask can give, it scores another 5/5.


Another great feature of the V-Force Grill is the ease of customization. Each part of the V-Force Grill can swopped out for another and you have a wide selection of colored thermal lenses to choose from. And as I already said, swopping the lenses is a very easy job that won’t take you more than a minute. Customizing the V-Force Grill is so easy you can change your look mid game as you can easily replace your foam padding, your lens, your strap, and even the foam on your ears.

If that is not a bonus, I don’t know what is. The ease of customization means you can create a different mask whenever you want to, and in my books, that definitely warrants a 5/5 score.

Ventilation and Acoustics

The V-Force Grill has a menacing front grill that serves more purpose than just creating a fierce looking paintball mask. The grill is a great ventilation feature that allows for free flow of air so as to make it easy for you to breathe and to keep the temperature in the mask moderately low. With superb ventilation like this, the game may as well go on and on as you won’t have any problems breathing.

The ventilation also allows for great acoustics within the mask. No echoes or ringing in your ears when you shout. Sound travels well in and out of the mask, meaning you will hear clearly and when you speak, your voice won’t be muffled at all – it will be loud and clear.

For its great ventilation that doubles as a menacing look, the V-Force Grill earns another 5/5.



Now comes the big question concerning paintball masks – the protection question. The V-Force Grill gives you the best protection hands down. The combination of semi-rigid and softer rubber used to make the V-Force are the best materials to offer complete protection from the sting of a paintball when it is properly placed smack in the middle of your face. Not only does the V-Force protect you from stinging paintballs, but the soft rubber also encourages paintballs to bounce off without exploding, giving you a chance to remain in the game.

Although the V-Force has a small profile, it must not be dismissed as inadequate protection as it covers the entire face, especially with the visor in place. The visor is meant to protect from the sun’s rays and from the rain but in many instances, it has also provided extra protection from paintballs.

With the V-Force Grill, you have the confidence to play your game to the best of your abilities knowing that you are well covered, and for that, the V-Force Grill gets a 5/5 for protection.

Value for Money

Another big factor that determines the rating of anything is whether it offers value for money. We all want our purchases to give us value for our hard earned money, no matter what the purchase may be. The same stands for paintball masks. I’m sure you don’t want a paintball mask that will fall apart on you after only a few months of use. And that is where the V-Force Grill will make you smile.

The V-Force Grill masks come with a limited one-year warranty. This means you have the liberty to try out the mask for a whole year and work out any issues you may have with it. Because this mask is well made and that from durable materials you probably won’t have any problems with it. This is truly a value for money mask, and truth be told, it will definitely prove its worth on the battlefield.

It’s not easy finding a deal as good as this one, especially as you only have to spend $99.95 to protect your face with this fabulous paintball mask that is the V-Force Grill.

Value for money? Definitely. The V-Force is worth every penny you spend on it, whether the initial purchase or any other add-ons you may want to purchase to enhance its looks and practicality. Though the V-Force Grill may be pricier than other paintball masks on the market, consider the value that it adds to your game. Because of the value factor, the V-Force gets a well-deserved 5/5.

The V-Force Grill Series – Giving You Protection and Confidence

I hope by now you have seen that the V-Force Grill is a great investment towards a successful paintball career. This versatile mask not only gives you more than adequate protection but it also makes you look awesome on the paintball field. That alone gives you the confidence to play the best game of your life every time you step out into the field. This is truly an all-round paintball mask that does not disappoint in the least.

The 7 Best Paintball Pods To Set You Up For Victory

You’re in the heat of battle and the game is going very well. You’re on the glory road to being the MVP of the day. And then the unthinkable happens.

You run out of Ammo.

In your panicked state, you momentarily lose focus. But that momentary lapse is enough to get you hit and out of the game.

Paintball is a very exciting adrenaline-charged sport that you need to experience. Unfortunately for most players, they invest in the best equipment in the form of excellent markers, hoppers, and masks. But they forget that they also need the best paintball pods and harnesses. A good game of paintball is not won by a marker alone but by having a good combination of equipment. And that’s why today I want to talk about the best paintball pods and harnesses so that next time you won’t suffer the consequences of entering into battle ill-equipped.

What are Paintball Pods?

Paintball pods, also called guppies or tubes, are basically rigid plastic containers that store paintballs and are usually kept in a harness strapped to the body. Most paintball pods hold about 140 paintballs. However, you can also buy paintball pods that hold 100 paintballs and even 160, depending on your preference, or even 10 paintball pods for smaller paintball pistols.

Standard pods use a spring-loaded plastic lid that enables you to open them quickly and single-handedly so as not to make filling your hopper cumbersome, time-consuming, or distracting. There are many variations of paintball pods with as many variations of locking mechanisms for the lids.

To keep your game going smoothly, you need a good paintball pod, no, the best paintball pods to keep you well stocked with the paintballs you will be loading into your hopper. But then a question begs to be asked, “What makes the best paintball pods?” well, if a question begs to be asked, it’s just plain polite to answer it, isn’t it?

The Best Paintball Pods – 4 Qualities to Look For

The best paintball pods have a few qualities that make them stand out as the best paintball pods. And those qualities can have an impact on your game (and pockets), so be sure to look out for these qualities when looking for your next pods.

1. Carrying Capacity

If you have been playing paintball for more than a day, you probably realize by now that paintball is a “rapid fire” game, and because of that, you need to have a lot of ammo readily available to keep the game going without any downtime. This is why, when you are looking for a paintball pod, you should place the carrying capacity of the pods high on your list of requirements.

With many hoppers capable of holding 200 paintballs at a time, you need a pod or a couple of pods that can sufficiently feed your hopper and keep you blazing on the field. Most standard paintball pods can carry 140 paintballs and that is usually adequate, but you can also get some paintball pods that can carry as many as 160 pods, and that is a very good number.

2. Durability

Although paintball pods have a penchant for getting easily broken due to their being made of plastic, most of the best paintball pods are made from better quality plastics that ate more durable and won’t disappoint you by breaking at the most inconvenient of times.

3. Easy to Open Lid

The best paintball pods have easy to open lids to facilitate speedy opening of the pod and quick loading of your hopper, making you an efficient player on the field. Nothing is as frustrating as a paintball pod lid that prematurely opens, spilling all the paint or a paintball pod lid that refuses to open in the heat of battle – that can actually cost you your game.  The lid is a very important part of the pod, be sure to pay careful attention to it when you are looking for the best paintball pod.

4. Affordable

Let’s face it. Of all your paintball gear, the pods are the ones that easily get lost, broken, or even stolen. That is why when you are looking for the best paintball pod, price must be a factor you must consider. But thankfully, paintball pods are some of the cheapest parts of your paintball equipment – professional or recreational.

The Best Paintball Pods that Give You Bang for Your Buck

Now that you know what to look for when looking for the best paintball pods, let’s take a look at some of the best paintball pods you can get on the market. And after that, I’ll show you some of the best paintball harnesses to keep your pods organized and within easy reach.

When it comes to paintball equipment, Valken is a name that rings through the corridors of the sport. It’s not surprising then that they make some of the best paintball pods on the market. You can get Valken paintball pods as a single unit or a set of 4. So what are Valken pods like?

First things first, Valken pods have a carrying capacity of up to 140 .68 caliber paintballs, which, I believe, is a more than enough to help you enjoy a long game of paintball. One cool feature I love about Valken paintball pods is their intimidating design and bright colors. Too bad my opponents are never near enough to see them. But if you if you prefer the clear version that allows you to see inside, you can always order those.

Valken pods are equipped with spring loaded flip lids which are reliable and make them easy to open. Because of their design, they are secure and won’t open by themselves, and yet won’t trouble you with opening when you need to fill your hopper. As for durability, you can depend on these pods to last you a long time.

At a reasonable price, Valken pods are among the best paintball pods on the market, especially factoring in the high-quality materials used.





No products found.

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Dye is another popular paintball gear equipment brand that manufacturers great paintball pods. The good thing about Dye Alpha paintball pods is that they have a carrying capacity of 150 paintballs and come in multiple bright colors. Because they are made of high-quality materials Dye Alpha pods are virtually hard to break. As for the lid, they have a very easy to open lid that only opens when you need to get your paintballs. Dye Alpha paintball pods are easy to use, durable, and will only set you back $18.95 for a set of 6.





3Skull manufactures some of the best paintball pods made from quality lightweight material. These pods won’t add any noticeable weight to your already heavy equipment.

3Skull’s clear heavy duty pods have a carrying or storage capacity of 140 .68 caliber paintballs. For ease of use, 3Skull paintball pods come equipped with flip-flop lids that are well designed and won’t pop open when not in use. Because of the simplicity of the flip-flop lid, refilling your hopper will be fast and efficient.  


If 3Skulls tickle your fancy, their price will make you smile you more as they retail at only $19.95 for a set of 6. But if you only want to top up your set of paintball pods with one, it will cost you $5.43.





Maddog Pro Paintball Pod Pack Harness
  • ENTRY LEVEL PAINTBALLERS to TOURNAMENT PROS... We've Got You Covered! Pro Harnesses HAUL More Paint Than The Competition...
  • ELASTIC POD EJECTION SYSTEM FOR FASTER RELOADS! Stretch-Coiled Elastic Pod Loops EJECT Pods into Your Hands As Soon As...
  • NEVER RUN OUT OF AMMO! Show Up READY TO PLAY ALL DAY! Industry Standard Paintball Equipment Built for the Rigors of the...

Maddog paintball pods give you the staying power of a mad dog in a competition as they help ensure you don’t run out of ammo prematurely. The pods are made from a durable polypropylene composition that makes them robust enough to endure the toughest of combat conditions without spilling your precious paint.

The clever and ergonomic design features gradually raised “bones” grips and an indented thumb for fast no look reloads, helping you to keep an eye on your opponents as you fill up your hopper. The lid is spring loaded to ensure it doesn’t pop open by mistake.





BASE PM 150 Round Paintball Pods
  • High impact polymer structure
  • Built in spring-loaded lid
  • Indented lid tab

When it comes to paintball pods, Virtue is one brand you can rely on to keep you loaded with ammo. Their Base PM (Pod Max) 150 round paintball pods are proof of the brands quality standards. Made from high impact polymer and featuring a built-in spring-loaded lid, the Base PM paintball pods are sure to keep you in the game longer as they are easy to use and will last you a long time due to their durability.





Tippmann Paintball Heavy Duty 140 Round Guppy Pods, Clear, Pack of 4
  • Heavy duty tube
  • Holds 140 rounds
  • Tight Fitting flip top lid

Tippmann 140 round .68 caliber pods could be the answer to your search for the best paintball pods. Made from heavy-duty plastic, both the pod and the flip top lid are very durable. This is not one of those lids that will lose its lid in the heat of battle as you pop the pod open – it really lives up to its heavy-duty status. As for your paintballs, they are very secure in the Tippmann 140 round Guppy Pods as they don’t open accidentally even if you happen to fall on them as you maneuver your way to victory in a heated game.





Virtue PF165 Press Flick Locking Lid Paintball Pods
  • Make your pack smaller
  • Carry more paint and fewer pods
  • Intuitive tab with simple "Press Flick" button operation

Virtue paintball pods are some of the best paintball pods you can find on the market. Coming in 2 different sizes, you get to choose between one that can store 135 pods and another that can store a massive 165 pods. The amazing thing about virtue pods is that despite their massive storage capacity, they are actually smaller than your average pod size – 2 inches smaller to be exact. This makes for a lighter load on your harness.

When it comes to options, Virtue paintball pods has a lot for you. Not only do you get to choose the size and carrying capacity of your pods, but you get to choose your preferred color from a variety of pod colors. As for the lid, virtue paintball pods come with an innovative Press Flick button that is very easy to open.

Virtue pods are more on the expensive side but they are certainly worth their weight in gold. 








Our Rating


Valken Paintball 140 Round Flick Lid Pod - Black - 4 Pack

Valken pods have a carrying capacity of up to 140 .68 caliber paintballs

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No products found.

popular paintball gear equipment brand that manufacturers great paintball pods. 

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GxG Clear Heavy Duty 140 Round Paintball Speed Tubes

3Skull’s clear heavy duty pods have a carrying or storage capacity of 140 .68 caliber paintballs. 

Maddog 150 Round BONES Paintball Pods

Maddog 150 Round BONES Paintball Pods
Maddog 150 Round BONES Paintball Pods

Maddog paintball pods give you the staying power of a mad dog in a competition as they help ensure you don’t run out of ammo prematurely.

BASE PM 150 Round Paintball Pods

Their Base PM (Pod Max) 150 round paintball pods are proof of the brands quality standards

Tippmann Paintball Heavy Duty 140 Round Guppy Pods, Clear, Pack of 4

Tippmann 140 round .68 caliber pods could be the answer to your search for the best paintball pods

Virtue PF165 Press Flick Locking Lid Paintball Pods

The amazing thing about virtue pods is that despite their massive storage capacity,

Paintball Pods? Check. What About the Harness?

Now that you have your pods, I’m hoping you’re not planning on carrying them in your pockets because that will just be awkward. A backpack could be a better idea, but it’s not the best idea.

You simply have to get a harness for ease of carrying and efficiency of use.

For you to be a more effective warrior in the game, you need to get a great harness to load your ammo in, and one of the best harnesses is the Valken 17135 Harness. This is one of the most comfortable and durable harnesses ever made and it is well able to hold 4 pods securely without giving you a hassle when it comes time to pull one out.

Geared up? Time to Unleash Some Paint

Now that you are properly geared up, it’s time to unleash some paint as you blaze your colorful trail to victory. With your marker, a good hopper, excellent paintball pods, and a comfortable harness, victory is certain for you. 

The Planet Eclipse CS1 And CS1.5 Review – The Revolutionary Marker

When it comes to paintball, there 2 major factors that determine whether you will emerge victorious or come out of the game with your head in shame – your skills and your equipment. Thus, it is very important that you practice as much as possible to develop and refine your skills and also equip yourself with the best marker and kit possible.

That is why you should consider arming yourself with Planet Eclipse’s CS1 or CS1.5 marker kit.

Planet Eclipse - Innovative Paintball Equipment for inspired Combat

When it comes to paintball equipment, no other name rings louder than Planet Eclipse. From innovative designs to reliable functionality, they eclipse other players in the equipment field.

Planet Eclipse was born in a small paintball shop located in Manchester, England, called Paintball Planet in 1991. The staff of this small outfit all had one common passion – supplying “ballers” with the best technologically advanced paintball equipment on the market. And that passion drove them to shift gears from being just suppliers to being creators – creators of the top quality paintball equipment they were passionate about.

Today, Planet Eclipse is a renowned manufacturer of reliable, quality, and advanced paintball equipment and accessories.

Enter the Planet Eclipse CS1 and CS1.5

A few years ago, choosing a paintball marker was very easy. All you had to do was enter a shop and browse through the 2 or 3 brands available. Fast forward to today and things are completely different. Picking a paintball marker can be a nightmare, what with the thousands of options to pick from. Don’t get me wrong, having lots of choices is good, but when the choices become virtually limitless, then having choice becomes a burdensome headache. To reduce that headache, we’ll review one of the top contenders in the paintball marker kit department – the Planet Eclipse CS1.

No products found.

No products found.

Planet Eclipse CS1 and CS1.5 Review – More than a Facelift, it’s a Revolution

The Planet Eclipse CS1 is built on Planet Eclipse’s Geo platform, a wildly popular line among paintball enthusiasts. When it comes to equipment receiving improvements, the upgrades are usually subtle and oftentimes more of cosmetic improvements than functional and performance-based ones. This is where the Planet Eclipse CS1 deviates from the norm. Instead of a simple facelift, Planet Eclipse revolutionized not only their Geo line of markers but the entire paintball marker industry. Let’s join the revolution and take a look at the changes. Perhaps the Planet Eclipse CS1 is the marker you’ve been waiting for.

Hoseless, But Definitely Not Powerless

One of the biggest changes that come with the CS1 is the internalization of all hoses and pipes. Planet Eclipse redesigned the positioning of the inline regulator, placing it inside the frame. This not only gives the Planet Eclipse a sleeker look but totally improves the marker’s performance. This upgrade ultimately translates into the CS1 being able to run on a wide range of outputs, from 250psi to 850psi to be exact. This means you can use any tank within that range – low, medium, or high.

The internalized hoses make the Planet Eclipse CS1 function at 120psi, unlike its predecessor that functioned at 130psi. Don’t let the drop in figures fool you though. The CS1 still packs a powerful punch that makes it one of the best markers available. In fact, pressure drops in the tank won’t affect performance as the new design allows the CS1 to shoot deep into the tank.

Ergonomic Redesign, for a More Efficient Grip

Planet Eclipse  CS1.5-Atlantic

The rear grip frame of the Planet Eclipse CS1 has received a major facelift – nay, a complete re-design. More emphasis has been placed on ergonomics, grip, and fit of the marker. Gone are the soft lines and curves that were so familiar with previous models. They have been replaced by hard angular edges and notches for a more comfortable feel of the marker in your hands. The grips run harmoniously into the frame, body, and POPS, giving the CS1 a more appealing look. The new grips have microtexture to give you a firmer grip despite the worst conditions, be it a wet rainy day or any unfortunate contact with slime or oil. And at a mere 2 pounds, the Planet Eclipse will feel like a natural extension of your hand, increasing your accuracy.

Smaller Battery, Better Performance

Ask any marker manufacture and they will tell you that one of their biggest challenges is finding a reliable and efficient power source that is small enough to satisfy the markers needs and compact enough to fit in the marker. Well, Planet Eclipse solved that problem in the CS1. One of the revolutionary upgrades the Planet Eclipse CS1 received was a more efficient, advanced, industry leading electronics system. Running at a surprising 3V, the Planet Eclipse CS1 now runs on 2 AA batteries, unlike the previous Geo’s 9V batteries. Economically, this means less running costs, and on the field, a super surprising 500K shots. Now, that’s revolutionary efficiency to write home about. And when the 2 AA batteries run out, all you need to do is slide open the battery housing, replace them, and close it back again. Talk about super simple.

Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance and Durability

The Planet Eclipse CS1 uses an SL5 regulator – an updated version of the SL4 – one of the industry’s leading regulator models. But the SL5 regulator is not the only technological advancement in the Planet Eclipse CS1. After passing through the regulator, air is fed through the frame directly into an all-new ISCIS3 (Innovative Solenoid Controlled Isolation System) solenoid assembly. This set-up means air doesn’t travel through any bodywork first. This advanced technology utilizes enclosed and captured gaskets rather than cheap O-ring face seals for all gas transfer ports between components. This makes the Planet Eclipse CS1 more reliable, durable, and able to deal with very high pressures without of blowing out or leaking.

Planet Eclipse manufactured their own ultra-low power solenoid for the Planet Eclipse, a single spool assembly that serves the dual purpose of controlling the position of the bolt and the air supply into the firing chamber during the firing cycle. And because the solenoid is driven by a custom SMC pilot valve that is over-rated for this application, the solenoid is robust and durable enough to handle the worst conditions a paintball marker could go through.

Apart from the new ISCIS3 solenoid technology, the Planet Eclipse CS1 and CS1.5 feature the next generation IVCore drivetrain assembly. The Planet Eclipse’s IVCore is legendary in being the first commercial system to introduce true decoupled breech-sensing valve technology to a paintball marker system tuned for reliability and efficiency whilst also being completely dwell insensitive. And this latest generation drivetrain system sports increased volume for the firing chamber, a modified bolt port geometry, and a larger adjustment range for the SFR. These changes combined with the significant new changes to the marker layout mean that all aspects of the shooting experience have been dramatically improved. The results are a smoother and quieter experience.

These technological improvements ultimately mean the Planet Eclipse CS1 is more efficient, powerful, durable, and lightweight – giving you a marker that will tremendously improve your game.

Maintenance and Service – Easy as Pie

Planet Eclipse pride themselves on customer satisfaction. And one way they set about doing just that is by designing and creating a marker that is completely user serviceable. In other words, if ever needed, most of the maintenance and repair can be done at home by you the user. This is one of the major advantages of housing the hoses inside the frame, as opposed to having dangling tubes and places to plug them in – maintenance is greatly reduced. No one likes a high maintenance product, after all, high maintenance means extra costs.

With the Planet Eclipse CS1 and CS1.5, maintenance is kept to a bare minimum, meaning what you pay for is ultimately the only significant cost associated with the marker. In fact, the only maintenance you may need to carry out routinely is the battery replacement, and that is a simple tool-less procedure that takes a few seconds thanks to the new design.

The Planet Eclipse 1.5 – Evidence of Evolution

When Planet Eclipse released the CS1, it seemed as if they had reached the pinnacle of development on this line of markers – after all, perfection can’t be perfected can it. But it seems it can. Planet Eclipse decided to bring improvements to the already improved CS1, resulting in the CS1.5. I guess this is a true example of evolution, taking perfection and improving on it.

The Planet Eclipse CS1.5 came with a few slight improvements to the CS1. Slight in terms of sight, but drastic in terms of feel and efficiency.

One such improvement is the addition of the hugely popular Shaft FL carbon fiber barrel system for purposes of saving weight and enhancing the marker’s performance. The Shaft FL barrel resulted in the CS1 shedding over 10% of its weight – from 2.16lbs to 1.97lbs – a significant drop that really shows in long games.

On the cosmetic side, the Planet Eclipse CS1.5 has a new low-profile feed neck with self-locking sprocket thumbwheel that helps in streamlining the CS1.5’s profile. More notable design changes include the CSR Blade trigger, a CSR inspired frame, and a bespoke CS1.5 custom milled body among others.

The Planet Eclipse CS1 and CS1.5 – Revolutionary Marker for the Paintball Enthusiast

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker
  • Pressure controlled poppet engine for outstanding performance
  • Integrated break-beam anti-chop eyes
  • Wrap-around fore grip for protection from elements and increased grip

At the end of the day, when it comes to the Planet Eclipse CS1 and its improved CS1.5 counterpart, there is only one thing that can be said of the upgrades and improvements – revolutionary. Whether it’s the internal upgrades or the external cosmetic look, Planet Eclipse truly outdid themselves with this epic marker. Come game time, you’ll be glad this is your weapon of choice.

The Best Paintball Air Compressors: Keep Your Paintball Games On-Point

Paintball. It is not just an adrenaline filled game, it is also a gas-filled game. What do I mean? Well, truly speaking, there would be no paintball if there were no gas tanks that provide the propulsion for the paintballs. And, there would be no gas tanks without the compressors that fill them – powering your marker to project paintballs at 300ft per second.

Whether you love playing as a big team, a small team, or just enjoy practicing alone, a paintball air compressor is a great investment that will certainly make it easier and ultimately, cheaper to enjoy your favorite past time. And if you are a field operator or run a fill shop, having a reliable paintball air compressor will definitely give your business an edge when it comes to reliability.

What is a Paintball Air Compressor?

An air compressor, by definition, is a device that uses electricity, gasoline, or diesel to compress outside air and store it in a high-pressure container. This air can then be transferred into other smaller canisters. The compressed air can then be used in many ways, for example, filling your tires, or in your case, filling your markers HPA canister directly or in most cases scuba tanks to store the compressed air in. Most paintball air compressors are just your average scuba diving compressor, the only difference being that paintball air compressors have no filter to filter out impurities.

Advantages of Compressed Air as a Paintball Marker Propellant

Although CO2 has been the propellant of choice for a number of years, it has a number of disadvantages that are making it less popular. Drawbacks like volatility which make it unsafe, inconsistent pressure which makes it frustrating in the game, and the “chills” it gives your marker’s internals shorten your marker’s lifespan.

That is why compressed air has become the propellant of choice for many paintball players. Its advantages eliminate all the disadvantages of CO2 and more. The advantages of compressed air include:

  • Stable. The stability of compressed air means that it is safer to use.
  • Consistent pressure. This is a big one as consistent pressure ensures that power, range, speed, and accuracy of the paintball is maintained throughout the game or until the last of your compressed air.
  • Gives more shots per canister. When compared to CO2, compressed air gives you more shots per canister than CO2.

Gear Up – What You Need to be Able to Fill Your Own Paintball Canisters

Having an air compressor for your paintball tanks is not a complicated or very expensive endeavor. The equipment is readily available and doesn’t require a lot of storage space. So what do you need to be able to refill your own tanks (and for others if you want to make an extra buck)?

  • 1
    An air compressor. This is the device that takes outside air and compresses it (puts it under high pressure).
  • 2
    One or more storage tanks. Once your compressor compresses the air, it stores the compressed air in storage tanks  – usually scuba diving tanks.
  • 3
    A fill station. This is where you connect your tanks to filling lines that transfer the compressed air into your marker’s air canister.

The compressor is the most important piece of equipment in this setup, so you have to think long and choose wisely before you make a purchase. But to help you narrow down your choices, saving you a lot of time in the process, we have compiled a list of the best paintball air compressors on the market.

What Does the Best Paintball Air Compressor Look Like?

The best paintball air compressor, like many things in life, is determined by your needs and preferences. You need to ask yourself questions like, “How often will I use it?” “How many bottles will I be filling at a go?” “When using it, how much downtime can I afford?” the answers to these questions will lead you to make the 2 most critical selections in the specifications of a paintball air compressor – maximum airflow and maximum psi (pressure).

Max Airflow – The Implications on a Paintball Air Compressor

The airflow determines the rate at which the compressor fills a tank. It is also the rate at which the compressor compresses raw air. The higher the maximum airflow the faster the compressor can fill a tank and the less downtime you will have. If you will be refilling many markers, you will need a paintball compressor that has a higher maximum airflow.

Max Airflow – The Implications on a Paintball Air Compressor

PSI, an abbreviation for pounds per square inch, is a measure of pressure. For a paintball compressor, you will need 4500psi – 5000psi, as this is the maximum pressure HPA paintball canisters can hold. All paintball air compressors will come with maximum psi in this range, no matter the size. More pressure will only result in your markers air canister exploding. For faster filling, you will need higher airflow, not pressure.

The Top 7 Best Paintball Air Compressors for You to Choose From

Below is a list of 7 paintball air compressors you can make your selection from. The compressors are not arranged in any order, all you need do is match your requirements to the features. These top 7 air compressors have been chosen mainly due to reliability, output, and ease of service and availability of service parts. Let’s get to it then.

Omega Super Charger-Color-Black

The Omega Super Charger air compressor is one of the best paintball compressors you will find below the $3000 mark. Not only is it affordable but its compact size makes it very easy to use and travel with. The automatic shut off is easy to set using the indicator arms in the easy to read pressure gauge.  When the desired pressure is reached the compressor shuts itself off automatically. You can also program the auto bleed system as per your requirements. The Omega Supercharger is an excellent paintball air compressor for your individual needs.


  • 110V Power
  • 3-Stage Compression
  • 4500 psi Output
  • Easy Adjust Pressure Shutoff
  • Water and Air Cooled
  • Self-Sufficient Design
  • Programmable Auto-Bleed System


  • Auto pressure shutoff
  • Water and air cooled
  • Hour log service meter
  • Auto bleed system (set time)
  • Comes with tools and orings to work on it – AOA has good videos of repairs


  • Have to turn grease screw 2 turns every 2 hours of use
Coltri MCH6 Portable-Color-Blue

The Coltri MCH6, as the name says, is a portable, standalone, four-stage high-pressure (4500 PSI/310 bar) compressor. Its compact build makes it superb for filling your paintball cylinders at home or at the field. The Coltri MCH6 paintball compressor can be powered either by an electric single or three-phase motor or gas engine. The gas version makes it ideal for milsim or woodsball games played in places without an electricity supply. The Coltri MCH6 paintball air compressor is bound to keep your paintball games powered for a long time as it is a reliable compressor built by one of the best compressor manufacturers in Italy, and the world.


  • Excellent portability
  • 4500 PSI (310 bar) maximum pressure
  • Four stage compressor block
  • Grade E breathing air filtration
  • Hour meter
  • High Pressure


  • four-stage high-pressure (4500 PSI/310 bar) compressor.


  • High Price

The Mini Money paintball compressor is perfect for you if you are a small paintball club or store and don’t want to spend a lot of money setting up your fill station – the Mini Money comes with mini price tag of $3,700. The Mini Money comes with everything you need to make setting up a breeze. For paintball tanks, the Mini Money paintball air compressor takes a mere 1 to 3 minutes to fill (4,500 psi) drastically reducing downtown if you are filling up mid-game. The Mini Money takes 20 to 25 minutes to fill a storage tank.


  • Maximum Output Pressure 5000 PSI ( Rated to 4,500 )
  • 4 Stage Compression
  • Comes in open frame (for stationary set up) or closed frames (for mobile use).
  • High pressure, high -speed filling.


  • small paintball club or store
  • High pressure, high -speed filling.


  • High Price
The Bauer JRII/PB

When it comes to air compressors, Bauer is a name that pops up quite often, and that’s because of their reputation for making quality products. The JRII/PB is no exception. This compact paintball air compressor is the perfect choice for individuals or small teams who want the freedom to fill up where they want and where they want. The JRII/PB comes in 2 variants - electric motor and gasoline engine.


  • 3 SCFM Free Air Delivery
  • 4500 PSIG
  • 5.5 HP Gasoline Engine/3HP Electric Motor
  • 3-Stage Compressor
  • Air-Cooled


  • Max working pressure 4500 PSI
  • air cooled, oil lubricated, 3-stage, reciprocating compressor


  • Higher price compared to air mini money paintball 
Poseidon P-100 Paintball

The Poseidon P-100 is a portable air compressor that will easily fill your tanks at an affordable price. Suitable for small teams, stores, or simply for your own personal use, the Poseidon comes with a heavy duty frame for added safety for when you are on the move. Sporting a reliable 5.5 HP Honda engine, you can trust the Poseidon P-100 to supply you with HPA for quite a long time.


  • 3.6 CFM or 4.3 SCFM Maximum Output
  • 4500psi Maximum Pressure
  • 3 Stage Compressor Block
  • 5.5 HP Honda Motor


  • designed to process 3,200 cubic feet of grade E Breathing Air
  •  filter cartridge is easily changed without the use of tools.


  • Little bit high price
Bauer Junior II Paintball Air Compressor

This unit is so robust and reliable it is the air compressor of choice for law enforcement agents and emergency services providers. Now, this is a paintball air compressor you can definitely depend on to keep your game going without the dull moments that downtimes bring. Because the Junior II comes with everything you will need to fill your tanks, there is no need to shop around for extras, saving you time to do what you love most – playing paintball.


  • Fast Fill at 100l/min
  • Compact Build for easy transportation
  • 4500psi Rating
  • 4-Stroke Gasoline Engine


  • Easy to transport by car
  • Easy to operate
  • Available in both petrol and electric


  • It takes long until the bottle has been filled, because 100 litres/minute
  • The filter duration is only 7 hours
K120II HPA Compressor

If you want a serious paintball air compressor, the K120II Hpa Compressor Engine is a monster of a machine that will allow you to fill tanks all day long without stopping. This is a heavy duty air compressor that you can use to open your own fill shop or for a paintball field. Rated at 5000psi, your HPA needs will be easily and speedily met with this massive compressor.


  • Heavy Duty Gasoline, Diesel, or Electric Engine
  • 5000psi Output
  • 6, 7.5, 0r 8 HP
  • 285lbs weight


  • heavy duty air compressor
  • has 5000PSI


  • High price




Our Rating


Omega Super Charger-Color-Black

one of the best paintball compressors you will find below the $3000 mark.

Coltri MCH6 Portable-Color-Blue

 Its compact build makes it superb for filling your paintball cylinders at home or at the field.


perfect for you if you are a small paintball club or store and don’t want to spend a lot of money setting up your fill station

The Bauer JRII/PB

This compact paintball air compressor is the perfect choice for individuals or small teams who want the freedom to fill up where they want and where they want.

a portable air compressor that will easily fill your tanks at an affordable price. Suitable for small teams, stores

Bauer Junior II Paintball Air Compressor

This unit is so robust and reliable it is the air compressor of choice for law enforcement agents and emergency services providers.

the K120II Hpa Compressor Engine is a monster of a machine that will allow you to fill tanks all day long without stopping. 

The Best Paintball Air Compressor – Keeping the Game Exciting

Without a good paintball air compressor, the game of paintball will become a frustrating game when a refill is needed. Nothing is as frustrating as an air compressor that takes long to fill a tank, or worse still, is erratic in performance. Because an air compressor is a vital piece of equipment, service intervals should be long and the servicing easy to minimize the time the compressor will be out of commission.

This is why investing in the best paintball air compressor is vital, whether as an individual, team, or field operator. Despite the hefty price tags on many compressors, the return on investment is something you will benefit from in the long run. Depending on your needs and requirements, picking one of the paintball air compressors listed above should set you up for an excellent game – every time.

The 8 Best Paintball Jerseys

Every good paintball player needs a good jersey. Not only to look cool, but to also stay safe. Paintball, as fun as it is, can be a rough sport. There is a lot of terrain, not to mention a large amount of running, diving, sliding, and tumbling. As a result, you always want to make sure your body is protected. Jerseys are a great way to make that happen.

Comparison Table of the Best Paintball Jerseys

Balancing the Right Traits

When looking at the best paintball jerseys, there are many aspects you need to consider. Quality, feel, look, padding, comfort, and protection are all extremely important and each brand delivers them in different ways.

Your goal should not to be to find the best "all around" jersey, but to find the one that suits your exact needs. Do you want something lightweight? How about more durability or extra padding? Does color or style matter? There are many questions, but it is not easy to answer them all. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by the wide market. To help with that, this list will go over some of the best options out there to help you narrow your search.

Planet Eclipse Rain Paintball Jerseys
  • Lightweight construction
  • Zero padding for optimal breathability
  • Anti-snag material resists plucking and snagging

Planet Eclipse is one of the most respected brands in paintball, and their jerseys are a perfect example of why. Though they have more than a few options available, the rain series is one of their best. This line complements the "program series" of performance apparel that the company specifically crafted to create a lighter, less restrictive jersey for paintballers who want to keep moving without sacrificing durability.

These jerseys are full-sleeve and are made with lightweight construction to ensure they look and feel good at the same time. While some jerseys add in extra padding, Planet Eclipse has forgone that here to give the most amount of breathability possible. That, mixed with the anti-snag material and extra ventilation, makes this series great for any paintballer who wants to stay cool and sweat-free.

These 100 percent polyester jerseys have ribbed cuffs, internal micro-fiber lens cloth, and a comfort fit neckline. You can also fully customize them for your team or for yourself if you so wish. Just be sure that when you wash them you secure the loose hook and loop before putting them in the machine. Not doing so can cause the jersey to tear or create lasting damage.




Empire 2016 Prevail F6 Paintball Jersey - Red - 3X- Large
  • Mesh side panels for maximum air flow
  • Upper chest & collar padding for the ultimate impact protection
  • Integrated elbow padding

The Empire Paintball Prevail F5, simply put, is one of the best jerseys on the market. This item hits both of the most important paintball clothing aspects, meaning it protects you and looks good at the same time. There are a range of colors to choose from here, allowing you to adapt to any style that you want. Some brands only give you a limited color palette or one distinct look, but being able to choose from a wide range of options means you can always look good during play.

However, just because the Prevail F5 is stylish does not mean it lacks features. In terms of protection, this jersey with a lot of extra padding to make sure your body is protected through any contact or accidental falls. This is focused in the upper chest and collar. Both areas get extra support, and there is integrated elbow padding as well. That feature is especially important because it means you do not need to invest in extra pads when using this model.

The Prevail F5 is also fantastic because of its comfort. This product sits nicely on the skin and is light enough that it won't get in your way. You even get a stylish v neck collar that means you'll always look good wearing it.




HK Army Hardline Paintball Jersey
  • High density dye sublimation
  • Contoured foam padded impact zones
  • Mesh ventilated side panels

The HK Army Hardline Jersey is another amazing piece of clothing that comes from an incredibly trusted and reliable brand. This jersey hits on all levels by giving you an incredible range of different features and upgrades. This hand-sewn material is an incredibly light-weight, breathable option for any paintballers who want to be able to move around with minimal resistance.

The Hardline is incredibly well ventilated and comes in a range of sizes to ensure you get the best fit possible. Not only is the Hardline Jersey light, but it comes equipped with mesh side panels for further ventilation. That system means you will be able to stay cool and fresh, even during the hottest playing days.

There are not many companies who go as far as HK Army does to create a high-quality product. Beyond the above characteristics, you also get slider glove and hand protection built directly into the jersey, as well as wide sleeves to fit over any elbow pads you might use. Take that and combine it with both the high-density dye sublimation and foam padded impact zones, and you truly get the complete package.




Our next on the list of best paintball jerseys, the Valken V-TAC Zulu is one of the most comfortable things you can wear while out paintballing jerseys. In fact, it fits so well that you can even wear it under a vest or similar protective gear. This model is designed for people who like to suit up with all of their different toosl before going out into the fray. If you are someone who loves accessories, this is the best option for you.

As the colors show, this is a woodsball jersey that helps equip you for any situation or scenario. It also has great temperature and climate control. The moisture wicking fabric works hard to keep you dry, while the special material draws both heat and humidity off your body. The entire package is also sleek, which means you do not have to worry about any pockets, zippers or badges poking or chafing you.

The sleeves of the Zulu are another great feature. They are built with a special mil-spec material for great durability that helps keep the jersey in-tact through rough terrain. They also come with internal removable elbow padding to help you crawl around without hurting your arms.

The camouflage coloration on the sleeves help you blend in, and they also have pockets on each arm. There are built-in gussets for better carrying capacity, rib-knit cuffs, and a flip-up ID pouch on the left sleeve pocket.




The Evil Racer X is one of the more plain-looking jerseys on this list, but do not let its appearance fool you. This minimalist jersey is one of the most affordable on the list, and it gives you quite a bit of quality for that cost.

You get a great fit, as well as a lightweight breathable material to make sure you stay fresh no matter how much you sweat. That is also a great feature for people who want to move quickly without being slowed down. It is easy to shy away from cheaper options when looking at paintball jerseys, but the Evil Racer X gives you everything you would expect from more expensive brands.

Beyond the lightweight feel, this product also looks incredibly sharp. There are many different colors to choose from, and it sits in all the right places without ever getting in the way. This jersey is also great because of how easy it is to wash. Paintball is a muddy sport, and it always helps to have a jersey that you can easily clean off and throw back on in no time.




No products found.

No products found.

Another great woodsball jersey, the Empire Battle Tested THT is one of the most advanced paintball jerseys ever created. This hybrid has a range of unique features and options to give you a perfect mix of real-world tactical gear and practical functionality.

The Empire Battle Tested THT comes with a roomy pull over top and a zippered high-collar neck for easy slip on. You also get a smooth, no pocket front. That then builds to the padded shoulders to create a snug-but-loose fit that makes sure you'll stay comfortable no matter how long you play.

There are many reasons the Empire Battle Tested THT is one of the best paintball jerseys around, but the laser perforated ripstop material is a big draw. It is important that your jersey lasts a long time, and that material makes the shirt incredibly durable by preventing rips or frays. That is particularly useful in woodsy areas or uneven terrain where you never know what you might encounter.

However, do not worry about all of those excess features getting in your way or trapping you in. This clothing comes with split side openings as well as special ventilation zones to make sure you never get too hot. The underarm mesh ventilation panels further promote airflow to give you the best experience possible.




No products found.

No products found.

No products found.

Dye is perhaps best known for their incredibly efficient loaders, but they also make some amazing paintball jerseys. One of their best lines is the Ultralight Jersey, which, as you can guess, is known for its minimal weight and soft feel. This piece of equipment is specially designed for athletes and works to make you as fast and as quick as possible.

Jerseys are typically about creating a better and safer paintball experience. However, there are times where they can improve your overall game as well. This is one such case.

The Dye Ultralight works with you in many ways, helping you run, jump, and dive much more efficiently than you would when wearing or using other brands. That makes it perfect for both casual and more serious wear. It is great for anyone who wants to add an extra step to their game, and it is also good for those who are looking for a bit of extra flexibility or durability in their gear.

The Ultralight is neatly weightless, but it also has great durability and enhanced flexibility as well. The innovative fabric reduces your profile without restricting any movement. It also incredibly stretchy, which means you will be able to move around in any way that you want.

The 4-stretch fabric is on full display here, ensuring you are always comfortable as you move around. The Ultralight also comes with DyeTack material, extra grip, Lycra compression on the chest, and Prevent Breathable Assemble to promote maximum airflow. Those features not only enhance your performance, they also work to create a strong barrier between you and the outside world.




No products found.

We finish our list with another great Empire jersey. The Contact Zero F6 is a top-of-the-line option for anyone who wants their clothing to come with numerous upgrades. This jersey is crafted with the custom engineered "Em-Dri" fabric as well as the lightweight, breathable design used throughout the entire Contact Zero line.

This jersey is all about thermoregulation. It has special panels built-in to move both heat and moisture throughout different parts of the body, keeping you dry. You also get impressive airflow and one of the softest fits around. That combination is perfect for any paintballer, and creates one of the most comfortable and lightweight options on the market. If you want something that can support your game while looking good at the same time, give the Contact Zero F6 a shot.




Man playing paintball wearing a paintball jersey

Image source: Pixabay

Finding the Right Jersey for You

Paintball is about more than just the sport. It is also about the gear. Jerseys are a key piece of equipment for any serious player. They work on multiple levels, giving you protection and style in one succinct package. Though it can be a bit daunting to try and choose the exact jersey you want, the above eight options are great for every person or style of play. Whichever you choose, all of them are fantastic for anyone looking to up your gear.

How To Clean A Paintball Gun – Gather Your Supplies

You can't play paintball without a proper gun. However, your gun will never work at top level unless it is properly cleaned. Paintball guns are not cheap. In fact, they are one of the most expensive parts of the sport. As a result, you want them to last as long as possible. This guide will cover some of the best cleaning practices to make sure your equipment is around for years to come.

Gather Your Supplies

The first part of cleaning a paintball gun is making sure you have all of the necessary supplies. There are several tools you need, but almost all of them will be easily accessible everyday items. You need your gun's schematic (which is either in the box, manual, or manufacturer's website), Q-tips, paper towels, Allen keys, pull-through squeegees, lubricant, and warm water.

Once you have all of those in order, move to a wide or open work space where your parts will stay in one place and not be easily lost.

De-Gassing and Disassembly

The first part of learning how to clean a paintball gun is to de-gas it. You never want to risk misfire, which means you should remove the fuel canister and locate the ASA lever. If you gun has no lever, you should check the instructions on the manufacturer's site on how to de-gas your model.

Next, you want to carefully (very carefully) disassemble your model. Starting with the hopper, remove the barrel, hammer, bolt, and grip frame. As you do this, be sure to set each piece aside in its own space with the screws or fasteners.  This will help easily reassemble it when the time comes and also make sure you never accidentally lose any parts.

Cleaning Your Gun

Though all parts need to be cleaned, they are each done in their own way. You want to start with the body. However, before you begin you need to find out if you need to run a squeegee through the gun. Do that first if needed, then use a wet Q-tip or toothbrush to make sure everything is properly cleaned out. That will prevent jamming. Once that is done, you should wipe the body down with a paper towel to ensure everything stays dry.

The next step in this process is cleaning the barrel. To do that, you want to use a pull-through squeegee to get any paint residue from the barrel. This helps stop jamming and increases accuracy. Once you are done and the paint is gone, wipe the barrel down with a damp paper towel and carefully dry it.

After that, you want to take care of the bolt and hammer. Take a paper towel and use it to clean both parts. You also want to check the o-rings on each piece for any general wear and tear. Though some strain is fine, too much indicates that they need to be replaced.

The final part of the gun you need to clean is the grip frame. You start this process by cleaning out any debris with a Q-tip or toothbrush. However, as the trigger assembly is complicated and tough to put back together, do not take it apart. Once you've cleaned it, carefully dry and check for any signs of damage.

Proper Inspection and Lubrication

Once you've successfully cleaned your gun, you next need to perform an inspection. First, you should replace any cracked or damaged O-rings. Then, check the rings and look at the screws for any potential signs of damage. If you find any parts that are not up to snuff, replace them.

Proper lubrication is another part of learning how to clean a paintball gun. After you've cleaned and dried everything, carefully lubricate each and every part. While it can be tempting to use generic brands, only use paintball oil that is recommended by the gun's manufacturer.

Putting it All Back Together

Once the above steps have been completed, you have to put everything back together. This is just as important as the cleaning because improper reassembly can lead to damaged or worn parts. While reassembly differs from model to model, the overall rule is to put things back in order by going through each piece and installing it with fasteners or screws.

Getting the Most from Your Gun 

Anyone who plays paintball needs to know how to clean a paintball gun. This is an important part of making sure your purchase keeps working as intended over a long period of time. You never want your gun to break early on, and you also want to avoid any accuracy or performance issues. As long as you follow the above steps every now and then, you will be able to shoot worry free.

9 Best Paintball Pants On The Market Today (Reviews)

One of the most important parts of paintball is the equipment. First you need a paintball gun. And then you need a good pair of paintball pants. 

You always want to make sure you are protected during play. Which means you need to cover your legs. Getting a great pair of pants with all the necessary features is a great way to both enhance your comfort and create a much better paintball experience.

Choosing the Right Paintball Pants for You

Paintball pants are a key part of gearing up for a game. But they are not all created equal. Some are more flexible, some prioritize durability and cushion, while others simply focus on being as breathable as possible. The following list shows some of the best pants on the market. And breaks down the distinct features that make them stand out from the crowd.

The 9 Best Paintball Pants Comparison Table




Our Rating


JT Cargo Paintball Pants

JT Paintball Pants - Cargo - Black - Small

Pants come with ripstop core fabric to prevent any tears

Valken Crusade Hatch Pants

Valken Crusade Hatch Pants, Red, X-Small

Extremely breathable

HK Army Hardline Pro Pants

HK Army Hardline Pro Pants - Energy - Medium

Most sturdy and heavy-duty options

Valken Fate Exo Paintball Pants

Valken Fate EXO Paintball Pants - Black - 2XS

Come with stretch panels

Gl Sports Glide Performance Paintball Pants

GI Sportz Performance GLIDE Paintball Pants - Tiger Desert - X-Large

A minimal design, stretch material on both the groin and inner thigh

Bunker Kings Supreme Paintball Pants

Bunker Kings Supreme Paintball Pants - Purple/Lime - XX-Large (2XL)

Extra flexibility

Exalt Paintball Thrasher Pants T4

Exalt Paintball T4 Pants (Black/Grey, L)

Great combination of protection and flexibility

Dye UL Pants

Dye Tactical Pants 2.5 - Black - XS/S

Great lightweight option

Planet Eclipse Distortion Code Pants

Eclipse Code Pants Grey S

Breathable pants

Here's Our Full Reviews Of
The 9 Best Paintball Pants For 2018

We start with some of the most advanced and durable paintball pants on the market. JR Cargo Paintball Pants are best known for their impressive range of features, which work together to keep you protected in all environments. No matter how rough the conditions are you may face, with these, your legs will stay safe.


This clothing item is extremely durable. Everybody wants their purchases to be long-lasting. Especially when you're quickly moving and tumbling through many different types of terrain. These pants come with ripstop core fabric to prevent any tears. As well as padded knees, stretch crotch, and low back. Those traits combined with the drawstring leg cuffs to make sure the pants always fit in the way you want.

Another important feature of these pants is the versatility. JT Cargo comes with an adjustable waist that ensures you can make them fit in any way that you want. That ensures you never have to worry about them being too small or too big. All of the above features, mixed with the specially designed pocket just for your squeegee. Makes these perfect for all types of play.


  • Rip Stop Core Fabric
  • Adjustable Waist Belt
  • Padded Knees, Stretch Crotch & Low Back


  • Padding on knees/shins does not contour well



Our Rating

Great Pants


Number two in our discussion of the best paintball pants, the Valken Crusade Hatch Pants come from one of the most trusted brands around. There are several reasons to love these pants, but one of the biggest is how affordable they are. These provide you with one of the best quality-to-cost ratios around, which is always a welcome surprise in the expensive world of paintball.


The hatched part of the pants name comes from their design. They also have a padded fly with two buttons, no liner, and both Velcro and zipper. To add to that minimalist style, these pants come with few belt loops (for those who want a tighter fit), two front pockets, and a pair or swab pockets on the side.

These Valkens are also extremely breathable, which is an important trait when you're running around a paintball course. Being able to keep out heat or sweat is essential to making sure you can play as long as you want. Also, the pants also come with special stretch material to keep them feeling light at all times.


  • Ultra lightweight fabric built to last
  • Knees are reinforced with 1680D Nylon
  • Fully padded


  • A little bit baggy



Our Rating



As the name suggests, the HK Army Hardline Pro Pants are one of the most sturdy and heavy-duty options out there. These pants close with two buttons, and they come with an elastic strap belt adjustment. You also get belt loops and two side front water-resistant pockets that sit on top of the thigh.

Velcro Straps

In addition, there is extra padding in the knee (to prevent any damage that comes from tumbles or falls) as well as Velco straps at the ankle to secure the pants. That is then supplemented by double stitching that helps prevent extra stretching or tears. Paintball is a tough sport, and you want to be able to make sure your pants keep up under duress during kneeling, diving, or sliding. These deliver on that front.

However, the biggest draw of these pants is their breathability and great water resistance. As with the Valken Crusade, the HK Army Hardline are designed to make sure you never sweat or overheat too much. That is always a welcome feature, and here it is a great compliment to the mesh-lined material to keep you dry on two different levels. The breathable mesh sits throughout the back, groin, and above the knee.


  • Sis pockets
  • Most sturdy and heavy-duty options
  • Elastic strap belt adjustment


  • It's baggy



Our Rating